9.10 Review


9.10  –  Pio ke kukui, pō‘ele ka hale

After fighting off an assassin in his own home, McGarrett and Joe White (guest star Terry O’Quinn) flee to Montana to prepare for a battle against those exacting revenge for a past SEAL mission, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Dec. 7 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  

CBS translated Pio ke kukui, pō‘ele ka hale to When the Light Goes Out, the House Is Dark

Finally, the review for one of the best episodes of the show. Yeah, yeah, I know, we normally don’t give the verdict up front. But come on, were there any doubts about the verdict? I don’t think so.

I am really sorry it took us this long to get this thing out to you, all my fault. I simply didn’t have the time, and more importantly, I was kinda overwhelmed by the episode. I found it extremely difficult to express my thoughts for it.

So, I hope you are still kinda interested in a review. If not, well, just skip it. 😊 …Sam

Cokie begins: I really don’t know where to begin. I am still amazed and blown away by this episode. Sam and I watched it on Saturday… twice. And then we watched again Sunday before we left for Frankfurt. I have planned to watch since I’ve been home, but things keep getting in the way.  THAT really needs to get remedied very soon.

You see, Cokie and I spent a great vacation together. She came all the way over for a two-weeks visit. I can tell you, the trip over was an adventure on its own. But that story is for another time. Back to the long overdue review.

So yes, Cokie is right, I also wanted to be done with the review days ago since the show really deserves a review this time. Which we all know is not always the case. I did watch it a few more times by now, and I am still in awe. Why the heck can’t the show always be this good? Guess many factors, but we’ll come to that.

So, I guess I will begin at the beginning.

Good choice. 😉

Nice shots of Steve swimming although they had been used before. Doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy them all over again. 🙂 I had wondered why Eddie wasn’t swimming with him, but it was good that Eddie wasn’t around. That killer would not have hesitated to take him out, too.

I so wish they would show us more of Steve in the water. Don’t care in what form; swimming, snorkeling, diving or just on a boat would be fine with me.

But back up a little first. Let’s start with the beginning of the show. We saw a happy family in California; daddy and two kids playing in the pool. And we instantly knew it wouldn’t last long. Only question was “will they all get killed”? Thankfully we didn’t get an answer to that. I want to believe that the mother and kids were unharmed.

It was good seeing Joe trying to take care of his men. Unfortunately his warning came too late. Question was, would it be too late for Steve as well?

Now, for the fight scene. Loved, loved it when Steve dropped when he heard the sound of the weapon. He was already on alert from seeing that Joe had been calling, but that was simply perfect and showed his excellent SEAL skills. And that was some one-on-one fight. Very impressive.

Yes, it was great seeing Steve being the awesome guy he really is. During the more or less boring episodes people often forget what a highly trained person Steve actually is. In my eyes, they use his knowledge and his abilities way too seldom.

I am a huge fan of hand-to-hand combat. I love that kind of action. I don’t care much about car chases, although give me a good chase on foot and I will watch that for hours. I am fascinated by “Parcour”, so give me action where people are directly involved and I am one happy camper. This time, we got a great fight with fists and improvised weapons. The frying pan to Steve’s poor face was the icing on the cake. And it again showed the great love for detail after Steve was hit. He was uncoordinated and sluggish, resulting in missing his shots. Great acting, great choreography. Thanks to the stunt guys for giving us such great action. Again, kudos to you all.

Here is my first take-away: This episode was an adult show; one that showcased Steve’s SEAL abilities, his ‘family’ from the Navy and his personality when dealing with those people.  He was different from when he is with 5-0. Not that I have anything against him when he is working with his team, but even in the dire situation they were in, he was a bit cheeky. The camaraderie with Joe and Cole was so good.  There was none of the ‘comedy’ or team drama that occurs on most of the episodes and it was a welcome relief to actually watch a good, intense episode.

Intense it was. And I was more than happy that none of the team went with Steve. And I was even more happy that one member was completely missing. Sorry, but none of them would have fit into the story with Steve and Joe. Not even Junior. I loved the scene Steve telling Junior to stay out of it. And that he understood without even arguing about it. They both acted like adults who understood each other. So great to see.


