9.01 Review


“Ka ʻōwili ʻōka’i” – After Steve’s CIA agent friend is killed, McGarrett lets himself be captured by the group he thinks is responsible and endures a torturous sensory deprivation tank to find the killer. Also, Tani wrestles with whether or not she will tell McGarrett about the murder weapon she found at Adam’s house, on the ninth season premiere of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Sept. 28 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

The episode, titled “Cocoon,” is a retelling of the original series’ pilot episode and was written by the late Leonard Freeman, creator of the original “Hawaii Five-O,” and current executive producer Peter M. Lenkov. Mark Dacascos returns as McGarrett’s nemesis, Wo Fat.

CBS translated Ka ʻōwili ʻōka’i to Cocoon

When the original H50 premiered, many of us were not even born. 50 years ago a show based in Hawaii had its debut. Although people can now easily travel all over the world, a lot more easily than 50 years ago at least, Hawaii still feels like the paradise on the other side of the world. So, the scenery still is a huge part of H50’s appeal. Many people get their weekly fix by tuning in and enjoying the beauty of the islands. Escaping from the daily routine for an hour. Diving into another world.

We had to wait long months to do that again; hiatus felt awfully long this year. But now they are back on our screens to entertain us. Let’s see if they managed to do that with their premiere episode.

Way back when… 50 years ago, I was a teenager. I remember watching Hawaii Five O and I remember Cocoon. It has stuck with me for, well, 50 years. I did not know it was the first episode of the show until very recently. TV way back in the dark ages was very procedural and the characters were not totally fleshed out. I must say that Steve McGarrett was a character like that. He was wooden and to be totally honest, pretty much boring. I did not watch the show to see him. Rather, I watched Hawaii Five O for a couple of other reasons: first, the iconic theme song drew me in. From the minute I heard it, it was in my head.  And secondly, I totally fell in love with Hawaii, which was by far, the most beautiful place I had ever seen. Watching the show allowed a teenager to dream that one day maybe she could go there. It took right at 50 years, but I finally made it. 🙂


I was only three when the show premiered, so, obviously too young to watch it. But I watched reruns a few years later, and remember that I thought it was boring. 😉 But I loved the music and the scenery. Didn’t care for any of the characters. Years later it was Magnum who reminded me of the beauty of the islands and that I had to go there some day.

Well, that day was finally this year.


The reason I went on a dream of a lifetime vacation was due to… you guessed it… Hawaii Five 0 (now with the zero). In 2011, Sam and I met through fanfic comments and our acquaintance morphed from  short reviews on each other’s stories to beta work and proofing of stories to emails and ideas for storylines and then on to co-writing. And finishing each other’s sentences. We’re good at that, too.

Yep, we are. We can practically communicate without even saying a word. Scary. 😉

So, thank you Hawaii Five 0 for bringing me full circle. I cannot imagine my life without all the fun that this show has brought me. This show brought us all together, and for that, I am extremely grateful.

I have met such amazing people thanks to this show. Made friends all over the world, and met my sister from another mother. 😊 So, yeah, eternal grateful for all H50 brought into my life.

So, enough of my/our maudlin reminiscing. Let’s talk about Cocoon, the Second.

From the first Cocoon, the only thing I remember is the chamber and the stuff in the eyes, nose and ears. I think it freaked me out. I didn’t remember the bad guy (which I now assume was the first Wo Fat) or how Steve got out. I do remember he was reciting multiplication tables to keep sane. At least, I think that is the case… I didn’t go back to watch it.

I honestly have no recollection of ever watching the original episode. And I tried to avoid spoilers for the new one as much as I could. For me, it’s more interesting not to know. Some spoilers are fun, but some take all the fun out of an episode. But spoilers yes or no is a whole different discussion, so, back to the show.

Let’s start at the beginning. Flashbacks. Honestly, this would have had more of an impact if they hadn’t spoiled the show in the first two minutes, but I’m not the director. The shock value would have been greater had we seen that as it was actually happening and not in flashback form.

Yeah, I too thought this was not a good start for the episode. I normally like to tell stories in flashback mode, but I think it would have been better not to show it right up front.

It was good seeing Mark Dacascos, but I was expecting a little bit more of him.  He was the best bad guy they have had.  But cue the opening…

Wait, let’s talk about Wo Fat for a minute. I was laughing my head off over some of the speculations how he would be back. No one could figure it out? Give me break. Wo Fat IS dead, he’s not coming back other than in flashbacks or hallucinations. And how he would be back in this episode was as clear as day.

I wish they would have shown more of Wo Fat, not in this episode, I think this was the perfect amount, but over the years after the fantastic season five episode. Steve went through a terrible ordeal back then; it was such a horrific experience. I wished they would have shown us more of the aftermath, of his struggle to work through it. Or shown us anything, really. In the next episode he was back to normal. But I guess that is how the show works, do something to the character, and forget it. Wasn’t the first time, and surely not the last.


Anyway, back to 9.01.

