9.02 Review


“Ke kanaka i ha’ule mai ka lewa mai” – When a vacationing dad on a flight to Honolulu is kidnapped and force to parachute mid-flight, Danny, Tani and Junior track him through the jungle to discover that he may not be who he seems. Also, McGarrett is threatened with a secret from his past, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 5 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Ke kanaka i ha’ule mai ka lewa mai to The Man Who Fell from the Sky

Despite the best intentions, sometimes life just gets in the way. So, here is a quick review for the second episode.

I am sure LeiCa will spoil us with great pictures soon. 😉

Enjoy Cokie’s fun review. And remember, don’t take it too seriously.

We have a plane heading to Oahu and when the pilot says they are 10 minutes away, a man decides he needs to go to the restroom. On the flights I have been on, that is the “time to buckle your seatbelt” and not “I waited the entire flight to go to the bathroom now”. But… he goes to the little boys room. Now, what was the parachutist going to do if the man didn’t want to go to potty? He didn’t have much time left for Plan B. And next question, the parachutist blew open the door. Even though they were getting ready to land and the altitude was low, wouldn’t things like, oh, maybe PEOPLE be sucked out of the plane?

(Ehm, not so sure about that. As far as I know, the pressure in the plane resembles an altitude of about 3000 meters. So, there wouldn’t have been a big difference to the outside of the plane, hence no sucking out of people. Please, anyone in the know, correct this if it’s wrong.)

After this, we see flying, floating and soggy money. I called it last week. (ROFL, I guess everyone called it last week!) 

Eddie just couldn’t wait to dig up all that neat stuff they buried just for him! Junior and Danny were retrieving money and when Steve arrived, Danny started with the “everything in the universe is your fault” speech. Steve countered with “you didn’t show up to help” which only proves that this restaurant idea still is a bad, bad idea. (AMEN!)

Tani goes to visit her former instructor at the Academy… the one she apparently punched in the face. She sees a class of recruits who need a LOT of help in not contaminating a crime scene. That was scary. She tells the guy she needs help and he is the only person she can trust. I’m sorry… she is a part of a team that for some reason trusts her… maybe she could return the favor. Given all the times Steve has overlooked being double crossed, he always finds the good in people. But  no, she can’t trust him to be adult in this situation and listen and do what is right. Why would this ruin her relationship with the team? In some instances, I like Tani. This is one where she should actually be fired. Just my opinion… (Nope, mine too. Told, well actually yelled, she should be fired!)

Keo told Tani no.  He doesn’t like rule breakers and he wants to go by the book. So, she leaves. But we all know this isn’t the end of this storyline… at the end of the episode, he shows up at her house and agrees to help her. My thinking is he should have told her to go to her boss. (Absolutely!)

Steve stays behind at HQ and sends Danny, Tani and Junior into the jungle. Apparently by jumping out of a chopper. (Really? I guess I totally missed that.)

I can’t believe Danny agreed to do so. In the jungle, Junior lost all SEAL training and couldn’t figure out how Teague crossed the river so Danny had to step up and explain it all to him. I’m sorry but I was just shaking my head in disbelief. Steve stayed behind so that Danny could dispense words of wisdom to the new recruits. Because… when he is at a crime scene, they look to him for guidance. Hmm… isn’t that how it should be? (That was so ridiculous. Danny could maybe teach them some detective stuff at a crime scene, but tracking in the junge? Give me a break!)

Why was Steve driving Renee’s van? Where was his truck? Grover’s was in the shop. Why was Grover shotgun in his wife’s car? How did they not see the writing on the wall? The minute I saw Steve behind the wheel, I said goodbye to that car. (LOL, yep.)

Not that he isn’t a good driver – he is.  He knows what he is doing and knows what the situation is at all times. Which is why he intentionally wrecked the car. If I were Grover, Steve would be the one explaining to Renee where the car was.

I did like the scene where Grover was at Miller’s door making small talk while Steve came in the balcony. I hope he didn’t have to climb too high up those balcony rails. Wonder if there is a missing scene there?

