9.07 Review


9.07 – Pua a’e la ka uwahi o ka moe

McGarrett investigates a cold case from the 1940s, one that his grandfather and the famous Honolulu detective Chang Apana worked on, and he tries to deduce how the case could have been solved. Also, McGarrett and Danny get ready for the opening of their restaurant, on the milestone 200th episode of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Nov. 9 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. The FIVE-0 cast appears as characters from the 1940s.

CBS translated Pua a’e la ka uwahi o ka moe to The Smoke Seen in the Dream Now Rises

First of all, let me say that 200 episodes is a great achievement. Not that many shows get to that number.

No matter what one thinks of Hawaii Five-0, the show has earned respect for running such a long time. And to be honest, they delivered some of the best episodes on TV. Yes, they also delivered some of the worst, but that is to be expected with such a number of shows. Not every single one can be great art. And by the way, a TV show very seldom is great art.

This show’s goal has never been to be an Emmy-worthy show; its goal clearly is and always was to simply entertain. And I think they did a great job doing just that.

That said, let’s take a look at the 200th episode.

I really hoped I would find the time to do a full review, but I just don’t have the time for it at the moment. Hopefully I will come back to it at a later point.

So, I will at least talk about the most important things of this episode, and give you guys a place to discuss it.

Before I start, a big Thank You to LeiCa for her amazing work this week. You can do a Movie-Quote-One whenever you want to. Thank you for the great pictures and the great quotes. I knew most of them, but placing them with the film is a very different story. And thanks to Kimphin for pointing it all out for us. Thank you for taking the time to do such an amazing comment.

And, LeiCa, feel free to make a simple picture post with your amazing SteveScreenShots. The floor is yours. 🙂

OK, now on to the episode. 😉


My initial reaction wasn’t the best. I thought the episode was boring and disappointing compared to the other ‘milestone’ ones. BUT I thought I’d give it another try and watch it a second time. It couldn’t be that I didn’t like the 200th episode.

So, I sat down and watched again… and I loved it. It was still not as good as number 100, but it gave us another glimpse into the real Steve. Again, what an amazing character he is. I loved his scenes with his Granddad’s old buddy. The ones in the restaurant, and even more so at the grave. Milton’s look of awe was just that. Awesome. And Milton is oh so right, they would be very proud of Steve. Heck, I am proud of Steve. LOL

And Kudos to the cinematography, it was brilliantly shot and colored. I have no idea how accurate the details actually are, but it certainly feels very right. I am normally not into these kinds of films, but I loved the cars and the clothes. Really great job.

I also loved the casual Steve, the one in the present. And I loved, LOVED how he solved the case in his sleep. Steve has a great analytical mind, trained by years with NI. And it is always such a joy to see that mind at work.

As you can see, I LOVED every aspect of Steve in this episode. I also really liked Jerry and Grover. Didn’t care for the singing Tani, good job though. But I can’t stand that kind of music. It was fun watching Junior dealing with a flirty surf student.

But most of all, I loved that Steve finally came to his senses, and ended this horrible story line of a restaurant. We will probably see it again once in a while, but I am OK with that. As long as Steve is no longer involved in that crappy story which dragged on for way too long.

The episode deserves five stars from me, although it’s not the same quality five stars as 5.07, but good enough.




15 thoughts on “9.07 Review

  1. Glad the restaurant thing is over and done. And that hopefully we will never see it again. But hope they have 200 more episodes and counting. Great review! Love Grover as really wished they would partner him up with Steve more. Way too little McGrover scenes.

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  2. 200 episodes is amazing, congratulations to everyone who has made it possible!🎉
    Dreams do come true! I LOVED this episode. As a history buff I love it when the show works in some history, even if it was just clothing, cars, and mannerisms. Plus we got some Steve story.🙌
    I liked how both the 100th and 200th episodes brought us into a dream world. I loved the coloring of the dream world. I really liked the blue suit and toothpick. 😊 I liked present day Milton, Steve Sr., dream Lou and dream Junior. Danny and Tani not so much. Dream Adam’s a bad guy….. Surprise! I really enjoyed how the case was solved.
    Steve was dreaming his grandpa Steve’s dream. That’ll fry your brain. 😉
    And again dreams DO come true! Thank you Peter Lenkov! Steve finally came to his senses with the restaurant and I am still holding out hope that he’s gonna get fed up with Dannoying and beat the……..crap outta him. 😉

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  3. Congratulations to Peter, cast and crew for all there hard work they have put in for the 200 episode we have seen since 2010.

