Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 9.09

I think this was a lame episode. The handling of the whole Adam/Tani story was embarrassing. Does Steve know? Does he not know? What the heck? If I hadn’t already I would have to write something about this stupidity. And am I the only one flinching every time I see Adam wearing a weapon and a badge? This is so ridiculous.

But I love Jerry, always have. He has become a valuable member of 5-0.

And Linty Williams’ superpower is indeed dannoying people to death. But he is also The Invisible. Not that I’m complaining. So no, Mini D, your Dad is no superhero at all.

I wish we had the real deal at the chopper at the end and not the comic version of Steve. Because that is exactly something he would have done. Boom! Poof! Bang! Smack!

Let’s have a look at Hawaii’s human, vulnerable, trained, unselfish, altruistic BatMan.

SEAL sign’s up in the sky!


Never had a bad hairy chest day.

When your real life profile is the reason you don’t need any photoshop skills.

Carpe that fucking diem.


Steve’s reaction to D’s constant fear that complaining and whining might be no real hobbies.

Immunity & Beans.

And Mean & Lean.

I’m going to commit a crime very soon. Stay tuned…



Ivy at service. Trying to get a glimpse ass required.

When it’s not the swirls that make you swoon.

He’s not just drawn that way.

D: Can I ask you a dumb question?
S: Better than anyone I know.

Previously on Hawaii 5-0: Crime committed. Steve changed his shirt without witnesses. BOOH!

I am so looking forward to next weeks episode! It looks awesome!  SEAL Steve before the holidays. BOOYAH!


32 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Perfect pic(k)s! The best thing about an otherwise boring and -in parts- ridiculous episode.
    So they drag out the Adam SL over episode after episode to resolve it in a minute? And Tani and Adam went behind Steve’s back, the man who would do anything for them? TRUST?? Urgh.

    But man, McG looked mighty fine!
    On to 9.10 and 11 – they can’t come fast enough!

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  2. the only thing I’ll comment on is the helo at the end; we had that in 4.01. Steve ran and jumped up onto the rudders in Aloha Stadium and killed the pilot or knocked him out, and then landed the helo in the parking lot. So we saw it and that’s where I thought that came from. Other than that, love reading your posts.

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    1. Yes, I remember that. So why making it as if only Cartoon Steve could do it? Jerry could have said with a wink and a knowing face: “Not THIS time….”. Would have been way more fun.


  3. Thank you leiCa! These are great! The captions are spot on and the pics are PERFECTION!
    They should have forgotten all about the Adam/Tani story and instead filled the time with something important…. Steve changing his shirt.😊

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  4. Oh my goodness. You outdid yourself. So awesome. I love it. Especially the question and answer. ROFL.

    To everyone, please use this to discuss the episode, if you want also the previous one. There won’t be any reviews for either of them.

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    1. Sam: Thank you .

      Here is my review of E908
      I have deleted this episode from the DVR and my mind.

      Here is my review of E909.
      I saw Eddie and smiled. And then I deleted the episode from my DVR and mind.

      I wonder if anyone else has noticed that they seem to be in a hurry to wrap up some story lines that they were content to drag on and on before. Now we get one minute of screen time to kill the restaurant, dispose of Lynn, and solve the murder of Adam’s sister.

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      1. And the rescue of Chin in Mexico. I suspect that they really don’t have a decent ending to some of these storylines so they rush through them to close things out. Shoddy workmanship on the writers part.

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      2. 😆 Hee! Yes Mama, and I think they did every single one of those wraps, all 3 added together, within the one single minute, like 33 seconds a piece. These writers don’t work hard; they hardly work. 🙄

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  5. Wonderful pictures LeiCa. But my favorite has to be this caption.
    “D: Can I ask you a dumb question?
    S: Better than anyone I know.”

    Why? Because I think the writers may very well have Steve “slip” and refer to Danny as Dannoying and then you will not only be famous in our little fandom, but famous for the 8 million viewers who will repeat it because it sounds sooooooooooo right.

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  6. Oh my friend, you continue to top yourself. Yes to “beans and immunity” and the question and answer was brilliant. Loved that Eddie wasn’t forgotten. That said, these are all wonderful and I would love to review them over and over and over……oh dear, I’m stuck. Thanks so much for the lovely post.

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  7. Great pictures of our handsome hero! Actually I’m surprised you were able to get that many since Alex didn’t seem to be on screen that much. I’m happy for him that his workload has been lightened but sad for us fans who watch because of him. It would be easier to take if the episodes had some better content. Honestly I found it hard to stay awake in the last two episodes. I just don’t enjoy watching the ensemble cast doing fluff. I am looking forward to Joe White and Cath returning. I wish they were included in more episodes. They help keep H50 from becoming forgettable and deletable as mamayorkie so adeptly said.

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    1. Hee! “…ensemble cast doing fluff”.

      You have just officially, and perfectly, reviewed the last two episodes! You’re very very good at this review thing, with zero waste of your own and others’ time. Should you ever quit your day job, you gotta new career waiting for you.

      As to dear leiCa’s re-arranging and re-editing of the episode 😉 , well done as always! I gotta admit I admire how you can take such an episode and actually make it *appear* to have been interesting. You have a clever and delightfully wry brain. I loooove “roofing”! And Dannoying’s dumb question question with McGs answer. That should be literal dialogue in every Dannoying ep.

      Fun reading you all, ladies!

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  8. I was looking forward to the next episode with Joe in but I have found out that Joe is killed in ep 9.10 and in 9.11 Steve and Catherine and the team find out who did it. So it is a two part episodes. I am feeling really sad at the moment as all the character’s that I have liked from the beginning they are all either killed of not seen again . Another nail in the coffin for this show don’t how much longer I will be watching. Poor Steve he is losing all his friends this season. here is the link that tells you about 9.10 and 9.11



      1. This just occurred to me.Since it looks like they ended Kono and Adam’s story and the return of the actress is unlikely, maybe the loss of a member of McG’s Ohana refers to Chin and not Joe. That would end the possibility of having to maintain Chin’s existence in the H50 world and leaves the door open for Abby and Sara to come home.

        I am only guessing. I just don’t want it to be Joe.

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    1. I don’t think it will be Joe. Killing a member of his ohana… we had that. Wasn’t it Toast or someone? Maybe it will be Walther. Remember Walther? The dog from Season 2.
      Or Mick.
      Or Wade.
      Or Nick. The guy he’s visiting every saturday.
      Or someone of his suddenly appearing SEAL buddies.
      Or Waldo. Yep Waldo is it.


      1. Doris???

        I DO NOT want the writers to kill her off, that’s too easy. Plus, I REALLY like the chemistry between the actors.
        On the flip side the writers do tend to take the easy outs and I can see them killing her off.
        Chin or Kono makes sense too.
        Please don’t let it be another SEAL Brother or Joe.

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          1. It’s funny but I do not hate the character Doris. I only question what she did. Her son so obviously loves her, even if trust is an issue. So, I m hoping there is a lot more to her story. It would make me happy to know that she saw her son graduate fro Annapolis, even if he did not know she was there. And that she kept an eye out for Mary, too, since John dropped the ball as a parent. Perhaps she may turn out to be the better of his two parents.

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