9.11 Review


9.11  –  Hala i ke ala o’i’ole mai

Still reeling from the murder of one of their ohana, Steve and Catherine (Michelle Borth), along with Danny, Junior and some old friends, Harry Langford (Chris Vance) and Wade Gutches (David Keith), hunt down the killer. Also, Tani and Grover investigate when a bag of human bones, discovered inside an abandoned storage locker goes missing, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Jan. 4 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Hala i ke ala o’i’ole mai to Gone on the Road from which There Is No Returning

Even before the episode aired, I had my doubts that this would be as good as the last one. Splitting the screen time with different plot lines is never a good idea, especially not with the important episodes. Hawaii Five-0 is always best when they focus on just one storyline. Either it be the crime-of-the-week, or like in this case, a more personal storyline. And I was right to be worried.

I totally agree… was worried there would be too much time spent on a meaningless sub-plot.  And while the storyline was wrapped up pretty quickly, it still used up too much valuable screen time.

No disrespect to the guys in the subplot, but I had not an iota of interest in that storyline. Honestly, the only thing I even remember about it is that Tani hit on Adam, which I found rather creepy. I must say I like her less and less. In my eyes, she is just a conceited wanna-be.

Agreed, that come on was really creepy. Even Adam thought so… yeah, I know it is TV and not real, but still, I think it weirded the character out, too.

This whole part of the show was one gigantic waste of time. Sorry, but I won’t give it a second thought, or a second view. 😉

Good… and now on to better stuff.

So, on to the conclusion of the Joe-storyline. That episode (9.10) was and still is amazing. So it was clear it would be very difficult to top it, or even come close to it.

But, in my opinion, given the time frame they had to work in, it was pretty good. Parts of it could have been better, but by the end, I was totally pleased.

We start off with learning that it has been more than four weeks since Joe’s death. What we don’t learn is how Steve spent these past four weeks. Here is my take on the time that has passed.

He buried Joe in the spot Joe himself picked. At first I wanted to see that, but on second thought I think it’s even better not to have seen it. This was a very private affair, and I think it was best this way. No need for a big funeral with military honors and all. Besides, Joe was forced into retirement, so I doubt that a big military funeral was even an option. And I am perfectly fine with it.

I had it in my head how that should have happened, but it didn’t happen MY way (can’t imagine why they didn’t consult me on that). So, I’m good with using our imaginations for that scene. I agree, Joe is buried beneath that tree. 



I also think he contacted Catherine at some point, or maybe she contacted him. No matter what, they communicated. And I am also sure that she’s the one that brought the lawyer to Steve.

At first, I wanted Steve to contact her, asking for help, but the more I think about it, I wish she found out what was going on (I mean, five SEALS were killed, the CIA had to hear something of it) and she came to help without being asked. She just showed up.  I don’t know if she brought the lawyer, or if she had him delivered there, but yes, I think that was her doing.


Now, let’s talk about the torture for a moment. No, that certainly wasn’t a nice thing to do. But this was SEAL Steve in war mode; different rules apply. This was a black OP, very different rules apply. And anyone getting involved like the lawyer did, must live with the consequences of their actions.

I agree. It bothered me to watch when Steve pulled out that knife, but he got his needed answers.


I wonder what they did with him after he gave up the wanted information. Guess Cath called her contacts and they took him away to never be seen, or maybe he will face trial. Who knows. But do we really care? Don’t think so.

Nah, he needs to be in a secure facility someplace. Out of the way. And I don’t think they necessarily had, and tortured, him for the full time they were there at the ranch. I can’t believe he held out for a month. My thoughts are that Cath arrived and they… plotted (get your minds out of the gutters) about best to get their answers.  Whatever else they did in that month is anyone’s (ahem) guess. But I choose to be a little bit more tactful than Danny.


Just a couple of thoughts on Danny’s arrival.  First, there is a perfect road/drive and he decided to leave it and drive right through the yard.  Really? He’s lucky Steve didn’t use the gun first and ask questions later.  And when I first saw him, that grin on his face just set me off. He knew Steve wasn’t in a good place. Grinning at him wasn’t the best option.  Then he made light of the situation by using the terms “grieving process” and “playing house” when talking about Cath and Steve. No, he didn’t know what they were really doing, but I thought those comments were pretty rude when knowing that his partner was hurting.