When we return, Steve and Junior were burying a boat-load of cash in the back yard.  Really? Steve is no idiot. He would know what a bad idea this is.  First off, why have the cash lying right there in the open while you are digging the hole?  I envision Eddie digging it all back up.  Because he’s such a good boy… And like I told Sam, Steve has a perfect hidey-hole in the floor boards of his office.  I mean, Mom used it for twenty plus years, so it must be good.

Rofl. Honestly, I don’t know what to do with that scene. I mean, how stupid is it to bury that money? And if Steve doesn’t want to make it official, doesn’t he have a great safe at HQ? And by the way, should we ask where that money is from? Is this money after tax, or is it even legit money? Shouldn’t Steve and Danny think, and know such things? But I guess on Five-0 it doesn’t matter. Seriously, aren’t cash transactions restricted? They are in Europe, and for good reason.

I’m sorry, I know most people don’t even think about such things. But I do. I always ask if something is even possible, or legit, or at least in the realm of possibility. You know, with one eye closed, or suspending belief completely. But OK, fine, whatever. What I’m saying is… this was just stupid.


And then we cue to the week’s victim. A CIA friend from Steve’s past has been murdered. Of course, Steve is on the job.


With his sidekick. They are given access to the man’s apartment and my first question is this… when they saw the smoke in the fireplace, shouldn’t they have known that the guy was still in the vicinity? Maybe they should have finished checking the house. But, I do find it lucky that this guy has a fireplace in Hawaii so the bad guy could burn the evidence. How convenient is that?

Wow, you are on a roll today, aren’t you? Yes, how convenient was that fireplace! And the question needs to be allowed, why did he burn it in the first place? Why not just taking the book and getting out of there?

But if that was the case, we wouldn’t have had the fight scene. 

That is true. And you’re also right, they should have cleared the room first. But, oh well. 😊

And of course, it was all Steve’s fault that he killed the man who was quite intent on killing him. 

His sidekick told him to just shoot him. Excuse me, but why didn’t HE shoot him? Can’t get his gun out, or what? And yes, of course it was Steve’s fault. Seems like nothing much changed over the hiatus. More about that later.

But mid-argument, the CIA shows up and want to take over the case.


That’s going to go well, right? Of course, all Danny focuses on is the fact that Steve and Greer have a past. Before Catherine. It was nice of Danny to bring up the fact that Steve is living as a monk. If he had bothered to notice, he would have quickly picked up that Steve didn’t wish to have that discussion.

OK, let’s stop here for a moment. So, Lynn his gone? Huh, not a big surprise since Peter Lenkov said from pretty much the start that Lynn wouldn’t be in Steve’s future. They would have some fun together, and that’s it. And that is how I took it. I even liked Lynn. I really enjoyed their island adventure. But it was clear as day that they were not in love, and surely Lynn wasn’t the love of his life.

I feel sorry for all the people who hoped for her to be more than a fun interlude. Don’t understand how they got that idea since she was barely in the show at all. And clearly not written as the big love interest. But sometimes we are so set on something that we can’t see the reality. LOL, quite funny to talk about reality of a TV show. 😉

Anyway, I loved the Cath mentions, and clearly there is more to come. Bring it on.

But he didn’t bother.  At least Steve got his point across when he locked the car door.


Steve has a meeting with Greer and we learn a couple of things; the CIA has a mole, no surprise there. We also get a bit about their hook up. It sounded pretty vague and seemed to be over in a short time, but somehow she met Catherine and knows about Steve and Cath’s relationship. It was nice to hear Cath’s name brought up even though she isn’t around at the moment. As for the mole, Greer wants Steve to let her know who it is after he finds the person. Right…

LOL, yeah, raise your hands if you didn’t know that she was the one. Geez, what else is new.

They follow the clues from the burned papers in the fireplace which leads Steve to go undercover on the ship. I shall go very shallow here and comment on sweaty Steve swinging a mallet. I believe the word is “thud-worthy”. Enough said. 

Ehm, yeah, shallow is allowed from time to time. May I ask how he got that job on such short notice? No? OK, I won’t.


He finds the cocoon inside and gets photos and devises a plan to get himself captured so that he can catch Kang. I’m not sure why he is sure the cocoon won’t kill him, but Steve knows best.

Hey now, Steve is trained for such things. 😉

The team isn’t too happy with the plan, but all go along with it… with plenty of grousing along the way.

As predicted, Steve is captured and oops, he finds the mole right off the bat.  None other than Greer herself.

What a surprise!

Someone dresses Steve in an Elvis rubber jumpsuit minus the sequins and puts him in the sensory deprivation cocoon for more than six hours, only getting him out when he begins to hallucinate. Of course, those hallucinations are of Wo Fat killing him, which shows that Wo Fat is still on Steve’s mind.

Thankfully Steve makes a good figure in that ridiculous outfit. And yeah, I am sure Wo Fat is still very much on his mind.

Apparently the plan worked and they get him out of the water and buckle him back onto the backboard. As predicted by Kang, he tells them the information for the mole to take back to her bosses. Of course it is the planted information Steve had just memorized, but poor Greer doesn’t know that. Greer leaves and sees something outside, causing her to call in the troops.  The firefight ensues as the team gets closer to the ship.


