9.13 Review

h50-913 title

9.13  –  Ke iho mai nei ko luna

Adam, Junior and Tani travel to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean when a murder takes place in a remote underwater lab, and the killer may still be on board, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Jan. 18 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Ke iho mai nei ko luna to Those Above Are Descending

This will be a rather short review, with almost no pictures. But it will give you a place to talk about it.

Let me tell you something about my household. Imagine a friend of mine would come by, say around breakfast time. Here is how it would go at my place. My friend and my daughter would share what’s already on the table, and I would go back into the kitchen and make more pancakes. Or whatever else my friend would want for breakfast.   

Let’s envision this scene….

“Hey, Steve, come on in. Did you have breakfast?”

“Nah, I’m good. Where’s Gracie?”

“At the table. You sure you don’t want pancakes.  The griddle is hot.”

“Hey, Grace. Man, those do look good, Danny. Maybe I will take a couple.”

“Want some bacon? It’s frying right now.”

“Yeah, sure. Thanks.”

Of course that is just me. Oh wait, I am sure that, or a variation of it, is what would happen in every normal person’s household. But we all know that Dannoying is not a normal person. He is one to be rude, mean and insulting toward his so called best friend. So much so, that even his own daughter is annoyed by him.

But enough of that cretin, let’s have a look at the rest of the episode.  Oh, but wait. He has an equally scintillating scene while they were on the boat near the end of the show.


I really don’t have too much to say. The episode was filled with lies, theft, murder, which is par for the course, but for some reason I had trouble following all that was happening underwater.

I too must confess it wasn’t really that interesting what happened below. The whole plot was again very predictable, and really not worth mentioning.

 The minute Junior, Adam and Tani figured out their air supply was disappearing, they realized why the one woman asked for an oxygen tank.

I had a really good laugh about that. Give that hyperventilating woman a paperback, not an oxygen tank. A blind person could see that she was the one.

Too late… she realized they figured her out.

She locks them inside the chamber, steals the rest of the oxygen tanks, steals their Little Yellow Submarine and races to the surface while giving herself the bends.

You would think she knew how to get safely to the surface. Guess she was in a hurry. 😉vlcsnap-2019-01-23-20h56m36s683

On the surface, Steve and Danny learn their friends are incommunicado, so they race to the dive site and somehow make it before the Coast Guard which was already nearby. I KNOW that ship goes faster than that!

LOL, yeah, that was kinda odd.

When Steve learns his friends and the other people down there have only 6 minutes of air left, he launches into SEAL mode and figures out how much air each person will have if they share the two tanks, he and Danny have on board their boat. Amid arguing, he explains the only way to get the tanks down is to free dive them with the weight of the tanks carrying him down 127 meters. I admit, Danny has valid arguments in that Steve will need some of the air in the tank and that Steve will have difficulty getting back to the surface without air.

OK, let’s talk a moment about this part of the show. I don’t understand why they didn’t have the facility in a depth of, say 60 to 80 meters? That would have made everything a lot more believable. On the other hand, even the 127 meters are doable under special circumstances. The world record is 253 meters. So, although a bit far out there, it was all in the realm of possibility. Not likely to succeed, but possible. The science behind it was right. And that is enough for me.

But Steve knows his limits, and something tells me he has done a similar maneuver in the past. So, he asks Danny for help with the tanks while he gets his flippers on… never knew you wear shoes with flippers, but his Chucks looked cute. 🙂  He cuts off Danny’s last argument, or good luck speech or whatever and with his lungs full of air, he descends.  I loved when he takes in the air then grabs the tanks and follows them down.

Best scenes of the entire episode. I just loved it.

When Steve reached the inside tank, I must say he looked a bit air-starved. What great acting on Alex’s part throughout all of these water and rescue scenes. He dropped off the tanks and knew he needed to get out of there because one more person on board would be less air for all.  Being so depleted of air, I’m not sure how Junior and Tani dragged those tanks to where the others were waiting, but I assume, since they all made it out alive, that they managed to do so. And we will assume that the Coast Guard finally got there in their ten-minute window.

