Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 12/Episode 13

This time it’s a double LpS. Because I had no desire to watch 9.12 a second time. 9.13 surprised me. I found it really entertaining. leiCa

The look on your face when the hand disinfection is for smurfs only.

As it turned out it was not a wet t-shirt contest, just an unfortunate man who got caught in the drizzle. Hear women from all over the world booing.

Looks at the clock and just realizes if you sit on the toilet at 11:59 and the clock strikes midnight it’s the same shit, different day.

Not being able to explain why is the worst kind of sad.

You, Sir, are very attractive. Therefore I will stare at you. Because you blue me away.

You’re welcome.


Cyantifically proven the best dancer.

He smelled teen spirit and his soul left his body.

There’s a name for people without stubble. Women.

Wonders when he is scheduled to set sail.

5-0 Shades of Blue:
#1E90FF #1C86EE #104E8B #1874CD #BFEFFF #B2DFEE #9AC0CD #68838B #E0FFFF #D1EEEE #B4CDCD #7A8B8B #87CEFA #B0E2FF #A4D3EE #8DB6CD #607B8B #8470FF #B0C4DE #CAE1FF #BCD2EE #A2B5CD #6E7B8B #66CDAA #0000CD #7B68EE #48D1CC #191970 #000080 #1C86EE #104E8B #1874CD #BFEFFF #B2DFEE #9AC0CD #68838B #E0FFFF #D1EEEE #B4CDCD #7A8B8B #87CEFA #B0E2FF #A4D3EE #8DB6CD #607B8B #8470FF #B0C4DE #CAE1FF #BCD2EE #A2B5CD

He’s giving the thumbs up. But that wasn’t the digit he had in mind.

You’re welcome.

Episode 12 left me totally untouched. I liked to see why Steve is in charge, the way he immediately detected the details of the accident, and of course I liked McGrover. Steve in the car with the perp was great and fun to see Grover just going along with it. Aren’t these two together so much fun to watch?

But I didn’t feel Danny, what is a shame given the topic. That was just a failed attempt to fool my heart.

Yet I really liked episode 13. It was highly entertaining and I loved it that Junior was in charge in the underwater situation. That’s the way it should be. And I am always enjoying seeing SEAL Steve. SEALs don’t have gills. They have training. Lot’s of training. And they know what can be done.

And Steve with Grace was adorable. Danny thought that Steve had more influence on his daughter than he had. And I think that’s a good thing.


8 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Hi, late to the party today. Wonderful job as usual. I do think you have a magic touch when it comes to selecting photos. Your captions are spot on. Can’t pick a favorite. Thank you.

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  2. Thank you leiCa! I love them all! My top six, same shit different day, blue me away, stubble, 5-0 shades of blue, thumbs up… and THANK YOU THANK YOU for both of the you’re welcomes!

    Liked by 1 person

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