I honestly can’t stand the normal forced drama and arguing we have to endure on this show. It is such a great show when they put their minds and talent to it. And taking the horribly forced comedy out of it.

And yes, Steve is very different as a SEAL. I love both of them, but SEAL-Steve actually feels more natural to him. Like that is who he really is. Hard to explain.

He doesn’t have to explain anything to his SEAL buddies, or Joe. They all have the same training, they are on the same level. That is liberating and comfortable.

I loved Steve when he was talking with Greer. He knew exactly what he was doing and knew when she took the bait. And, of course, I loved the part where he said she was giving up her accommodations for worse ones at another prison.

He already knew what he would do and what the plan would be when he was still sitting on the kitchen floor and bleeding all over the place. How awesome is this guy?!  

OK, so we need to fit Adam somehow into the show. Huh, not sure what I think about his scenes. As I said before, I like IAD, but Adam? Not really. Why on earth is he part of Five-0? What right does he have to wear a badge? He is a convicted felon! He has NO training whatsoever. This is still making me mad.

Anyway… they found out who the link to the outside was, and of course they escape. Seriously, how stupid is that!


Take-away Two: Why do they put people in prison? It seems they always escape. From Halawa and also from Victorville. Can’t they find guards who have scruples?

It’s getting ridiculous. If you want to prolong any kind of story, just don’t put them into prison in the first place. This escaping shit is getting rather annoying.

Loved the scene with Steve and Joe in the car. Steve was already worried about Joe and I think, even then, Joe knew the outcome of this battle. He was weary. He hadn’t contacted his girlfriend after he was rescued and I think he knew his time was coming soon.

Steve knew. He knew that Joe might not make it through it. I absolutely adored that scene in the car. And this scene actually made the outcome OK to me. Because Joe was expecting it, and was OK with it.


Getting to the cabin and seeing Cole was awesome. I loved Cole bragging about the weapons he brought, only to be shown up by Joe. Steve was quite impressed, I believe.  It was interesting watching the three of them prep the house for the battle to come. They knew what they were doing, worked in tandem and got the job finished.

Awesome and even funny scenes. They were at ease with each other. It just felt right. They were like a well oiled machine. Oh, how I wish it would always be like that.

I was sorry Cole was taken down so soon, but let’s be honest, we knew he wasn’t going to come out alive. I kept hoping that Joe would pull out a miracle, but I think we all pretty much knew how this would end.

Yeah, we knew, but really, how he died was rather stupid. Tell me, why the heck was he outside? He could have done his sniper job just as well, or even better from inside. Or from better cover. And jumping up and trying to run inside like he did? Well, that was not very clever. This whole thing with him outside was really stupid, and an easy way out to kill him off.

But it gave us quite a firefight. With RPGs and all.

Unfortunately, it also gave us Joe getting shot. Even the most optimistic viewer must have known then that Joe would not make it.  


But I never expected the ending we got.  I loved Steve arguing with Joe to continue. To seek help. To fight. But I don’t think Joe had any fight left in him. Once Steve realized that, he wanted to thank Joe for everything, beginning with thanks from a sad, scared 16 year old boy who had lost his family. I love those little tidbits of Steve’s history that are thrown in from time to time.

It is not in Steve to give up. To not fight. But in the end he had to realize that Joe was at the end of his rope, and he accepted that. Those were absolutely great scenes. Great acting by the both of them.

The ending scene before fading to black was simply perfect. I was just sitting there with my mouth hanging open. Three times. 🙂

I loved Joe. From the very beginning to his last breath. And I am so sad that he was the one they killed off. On the other hand I am totally OK with it. That sounds rather strange and contradictory, but it’s not. It was time for Joe to go. The character had outlived his purpose. For Steve’s story it was the right thing to happen.

How sad it might be, but the story comes first. If that means to kill off a character, no matter how beloved, then so be it. And this was right for the story.

Final take-away: Alex acted his socks off in this one. Anyone who says he isn’t a serious actor needs to watch this. He absolutely amazed me.