Greer is captured and after everything is over, Steve escorts her to a waiting chopper to be removed from the island. She has her parting shot which is a threat to expose something she and Steve had done in Morocco years ago. So, I guess we will be hearing from her (or her threats) in the future. I can’t decide if Steve looked worried or it was a look that was “glad you are gone”. Bet he was rethinking THAT liaison all those years ago. (My reaction to that scene: Damn, that man is attractive!)

It was a decent episode. Maybe three or three plus stars. Or Eddie woofs. Poor Eddie. Danny was treating him like a dog. He was just doing what comes natural.

Agree with you. It was an enjoyable episode… to a point. 😊


19 thoughts on “9.02 Review

  1. Think that Greer may had planted a bug in Steve’s office. And that he knows that he needs to not trust her completely and that needs to get Eddie to find the bugs in his office, just a thought.
    Junior did not act like a SEAL as it is due to weak writing. Steve loves the jungle hunt but put on Danny really?
    Tani better not thank her former CO just yet. As really like the guy. And yes such a potential waste of her being a police cadet. Of course that is where Five 0 came in her only family.
    Really less and less of Grover these days. Love him and McGarrett together
    But Steve driving every single car that is not his. Gimme a break. He does at times need to be told no.
    OK episode 7/10!


  2. 902

    Blech. except for Eddie and the little poodle under the chair chomping on that nice nice meaty bone he bought her with some of Steve’s undigested money. OK, really no poodle under the chair but I wished there was. It is not any sillier than the rest of that plot.


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  3. After 9:01, I was a bit disappointed in this episode. I can only hope that this is the last we hear from the show about the money. The show is trying too hard to write bickering scenes for Steve and Danny and they are getting dumber by the moment. It isn’t even two men having different views on life and police work anymore, it is only them poking at each other in hopes of fans loving it. Ugh!

    So now we have added Tani and Greer to the list of women who can’t be trusted. Is there any woman they can rely on? Oh…..ME Nolani but I am betting that she will cover something up some time down the road if the writers get their way. Tani is a fool if she thinks she is protecting Steve, he is her boss and deserves the respect of the truth even if it means Adam may have committed murder. I think he can handle the news.

    Lord knows why Steve thought that Danny was a good choice to go into the jungle and teach the kids a lesson. I didn’t like Junior suddenly taking a step back and looking like he hadn’t learned a thing in the SEALs. Dumb writing again. That wears me out, the writers need to step up and give quality work.

    Steve driving Renee’s car was just sad other than the conversation between Lou and Steve. Of course Steve is the one that has to explain to Renee…….I’d love to see that conversation.

    I assume that we will learn about the information that Greer has or doesn’t have on Steve in a later episode. That is if the writers don’t forget and just leave it hanging like so many other issues. Now that she has warned Steve, he had better come up with a defense for later on. I hope it is interesting and worth the wait.

    Thanks for the review, you both never fail to entertain. Now I pray that tonight’s episode has less flaws.

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    1. I wish people would stop referring to them as “kids”. They must be in their mid to late twenties by now and Junior has gone through S.E.A.L training and served out his tour. Tani looks even older than he. Now, that’s a bitchy thing to say, but I still think Tani is being written as an obnoxious character and I wish the writers would just stop that.

      When I was their age I was not a “kid”. I was married, had kids, a home and had finished school. I was an adult and was expected to behave like one, so I wonder why some people think it’s cute to refer to them this way. Oh, maybe this part of the fandom hasn’t grown up either. Sure explains their infantile behavior.

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      1. Mama, the show refers to them as the kids so I have used the term as well. I know they aren’t wet behind the ears but they are younger than Steve, Danny and Lou. I believe Steve used the term humorously and it stuck in my head.

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        1. Moonjat: You know, I didn’t even have you in mind when I wrote that.

          When Steve used the term he may have been giving a nod to the fact that he had 15 years on them. It’s just the cutesy things some fans latch on to try to curry favor with the EP.

          McGarrett didn’t hire kids. He hired two new inexperienced team members that he felt had potential. However, Junior should be teaching Dannoying a few things, too, like how to follow orders, refrain from running off at the mouth and risking others lives with his stupid comments. He may not have police training but he does have military training. For heavens sake, the man is a Navy S.E.A.L!