Honestly, his presence in this episode was so short lived that I didn’t waste a second to think about him. Other than wondering why he was even there. He for sure didn’t help with the action, or in any other aspect. I really do wonder why he is written that way. He is useless. But, never mind. At least he didn’t ruin the episode.



When he learned what the plan was, he immediately began whining.  “It’s 10,000 miles, I don’t have a passport (really???) and We don’t even have a starting five.”  Just go home.  Please.



I thought it was super cool to use Frank Bama’s daughter as a pilot.  Not sure how they connected, but that was a good touch. Frank was Joe’s friend, too, and I loved that tie-in.

Yes, I agree. Nice touch to have kind of a connection to another friend there.


On the plane, I loved Wade’s story. OK, I love Wade, period.  David Keith, who plays him is a die-hard University of Tennessee fan and my son-in-law said he would be on campus a lot.  He lives in Knoxville and apparently is a really cool guy. 

OK, I digressed a bit.  Wade was telling a story, but Steve was a million miles away. Well, he was in Marakesh, I guess having a flashback with Greer. My first thought was that they entered the room, tearing off each other’s clothing and didn’t even bother to close the door. 🙂  What I took from that scene was Steve calling their sex “stress relief” and “therapy”. It was easy to see that Greer (who apparently doesn’t have a first name??? did I miss it?) was totally enamored with this SEAL and wanted a lot more ‘therapy’.

Yeah, their sex was really just that. Sex. No relationship involved. I liked that. I guess Greer had a lot of hopes. Yeah, well, Missy, not gonna happen. 😉




Catherine pulled him back to reality and said one of her best lines.  “I’m in this with you until the end.” There is no doubt where her allegiance lies.

That is actually what PL has been telling everyone for many years; she’ll be in this until the end. Enough said.


Loved Steve meeting Harry in the bar. We don’t know how long Harry had been in Laos, but he had the  low-down that they needed for the op.  Loved Steve’s line “Any other local tips?” after Harry complained about the beer.

I think Steve had contacted Harry right away, probably even before he knew where Omar was. On a side note, someone on twitter suggested a show with just Steve, Cath, Gutches and Harry. I would totally watch that. Count me in. Me, too!


This brings up a point I thought of. Harry has worked with the team a couple times. He had asked for their help in the past and this time, he goes to Laos when Steve asks for a favor. That’s a good friend.  For all we know, he could have been a part in the planning at the ranch. I kind of like that we don’t know how Steve got his team together.

Yeah, no questions asked. Just ready to help.


When they are going over the op, Harry announces that Steve and Cath are going in as a married couple. I have seen it argued that the ‘marriage’ was totally unnecessary.  Maybe. But it set them up as married and bored and gave Cath the option to flirt with Dimitri while Steve is sitting right next to her. It made sense to me. And also on this subject, I read on Twitter that Steve looked totally bored when Harry announced he would be married to Cath for this op.  My take on it is that Wade immediately said, “Aww, isn’t that sweet,” and Danny said, “Mozel tov”. Cath was smiling at Steve and he looked embarrassed at the jokes.  He said “I do” to get over the comedy and get the boys back on task.

Steve was in total Mission-Mode. Not much time or in the right mood to joke around. I loved that they went as a bored married couple. Perfect disguise. Think about it.



The two of them did clean up pretty good for being in a foreign country with not a lot of supplies. I guess Harry carries a tux with him wherever he goes. 🙂  Loved Cath’s comment when Harry said Steve looked good.  “He’s spoken for, Cowboy.”

Yeah, but honestly, that didn’t look like Alex being filmed from behind when they went into the casino. Later, yes, but not outside.


Yes, he is.  And that was another of her good lines.

The next was when he was ‘complaining’ about her taking half of the chips at the gaming table. Again, they were bickering in public IN CHARACTER. Loved her comment, “Don’t be a Caveman, Darling.”

They were so in character. Perfection.


I did notice that when Harry gave them rings, he had two gold bands for them. But check out the gaming table scene. Cath was wearing a gold band and also an engagement ring.  Just saying… 🙂

Huh, I didn’t notice that.  Well, then you need to go back and watch again!