    It was a very good episode but not as good the 100 episode which is still my favourite one

    The music that played through out the episode was good
    Loved all the clothing, cars and guns from the late 1930 to 1941 the crew worked very hard to do all this.
    Loved that we got the story of Steve Grandfather who was thinking of becoming a cop after world war 2 but was killed.
    Loved all Steve scene with Milton
    Steve got further connected with his Grandfather when Milton came and saw Steve and gave him more information with the briefcase and inside a cold case to solve. Then Steve had a dream
    Loved Steve in all the 1940 clothes he looked great
    The car chase in the 1940 cars were great and shoot outs
    Adam played the smarmy club owner really well
    Grover turnout to be Steve and Danny’s boss loved that
    I did not like the voices of how Steve and Danny talked
    Loved how Noelani put Danny in his place when she was taking care of Steve and said for the record I’m a doctor

    Cheers to Steve and Danny for getting out of the restaurant business it was not Steve dream after all he wanted to be a good cop. So glad that story line has finished. I am sure Kamekona will have fun with the restaurant and we will keep seeing in future episode with the whole gang meeting up. We will see that in next week episode

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  4. It was my favorite ep for this season. McG just looked soooooooo frikkin fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. I imagine only a good Cath ep could top it. 😉

    Good review, Sam.

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  5. I also enjoyed this episode. I do like vintage every now and then and the show did it right. As far as I am concerned nothing is better that episode 100. That was special. But this was fun and it ended with the restaurant passing to Kamekona where it should have been in the first place. My only wish was that Danny would have stayed with the damn restaurant that he set in motion in the first place. It sure is fun that Steve can solve crimes in his sleep. And oh my goodness…..Alex pulls off the fedora with such style. I for one did not like the toothpick in the mouth but that is my training as a dental hygienist. I have hope that there will be better episodes to come before season 9 is over.

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  6. 507 is a very high bar. E 100 will always be the perfect 10, but E 200 was good.

    Congratulations to the Hair and Wardrobe departments for outstanding work. ( I have occasionally been critical, but not this time.) Whomever was in charge of assembling the cars deserves an award because that could not have been easy. The music was spot on and matched the mood of the show. The stunt department is always exceptional and they did not disappoint. I think we take them for granted. I liked Tani’s singing.

    I also questioned the accents. Can’t you be a tough guy and still speak with the accent from our own region? And where exactly was Grover’s character supposed to be from? I am clueless. But I did giggle.

    So the restaurant dream is finally dead. Anyone could see where that was going but why it was dragged out until 907 made it painful.

    The toothpick. No and no and no. Do not care if it was supposed to be campy. Still disgusting.

    Waiting patiently for 910 and Cath’s return. Endgame.

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    1. You’ll have to wait until 9.11 for Cath’s return, they swapped the production order of 10 and 11 – but I’m really looking forward to both episodes!


      1. This quote is from Matt Webb Mitovich / July 26 2018, TV Line

        “Already looking ahead to Five-0’s midseason finale, Lenkov reveals, “We’re doing a big sort of Expendables episode,” in the vein of the action franchise that teams up Stallone, Schwarzenegger et al. “We’re bringing back a lot of people that over the years have helped us.”

        Does this sound like it refers to E 910 with Joe? I thought it sounds more like E 911 with Catherine when the BTS shows everyone in evening clothes, but is the mid season finale E910 or E911? So confused.


        1. 10 and 11 are related, I believe. I also think that 11 was to be the one where all of the people from the past come back to help. but I don’t recall seeing any of the people I expected to see in the BTS from 11, so either they were really stealthy or the scheduling didn’t work out and they had to rearrange the characters (one of those characters that I think got substituted was Jimmy Buffet’s “Frank Bama” was swapped out for his daughter – who plays a pilot in 9.11 – there were photographs of her where she said she played Bama’s daughter)

          I think the Joe episode ties in with Greer, and Marrakesh, and Catherine and leads us into the new year.

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          1. As long as Cath’s Episode leads us to the McRoll wedding reception at Kamekona’s new restaurant, I am good.

