Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 9.04

I loved the Steve and Duke scenes! Duke is so lucky to have a friend like Steve. And vice versa of course.

It would have been awesome if the two SEALs in the show had shared some memories, some insights, some experiences…

Here we go again. leiCa

Insert a dark and menacing voice: “I’m not your uncle…” KHHRRR KSHHH.

This post laundry feeling. When you’ve got your a-list shirts back in the game.

The fine art of the furrowed brow.

‘Royalling’ the flush.

Has decided to quit his job and travel the world. But according to his financial calculations he should be back home at 2.30 p.m.

The Brits would say he’s shirty.

He’s feeling so Monday.

Ears aren’t bleeding. A miracle.

“The sandman couldn’t make it. I am the ‘punch your teeth’ fairy.”

Steve nailed it. But someone screwed it up.

The right amount of everything.

Better focus is better.

A man with profile and always a cold beer in the fridge. That’s what I call perfection.


Steve and Edward. Love is a four legged word.

Looking forward to next Friday’s episode. I love a scary story once in a while. And other things more than once in a while. See ya…

Sam asked me to tell you that the review for 9.04 will be out before the next episode! Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Omg your captions this week! They’re all so good I’m having a hard time picking favorites. And man, did McG look good! Oy!

    Ima go buzz thru em again…for research and all. 😉

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  2. Thank you leiCa! I can’t pick a favorite, they are all perfect!

    Me: You should really be working.
    Also me: Yeah, but the pics…
    Me: WORK!
    Also me: One more look.
    (Looks through the pic(k)s again)
    Me: Never mind, work can wait😉

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  3. My friend, you have indeed done it again. I will always expect perfection from you since you nail it every time. I believe that this week my fav is “the right amount of everything”. That says it all. But all the others come in a close second. This gives me a good reason to go back and view it again. There were too many distractions when I watched on Friday. I must be more attentive this week.

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  4. He is my kind of guy. And love being neat like him. I would even clean his house for free LOL.
    But he tells Duke not to back down. Brass really needs to be sympathetic to his situation even though others were and he was put between a rock and a hard place. Poor Duke get him his job back please. Would hate for him not be on Five 0’s side and have his back!

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    1. It’s a good thing Duke listened to Steve… with Steve, Schrödinger’s cat is alive and that’s a good thing in my book. The world needs more PosiSteve and less negative Nancy.
      And yeah, I would be Steve’s “cleeeeaaaaning woman” too. Muahahahaaa… (A little dead men don’t wear plaid reference). 😀


  5. So much awesomeness here it’s hard to pick, BUT I love the” I am the punch in your teeth fairy” (sooo very Seas.1 Steve McGarrett ). And of course the BONUS picture !! His crackling sense of humor was in top form in this episode. Nobody can convince me otherwise, he is and has been talking to Catherine since he broken up with (you know).


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