An odd thing I thought of was that Dimitri grabbed his money and left the casino. They waited a beat, but then raced after him and were running out the door while Dimitri was still getting into his car. Should they not have waited until Dimitri could not see them?  Yes, that’s plot and direction, but it struck me as odd.  And, while on the subject.  Dimitri supposedly could not be tracked, so they make him glow with something in his drink.  Yet, when he arrived at the hotel, Steve was right behind him. Maybe Harry isn’t as good of a tracker as he thought. 🙂

I was laughing out loud at that. That was rather stupid. The running after him, just as driving right behind them. Totally contradicting what they said earlier, and what the whole casino scene was about. Made no sense.

Loved the scene where Catherine asked Steve how he was doing. Of course, he assumed she was discussing the op, but she wanted to know how HE was doing. He was honest with her – he blamed himself for everything that happened. She argued that it was not his fault Joe died. He argued that he was blind when it came to Greer and you can see the moment he decides to tell Cath about their hookup.  But surprise, she already knew. All those years, she knew and chose not to make an issue of it.  Another point in her favor.

As Cath said, it was before they started dating. Why should she have mentioned it? But yes, lesser people would have said something. And I totally loved that Steve didn’t even hesitate for a second to tell her how he felt. She is the only one that really gets him, that he opens up to completely.



In Cath’s flashback with Greer, she seemed rather blindsided that Greer even brought up the fact that she and Steve were dating. Of course, Greer had to add that Steve would never settle down… even adding “as much as we all would want him to…”   Well, he would never have settled down with her because she wasn’t what he was looking for.  Sorry, but the woman was a total witch with a capital B. Cath said she didn’t believe anything Greer said about Steve, so even at the time, Cath knew the woman was trouble.

Even back then Cath knew that Steve had no investment in Greer, that it was just casual sex. All good. 😊


OK, they are wrapping up. They find Hassan and his family and kill everyone in their path to get to him. Hassan wants Steve to shoot him, too, but he didn’t get his wish. Instead, Steve pleaded for the cycle to be over. Who knows if any of that got through, but it was a good speech. 

Steve was not out to kill as many people as possible, he wanted the one responsible. The one who betrayed him and Joe, and his buddies. And he for sure would not kill in front of a little boy.


During all that, Cath and Danny were held at gunpoint and Harry called in another favor.  He’s a smart man… make friends with the local police woman when you get to town.  Again, Harry is a good friend to have.

Yes, it is very cool to have him around. Wouldn’t mind to see him more often. Me, either, just as long as the episodes have a plot and are not done for comedy.

One way or another, Hassan gives up Greer and suddenly Cath and Steve are in her house in China. She must have felt fairly safe because she didn’t know Cath was already there when she got home. I loved her smirk when she said, “We are all together again,” and Catherine’s “not for long” comment. She said that Cath hadn’t taken her “good advice” so apparently, she had kept tabs on both Steve and Cath throughout the years. Talk about a cyber stalker. She was creepy.

Very creepy. I loved how casually Steve stood there, knowing that Cath would have his back.

When Steve asked how much money it would take to turn over names of your friends to be killed, she said it wasn’t all about money, that there were other factors.  From that, I believe she was talking about spite and if she couldn’t have Steve, then no one would. She would have him killed instead. Along with anyone in contact with him.

There you can see what a psycho she really was. If you like or even love someone, you want him to be happy. If that was with someone else, well, then so be it. You for sure don’t run around and want him dead.


Things didn’t work out as she planned and she got a bullet for her efforts. Good riddance, former Agent Greer. You didn’t get your man. Looks like Steve owes Cath once again.

I’m really glad she got killed. Not prolonging her story was the right choice.


From China, we are back in what I assume is Montana.  

At least they are wearing coats. I will assume Danny, Junior and Harry have already left as they are not seen or heard. Besides, they all have jobs to get back to.

Yeah, I think they had flown home.


Steve and Wade have a moment which is good.  “Find a good woman and retire.”  We can only hope. But the line that got me was “Joe would have been proud of you.”  That, he would be.

LOL, Steve had already found the good woman. Just saying.

And he rides off on his bike while Cath has her goodbye.

