8 thoughts on “9.11 Promo Pics

  1. He looks awesome. Feeling so bad, looking so good. I love the pic where he starring into “nothingness” with his full beard.
    This will be an Alexpressions feast again.
    But I don’t think the episode will be as fantastic like the last one. Two storylines, a whole bunch of people doing stuff…

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  2. Oh these are wonderful. I do love the beard but glad it doesn’t stay. I’m also happy with who shows up to help Steve out, I had been trying to guess who would be this team of people who had helped in the past. I feared it would be played for comedy with Flippa, Kamekona and Hirsch joining in. Still wish that they weren’t splitting the story up. I forgot to check, is it the same writer that did the last episode, then it should be great. It is too long until Jan. 4th.

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  3. Love all the photo’s I am hoping Cath is with Steve first before Danny gets there. Love the look with the beard and how sad he looks with the gun in his hand just sitting starring into open space hope we get that in the episode as well. Wish we did not have another story line to take time away. Both Steve and Cath are looking good in those outfits they have on.

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  4. Wow…. I mean… Wow….
    The picture of Steve with a beard, the pistol, and staring is incredible. I’m really looking forward to this episode!
    I’m hoping for A LOT of McRoll and VERY LITTLE Danny and COTW. Maybe the case will be solved in first 15 seconds like the Adam gun story was, and maybe Danny will get lost.😉

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  5. I totally agree in wishing this was the focus of the show and not another case which will probably be played for comedy. They cant seem to be serious for 2 episodes running. But… these are seriously fine pics. How gorgeous.

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