Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 9.11

Good episode. But not as awesome as episode 9.10.

Alex was indeed awesome, though. His Steve was portrayed extremely well and realistic, there was this wall up in his eyes and a wall that surrounded him. His only emotions sadness, grief, anger and guilt fueled his determination, his focus on getting revenge. His friends have been there, but it felt like Steve was elsewhere, his main attention, his concentration was on avenging Joe’s death.

And the flashback Steves have been totally different. So well done!

When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye.

Good thing that airlines don’t charge for emotional baggage.

No one can take your memories from you. That’s also the bad news.

Consecotaleophobia. There’s a fear for everything. Yet Steve: “Fork off, already!”

He wanted to see the new Golden Globe winning Queen movie. But he’s just a poor boy from a poor family.

Tits for tats, Steve? Just to free the Gecko of course.

If someone points at your black clothes and asks you whose funeral it is, a look around in the room and a casual “haven’t decided yet” is always an appropriate response.

The better Bond. Is never saying his full name as a secret agent.

Swag is for boys. Style is for men.

Studies have shown that it do be like that sometimes.

Starting from scratch.

The ironic thing about the past is that it starts when it’s over.

At the end of the day Steve was all alone again. Alone with his grief, his demons, his sadness, his lonelyness. Nobody was there. Nobody.


24 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Argh! Yes the emos of this ep! Yet you respected that and still got in some giggles. Well done, Sweetie. I laughed, I teared up, I loved the pretty pretty photos. ☺️❤️

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  2. Well played. I love the funeral quote, I have that on my Pinterest. Lovely photos as usual. Yes he was left alone at the end. I am thankful a certain someone missed that scene and still don’t understand why he was even along. I hope that we were left with the impression he wouldn’t be alone forever but that may just be me. Thanks again for your work and fun captions.

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    1. I liked the funeral comment best, though they were all good. And Steve won’t be alone forever. You have to be in a deep morass of hatred and denial not to see that McRoll is where this is going.

      For the love of me, I have absolutely no idea why Danny was even there. Did this character actually do anything to aid the OP? Steve didn’t want him there. He didn’t want to be there. He was not involved in any of the action scenes unless getting caught counts. So why?

      But Harry auditioned well as Danny’s eventual replacement.

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      1. I honestly can’t rember Danny being in the episode except for the beginning when he was whinning and complaining and when they got caught. I honestly can’t remember him in any other scences.

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      2. Sorry, but I am not in a “morass of hatred” (I spare my hate for real people, that’s enough to do…). I just don’t feel the Cath vibes. I never really have, and that did not got any better with S6.
        I can see the McRollfuturehope after this episode, really, I do, but the endgame depends on so many factors, like the availability of the actress, and I am so extremely tired of these once a season endings. And to wait until the very last episode of the show to see someone Steve finally can share his nightmares and demons with is so annoying. Alex would so rock these scenes but we don’t get them because there’s nobody. My wish is for Steve to meet someone fresh and new and fall in love. He deserves someone who loves him enough, who thinks HE is enough – “right here and right now”. Whatever tptb are planning, whatever you think will happen, others think will happen, some hope will happen, some hope will not happen – nothing of this changes my wish what should happen if I was in charge. And that doesn’t include Cath. But all I want for Steve is being happy, and the sooner the better. IF it will be Cath, so be it. Steve is way more a forgiving person than I am.
        And this is all I’m going to say. I’m so tired of this stuff. Thank God H50 is a crime show.


        1. I would like nothing better than for Cath to return right now so Steve can be happy but even with peoples’ availability to work factored in, I think Steve winds up with his own chance at a family only when the show ends or AOL leaves, because a married Steve, like a married Danny, means the end. Which is why bringing back Rachel looks like Danny is handing in his badge soon.

          Just to be clear, I never said you were in a “morass of hatred”. That was specifically aimed at those in the fandom who want the character to die and happily spread vicious lies about the actress. That fits them perfectly.


    2. LOL!! Scott was in this episode because he is contractually obliged to be in a certain number of eps in order to get the ginormous salary they pay him. Fortunately for us, he is NOT contractually obliged to speak a guaranteed number of lines or be in a guaranteed quantity of scenes. So by us bearing his whole 3 lines in this ep, we get rewarded by a Scott free ep again soon! That’s a win!

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  3. Oh, i love them all. Style is for men is good and oh so true. The Bond one is great too. Loved ‘scratch’ and I thought that flashback was perfect. Im so glad we finally saw how it all began. But I think my fav is wearing black and the funeral comment. Love the pic and the tag line. You did great, leiCa!

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  4. After careful, careful review I can’t pick a favorite. I really tried, but they are all too perfect!😊Thank you leiCa!
    I didn’t think my heart could break anymore for Steve after these last two episodes, and then I read “At the end of the day Steve was all alone again. Alone with his grief, his demons, his sadness, his lonelyness. Nobody was there. Nobody.” Yep, there went the rest of my heart.😉
    The ray of light is the obvious future of McRoll, hopefully Steve won’t be alone much longer.

    Sam, the new header is PERFECTION!😊

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    1. Hopefully that sense of loneliness and loss will make Steve realize how much he needs Cath back in his life. I believe she would jump at the chance but it’s up to him to make the first move and every time he sees her he is getting closer to that realization.

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  5. Love all the pics and quotes and comments….and the new header is awesome! I loved starting from scratch and the ironic thing about the past, probably because they were pRt of my favorite part of the episode. I must say I find Steve’s grief stricken low raspy voice very sexy!

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  6. Did anyone else think the obligatory McDanno hug was forced? It looked awkward to me, as though it was “hold still, the script says I have to hug you now. Let’s get it over and be done with it. “


    1. Don’t think it was forced. Steve was kind of distant throughout the whole episode. His heart was broken, grieving, his mind was full of memories from his past and in the present it was set on revenge.

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    2. I’m not sure if it was forced but it did look awkward. Steve wasn’t expecting Danny and I find it interesting that it took Danny a whole month to come to comfort Steve. If comfort was what he actually came for or to try and drag Steve back to Hawaii. And how well does he really know Steve after eight years? His first assumption when he saw Cath was to guess they were playing house, not even when they didn’t even appear to be in a blissful mood. Danny doesn’t “get” Steve at all.

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      1. Exactly exactly exactly my thoughts. It took him four weeks to come? How… caring…
        And I wanted to punch him in the face just for thinking grieving and devastated Steve was playing house with Cath. That was a typical Dannoying. Ugh.

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      2. Excellent assessment. Not many people actually know or get Steve because he lets so few in. Danny has never been one of them. There was Cath, Freddie and Joe, but certainly none of the others, including Grover or Chin. They may have come close at times and were certainly good friends, but that inner circle was a closed circle formed by years of being alone except for the ones he depended on and those who depended on him in combat. Junior may make it in some day. I hope so. He fits, whereas Danny is just whine and cheese.

        For those who dispute Joe, I can only say that Joe may have hurt him by keeping things from him but only the people you truly love can ever hurt you. But he still trusted him with his life.

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  7. I am so glad that many of you have commented on Sam’s beautiful, wondrous, magnificent new header. When she showed it to me, I commented back *nice*, meaning “that is super hot and perfect”. She took my “nice” as “meh” and had we been in the same room I might have been hit upside the head. So, I am thankful y’all are appreciative. Honestly, unless you know this entire process, you can’t realize how much time she expends in doing just one review. So, thanks, Sam. It’s… nice. 😁

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