Happy Birthday, Sam!


Way back in 2011, H50 was very new. When I first checked out fanfic . net there were 112 stories. Now we have thousands.  Some of the ones I read were from Sam. I loved the ideas in them but could tell English was not her first language. The verbs were a big clue.  And commas. Did we have an abundance of commas. 🙄  But Sam and I started emailing  occasionally, which soon became daily emails.  I started reviewing her stories and boy, did we have some “discussions” over grammer.
Soon, I was sending her stories, asking for her input. And whenever I got a story back from Sam, it was much better than when I started. We navigated to WhatsApp for near instantaneous messaging and in 2015, we met in Chicago. The next day, we met Lt. Commander McBear and the 3 of us had a fantastic vacation. 
Then McBear and I visited Sam, she came here again, we went to Hawaii (yay), and soon I will visit her again. 
Through Mostly and our friendship, we have met several of you, too. Never did I ever think I would have wonderful friends all over the world.
I say all that for this… today is our friend Sam’s birthday.  Please join us in sharing a memory or fun tidbit here for Sam.  
This is way too long but we all know I write blabla…
Sam, I wish you a wonderful birthday! Your gift will be there very soon… it is being hand delivered! ~cokie

Happy Birthday to you from me too, Sam.

I’m wishing you a lot of raw meat and onions with salt and pepper on crispy wheat rolls!

You know me, other than Cokie I am no one for lengthy comments, and I can’t talk about my punctuation or my verbs because they are always perfect. 😉

But Cokie said it so well, because of Sam (and Alex of course) the world got a little bit smaller. Friendship doesn’t know boarders.

In my case it wasn’t fanfiction that brought me here, it was Alex and H5-0. But nevertheless it was because of you that I started writing fanfiction in English, I left my ‘German words comfort zone’ and just did it. And you gave me a forum to share my literary outpourings with the world. I will be forever grateful for that (can’t speak on behalf of the world, though).

Meeting you, Cokie, McBear and Captain Lou then in real life has been awesome, although we just ‘knew’ each other from talking per WhatsApp there was no awkwardness, we just clicked. At least I felt that way, hope you both did too. And some time later we met again in your hometown where Captain Lou took a ride on hubby’s bike. I am so looking forward seeing you again soon, and I should warn you (both of you!) that there are no Diamond Head-like excuses allowed when we are climbing on top of the Dom.

Looking forward to tons of WhatsApp messages in between, and to illustrate what I am talking about, you readers out there look at this little story: A few days ago I went to a restaurant with my dog (and hubby) and as I took a look at my phone after taking place at our table it showed 38, thirtyfreakingeight, messages from Cokie and Sam. On the way to the restaurant hubby had to carry my phone because I forgot my purse and had no pockets. He said: ‘it’s vibrating’ every single 38 times.

That’s what I am dealing with, Ladies and Gentlemen.

And I love it.

But nothing ever tops the scream that reached my ears early in the morning some day in summer that was full of Alexpressive power!

So here’s to more next year!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Sam! ~leiCa

24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sam!

  1. Happy Birthday Sam. I felt so lucky that you and Cokie included me in your 2015 Chicago meeting. I love the sites you’ve created and the chance for all of us to have a friendly gathering place to share our views. We have a special group.

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  2. Happy Birthday Sam!!! Hope it was a wonderful day & good weather too.
    Thanks to you & Cokie for your terrific musings, pictures & reviews.
    May you have many many more great birthdays.

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  3. Happy Birthday Sam!! I hope your day was full of fun!
    Even though I still feel like a newcomer here, thank you for this fun “little world” where we can share our veiws respectfully, and where I spend probably way too much time drooling… I mean “researching”.😉

    Hauʻoli Lā Hānau!🎉

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  4. Happy Happy Birthday, Sam and thank you for bringing us together- a diverse group who share a common love of a certain Island and a TV show.

    There are two kinds of fan/forum sites.

    The first is a “lecture hall” site run by a tyrant who tells you what you must think and punishes those who call them on their B.S.

    The second is this site, a ” kitchen table” forum where friends can talk,vent, disagree and still giggle when we realize how silly and meaningless most show related drama is. So let’s continue to pour the coffee and tea and pass around the donuts. Since it’s your birthday you get to choose first (please don’t pick the Raspberry Jelly—it’s mine).

    Again, all the best wishes for joy and happiness on your special day.

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  5. Just a point of clarification, leiCa, we have no excuses… we topped Diamond Head! McBear recorded the entire thing. But we have no comments about Koko Head other than to use Alex’s words. That is one big… MF… enough said.

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  6. Sam, i wish you a wonderful day full of fun. Enjoy lunch with your family and friends. McBear wants you to have a bite of dessert for him! I cant wait to celebrate with you in just a few weeks!

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    1. Dessert was great. And very soon we will have dessert together. Just tell me one thing, you are going to hand deliver my birthday present. How in the word did you get Alex to agree to come along? 😉 He’s my gift, right?

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  7. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Happy Birthday, Hau’oli La Hanau!!

    Words cannot express how grateful I am for our friendship. From twitter to dm’s, to exchanging emails and phone calls, until we finally met in person, several times already. A certain TV show has brought us together, but by now we are sharing so much more in our conversations than just 5-0.
    I love your sense of humor and your snarkiness. You have a passion for the show yet you keep a safe distance from the fandom, your comments are often refreshing and an eye-opener 🙂

    I’m so looking forward to our net meeting and also seeing Cokie again soon.
    FIVE-0 has brought so many people together, what a wonderful thing.

    Enjoy your day to the fullest!! I’ll raise my glass to you!

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  8. Herzlichen glückwunsch zum geburtstag!
    Feliz Aniversário!
    Happy birthday!

    May all your goals and dreams come true.

    The love for the character – Steve McGarrett, the admiration and recognition for the actor – Alex O’Loughlin and the entertainment of watching the show – H50, got us together on this site. One of the things that i admire in Sam is that she never loses the critic sense, always coherent with her thoughts and feelings about the show and she doesn’t care if is alone in her point of view, embracing all different opinions and let us have a place to read and write our point of view aof a tv show. Thank you!

    Reading the Sam’s fanfics came later. It’s always fun when a Sam and Cokie story come to life.

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  9. Happy Birthday Sam! I hope you have a marvelous year ahead. Thank you for for beginning this site, and your reviews/ non reviews that you confidently express what you loved, what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what you absolutely disliked about an episode without breaking or pandering. I appreciate that, and it makes this site the engaging community that it is. You are one amazing lady!

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