Loved when Steve broke the surface and Danny hauled him in, first with the life preserver and then dragging him onto the boat. Again, Alex played his part so well being depleted of oxygen. His inability to catch a breath to be able to talk and also what appeared to be a killer headache were played out amazingly. I would guess there was an oxygen tank in his future, too, although they never choose to show those scenes.

Despite to have to suspend believe for at least a little bit, way less than on other occasions on this show, I absolutely loved these scenes. All the rest was just meh, in my eyes. But thanks to Steve diving and saving the day the show makes it into ok/good category.



Everyone came home safe and our last scene is Junior making nice with his dad. I’m glad they are making strides to come back to each other, but you know, I really don’t need to see a lot of it. It would be nice for Dad to meet Steve though. That could be a cool scene.

I really don’t need that much background on the supporting cast. I really like Junior, but I don’t need any more of his family. And I am already totally fed up with Tani and her brother.

No new ep this week and they look to be hit or miss for the next few weeks. But I’ll take what I can get.

So, how did you like this episode?



30 thoughts on “9.13 Review

  1. Supposedly a lot of the science explanation for Steve’s dive may have been edited out making it difficult for some of us to follow, so I accept that real research went into this but we didn’t get the benefit of all of it.

    This whole pancake fiasco, showcasing just how selfish and inhospitable Danny’s behavior is, just reinforces why Danny has no friends. If someone comes to my home when I am serving food you can be sure another plate is on the table and my guest is made to feel welcome. In Steve’s case, he apparently went there specifically to see “his girl.” So, I started thinking.

    It has always troubled me, indeed, broken my heart, and caused me sleepless nights, to know that that while the McDannos and the abC’s could unite in their hatred for Cath, they were unable to agree on a suitable romantic partner for McGarrett. How I have agonized! What possible solution could there be to this rash inducing problem? The McLynns, the McEllies, the McAnybody-else’s were unacceptable to the McDannos. But then, fortified by three jelly donuts, and two slices of extra cheese pizza, there was an epiphany and I believe I have solved the problem. Since Grace Williams is now either 18 or about to be 18, let’s ship McGracie. The twenty five year difference between their ages is meaningless and she and Danny can move right into Casa McGarrett after the wedding.

    I am now retiring to a dark room to solve Brexit. I will report back as soon as I fixed that problem, too. Thank you for your patience. I’m thinking possible Nobel prize or something.

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    1. You just made me throw up a little in disgust thinking about that. Thank you very much. 😉
      About the Brexit. Enough is enough. Can we sue GB for millions spend on useless negotiations since they still don’t know what they want.
      It’s rather simple, if you want to leave a club, you can’t keep your membership card and use everything like before. Make up your mind.
      And since we’re at solving problems, how about the shutdown? When will that cretin be removed?

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    2. Mama! ewwww!!! While I agree i would’ve gladly made more pancakes for whomever showed up at my door, my first thought was SOMEBODY eat the damned pancakes before they get cold!
      Also Sam, Love the new header! I don’t think I told you that before

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  2. First, let me comment on the episode. Maybe the science says that the free dive could work…..yes I did love seeing Steve do it….but since I didn’t understand it, I doubted it. While I don’t mind the others on the team carrying the story at times, this just fell flat. I honestly wish that Steve had sent Danny down with the crew and kept Junior up above. Just my opinion. I still think that more than two tanks of oxygen should have been on that boat with Steve and Danny no matter how much air they thought that group had. Prepare for the worst.

    As to the opening……ugh. Why on earth does Danny need to butter Grace’s pancakes as if she is a two year old. I don’t care if he is concerned for her recovery, this was overkill. What adult does that to a girl her age. I’ve been there and my daughter would have put me in my place in a hurry. I did like seeing Junior repairing his relationship with his dad. It didn’t take that much time out of the show.

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    1. Dannoying and Co going down and the two SEALs onshore would have made no sense in my eyes. Steve knew he could rely on Junior to get the landlubbers down.
      But I get your wish… Another episode with Steve and Junior doing their thing like in 8.24 would be awesome.

