9.04 Review


9.04 – A’ohe kio pohaku nalo i ke alo pali

Jerry accompanies Junior as he escorts a fallen soldier home to Oahu. Also, McGarrett and Danny discover a dead body when they delve into the illegal and highly profitable black market for sand, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 19 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated A’ohe kio pohaku nalo i ke alo pali to On the Slope of the Cliff, Not One Jutting Rock Is Hidden from Sight

Thanks to LeiCa for the screenshots.

OK, tell me, how can a show go from the total failure of 9.03 to really good in just a week?

Yes, I truly enjoyed this episode. My initial reaction was “wow, five star episode”. But let’s look at it with a bit of a distance, and see what the final verdict will be. Here are a few, short thoughts for 9.04.

I asked Cokie to add her two cents to the review; she was kinda reluctant. Which is rare. As usual, her thoughts are in italic.

After thinking about it, I’m not sure I really have anything to add to your review, but here are some random thoughts.

I really liked Junior and Jerry together and it was good that Jerry went with him to escort the airman home. We got a bit of history of the two characters which was done well and was not too much. So far I have liked the glimpses into Junior’s past… but I don’t need an entire show of them.

When we started the episode I wondered if junior was at Steve’s and who was keeping him awake. Well, it was Jerry. And not at Casa McG.

I really liked these two together on their mission to bring the fallen home. And I learned a few things, too. I had no idea that they are asked to pick someone to accompany the body home if it comes to the ultimate sacrifice. That was news to me. And it gave me some great ideas, but that’s another story.

Jerry came a long way. At first I couldn’t stand him, I thought he was not believable, and I did not enjoy watching the actor. And giving him a badge? I’m still not cool with that. 😉 But after he got a haircut, which was a great, brave move, he grew on me. I still think his transformation isn’t really believable, but by now I do like watching him. Just wait until the review for next episode. Anyway, I think he did another great job here.


Another great thing was Duke and his story. Glad they finally came back to it. I totally agree with Steve; you don’t go out without a fight for what is right. And I don’t see how Steve projected himself onto Duke; what he told Duke was what he felt was the right thing to do. For Duke just as much as for anyone. So, no, Danny wasn’t right about that. But I can understand that he would chose the way of the least resistance.

Loved Steve and Duke.  Steve shows support to all of his family and I love the respect he has for Duke. I do not agree that Steve was projecting himself onto Duke.  He knows the man has integrity and honor and he wanted to stand beside him to help in any way that he could during the court proceedings. It was a noble thing to do, but it exemplified who Steve is.  


More scenes that I really enjoyed where the diving and on the boat. Loved Steve’s gestures when he went down and Danny kept talking. I wish we would see more of Steve in the water.

But I do wonder why he went down alone, shouldn’t he have a diving buddy. Don’t dive alone. But OK, guess that is asking too much.

Seeing how close they were to the shore, I really do wonder how nobody noticed the sand-sucking operation. They need huge equipment and ships for that. Something like that doesn’t go unnoticed.


All the stuff about the sandman was interesting but quite grisly to first be dumped in the ocean (especially the case of mistaken identity) and then to be sucked up, minus your feet.  I have heard of sand mining before and wasn’t surprised it was being done on Oahu but it seems like it was being done out in the open.  It doesn’t seem to be an easy thing to hide with all the equipment they had.  I liked the way they solved the case, finding the dead woman’s husband.  Of course, once the spouse was introduced, was there any doubt that he was to blame?  Bet he wishes now that he had hired a more honorable murderer…

OK, here’s my question.  While Steve looked oh-so-hot, first jumping into the sand machine and then rolling out of it covered in sand, why did he do that?  I mean… where was the guy going to go?  Was Steve planning to have a fight with him inside the sand?  Cuff him inside the sand?  It seemed there was only one way out and was Steve not sure they could find him?  While it was a good visual scene, it really made no sense.  Thankfully Danny found the right button to hit so that there wasn’t Steve sushi.

LOL, yeah, Steve jumping into the sand didn’t make any sense at all. Actually, it was pretty stupid.

I liked the show a lot.  I’d give it 5 stars keeping me entertained for 43 minutes!

I was also well entertained, but correct my verdict to four stars. Just to keep some room for improvement.


12 thoughts on “9.04 Review

  1. Well done ladies, I did enjoy this episode more than the previous one. I don’t have anything extra to say beyond that the final moments with Junior reading the letter got to me emotionally. I do like how the show treats the military. Wish they would take their other story lines as seriously. Jerry has grown on me even though he didn’t deserve a badge. Steve had to dive alone, whining Danny can’t get his hair wet. Sometimes I wish Steve would just punch him out to shut him up but Steve would never do that. Thanks for the review, four Eddie barks from me.