She again tells Steve that Joe was a good man. Then he says “You don’t know, do you?” He then told her the story from back in 2002 when Joe told Steve to ask her out.  That was a sweet flashback. I loved that when he said it was a date, she was so silent that he thought the call had dropped.  Oh, and he also lied to her CO, saying he had been gravely wounded (well, I’m guessing that was true) but he only said it so that he could talk to her on the phone.  He was a man on a mission.  🙂 I thought it was great that he had a cellphone used back in 2002. That was a good visual.  Loved when she asked him “What took you so long.”

I think that is one of my favorite scenes from the show. I love it.

And then we see her response to the story. Tears and saying she is really glad Steve took Joe’s advice. And he replied that he was, too. They have been through a lot together. Good times and bad, but they are always together even when they are apart.  I have no doubt about that. 

And she left with… “Till next time.”  That’s right, Cath, let’s make it a ‘next time’.

Yes, and please rather soon.

Steve is left standing there by himself, wearing Joe’s coat, presumably going back to Joe’s ranch. Not sure what will be done with it, but I’m sure he needs to close it up. At least, wash the blood off the floor of the barn.  Here is speculation, but I am guessing Steve is Joe’s heir. There was never any mention of children although he had been married several times. The ranch could now be Steve’s. I don’t know how a death certificate or documentation would be handled in a case such as this, but I would think the Navy and CIA would be able to handle that.

I think Steve will need a bit more time to get it all in order.



Just my thoughts.  Oh, and I didn’t realize until I just watched the ending again that Lucia Bama was flying a Coast Guard plane. Wonder where that came from? 

Guess they have friends in many places. 😊


Well, I think it was a great episode. With awesome scenes in it. But because of the absolutely uninteresting sub-plot it can’t be an awesome episode as a whole. But great is good. 😉

The portions I watched the second and third times were totally awesome. I fast-forwarded through the other mumbo-jumbo and watched the heart of the show.

h50-911-title1 rating

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  1. Pretty much agree with all of y’all’s review. McG is always awesome in mission mode. Cath is still his lobster and a very good undercover agent. We don’t usually get to see her at “work”, so it was fun to see her cool under pressure, her positivity, her McDevotion, and her quick thinking to get the dude to drink the tracking liquid. 👸🏻

    McG’s friends are loyal and the best. I love when his special ops team gathers! Much more interesting than the average episodes. Danno was the fish outta water, as usual, who doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know, but they kept him in his place so he couldn’t do any damage. I enjoy Junior becoming a part of McG’s off-book team. He got game.

    Without the second plot, it woulda been a stronger ep, but it was thankfully rather short. The blue room scene was pure excrement, in writing and acting. 🙄

    McRoll on! ❤️

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  2. Ladies, once again I agree with all you said about this episode. I blanked out the secondary story and had to watch a second time to even remember how it played out. Even then my mind kept wandering during those parts. Such a waste of time.

    I don’t think that they had the lawyer there for the whole month, it must have taken time to locate and get him. I am thinking that it was Catherine’s doing and she wasn’t there the entire month either. Danny waited a whole month to check on his “supposed” BFF and then didn’t even ask how he was doing. I think he is indeed fortunate that Steve didn’t shoot first and check ID later. His remarks about Cath being there was so inappropriate. He certainly likes to dump salt in Steve’s wounds. I have no idea what the writers were thinking when they had him say he had no passport. Are we to believe that he has snuck in illegally to all the countries they have been in since this show began. Mexico to help Chin, Japan with Grace that time to return what she found in the ocean cleanup, Columbia the first time when he shot Reyes. Has he never needed a passport? Steve should have sent him home right then.

    I loved Harry’s little joke to make Steve and Cath married for the op. It was icing on the cake for me and you are right, it played well with making Dimitri curious enough not to brush Cath off. Harry truly knows how to plan an op and that was wonderful how he had a backup plan.

    I saw a lot in that farewell in Montana. Maybe it is wishful thinking and I know not everyone will see it my way but I think that Steve’s trust in Cath is being rebuilt and he is seeing that there may never be a perfect time to propose or choose someone to share your life with. He needs to consider what his heart tells him and just go with it. Those two really do need to have a serious talk, not just keep crossing paths once in a while. I would be happy with her not necessarily being a regular but popping in more often. If that means getting the actress to commit to it then so be it. Make it happen PL.

