28 thoughts on “9.10 Promo Pics

  1. Thanks for sharing these. I certainly am looking forward to this episode. Not just for the horses but to have Joe back as well. Looks like an action heavy episode.

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  2. I am really looking forward to this episode!
    Steve and his mentor on the run, relying on themselves and their training only? Exciting!
    I’m hopping Joe will come out of this OK and he and Steve can share some talks similar to those in 8.24.

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  3. I am really looking forward to this epiosde and the next one. I love the relationship between between Joe and Steve, regardless of the past “secrets “. This is going to be so good, I just know it.


  4. Is Steve injured? One of the bottom photos -the one with the big tree- looks as though Joe is helping him to walk.
    Am I see I this wrong?

    Need 911 to see McRoll. reunion.


        1. I hope nothing happens to Joe. He is one of my favorite characters and (my opinion only) more of a father to McGarrett than John ever was.

          John sent Mary and Steve away and admitted to Chin that he was not in touch with them. But he had plenty of time for Ellie and kept tabs on her after her father died. I guess my opinion of John changed then and I have l always wished we would discover that the secret Joe has been keeping is that he is Steve’s father. Maybe Doris was already pregnant when she married John. It seems Joe also keeps in touch with Doris and has always tried to protect her.

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          1. Mama, I agree with you that Joe has been a father substitute to Steve. I hope nothing serious happens to him in this episode. As for discovering Joe is really Steve’s dad, that would disappoint me. It would wipe out the Steve’s connection to his grandfather that he was told looked just like him and would be just one more lie he would have to adapt to. John made a difficult and probably wrong choice in sending his children away when Doris supposedly died but all that went into shaping the Steve McGarrett we know and love into the man he is. Somehow Steve White just doesn’t feel right to me. The show has messed with the characters so many times I have begun to believe they don’t know their own show but I truly hope that is not one secret they have waiting in the wings. No offense, we all have our own wishes for this show.

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            1. I see your point. My shaky theory/wish would seriously turn everything we think we know about McGarrett upside down.

              There must be some reason why John told Steve he could always count on his Uncle Joe. Maybe Joe was in love with Doris before she married John and that’s why he keeps in touch with her and and also tried to protect her by moving her around in Hiro’s safe houses at the end of S2. I just think there is a reason why Joe is so invested in Steve and why John trusted him to look out for Steve. There is an undeniable bond between those two. Maybe Joe is not his biological father but it seems to me he is his real father in every way that counts.

              Joe doesn’t seem to have any interaction with Mary.

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              1. Mama, I do agree that there is something we have not been told of why Joe cares about Steve the way he does. I am not opposed to the idea that Joe may have feelings for Doris. He does seem to be committed to her safety. John clearly liked Joe and it doesn’t surprise me that he asked his friend to watch over his son. Training the son of a friend (and possibly the son of someone he loves in Doris) would create a bond to Steve in Joe’s eyes. He has behaved like a dad but he also is one of the many who has kept secrets from Steve and sometimes jerked him around. If Aunt Deb was raising Mary it likely was more difficult for Joe who was an active SEAL at the time to watch out for her. Steve, he had contact with. Those are my theories…..such as they are. Not sure we will ever get our answers from PL.

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                1. Whatever Joe is hiding must be really big. I wish PL would let us in o the secret.

                  Still, I know that many fans love John but I haven’t forgiven him for not staying in contact with his kids. An occasional phone call was not too much to ask. I add John to the list of the people who have not treated Steve well. Considering Steve believed him to be his only surviving parent, it was just cruel.

                  Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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          2. YES! I agree with you completely, MamaYorkie! He sent his kids away but then became a surrogate parent to Ellie! What? That forever changed my opinion of John McGarrett. I’ve long wondered if John knew at some point (which point I don’t know) about Doris.

            I really hope nothing bad happens to Joe. I do like the character, and really – could we make McG’s life less of a country song? Speaking of which – where is Eddie? As I suspected, they quickly ditched Eddie as a regular character


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            1. Kimphin:

              I just rewatched 824 and at the end Steve realizes that the person Joe made the promise that he would look after Steve wasn’t to John. It was to Doris. It happened long ago when Joe saved his life. Steve didn’t know Doris was alive at that time. But Joe knew. And I always believed that John knew the truth that his wife wasn’t dead. Also, besides asking Steve to ask Cath out, he also asked him to go to see his father. So it looks like the McGarrett men may have been estranged at that time. I just can’t see John as the saint some people paint him.

              Joe has really been Steve’s adopted father. The one who stepped up when his real father bailed on his kids.


  5. All valid points yes, but you forget the WoFat factor in all this. Remember John’s HPD police photo Steve found that WoFat was in? I’m not making excuses for him, but he was in between a rock and a hard place…(favorite saying in Texas) He truly thought he was keeping his kids safe from danger.(not knowing Doris faked her death) . In 8.24 Steve tells Joe that because of him, he got to spend quality time with his Dad before he died. I expect Joe to be standing up for Steve when he marries Catherine.


  6. I am wary of this episode. PLoser likes to do sudden traumatic dramatic shit-storm turns to McG cos he cannot otherwise craft a viable interesting plot. Tho often these *very special episodes* contradict and upend all that has gone before, yet McG comes back the next week and resumes bitching ad nauseam with the always nauseating Dannoying in an ep plotless and pointless, as if nothing happened last week. I fear tonite will set this commonplace PLoser crappola into motion yet again. So I’m pleased to see Joe; not pleased at the shite it will likely launch.

    But we’ll see. Maybe it’ll be great.

    Ok, 😆 ! I’m living in a fantasy.

    I’ll amend that to maybe it’ll be good. Or relatively watchable. Fingers crossed.

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      1. I am so sorry. I didn’t realize everyone did not know. It was all over the media sites. I apologize to everyone who didn’t get to see it live. It was so upsetting that I was not thinking. Please forgive me if you can. I will understand if you cannot.


        1. Mama, I didn’t watch the sneak peeks, the only thing I knew before have been these pics above. And I always try (try!!!) to avoid all sites before I watch an episode. I was so proud that I could resist… sniff. Let me watch to see if I can forgive you. 😉


  7. I thought that sites such as this were for discussing the show . When I can’t watch a show live , I never go to fan sites until I have been able to watch. I’m sorry that my comment started all this.

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