9.15 Review – sort of


9.15  –  Ho‘opio ‘ia e ka noho ali‘i a ka ua

As a dangerous hurricane hits Oahu, Five-0 is tasked with protecting El Diablo (Raoul Trujillo), a captured serial killer who is being hunted by an assassin. Also, Tani’s civilian safety check during the storm turns deadly and Rachel and Charlie evacuate to Danny’s house, where the ex-spouses reminisce, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Feb. 15 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Ho‘opio ‘ia e ka noho ali‘i a ka ua to Made prisoner by the reign of the rain

Well, I don’t really have that much to say about this episode. In my eyes, another mediocre episode. The only saving grace, as so often lately, was Steve. Since I have very little to say about it I asked Cokie to help out. 😉

Sorry, guys, no pictures. But I am sure LeiCa will make up for that.

I don’t have a lot to say about this last episode either, but I do want to comment … mostly on things that bug me, so be warned.

There is a bad storm coming and people are evacuating. Rachel and Charlie are in the evacuation zone so it only makes sense they would go to Danny’s. I would do the same in the circumstances. But Rachel tells Danny that his daughter is safe in California and is enjoying herself, and the first words out of his mouth is about money. Poor him, footing the bill for his daughter’s school trip. Is there anything to make him happy? Well, other than waking up on the couch with his ex?

You really think it made sense for her to show up like that? And why on earth is Danny even home while every other police officer his helping to make it safe for everyone. Oh, don’t even get me started on that.

When we transition to HQ, I liked seeing that Junior was already in Steve’s office. Silly, I know, but I feel like Steve was bouncing ideas off him. He trusts Junior’s opinion and I like that.

Yes, Steve and Junior have a lot in common.

Love watching Steve waiting for the FBI to show up. He was ready for anything. I liked him telling the story of his friend and family. Even though this was an FBI operation, it suddenly was personal.

Tell me, how many people has poor Steve lost by now? Just wondering, you know.

Now back to the leaky ceiling with its box of utterly idiotic deodorant. I swear, I know I have come up with slim plot lines before, but this one is for the books. He has old deodorant in the attic that he brought from New Jersey 9 years ago???  That he has moved with him HOW many times in these last years? And she actually swooned when she smelled it like a 16-year-old with a crush. Gag me.

I like Rachel. I really do. She did some nasty things, too, but I still like her. But this whole scenario at Danny’s place was just nauseating. Sorry, but the worst so far. Oh wait, I think the worst was way back at that cheap motel when Danny slept with his ex-wife who was still married to another man. I believe she still is? Isn’t she?

I truly hope these two will get back together and then live happily ever after as far away from Hawaii as possible.

Here is an aside. Did you recognize the lead FBI agent as the neighbor, Jefferson, on Married With Children? I did not but my daughter knew him. All those guys had on body armor, yet it appeared they all were killed. But I didn’t see any blood.  And I don’t want to go back and watch it again.

They all dropped like flies. 😉

Until we get to the fight scene. That was great.  Steve was really in rare form. He surely had to have bruises on his back and his leg. That had to hurt! 🙂  OK, I do know this wasn’t real… 🙂

Awesome fight.

But the fight scene was THE scene in the entire show. The rest was a bit ho hum for me.

As I said, the only good thing about this episode. Steve large and in charge. Honestly, the only thing lately that keeps me watching. Don’t get me wrong, still love watching Steve… but the rest is just so… boring, stupid and a waste of time.

OH, I forgot about the poor sheriff’s deputy bleeding out in the basement. The one who we heard nothing else about after going in shock with Jerry and Web MD. Why was that even in there? To give Jerry and Grover something to do?

Awful. The whole thing.

A word about Tani. What a useless and meaningless storyline with her planning to arrest the family and then getting herself tied up. Utter waste of screen time.

I said that I am still not sure what to thing about Tani, but it comes clearer and clearer, I can’t stand that woman.

I give the show a C-  and Steve and his fight an A+.

Same here. I really hope for some better episodes, some that deserve a real review.

Oh, let me just say one more thing. I know there was a small debate about the accuracy of HQ and the Palace, and a magic parking structure that suddenly appeared under HQ. Guys, this is a fictional Task Force. It doesn’t matter if they have a garage under HQ. Because it is not HQ of Five-0. There is no such thing. And I honestly don’t care if they call it Palace or Hale, or whatever. It’s not really there. It’s called creative license. We do it all the time. Everyone writing does that. And that is how it should be. You create what you need. This is not a documentary about historical sites. There are so many things you could wonder about on any given show, but really, why bother? Haven’t you learned that yet? 😉

27 thoughts on “9.15 Review – sort of

  1. Straight to the point. Short and direct. What else is there to say about a rather dull episode that clearly served the purpose endgame – whether we like it or not.
    The highlight? McG, what else.
    Give Alex a phone book and he will make his scenes look like they’re based on the best script ever. Alexpressions.
    The rest? Next please. Sorry to say, but it was just not good.