    Thanks again for a wonderful review. I watched it with Cath Bear and we both give a “very good” rating.

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  3. Great recap ladies! Like you, I absolutely loved the episode – which should come as no surprise to anyone. This is the first episode I have re watched in a long time, and re watched more than once. The first time through, I completely ignored the B plot. It was already in my way, and I used the time to get caught up on tweets and DM – of which there were MANY! (Which can be a sign of a very good episode, OR a very bad episode at times, LOL) The second time, I really tried to pay attention – and I just couldn’t. It was inane.

    That opening scene with Alex – those intense, wild eyes – the … scruffy beard – immediately thought, huh – that’s different than just grief. Wow that was intense. He watched that car come at him for a long time for a guy that has assassins after him (I assume that Hassan knows he’s still alive?) anyways – you are absolutely right. Danny was as useless as tits on a bull in this episode. He doesn’t understand or want to understand this side of McG – and yes, it’s a big part of who McG is. Danny didn’t ask him how he was, didn’t offer condolences for Joe’s death, and clearly hadn’t spoken to McG, so – it was as usual all about Danny. Danny is very consistent in his need to change McG.

    So, Catherine is there, and appears to have been there for a while – because even if they didn’t have a location from the lawyer, they obviously had an idea of a plan in place – had probably contacted Harry and Gutches and Junior (who, BTW seemingly didn’t breathe a word of this to Danny – some SEAL brotherhood loyalty or did Steve specifically say not to tell? Hmmm) – which they could then adapt as necessary for the actual locale. Catherine was clearly concerned about Steve as he walked back into the barn – you can see her watching him, but she gets that this is what Steve needs to do – what they both need to do. Then she shuts the door when Steve asks her to. No arguing.

    Steve deemed super pissed at Danny’s reaction to finally getting a location – did you see his annoyed hand rinsing? That was exasperation. Catherine even tried to stop Danny from continuing is sentence because clearly Steve was on a thin edge. She gets him, doesn’t try to change him. But still, that doesn’t stop her from having concerns. That is what I love about her.

    So, Danny showed up, tries to pawn off the operation, doesn’t have a passport – Good, please leave. Unfortunately they don’t need passports where they are going (sketchy fact, but let’s run with it)

    I laughed my ass off ABOUT THE DOOR BEING OPEN WHILE Greer and McG blew off some steam. That’s hysterical – I didn’t even notice. McG played the part of a randy, adrenaline juiced 26 year old after his first big kill perfectly. But, then he didn’t call back for any more stress relief therapy because he and Cath started dating.

    I love Harry Langford’s character and he didn’t disappoint. He reconned the locale, and set up the op, more or less. The casino was a private high roller casino – it made perfect sense to have McG and Cath go in as a married couple. The banter between them was great – they played their undercover characters so well – Cath flirting and McG playing the husband annoyed at the flirting. I loved it when she re-used the “Don’t be a caveman” line from season 3 (when Doris broke into the house to make them eggs).

    The whole following and tailing Dmitri was kinda funny – they were not very stealthy at that, and Dmitri didn’t “change cars” like Harry said he did the previous times – I mean , it seemed like anyone with a couple of wheels could’ve followed them!

    I loved that Cath got McG out of his full on mission mode when she asked him how HE was. Because she knew what was going on in his head – the ensuing conversation was so similar to what he told her in Season 4 after Billy died. I LOVED IT – A real adult conversation.

    So McG finds Hassan, and ends the cycle of having sons see their father killed in front of them – that was the realization that McG came to on the plane- that the true reason Joe was dead was because of Greer. Hopefully Hassan doesn’t try to finish the job, but THAT was the avenging Joe that had to happen – get Greer. So see, Danny – when he calls McG a “killing machine” (as he has done so many times “doesn’t understand the man at all.

    Danny and Cath get captured, we don’t know how that happens, but I think we all have an idea.

    And they have Harry’s latest conquest come and save the day, LOL. I mean – it was all too easily wrapped up, but I can totally see Harry wooing a female law enforcement agent. He’s so 007, he’s practically 008.

