Fact or Fiction?


OK, guys, let’s have a discussion about how accurate a TV show has to be. Let’s not just talk about Five-0, I only use it as a stand-in. Talk about any show you like.

What started this discussion was the wrong naming of two buildings frequently used on the show. Five-0 Headquarters is not located at the Palace, as they have more than once said. But on the other hand no police force, special or not, is located in the building they use as HQ. And even worse 😉 there is no such thing as a Governor’s Task Force. So, does have the show an obligation to use the right names for their fictional HQ? And if they don’t do that, does it bother you?

Well, there are many things that bother me on various shows. But the name for a building is not one of them. Yes, these are historical sites, but isn’t this a ‘problem’ in general? They rename buildings all the time. They sell us police headquarters which are located in any kind of buildings. Museums, or whatever fits the look of ‘their’ building.

Five-0 renamed Queens Medical into King’s Medical. But nobody complained about that. Or that they use a wrong aerial view of the hospital. But that is exactly what I tried to say above, that is creative license because it fits their view of things. Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.

Where I draw the line is law of physics, law of nature, or actual events. Like the attack on Pearl Harbor. Or landmarks like Diamond Head. All things most people know by heart. But honestly, who knows how the Palace looks like if you haven’t been to Hawaii, or saw a good documentary about it? Who knows if there is a parking garage under it? OK, that one made me laugh out loud.

You for sure can’t get your education from a TV show. 

And what really bothers me, are medical facts. You just can’t change those. But they frequently do so anyway. 😉

So, what is it that drives YOU up the wall?

And please remember, every opinion is welcomed here. There is no right or wrong. So, feel free to share your view of things.

15 thoughts on “Fact or Fiction?

  1. Not much bothers me as it is a TV show and they have to take some creative license especially since this is a “re-boot” of the original show. However; I think the one thing that does bother me most is how quickly someone heals after an accident, being beaten up, surgery, etc. I know they tried to show Steve as invincible (after his transplant) but there is only so much a human body can take. I think it would have been fun to see Steve in the sidelines squirming because he couldn’t get out there but that’s just me.

    I don’t think (actual) locations bother me unless you are planning a trip and want to see exactly where something is filmed. They show enough of the scenery and areas throughout Oahu to get a sense of where things are. Besides we already have an idea as to where HQ is for 50 and where the PD is, etc. that the exterior doesn’t matter.

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  2. Intersting post. We did have the discussion before and you know I am a stickler for details 🙂

    I am surprised about the wrong use of Iolani Palace, as this is a royal palace – yes, one of those landmarks you talk about above 🙂
    The FIVE-0 headquarters are housed in Ali’iolani Hale. Funny, this was supposed to be a palace once, but King Kalakaua V. decided to use it as a much needed government building (today it houses the Hawaiian Supreme Court) and have the actual palace built across the street. As a research geek and being very familiar with O’ahu of course makes me see things in a different light.
    But that’s ok. I can deal with them.

    What absolutely drives me up the wall?

    Storylines that are put on the shelf, no continuity, SLs that have the fans riled up and certain ppl who don’t step in to set the record straight, fan wars, the bashing and “my opinion is worth more than yours”…

    What bugs me to no end is the medical stuff. FIVE-0 is a very physical show and sometimes ppl get hurt, mostly McG. I get that he “heals” fast. But the whole liver SL was a fiasco that served no purpose. To top it off they put him in a room resembling a broom closet after a major surgery, instead of in the ICU. In comparison- Magnum, who was shot in the shoulder in the past episode was hooked up to more equipment than McGarrett after a transplant. Also, someone lying in a hospital for a couple of weeks would not just get up and chase the next best suspect right after being released. They wanted to advocate for transplants – then do it right! By now even the huge scar has all but disappeared. Magic!!
    And that was just one example.

    Speaking of medical issues. PTSD is one, too. I get that it is a vey sensitive topic, but they have touched it already and I am sad they don’t seem to be picking it up again. In S4 a great scene of Steve attending group therapy ended up on the cutting room floor. With Steve’s friends dropping like flies, I am wondering how much more he can take. If they steer into that direction but then won’t address his baggage – that will drive me up the wall.

    But – I’m still along for the ride, as long as Alex seems to have fun doing what he does.

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  3. I did a bit of digging and analyzed all the subtitles for all the shows so far (this took a while).

    See http://fiveohomepage.com/2010-season9/palace.htm

    There have been 34 mentions of the word “palace” since the beginning of the show.

    I didn’t go and cross-check each of these with when they happened in the specific show, but I am sure some of them were referring to the real palace. Possibly some of the recent ones meant the HQ of H50.