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  2. Ladies, once again you summed up the episode very well. I also wondered how Danny managed to skip out on his job when you’d think his presence would be needed. I am beginning to believe that Adam is more useful than Det. Williams. He is at least ready and willing to do the job with no complaints. Steve is always awesome and that fight exhausted me. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. So many questions.

    Why didn’t Danny just eave Rachel a key and go off to work since it was an emergency and they needed all hands on deck? Why make him look like a jerk? Most people who watched wanted to know why Danny didn’t need to show up and do his job. Steve should have been banging on his door demanding to know why he put his personal snuggle time with Rachel ahead of his duty–not demanding pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips. Not to mention Steve’s obvious desire to know just how far “playing house” advanced the Danchel endgame. I think he wants them to remarry since it is apparent that they still love each other. But that means Danny can’t be a cop because that is why Rachel left him in the first place. We already know he wanted out and that’s why we got a year of restaurant angst. It’s Steve who loves his job, not Danny.

    Why didn’t one of them (or both of them) use the bed? Oh, right, we needed a cute cuddle scene- not too sexy but a little suggestive of what is coming.

    BTW, I read somewhere that Rachel could not be forgiven because she cheated on Danny. No, it was Danny and Rachel who cheated on Stan. It took two to get Rachel pregnant-let’s not conveniently forget that Danny impregnated someone else’s wife. So, no pass for Danny. Still, Rachel should not have lied about Charlie’s paternity. That was a terrible thing to do to Charlie,Stan, and Danny. But for the sake of the story line and what that means as a way to help ease Danny off an Island he hates and give him back the love of his life and his children , I am good with forgiveness.

    We are coming full circle with Danny and Rachel. One down, one more to go.

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  4. Uh, with the proverbial “all due respect,” this business about the Five-0 headquarters being in the Iolani Palace versus the other joint is not an issue of “creative license,” it is a matter of “creative incompetence.”

    Much like the old show (and there were “exceptions to the rule” there too), Five-0 takes place in a largely real universe, though there have been some pretty stupid things happening along the way, like “the claw” and Wo Fat escaping from the Colorado Supermax prison. Considering how fetishistic the production team has been bending over backwards to be as “Hawaiian” as possible (even down to the episode titles), you would think if they were going to confuse the name of the headquarters building it would have happened a long time before 200 plus episodes had passed.

    Only two shows previously, one of the writers (if you can believe that only one person writes the shows) got all testy because people have often complained about them “taking liberties with the law of nature” and came out with this Twitter diatribe how certain facts connected with the submarine episode were supposedly grounded in reality, some of which I took great pleasure in debunking.

    This palace business is really “NOT A BIG DEAL,” but how stupid does something have to be before anyone notices or complains? What if McGarrett suddenly starts referring to Diamond Head as “Mauna Loa”? Or the ship where McGarrett’s grandfather was killed during the Pearl Harbor attack, the U.S.S. Arizona, as the U.S.S. Boaty McBoatface? (OK, I am being stupid here.)

    The flap with the palace for geographically- and historically-sensitive people like myself could have been dealt with in a very simple way. Instead of McGarrett saying “the state officially designated ‘Iolani Palace as an emergency evacuation shelter,” then just say “>Five-0’s headquarters< was designated," etc. The sign in the basement which said "Iolani Palace loading dock" (duh!) could have said "Hawaii Five-0 Receiving." And the comment in the elevator that Vega was being brought to the "Iolani Palace" (again) could (again) just have been changed to "Five-0 HQ."

    Aside from this minor disagreement, we actually have a lot in common, i.e., the Danno/Rachel thing was "nauseating/obnoxious" (your words/mine) and McGarrett's kick-ass fight was very cool. I also liked the way McGarrett welcomed El Diablo (who, by the way, was NOT a "serial killer" as per the press release) to the blue-lit room. In my review, I think I forgot to mention "Whatever happened to poor Haku, the sheriff's deputy who got stabbed?" I think I better go and fix that…


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    1. Hey Mr. Mike !! I’m glad you didn’t leave. I thought you had done your last Five-O review back in October. In reading your reviews, I often liked the episodes more than you did, because I wasn’t into picking the details apart. We’re all entitled to our opinion. I’ve caught up on your, and your guest reviewers’ posts, and I was happy you gave a positive review to 9.14, the episode bashed so much by the far right (I would use ‘brain-dead’, but those are my words only.)