He does his thing with such ease. That is what amazes me time and time again. There seldom is any material on Five-0 where an actor can shine, but Alex does it even with the small scenes. A look here, a smile there. And then come the fantastic episodes where he gets material he can really work with. Like this one. And it is such a joy to watch it.



Now, on to 9.11.  While I am extremely excited to see the next one, I am afraid I will be disappointed. They will have a second storyline in Hawaii and I don’t want it to be silly or contrived simply to give the actors something to do.  I want this to be a good, fitting story that is a testimony to the life Joe lived. And I want Greer gone. Doesn’t matter how it happens, but I don’t want her in another prison that she can escape from.

Honestly, I don’t want to think about the next episode, or better about two things. Danny and the second story line. Both things I don’t need. As Steve said “we don’t need that”.

On a scale from one to ten, I give this one a 17.5. At least.  One of the best… if not THE best, they have shown.

This episode is the first that is in the same category as the pilot and 5.07 – it might even be better. I haven’t decided yet. But yeah, these are my top three episodes. And in all three were big deaths involved; John McGarrett, Wo Fat, and now Joe White. Three key figures are already gone, who will be next?

There is so much more to say about this episode, maybe we will say the one or other thing in comments.

And yes, in case you wondered, this one gets full points.




28 thoughts on “9.10 Review

  1. Just one fast observation. Joe’s sunset was pretty, even if it was a bit contrived. But Steve lives in Hawaii and we”ve seen those sunsets. Nothing can quite compare. 😊

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  2. Oh man oh man…….this was ten stars and multiple Eddie barks and tail wags for me. It was one of the best, I am still loving 5:07 but this was so close it is difficult to make the call. I did not want Joe to die and when Cole did I was hoping that he was the ohana we would lose but deep down I knew better. I think it is sad that Joe died without giving Steve some of the answers I believe that Steve deserved but I can live with it. I was hoping that Doris would be back for the next episode just so she could maybe give Steve those answers. I agree with everything the two of you had to say about this episode, I have viewed it twice but do need to see it again. Your pictures are heaven, thank you for all of them. SEAL Steve is wonderful and I do wish that the writers would remember his skills more often. I want this writer to be used more, he knows the show.

    I just want to mention that I do like how Lou was so convincing in the blue room. The man has been paying attention when he works with Steve. Let him work in there more often. I also forgot that someone was missing except for when Steve mentioned it. Damn, I wish when I was working that I could get that much time off to pursue personal interests. But his absence was fine. I appreciate Junior not fighting Steve about staying behind. He is refreshing in his understanding of how leadership is followed.

    Thanks ladies, this was a wonderful review and now I really need to watch again.

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  3. I love it that it is not just the best show of the season. Episode that is. But of all the nine seasons. And really will miss Joe. Wished that Joe could had at least not die. Will miss Terry Quinn. Junior wanted to go but understood Steve had more experience in this. Plus he and Joe get each other.
    But glad Eddie was not there when Steve had his fight in the beginning. Hate it when people leave Steve either through death or walking out on his life. Just how much can you take over it?!
    Love Lou! As really he and Steve are the real buddies. And there is no fighting and no bickering. Said this before and will say again. Has come such a long way since season 4 there. Wished there was more McGrover there. Just me I guess.
    Can’t wait for the next episode there. May you all have a blessed 2019. See ya!

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  4. Sam and Cokie love your review and agree this episode is up there with the pilot and 5.07 top three episode for five 0


    I will miss Joe I loved his character and chemistry with Steve, loved all the scene they did in all 9 seasons
    really sad they killed him off another fav character gone.

    Alex was Awesome and amazing tonight with all his emotions and acting skills and through his eye that tells the emotional story that gets you to believe what is happening on screen.
    Loved the fight scene at the beginning
    Where was Eddie
    Agent Greer is a cold-hearted bitch and now she has escaped
    Loved Steve on horse back looked great
    Loved all shoot out at the Ranch and scene with the three guys. I like Cole but that was a mistake as he ended up dead
    Loved the flashbacks with young Steve and Joe showing the surrogate father and guardian angle to Steve
    I cried at Joe death scene Alex just rocked this scene made it believable what was happening

    I will miss Joe I hope we get loads of flashbacks with Joe in

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  5. I wanted answers. There weren’t any. I wanted Joe to live. He didn’t.