    And then – Greer, who we are led to believe did all of this because she couldn’t have more therapy with McG because of Catherine. So, just to plot that out there – she waited 16 years to exact her plan, without every trying to contact McG again, just heard that he was dating Cath, and that was it – but it was SO GRATING ON HER NERVES that she hatched this plan to kill 6 SEALs. That makes total sense, right? She needs the Magical McG sexing, and if she couldn’t have it, well – she was just gonna wait 16 years and kill McG . Oh, SHOW – I loved this episode, but – REALLY? I was so glad Cath killed her.

    The end scene was heartbreaking – but in such a good way. How amazing was that flashback? McG needed her to know that fact – and when she said that she was glad that McG took Joe’s advice, he said he was too. MY HEART!


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        1. And you said it perfectly. Danny will never truly understand McG and we don’t expect him to but he does need to learn when to step aside and let the adults take over. I loved every minute of this A story and still have no clue what the B story was and why it was.

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    1. I too LOVED this ep.. well except for the B story. It was a waste of time Just a couple things I noticed to add to these reviews. Danny truly TRULY has NO clue about the SEAL side of Steve… and he has no desire to learn. He looked positively terrified when asking if they would call the CIA to take care of Hassan. Cath gets that side of Steve, wholly and completely. No questions asked; she’s there to support him. Personally, I’d have put Danny on the next plane back to Oahu.
      Harry was so good in this ep. He had the groundwork done when Steve’s team arrived. and even made sure Cath had the right thing to wear! Steve and Cath were awesome in the casino.. and yes them RUNNING out of the casino and chasing Hassan was a little obvious.
      I felt like McG was quite taken aback when Cath asked him if HE was ok.. almost like no one ever asks him that… and let’s face it, Danny sure never does.. He just TELLS him how is supposed to be or how he should’ve acted.
      So Greer was so taken with McG’s “therapy” skills she waited all that time to off the team and presumably him? Just me but why wouldn’t you eliminate the competition (Cath) Thank goodness she didn’t go that route. Glad Cath killed her instead. and What did Greer mean by “we’re all together again” Did they all have some previous meeting we are not aware of?
      The final scene of this ep between Steve and Cath was so heartfelt. I have to wonder how many times Steve is going to let her walk away ‘until next time’ before he mans up.
      Sure wish we’d get some more eps like this .

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  4. Wonderful review my friends. I have very little to add to all of the great comments.

    These are just a couple of observations I made while watching.

    This was the most focused Steve McGarrett I have ever seen and since he is usually super focused in general because of his S.E.A.L. training, it was truly fierce.

    Steve had such a heartbreaking look on his face when they had their “until next time” moment. It was thoughtful and appraising, full of sadness and unasked and unanswered questions.

    Joe’s death, the OP that started it all and the OP that ended it have made a profound change in the McGarrett we know. Hopefully the writers won’t forget what the character has endured and will let us see him begin heal. As for agent Greer, she knew Cath was behind her with a gun, so trying to kill Steve meant she was wiling to die herself as long as she could take him out with her. She was focused too. I am glad Cath was there to save him.

    Danny should have stayed in Hawaii and been a part of the “B” story. I will always picture him standing there with his hands above his head as his sole contribution to the OP.

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    1. It is clear that the writers do not see Danny as a character on Steve’s level or they would not write him so sparingly. They had no trouble making Junior capable and respectful and he is a new character. They must wish to make Danny a fifth wheel in any operation.

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  5. Will miss Joe Clark. Hope Terry Quinn appears in flashbacks.
    But want to see Catherine and Steve get together before the end of the series. As really they belong together.
    Love Harry and the David Keith character. David K is from my neck of the woods East TN!
    Junior showing up as he gets Seals like Steve is one. Steve is like a father figure to Junior.
    Tani and Lou must had been giving something to do I guess. But still am missing my McGrover. Those two click so much better. Just me I guess
    Wished Alex could had kept the beard but Peter L did not think so. 9/10!

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  6. Thanks for the perfect recap and review as well as pictures. I agree with all the great comments also. I loved the episode and watching Alex once again show us what a great actor he is. Danny and the B plot were useless, annoying and a waste of time. What elevated this episode for me was seeing McRoll back on my screen and working their way back to each other. The look on Steve’s face as Cath was leaving broke my heart. It has to be Steve who makes the first move if they’re going to be together again. Cath knows how much she hurt him in the past but if he does, she will be all in. They complete each other. I loved the flashback to him asking her out and would love to see more of their past in flashbacks. I hope the show doesn’t just drop everything Steve has been through after losing Joe and uses it as an opportunity for Steve to grow and evolve. I have come to realize that I prefer character driven stories instead of the chase and catch the bad guy episodes which lack any depth. It was great to have back to back episodes that were so awesome. Sure wish they could give us this more often than not.

