Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 9.17

I really liked 9.17. Kurt Jones and Alex O’Loughlin always do something different with the show. Different angles, different perspectives. And I always liked these time jumps, one reason 2.16 is still one of my favorites. Alex is doing so well in front AND behind the camera with the action, the drama and the emotions. Very well done this time too! His spirit of “Do Less More” does the actors good.

And how awesome was the ‘bullet scene’?

Now have fun, it’s shorter this time, but we didn’t have that much of Steve.


Heart of the show takeover #3.

We trust banks with our money but they tie down their ball pens?

Of course, Steeeeeeve…

He does not need his middle finger. He’s got a face.

The moment you realize you will never get the feeling of ‘having a bad hair day’.

Wrong. You did it three times.

I could do it five times if you like.

When the answer to the question “which state do you live in?” is not “constant fear”.

Hey, Steve, I need new sweat pants for a marathon.
Oh, cool. Which one?
Game of Thrones.

Alex O’Loughlin is one talented man. And besides being actor and director in this episode he even had the time to cuddle with the cute little ‘Kai’-baby. How long did it take for you all to recover from that adorable video?


7 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Great photos. I agree there was not nearly enough of Steve, but what there was, was top-notch. Super-talented, gorgeous Alex can do everything. The ‘Kai’ video was cute, too.

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  2. Forgot to mention I love all your captions. You definitely need to provide a service translating all of Steve’s facial expressions for all the
    uninitiated out there.

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  3. Great pics. I gotta admit the pics were so great I kinda forgot your snarky and fabulous commentary this go round. I’ll have to go read em again… 🤣


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