    On the other hand, demonstrating that the writers really don’t know their palace from a hole in the ground, in S07E18, some terrorists were preparing a bomb which was going to be delivered by truck to **across the street from the Iolani Palace**. In other words, the HQ of H50, so at least for that show, they did know the difference between the two buildings. This was confirmed by McGarrett in that show, who, after finding this out, said “We were the target.”

    By the way, I did find at least one reference to the blue-lit floor of the HQ as being “rendition.” I’m not going to go back and search through all the episodes again for other references, though. 🙂

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    1. I knew the ef-ups on names and places would irk you!

      Did they did or did they didn’t do this kinda thing in original 5-0? I know you’ve joked about totally made up stuff in original, and incorrect places and names based on actual maps.

      Also is there really a parking garage underneath it all? That seemed super stoopid…even to factually laid back me!🤣


  4. Very interesting as you have done your homework. And really you are right there is no Five 0 task force or that of a state government police one of very few in the USA.
    But really things are shown for dramatic purposes and to entertain the fans.
    And all for ratings purposes. But really for a huge building that only has six people on the state task force. Really as it needs to have more than that just saying.
    Great history lesson!


    1. I think that huge building also houses other entities as they wouldn’t employ cops at the front entrance and have metal detectors for just 6 people. I think that they have alluded to the fact that there are other “people” in the building. I think one time, I could be wrong, they had to evacuate because there was a “bomb” in a SWAT vehicle.

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  5. H50 has always been a “park your brains at the door” kind of a show and that is fine with me. As long as I remember to retrieve my brains on the way out, i can tolerate almost anything. Almost.

    Why let scholarship and logic get in the way of some of the hilarious things they think we won’t notice. OK, maybe we do notice but isn’t it nice to just come here and blow off steam? Without fighting? Just laughing at the silly mistakes? We’ve been on to them for 9 years and they don’t even know it.


  6. Sometimes I get all upset about something not being right and then need to remind myself that is is tv. It. Is. Just. TV. Nothing else and certainly not real. Buildings dont bother me; they are used for a purpose. In fact, crews go out and scout for locations to use. And if you notice, the outside facades never match the interior of the buildings they use. One gripe of mine is the fact that 5-0 is upstairs yet there are plants (not trees) outside Steve’s window.

    What really bothers me is continuity. For instance, someone wears a shirt, then next scene/same day they are in different clothes and suddenly back in the original clothes. All this would be solved if wardrobe took pictures at the end of the day or end of the scene.

    Another continuity issue is roving blood, bruises or cuts. Bruises have moved around, gunshots happen on one area of the body yet bandages appear elsewhere, scars change, seemingly on a whim. Again, take a pic for continuity.

    Just some of the things that bug me. But like I said… it isnt real.

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  7. I think Sunny & Cokie said it best about the show. After the claw & especially after the liver transplant, I just gave up & continuity seems to be a foreign concept to the show’s writers! I started watching in 2010 to see what they would do to update the show & make it relevant to today.
    I got hooked on Alex fairly quickly, he can tell you the world using just his eyes, which are mesmerizing. I was hooked on the show from the first episode too. I liked the banter between the two main characters in the beginning before it got nasty. The writing is sometimes like a roller coaster, some episodes having Hawaiian history, some with very lazy writing & I think some of the writers never watched this show, as continuity goes right out the window. I watch for Alex. I also liked Katherine until they destroyed her character. I am waiting to see what they do to redeem her as I think she & Steve belong together. I can’t imagine why Danny & Rachel would ever get back together. I don’t think her character nor Steve’s mother can ever be redeemed.


  8. as Mama said, show has increasingly become a “check your brain at the door” escape. But the medical stuff really bugs me. No one that’s had an organ transplant would be allowed back in action that quickly, there’d be follow up labs and daily meds. I get no one wants to see their hero vulnerable so why write the damned story to begin with??? A life saving blood transfusion could’ve done the same without the idiocy. oh but wait.. we’d have missed all the stellar comedy of Danny bitching at Steve to take care of his liver. ….. Luckily it seems we are supposed to forget about that and the radiation poisoning since it’s not been mentioned at all this season
    Basic continuity bugs me too but that’s not unique to this show at all. Who remembers MASH… Henry Blake’s wife was originally Mildred then she was Lorraine. And Harry Morgan had a memorable guest spot as a crazy general before he showed up as Colonel Potter. I’m sure there’s countless others in other shows

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    1. I have next to zero medical knowledge except for some small bits when it effected me personally.

      There is no way Grace had neurosurgery and went home in a week, or that Rachel would have left town so soon, or that she would have been cleared to go on a school trip to the mainland. How about followup CAT Scans,
      MRI’s, blood tests, doctor’s visits, etc. Grace should still be in Rehab, not eating buttered pancakes. Certainly not left in the care of a man who went on vacation and couldn’t be reached by cellphone. What happened to Melissa/Amber anyway?


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