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  7. Great episode would have been Awesome episode if we had no B plot
    have always love Catherine right from season 1
    Alex killed it again with his acting and all his emotions showing in his face and eyes
    Loved the chemistry between Steve and Catherine in all there scene
    Loved how Catherine was at the ranch for a month with Steve torturing that guy Gregers Thomson for information as to where Omar Hassan was and had a plan when the rest of the team arrived
    Loved all the conversations between Steve and Catherine showing that Cath really cared what is happen with Steve
    Loved Harry and his plan that Steve and Catherine had to be married for the undercover mission. Harry understands what is going on between Steve and Catherine
    Loved all the Casino scene both Steve and Catherine looked great
    Junior was funny when he put that small fitting waiters uniform on
    Loved that Cath killed Greer saving Steve as well
    Loved all the flashbacks with Steve asking Cath out for the first time and Greer meeting Catherine as well

    It was interesting that Greer was shown as just physical for Steve and Cath was all emotional and love,
    Lots of emotion at the end with Steve watching Cath leaving which I think is really sad that the writers keep doing this with them its about time they brought them together and to say together.
    You can tell at the end that Catherine dose not want to go she started crying she would rather stay with Steve. By the look and emotion in Steve face he wants Cath to stay, all he has to do is ask her to stay and Cath would but as Steve ended it he has to ask her to stay that is what Cath is waiting for.

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  8. I loved this episode, well the A story, I won’t get into the COTW.☺
    Just a few thoughts I had.
    I kind of wish we could have seen Steve and Cath during that month, but I guess that is what fanfic is for.😉
    Danny was his normal self. He tried to sound noble and like a good friend, “that’s what family does. You taught me that. After my brother died you wouldn’t leave me alone.” Seriously “detective” its been over a month and you’re JUST coming around!!? That doesn’t sound like “not leaving alone” to me. A true friend cares about you, they know you, and are willing to help in ANY way. We got to see Steve’s true friends in this episode and “Detective” Williams is no where near that list.
    I thought one of my wishes for S9 was going to come true. When Steve came out after questioning the sumbag lawyer and Danny started in on his complaining, I REALLY thought when Steve stood up he was gonna beat the crap out of him.
    I liked that Bama’s daughter was their pilot, I am a little curious about the Coast Guard plane.
    Alex killed it again, his voice was so full of pain, his eyes, the little nuances, Steve’s SEAL war mode… Awesome!!
    The ending… In 8.20 there was the we should have never slept together scene(which I didn’t believe 😉) And now we have Cath’s tears and both of them saying they are glad Steve took Joe’s advice.(This is the one I believe😊)
    Please writers don’t screw this up. Steve has been changed, show it.

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  9. I would like to know why we did not get a interview from Alex about the state of Steve and Catherine’s relationship and where are they now. For the last two episodes 7.07 and 8.20 we did get one saying they are finished with the romance and just friends now. I want to know what he think now how the story is going between them.


      1. There hasn’t really been much along the lines of interviews for anything lately. The ratings are steady, not amazing, but steady.

        But as to Alex’s previous statements, the thing that abC’s never seem to be able to grasp is that Alex is reacting to the episode he just filmed, based on the scenes he had just filmed. He doesn’t watch the show (his words) and PL doesn’t like to let the actors know what is coming down the road for their characters (PL’s words) so – anything Alex said was simply commentary on that particular episode, not a harbinger of things to come. It’s not “disrespecting Alex’s wishes” to start a move towards a McRoll reunion, LOL He is reacting as Steve, in that moment. The indignation on behalf of some for Alex’s sake is both comical and very odd.

        I also suspect that he doesn’t prognosticate on the future of the character because the few times he did that in the past, it never came to be. cough*PTSD story* cough

        Liked by 5 people

  10. I think the writers went too far in emphasizing the nasty side of Danny’s personality in the last few years in an attempt to make him sound glib and funny but they just made him mean and uncaring instead. Now it is too late and no matter what words come out of his mouth, or whatever the writers intend for the dialog to convey, the tone is always unkind and that is all we hear. It may be an unfixable problem.