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    2. Mike, I’m absolutely with you.
      Yes, I know about creativity and sometimes you need to turn a blind eye, but some things bug me to need end.
      Of all things, Iolani Palace is the former King‘s Palace so yes, no need to use that term for FIVE-0 HQ.
      Also, we’ve seen McGarrett‘s home change over the years. I get that, too. But if all of a sudden there is a door to the outside in his kitchen just to fit the SL, that annoys me (especially since I bet you it will be gone next time they use interior shots).
      I’m not watching Men in Black, my brain hasn’t been wiped 😉


      1. Such things don’t bother me at all. And that coming from a stickler for reality. But these buildings are not the real deal on a tv show. So, if there is a door or not is not important.
        And I remember that they had called hq the palace many times over the years. But I really don’t care about it, simply because there is no real hq. I am mighty miffed about the really stupid stuff though. Like the guy in the blue room surviving after breathing in all that “gas”. You don’t walk away from that.
        Or just as a perfect example “liver”. That makes me mad and shaking my head, because that is not creative license, that is just dumb.
        But a door in a fictional kitchen? Gimme a break. 😉

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        1. Lol, don’t even get me started on that stuff.
          My point is, if on top of the sometimes bad writing (YES to all you mentioned, and more) they add/change things/use wrong terms etc. (and there is simply no need to do so) I have more and more of a hard time watching and enjoying.
          Again, I can’t just switch off my brain…

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  5. Let me get this and sum up the episode:

    The Elite Task Force and Steve, especially Steve, risked their lives to safe the island from an emergency, and freed the world from highly dangerous terrorists while Dannoying did what he does best: napping on a couch.
    Again, if I might add.


    And after Steve survived all that, thanks to himself, he washed his face, quickly changed in another blue shirt, checked his own house (the one at the beach!), checked on his dog and immediately went to his friend although said friend lives in a secure area, because he cared and wanted to make sure he is okay.
    And then said friend apologizes for not being there, for not helping, for not calling, asked Steve if he is okay and made him a wonderful breakfast just to say ‘Thank you for letting me nap’. Oh… wait…
    I loved everything about the El Diablo case. I think it had a good pace, was interesting and exciting. The Fight (yes, capitals!) was awesome and I even noticed some Alex moves. Take that Baby Superman Wannabe.
    What I even liked more was Steve in the blue room. He is one scary men, love that. (And btw there where tons of Alexpressions I tried to snap but failed!) Please, can someone make an Audio file of Steve saying: “You’re just a pathetic old man…” That was so so good and I want that file for frequent use. So fitting…

    I didn’t mind the scene with Jerry and Lou. Chi is great. (Can someone help me as a not native speaker out: What was Lou called after he peed his pants? Wiz? Is that right? Why?)

    The rest was totally MEH.

    Some random thoughts:

    I am not a tech wizard, but I think I remember hubby telling me some years ago that you can’t shortcut a car with this wire trick any longer. But it may be that I remember wrong, or it is only true for cars that honk with an accent.

    Was I the only one screaming ‘Steve will not be pleased with what you do with HIS drain!’?

    And another episode we heard about another friend and another loss for Steve. I would love to get some background about Steve and Matt Boyer.

    Every time Steve is seen in his Kevlar my shallow self thinks stupid things like: Oh thank you very much show, now he is an in-vest-igator again without us witnessing. Boo!

    Cokie, a big thank you to your daughter! “I know this guy, I know this guy”, was all I could think about this FBI Agent and it drove me crazy… Yes! Damn! Jefferson D’Arcy, Marcy D’Arcy’s husband!

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      1. Thank you! I looked it up in the Urban dictionary and found nothing.
        I never heard about this movie, and it is with Michael Jackson. Wow! Just one line in 5-0 and I learned something new. Not that bad… 😀


    1. Regarding audio file “pathetic old man,” glad to be of assistance! (Download link should be on the right side…)

      [audio src="http://fiveohomepage.com/sounds/pathetic.mp3" /]


      1. Ah, so you’re taking a whiz. Is it an AE thing? I’ve never heard it. All I know is the Brits saying ‘popping to the loo’. But that’s not really the same, lol…


        1. Hi, I have only just found this site. I am from the UK and no one has ever made anything like this forum in the UK. I love all your reviews and have laughed along the way.

          My friend introduced me to it 3 years ago and I am hooked. Alex o Loughlin is amazing and I love Grover. You make fab cop shows, my parents use to watch Starsky & Hutch and I ve just started watching the show. The chemistry between them is fantastic. Oh and only the posh bits say going to the loo”. Lol.

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