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  3. OK, all kidding aside about shipping Steve and Grace. Why was it necessary to say that Rachel was away?Was it to show us Danny smothering his daughter”with love” while Mom deserts her child while she is recovering? Totally unnecessary and cruel. Danny could have just said she ran up to the grocery store for more pancake syrup.

    I find the whole Williams family uninteresting. Just cannot seem to make myself care.

    Did we ever find out what happened to Katie?

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    1. The Katie thing, is such a small detail, but the lack of an update is so annoying. I mean – they took the time to introduce the character and the scene with the dad, but then …. no follow up? I appreciate that there are time constraints, but then maybe they should have cut the scene with the dad too? Editing seems to be the issue here?

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  4. I record the episode fast forward the stuff I did not what to watch with Tani and Adam at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean I am not a fan of these two.

    I wished Steve was one of the team going to the remote underwater lab as he is a Navy Seal and it would have made it more interesting and not so boring
    would have loved more Grace we did not see her in season 8 and in the last two episode Grace did not do much
    Loved the scene on the boat with Steve doing the maths
    Loved Steve going to the rescue and doing the free diving he is such a good actor that you believe he did it being out of breath when he came back up and onto the boat again

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    1. If Steve would have been down there, who would have come to the rescue? Besides Junior is a SEAL too. I thought it made sense. 🙂
      As for Grace, no thank you. That girl still can’t act her way out of a paperback. I really don’t need any Williams family on my screen. 😉

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      1. If Steve were down there too, they’d all be dead, because Danny would’ve just stood at in the H50 HQ at the magic table and thrown his hands up saying “Well, I guess it’s just me and Lou now, they’re all dead”

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  5. This was an okay episode. I really liked that Steve threw the “playing house” thing at Danny, who didn’t seem to like it. Seems like Danny thinks it’s funny if he says it to Steve during an absolutely horrible time in Steve’s life, but not quite as funny if Steve says it to him.
    Wasn’t Fast Money the same magizine Toast was on?
    I liked Junior leading the op on the ground.. er under the water. I think the writers forget that he’s a SEAL too. Most of the time it feels like they forget Steve’s a SEAL so he’s in good company.😉
    Not sure about a Navy SEAL getting disoriented under water and having to be resuced by …..Tani.
    Wish we got to see more Steve and Lou together.
    Did the writers forget about 9.10 and 9.11 already?

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    1. ‘I really liked that Steve threw the “playing house” thing at Danny, who didn’t seem to like it. Seems like Danny thinks it’s funny if he says it to Steve during an absolutely horrible time in Steve’s life, but not quite as funny if Steve says it to him.’ <- This!!!

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  6. I liked this episode way more than episode 12. It was fun to watch and it is nice to see that tptb finally remembered that Junior and Steve are SEALs.

    The best scene for sure was Steve the mathematician and of course Steve the SEAL. He knows what he is capable of and he knows what can be done. Sam and Cokie, I know that there are waterproof Chucks out there, but I couldn’t see if Steve was wearing some. Would make sense.

    I would like to thank Alex O’Loughlin for awesome acting again, what is not about being over the top emotional but being able to express emotion.

    I would like to have a private dancer like Steve.

    I would like to remind Steve that there are several digits on his hand.

    I would like to thank wardrobe department for the light blue shirt.

    I would like to thank Sam for the awesome and incredible hard to snap picture #12 that highlights how awesome the photography of Kurt Jones is.

    I would like to tell Dannoying “Oh, Crêpes!”

    I would like to butter Steve’s pancakes all the time.

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  7. I found the ep off and on entertaining. Tho mostly off. Like most of y’all, I quickly lost interest in whatever the hell was going on in the sub. I kinda didn’t pay attention. But it was your typical sub SL. There’s always an evil genius in the group who means to steal *whatever* and there’s always an extremely limited supply of oxygen. Write by numbers script. Pfffttt!