    And while I understand that they wanted to include him in a big episode, he would have been better utilized elsewhere. The real shame is that Danny’s character had the potential of being the character they want us to believe he is instead of the one that they actually wrote.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. So true. They seemed to want the banter of two men coming at police work from different angles. Their mistake was getting caught up in insult humor instead of different viewpoints. Maybe SC just delivers the nasty better than Alex so they ran with it. I also believe that it has gone too far to save the character.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. I wonder about that, too.
        Even many die hard Danny fans seem to be more and more frustrated.
        What could’ve been a great friendship indeed (opposites attract) turned into meaningless, even aversion. No liver or whatsoever (ANY friend would’ve lined up to save McG’s life) could/can save, what has been going sideways for several seasons now.
        Scott’s contracted absence and juggling his schedule is one thing, the way he has to portray his character another. Why do the writers think he’s a loveable and fun great friend? Why do they write him like that? I’m at a loss.
        He’s neither of it, nor the BFF many see (when do they do anything outside of work together?) and for sure not the great asset to the team. Grover is what I call a good friend, and Junior has long taken that spot. “Team? Team!”

        Liked by 4 people

        1. Sunny:

          Exactly whose fault is that? They keep praising this kind of portrayal. Is it so hard for them to understand that the writers think they are giving the Danny fans exactly what they want? It is unfair to put all the blame on the writers when they are being given mixed signals.

          And Danny is not being pushed aside by the writers. They can only write for the character when he is there. Action scenes take a lot of time to execute and a lot of waiting around time for the actors. Dialog by the smart table does not.

          Sorry, just not feeling any sympathy for the McDannos when they complain secretly about what they praise publicly.

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    2. I don’t dislike Danny all the time – but there are many times that he is just way too over the top judgy and comes out with the kind of comments that are so nasty you can’t take them back. I think you’re right – sometimes they try too hard to write that “snarky fumy” and it just comes off terribly. It’s the same with the carguments – they were great in the beginning, as two alpha/opinionated guys get thrown together and learn to work together. Since then they’ve all been horrid and nasty.

      I do believe, in all factions of fandom, that fanfic skews how a character is viewed. People start to see the character on TV as it is portrayed by someone else’s imagination. This “awesome, super sensitive, caring Danny” is not what I’ve seen on TV.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Wait. Are you saying that the Danny who slept with a physically abused woman still covered with bruises, who was incapable of giving informed consent, is not the “awesome, super sensitive, caring Danny” who was just trying to make the lady feel better by accepting sex instead of a cup of coffee as a thank you?

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  11. Sam and Cokie, thank you so much for another great double review.

    I have to admit I was reluctant at first to watch the episode. Though I was tremendously looking forward to Catherine’s return, I was afraid the episode couldn’t live up to 9.10 and my hopes.
    It was different and not quite as awesome, but boy did I like it (except that B-story of course).
    The opening scene literally took my breath away. Never had I expected the beginning to play out like that. Danny’s appearance felt forced and the whole situation awkward. Even Catherine seemed cold, until that door to the barn opened and we saw why…
    I don’t think we’ve ever seen McG like this. I had chills watching him. But I was glued to the TV… I remember being totally unnerved when Danny said the things he did – all of them there. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always not like him, but right there and then he was the fifth wheel on the carriage, his words and actions just felt so misplaced.
    While the opening credits rolled I quickly wondered if I’d rather wanted to see a funeral and Steve grieving alone. But I too was convinced that McG had given Joe a proper farewell and buried him right where he wanted to be.

    There’s not really anything I can add that hasn’t been said above.
    Watching the second time I discovered so many more little details that I missed the first time around. The looks, the smiles, the parallels to older episodes, the terms of endearment… so much was there.
    “They don’t need to be together to actually be together” – I read that today and loved it. I think they still would want to be together, but it is not possible right now. They are still on their way back to each other, there are things that still have to be worked out, they’ve got work commitments…
    But I truly believe they are still in love with each other and in in their minds maybe they are already back together…

    “Until next time?” Yes, Lieutenant!

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