Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 9.06

I absolutely loved this episode! While watching the second time to make the pic(k)s I often forgot to snap because I was so fascinated by Mr. O’Loughlin. Such a fine actor. He has it all. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I’ve got tons of pics but had to hold back the pic(k)s because the more pic(k)s, the more captions. And the more captions, the more my brain goes poof! And hubby won’t like that. At least he told me so. He likes my brain intact. Kind of intact. He is realistic.

Here we go. leiCa


It’s character that makes you respect others.


Women’s breasts are proof that men can actually focus on two things at the same time.




Get a round?”
I’ll get a round!”


Damn Steve, you’re really a Beach Boy.”


Isn’t it amazing how he’s feeling so bad but looking so good? Must be his superpower. My superpower is to dress again accurately in the restroom with a phone in my left hand.


Ew. People.


When your phone has been upgraded but not your life.


“Stuff like this happens to me every freaking Friday.”


When the person riding shotgun messes with your music… you show them your Sexy Eyes so they know what you want.


Finally someone to pick him up when he’s down. An uplifting experience.
That’s worth some eyebrow-roofing.



Steve needs a friend like Steve.

Neither Adam nor Tani deserve a badge.

I like Emma. Can we keep her? (Although the way for McKono is clear now! YAY!)

I don’t like Dannoying. No friend behaves like that after his best friend got so devastating news. You. Just. Don’t. Mock, taunt, show schadenfreude, insult – especially not in front of strangers.

I like Steve. He has instagram.

Next week show is finally back to McGarrett’s family story! Hurray!


12 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Goodness……you have done it again. There is no bad pic in the bunch and your brain may threaten to explode but the captions are wonderful. I would love to have that bonus picture printed out and framed, with the caption. Great choice. I also liked Agent Warren. They didn’t make her a nasty stick in the mud which I appreciated. And I DON’T care that Danny knew he had Steve’s release from the Governor when he saw Steve in cuffs, he is still a jerk. Knowing that Steve would go through hell to get justice for his friends, it seems so petty for Danny to get a thrill when Steve ends up in trouble for trying to find out why his buddy died. And is it just me or does Steve seem like a different guy when with his service buddies? There was a relaxed air about him when he was having drinks with his friend. He seemed lighter. Thanks again, I loved them all.

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    • Perfectly said, Moonjat. >> Knowing that Steve would go through hell to get justice for his friends, it seems so petty for Danny to get a thrill when Steve ends up in trouble for trying to find out why his buddy died.<<
      And yes, Steve is different when being with his SEAL buddies. They share a life and experiences no one can imagine. That’s why I loved this flashback, showed this bond Steve and Carson had. And that’s why I was appalled by D’s behavior.
      Thank you for taking the time and commenting. It really means a lot.

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  2. Really looks good and sad and love him in blue no matter what. Soldiers are not just friends of Steve’s, but they are like family. At least Emma was not a you know what. Have her back again. God bless!

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  3. Oooooohhhhh! Steve needs a friend like Steve! I looooove that. ❤ ❤ ❤

    And Dannoying deserves a friend like Dannoying. THAT would be a great exit plot for Dannoying, btw. C’mon Show…he meets his soulmate and he prances off into the sunset with his personality doppelgänger, never to be seen again! McG, in a state of relieved bliss, listens to SexyEyes all he wants to, in the truck, at work, and at home with Junior and the dog. Nobody bitches. Cos McG is da boss. 🙂

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  4. Wow! The pictures are absolutely amazing and the captions are perfect! Thank you for making me smile!! My favorite would have to be Character, Ew people, and the bonus. That picture is incredible and Steve really does need a friend like himself, that we see. I think he has friends like that, his SEAL Brothers, I wish we got to see more of that instead of Steve interacting with a jerk who is far from a friend.

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