    And I loved/hated the big McG rescue scene. McG was adorable and seemed to have a frikking ball doing that *free dive/non-chalant savior of the sub* thang. Like a kid having a ball playing a game. So cute. So satisfying. Such a humble chill hero. BUT, yeah yeah a bunch of folks, and y’all, looked up the reality of his feat. And it’s not a slam dunk trick; it’s a hard feat and no guarantees. I no way bought it as I watched it. Show plays so fast and loose with truth and physics and medicine and livers…I just get irked at it. This scene irked me as much as Alex entertained me. It just did.

    Finally my biggest issue with the ep…I was bummed, really bummed, that Danno left poor poor injured Gracie all alone at the house. Not cos she can’t take care of herself but because Danno going off with McG meant I had to see and hear him all thru the show. Pffffttttt! 🙄😝

    One more finally…I like Junior. He’s hands down my second fave team member after McG. I love the SEAL bond and that he’s not an ass. So I liked the little peak into his life. I’d faaarrrrrrr rather see his present or his backstory than anymore Williams family anything. 😉

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  8. I largely ignored the beginning with the pancakes, but LOL’d at about Dannoying’s lack of hospitality. Maybe I just expect that behavior from him now. I thought his fatherly concern was over the top and creepy.

    What REALLY got me was Danny’s complete willingness to just let/accept that everyone of his team underwater was a goner. OMG! I was so pissed at him for WASTING TIME with his dumbass arguing. GET ON THE PHONE AND CALL THAT COAST GUARD SHIP OVER RIGHT NOW YOU HORRIBLE EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN! He is not a person I want anywhere near a stressful situation. He rarely keeps a clear head and CONSTANTLY just wants to give up. UGH.

    As for the story underwater – whatever. I like the rest of the team, but they don’t keep my interest. Oh well, to each their own…

    SEAL Steve was terrific, loved him calculating the math, doing the freedive – however semi impausible as it was. Yes, I saw that the writers said that they did their homework and that the science is real, and it may be – I just don’t think that even Steve McGarrett could just decide to free dive without having trained RECENTLY for it. Maybe he does that in his spare time, I’ll go with that. But for me the worst was the ridiculously unfortunate sequence of events that led to this oxygen problem underwater – why was there not 2 underwater submarines? One for the crew that was already there and one for the 5-0 team? Did the scientists just dropped off in an Uber? I would think that there would be some fail safe protections for the residents of the lab. So – as usual, the writers researched their hearts out for the free diving, yet overlooked the obvious.

    The episode was Meh for me.


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    1. You’re on a roll! 🙂
      But you’re absolutely right. I tried to silence D in my head but now that you mention it, I remember being extremely pissed. I wanted to yell at him to stop and get a move, to call, to assist, to not disturb/delay… whatever… but be positive, not negative!

      I guess that’s not in his DNA either…

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    2. Exactly my thoughts about Dannoying. It makes me furious. Hubby is always laughing when I am screaming at my screen. He gets my feelings about D, but has the chuzpah to inform me regularly that the character is not real. Oh boy… He’s brave.

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  9. I was surprised to find the episode better than I feared. I guess that is because I had very low expectations.
    Watching the pancake fiasco unfold on my screen really bugged me. I get that Danny is worried and wants to mother-hen, but if both Steve and his daughter are annoyed, something is clearly wrong. I am at a total loss how some fans can use scenes like that to “prove” what a wonderful dad Danny is.
    Also, WTH does he criticize Steve over and over when he is off to save the others’ lives? Oh right, it’s called worry… **Facepalm**

    As leiCa pointed out perfectly, it is ok for D to poke at Steve (“Playing house?”), but not the other way round. But is it me or is Steve more quick-witted lately? I approve!

    I actually enjoyed the rescue scene. One of the writers tweeted the whole idea behind it and the research they put into it, so in retrospect it is ok for me and I will not dwell on what was realistic and what not.
    What definitely was very realistic and great was once again Alex, knocking it out of the park.

    Overall the episode was another one I am not keen on re-watching.
    I miss those like 9.10 and 9.11.

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    1. The credit for the perfect ‘playing house’ analysis goes to SuperSEAL50. 😉

      I was wondering if pancakes made of white flour and with butter is the right choice for someone in recovery who needs sustenance. I would think about something healthier… But maybe it’s just me. I am not really a pancake girl. Or a girl… 😀


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