    I truly thought if the show was going to kill off a character from Steve’s life it would be Doris. We occasionally hear about her but never see her. I imagine the actress is very busy so scheduling must be difficult.

    We did confirm some information. Joe knew Doris was alive from the beginning. I think John knew also, but we have not had confirmation on that yet. Steve felt abandoned by being sent away. It was so sad for a young teen trying to find out where he fit into his new world, and I thank the show for creating Joe white. it is easy to see why both Steve and Mary were estranged from their father.

    It was a blessing that Danny was away doing “family” stuff or Steve probably would have been killed or seriously wounded when he questioned the plan or failed to follow the S.E.A.L. orders.

    Has anyone else noticed that when Steve is injured it is when Danny is present . Liver. Radiation. Even last weeks repeat of the chemical agent attack shows Danny being tended to by Steve, when he was clearly in physical distress himself but he still jumped into a raging sea to secure the antidote.

    I am looking forward to 911 and the return of Catherine. One thing I have not heard recently from the McDannos or the abC’s is the word “closure” for the McRoll romance. Since they trot this out every time Cath returns and then are disappointed when there is no closure, they may have accepted the EP’s word that their story is far from over.

    But if any type of closure is what they crave, and since Rachel is returning, they may have that closure on that story shortly when the Williams family starts a new chapter together, hopefully in New Jersey.
    5 stars.


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      1. I want to know why Joe held back information from Steve even after he knew Doris was alive. He still did not answer everything when Steve pressed him but kept putting him off. Why? Steve was an adult and should have been told all everything there was to know unless it involved someone else who would have been compromised –or if both Joe and Doris believed the knowledge would be too painful for Steve and possibly harm what memories he had left for his father. I think Joe was protecting both John and Doris.


  6. I loved this episode. Joe was one of my favorite characters and I am sad to see him go but that story was over. I believe Joe was tasked to watch over Steve, by both Doris and John, and make sure he was safe. I feel that story is over and now we are moving toward Steve settling. I adored the interaction between Joe, Steve, and Cole. It’s a shame we couldn’t keep Cole around. I wish they would move away from the “evil prisoner escapes” trope. It’s getting old. Either let the big bad stay out in the world to cause havoc or catch her and be done. I think ever prisoner they had has escaped. This episode, as sad as it was, was a great way to end the year. Hopefully we can now move on to new beginnings. I look forward to 9×11 and hope this team of badasses kicks butt and takes names but it also gives us progression with Mcroll. This is the h50 I know and love(d) not the comedic, bickering, overdone stories we have been getting.

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  7. Sam and Cookie, thank you both so much for this amazing double review. Better late than never.
    I perfectly understand how difficult it must have been writing it. I guess we all saw it coming, but when Joe really died (and Cole just before, as well as the rest of his former team), I simply felt like crying along with Steve. He’s lost everybody close to him from his past. Now there is only one person left he shares a long history with…
    I was absolutely sad to see Joe go (what a joy it was watching Terry portray him over the years), but I too think his storyline had come to an end. PL has a masterplan, I’m sure sending Joe off was a big part of it to set other things in motion.

    There were very few scenes that I didn’t care for, you guys all mentioned them already.

    I was stunned by Alex’ performance once again. Let him act these kind of scenes and he shines. He is true gold, if given the right material! SEAL Steve is definitely different from 5-0 Steve and I love to watch the first one. Comradery without bickering, teamwork without questioning.
    I loved how McG called Junior brother – he gets Steve, better than anybody in the team, and he knows when to stand down.
    I’m gad Junior will be a part of the mission in 9×11, just as I loved him with McG in 8.24. This one is personal for him, too.

    I am so looking forward to that new episode, hoping it will not disappoint and lead us to new beginnings.