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  2. I am glad they are allowing us to get a glimpse into who Junior is by writing this type of story for him. The nice part is that he and Steve actually get each other because they share S.E.A.L. DNA, something only Joe and, before him, Freddy understood. No matter how close he is to other members of the team, that is a bond he shares only with them. No whiners allowed in their foxhole.

    Jorge is really a fine actor.

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  3. Love Duke and have been missing him a lot. And that really Steve is one to be a friend and a honorary uncle to all. And that Jerry I loved when I saw him, as I see a bit of myself in him a nerd.
    But that’s just me. LOL! But really Junior and Jerry need to hang out more. And really characters grow and develop as we know about them more and more due to great acting and writing.
    BTW hope the restaurant thing will not drag on like it did last year. 8/10!


  4. I absolutely loved the Steve and Duke scenes. Steve was oh so right telling him to fight for his legacy. And I can’t see in any way how Steve was projecting himself onto Duke. That’s – to say it bluntly – utter BS. He just wanted him to fight for his life, past and future. He didn’t put himself in Duke shoes. I think projection is always a kind of denial or self-delusion, attributing your issues or problems onto someone else. Unconsciously. I always thought that Danny is projecting a lot, but that’s maybe my inner Freud and I may be totally wrong. I am no psychologist. Neither is Danny btw. He is just a know-it-all negative Dancy. The difference is that D’s a misanthropist whereas Steve’s philanthropist. There is always a chance that Schrödinger’s cat stays alive, and Steve fights for this chance.
    And we all know by now that Duke fought and the cat is alive. Thanks to Steve. Meow!

    But I think show missed an opportunity, it would have been amazing if Steve had accompanied Junior. Them sharing memories, feelings, losses, struggles would have been awesome.
    Don’t get me wrong, other then Sam I loved Jerry right from the beginning. Jorge is a wonderful actor, he was one of my favorites in Lost and I enjoyed the scenes. Yet I couldn’t help thinking about a SEAL to SEAL talk. How many friends did Steve bring home?
    But nevertheless watching Junior and Jerry/Beulah and Jorge doing their thing was great.


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    1. Steve would have been the perfect choice to accompany Junior. He went with Cath to bring Freddy’s body back to his family so he could have had conversations with Junior that Jerry could only experience at a different level. But since there seems to be less Steve in each episode and the writers have an apparent desire to pair him with Dannoying for the time being, we are seeing secondary characters take up the slack. Having said that, Jorge still did an excellent job.

      But there is a glimmer of good news out there. Rachel is coming back in 912 and it has set up a fire storm of speculation ( and hand wring ) as to what that means for McDanno. I am hoping that they are reconciling and will take the family back to New Jersey. (Guessing they hooked up while taking Grace to look at colleges).

      Of course Steve will have be the best man because Dannoying has no friends or has no one else noticed that about him besides me? Name one. I’ll wait.

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  5. If I could only use one word to describe this episode it would be, WOW!!! Jun’s and Jerry’s story line… Wow.. I’m not a crier but I was choked up through their portion of the episode. Very well done.
    The rest of the episode was good. I loved seeing Duke again! Glad to know he’s a fighter unlike some unnamed others.😉
    When Danny said Steve had sand in uncomfortable places, I was thinking, “Really?”” The man is a Navy SEAL which means BUD/s which means SAND IN UNCOMFORTABLE PLACES. That little bit of sand is nothing.😉
    I really enjoyed getting some more background on Junior.
    The ending wow. I loved Junior reading the letter and how instead of going black at the end it was the bright white. The writers may churn out a truly awful episode every once in a while and most the time there is very little continuity, but they ALWAYS treat the Military right. That is one of my top 3 reasons for loving 5-0.

    Since it looks like the restaurant will be around until the 200th episode here’s hoping in epiosde 201 Steve finally opens his eyes to the awful idea AND kicks Danny’s butt.😉

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    1. —>When Danny said Steve had sand in uncomfortable places, I was thinking, “Really?”” The man is a Navy SEAL which means BUD/s which means SAND IN UNCOMFORTABLE PLACES.<— Exactly my thoughts. But why being respectful or at least just silent when you can go for a cheap joke?
      (Why being a sympathetic friend and buddy after your friend got devastating news when you can taunt him? But that's another story…)

      I think they open the restaurant in 9.08. And there's no Danny in this episode as far as I know. Weird. But I won't complain.

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