          The McGarrett we know would not tolerate Tani’s behavior. But in this alternate Universe, she can lie to him, withhold evidence, and put her judgment above that of her Boss and he simply smiles and gives her a pass. I would have fired her a long time ago. That’s why Tani and Danny are alike. They both believe insubordination is just a word in the dictionary. Neither has bothered to read the definition.

          BTW, Michelle is back and she is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

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          1. Oh Mama, I so agree that McGarrett would not be happy with Tani lying about this big of a situation. I don’t know why the show has him ignoring her faults. I want to like her, I like the actress but this whole “keeping it from McG until I know if it is true” is stupid. Steve already has suspicions, ever since he got the call from Duke about Adam’s sister’s death. I never know what the writers are trying to do when they are all over the place with character’s behavior.

            I have heard Michelle is back and I can’t wait to see photos. Let the abCs blow their ever loving minds.

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    2. We all know how Steve reacts to people that don’t be honest with him! It never ends well, especiallly with women!
      But well, TV makes a good place to repeat good stuff (after 9 seasons), and McG getting cheated makes good stuff! 😉

      Steve can handle this, and Tany can make some good acting!

      Very interested in the Greer stuff!


  4. Oke, the ep had it’s flaws and ups and downs – but Steve always looks great!

    Blessed be the chopper (at the end) that gave us this little Marilyn Monroe moment with Steve’s shirt a “gut-wrenching lower stomach longing-glimpse (jeeez how do you say that in English – guess there are no words for this magic feelings 😉 !!!


  5. I sort of predicted that Eddie would dig up the money in a “press release” that I received, see the bottom of this page:


    In this Eddie-centric episode, McGarrett keeps his dog with him all the time after he gets several hang-up calls to his house which are later traced to a mobile veterinary euthanasia service. Later, during a luau at McGarrett’s place where the guests include the Governor and the Honolulu Chief of Police, Eddie digs up a bone which exposes the money from Kamekona buried in the back yard. Episode title is “Ka hoaaloha o ke kanaka” (Hawaiian for “Man’s best friend”).

    By the way, does anyone else think that Greer’s hairdo is REALLY hideous?

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    1. “By the way, does anyone else think that Greer’s hairdo is REALLY hideous?”

      Compared to Lynn’s white fright wig hair-do that matched her questionable bandage dress, I would say Greer’s hair and pants suit was in surprisingly good taste for the hair and wardrobe departments this time. it could have been worse, and in Lynn’s case, it sure was!

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  6. So, it was all on Steve to take care of the money? Danny promised to help with the digging but didn’t show up? Why am I not surprised?

    Instead we got an painfully exaggerated, over-actively illustrated monotonous monologue bringing his limited vocabulary to the publics attention.

    So, no Steve, it was not your stupidest idea burying the money. It wasn’t even your stupidest idea opening a restaurant. Your stupidest idea was doing it with this man.

    “It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly…”
    (T. D. Roosevelt)

    You got an idea how much I hated this scene? Go away, go away and Cook’em Danno.

    I wont even comment about the traipsing through the jungle stuff. Fortunately for Dannoying, there was no spider.
    Or the Tani storyline. Ugh. She’s betraying the team. Betraying Steve. And it seems she doesn’t know Steve at all. Yet she’s running around all cocky, smug and disrespectful. She has nothing to learn from Dannoying.

    The Greer/Steve mystery is interesting. I want to know what happened in Marrakesh. Not what happened in the flea bag hotel but what Steve and Greer did before. (Na, ok, somewhat I want to know what happened in the hotel too… a tiny, minuscule bit of me… ).

    → Now I am going to watch #3 a second time just for LpS. And for Cokie. She wants a tongue pic. Sadly it’s too early for alcohol, that’s a bummer. But I like sharp, bitter beer or peppermint schnapps. Everything that involves peppermint actually. If you want to thank me later.
    You think Alex smells like peppermint? Well, I do.

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