    Thanks again and all the best for 2019!

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    1. Oops hit the button…

      So I’ll start again. Loved y’all’s review. I love y’all sharing the review…you’re fun to read bouncing off each other and we get more commentary. So thanks, ladies!

      I enjoyed this episode even tho spoilered to know Joe would die. SEAL McG is his best self amongst his own kind, as we all are I guess. His SEAL buddies are his best buddies. They are all so smart, so brave, so tough. And he relaxes around them, even tho danger is usually afoot. They all know they have each others’ backs. If a Team member had given him a kidney, he’d hear little about it, unless in jest. These men are comfortable together, and they love and respect each other, no drama.

      I’m sorry to lose Terry, not just Joe. The death was sad but well acted by both men. Again, sad but calm, no dramatics, no narcissism, no hand waving for attention, no meanness, comical threats, or pointless put-downs by littler men. It was a quiet, sacred passing.

      Alex…and Terry too…acted their asses off. Sigh.

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      1. The very last thing Steve and his team needs to hear before going on a mission which may very likely result in a member being wounded or dying is someone sarcastically spewing doubt on its success.

        Unfortunately that is how Danny’s character is being written just to get some laughs which are really not funny.

        And that is why Danny can’t share the foxhole with real heroes. He turns into a morale buster instead of a morale booster. I hope they tone this down for E911.

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  8. ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE EPISODES!!!! I’m going to miss Joe and Steve together, but I agree that this is all part of the master plan, and Joe was ready, they did it right.
    The fight in Steve’s kitchen was intense, I LOVE it when the writers remember Steve is a SEAL. I agree with Steve 100% that we don’t need Danny to come back.
    Loved Joe’s Armory.
    As someone who practically lives in the Bitterroot Valley, I have to say that was definitely NOT it.☺ The show was SPECTACULAR and I’m willing to overlook that part. It would have been nice had they actually shot it in the Valley and if by some coincidence I had somehow….. maybe… happened to…. I dont know….stumbled over there….. 😉
    Was it just me, or when Joe said, “Don’t wait as long as I did to find someone” Steve’s eyes said I’ve found her I just have to get her back?
    I’m the first to admit, I’m NOT a crier but those last few minutes broke me. Steve’s lost enough, how about we give him some great.
    I liked Sunny’s comment “Now there is only one person left he shares a long history with… ”
    After this episode Cath had better give Steve some serious comforting in 9.11(and we’d better see it, not just hear about it) 😉

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  9. Awesome acting – real acting that is – is impossible to spot. You never catch real actors acting. If you do, if you catch an actor acting it is just business. No magic. No insight. No wonder. No commitment. No creation.
    Maybe great acting is even more real than life, maybe it has to be more real than life. A great actor does not need pounds of words, he does it with an ounce of behavior. And then it happens, sometimes it’s art that reminds you that you have a soul. Good art makes you feel something.
    I felt.
    And I still can’t watch this episode without feeling.

    Or maybe I am just a wuss.
    Best episode of the show.

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    1. This episode ranks up there with 5.07, which is still my favourite. Both Terry and Alex were great. I agree with your assessment of Alex. He has little nuances and subtleties in his acting arsenal, that no one else possesses. In his television work from Moonlight up the HF-O, there are moments that always make me laugh, or cry.

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  10. Great review and comments! I just watched it a second time and I loved it even more. I am sad they felt the need to kill off joe because I loved their scenes together and his connection to Steve’s past. Maybe we will learn more through flashbacks. The acting was top notch especially Alex. He is such an underrated actor. I love the nuances of his performance when he would speak with his eyes or just an expression. Give him the material and watch him shine! This type of episode is why I watch the show. It’s sad that we get so many filler and fluff episodes. I think this is my favorite of the series with 5.07 being a close second. I hope that joe‘s death has an impact on Steve other than just re-venge. How great would it be to see him grow up and realize that life is short and there is so much more than just the job. Then comes the long anticipated 9.11 with Cath returning. Please let this be the start of the rekindling of their love… Like I said life is short!

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