            Joe should be the best man since he is Steve’s best friend. (and won’t that cause an eruption in parts oft the fandom! Would pay to see that.)


  7. Wow, great review. And you said stuff I thought was important. Totally agree with your review although I did enjoy Tani’s singing.

    Alex acted his heart out playing someone other than Steve and he was so good. Loved his mannerisms as his grandfather.

    I really liked it and gave it ***** although it is so different from anything they have ever done that i cant compare it to others.

    And again, thank you, leiCa.

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  8. I think it is pretty obvious by now that I loved this episode.
    The wardrobe department, set design and all the other hard workers on set should get an award for this. It really felt like a time travel. Impressive.
    Steve dreaming his Grandpa alive was the perfect storyline, very well done.
    I was equally impressed how different past Steve was compared to present Steve. Alex did a great job here. A totally different demeanor. Just look at the scene after he slammed one guy in the wall and shot another one at the same time, look at his face after that all’s done and he proceeds searching the house! Too good!
    I am so happy that Steve finally came to his senses and has realized that this stupid restaurant always has been D’s dream, not his, never his. But I wish it would just be Steve who’s out of restaurant business and Dannoying still in. What was that at the end, hu? Rushed. Danny’s dream of a life without being shot at, the dream he at the beginning even refused to share with Steve, this dream suddenly is no longer real? Ugh. They should have let him there, would be way more realistic and BTW a perfect excuse for Scott Caan’s disappearing acts. I think that would have been more realistic and not ooc.

    Another ‘thing’ I missed was past Milton. Where was he? All I’ve seen is a Milton wannabee and his nasal shortcomings. Disappointing.

    But that didn’t take away much from this episode I liked very much. And like Sam, I was very proud of Steve. He. Is. Awesome. I’m doing nothing in my sleep. Not much, though. Last night I ran half asleep against a door that was slightly ajar. That’s it. I didn’t cry. At least not that long. I am a kind of hero too me thinks.

    One last word:

    The Adam character was so much more interesting.

    Thanks for the shout out, Sam. I really appreciate it! You know me, motivation is a delicate flower. 😉

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    1. True, it was never McG’s dream. But former Det. Williams can still make his dream come true by opening the restaurant in Jersey with Rachel and the kids and call it Danno’s.

      If Rachel left him because he was a cop and his job was too dangerous, doesn’t it make sense for Danny to leave H50 if he wants to start a new life with Rachel? Where better than Jersey where Mama Williams can watch Charlie while Danny cooks and Rachel acts as Hostess. Grace can wait tables during school breaks.

      Some fans may hate Rachel, but Danny will always love her and he deserves to be happy. If handing in his badge and moving to the mainland is what it takes, then so be it.

      Win-win situation.

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  9. The artistic aspect was great – seeing Director of Photography Kurt Jones photo’s in black and white, I think it would’ve been really cool if his initial idea was accepted, and the dream sequence was B&W, but the sepia tinge was good too. The accents were INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. As a few friends said – it was like Danny sucked on helium and was channeling a Munchkin.

    Also – defying the aging process, Old Milton got taller as he aged, LOL. Also, old Milton should be about 100 years old – he’s getting around quite well for a centenarian.

    The restaurant is DEAD, thank all of the higher powers! Yes, it’s going to be the new hang out scene – it’s just Kamekona’s new food joint. Of course Danny folded like a cheap lawn chair as soon as Steve said it wasn’t his dream to run a restaurant. It was never Steve’s “dream”, he was just doing it for Danny – and apparent;y it wasn’t really Danny’s dream either – more like a passing whim. Thank God Steve didn’t lose any money because of Danny’s “dream”

    I still like Adam as a bad guy – and funny, Ian Anthony Dale actually tweeted that his character was initially a 4 episode bad guy and that changed. That’s unfortunate – as that was the last time I found Adam interesting.

    Loved Noelani being a doctor in the 40’s. I love a spunky girl!

    200 episodes is a milestone, although not as big as 100 (which guarantees syndication) – so that’s why there was no special “press” that everyone was looking for. And well stated Sam, it doesn’t mean all 200 were good, but they were good enough to keep the show on the air. Some were spectacular, or innovative (this one) – some were terrible, and lately I feel like most are mediocre. Again, my opinion. I’ve come to terms with my disappointment about SHOW these past years.

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