Kang orders for Steve to be drowned out in the ocean but when he turns around, Steve is magically gone. OK, someone please tell me how he was able to get out of that when both arms and both legs were buckled down and they had a belt across his chest. He isn’t Houdini. Ninja SEAL, yes, but that one took a lot of talent and finesse. Not to mention that NO ONE in that entire room noticed what he was doing???

LOL, you are thinking way too logical. Who cares how he got out!? Well, I do! I was like “what the f….”! I hate such stupid writing.

Anyway, the SEAL Team of One pretty much mopped up the rest of the bad guys until he and Kang flew through the window and into the water. It looked like Kang had the upper hand until the cavalry in the form of Danny shot Kang in the head and pulled Steve from the water.

SEAL Team of One! I LOVE that.

And there we have the homage to Cocoon Number 1 when Steve says he has known Danny for fifty years. OK, I’ll admit it, I thought it was clever. And, of course, the boys have to snark at each other. Welcome to another season.

I must say, I almost liked the sidekick in this episode. The ribbing seems less mean-spirited than it had been the last few years. I hope they will continue this way. On the other hand, he was barely in this episode, so I guess that helped. But I think it was a good start, and I truly hope he won’t continue being a complete ass this season.


I had some immediate thoughts about the ending, and I guess the next episode. Greer knew she was being watched before she left the dock – that’s why she called Kang. So, if people saw who she was, her cover was blown. If/when she finds out that Steve is not dead like she thought he would be, then she has to know that her cover is blown. And, if she learns that Kang is dead, then she would know her cover is blown. What the heck does she plan to do? She is CIA and not an unknown. Surely she knows that the gig is up. I assume that next week, she will have her last hurrah.

LOL, yeah, her cover is kinda blown, isn’t it? Guess she will be on the run.


Somewhere in the midst of all this, we had the angsty stuff about whether or not Tani is going to tell Steve about Adam and the gun.  I. Don’t. Care. She should have gone to him immediately and all this hemming and hawing is simply stupid. A waste of time that could be used for something else. Like maybe digging that hole a little bit deeper so that water from the hurricane won’t erode the new dirt and allow the money to float away.

I. DON’T. CARE. Let’s make it capital letters. This is so, so stupid. Tani, either you’re an officer, part of the Task Force, or you’re not. IF you are, you have to tell Steve. And he would turn in the gun. No doubt about it. I have no idea why they are dragging it out like this.

I thought the episode was good and it was so nice to finally see them back in action.  It has been a long summer! I give it a 5 out of 5.

Yes, it’s been a long time since the last episode. I truly enjoyed the show, it had the right amount of action, case, and most importantly didn’t have a second boring storyline. So, I also give it five out of five.


21 thoughts on “9.01 Review

  1. Hi guys glad you are back and reading your Review I love them.

    Very good episode to start season 9 loved it

    So according to Peter Agent Greer character plays into an Arc that runs through season 9. I like the idea of a evil woman that has history with Steve makes it more interesting.

    Love all the scenes with Steve in the Torturous Sensory Deprivation Tank Alex rocked these scene and thinking it was Wo Fat when the mask came off. The fight scene Steve had with the red suite on must have been hard going and ending up in the water love it. I was wondering how they got Steve in that red suite as well.

    The fight scene in the hotel room with Steve and Danny was good and we got a Book em Danny at the end except the bad guy was dead loved that as well

    Steve being very sexy being a work man

    Love the conversation with Steve and Danny where we find out that Lynn is history that made me so happy. As Danny made such a big thing about I think something is going to happen down the road with Steve and Catherine maybe the second half of the season hopefully more than just one episode. By Steve reaction to Danny I keep thinking that after 8.20 Steve is secretly in touch with Cath one can dream about these things

    They even managed to mention about five 0 being 50 when Danny rescued him at the end

    loved the team rescuing Steve. Eddie was back as well

    So Tani who I still don’t like is keeping a secret from Steve about Adams and that stupid gun is not good.

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  2. Welcome back.

    To Sam I say that I found a picture yesterday of me at my Communion with my Godparents and I thought of you because I wondered what my German Godmother would make of your dog Lotte being named after her.

    I watched twice because the first time I was a little drowsy and wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. It was good-but could have been better if we had not been given so many sneak peeks ahead of time. So much of the element of surprise and “Wow” moments were known to us beforehand. Still, I enjoyed 901 and was just happy the new season started.

    What did we learn? Steve had a relationship with Greer (does she have a first name?) long before he met Catherine and after he got his Trident. I don’t think it ended as badly as one might think. . It seems it just petered out because Steve’s life took him in another direction. It is unclear if Greer was in the CIA at this time. Maybe someone else picked up on that and I just missed it.

    Also, McLynn is McDead, as happily anticipated, (not because we are so smart but because PL told us as much months ago that she was not in Steve’s future. We weren’t told how or when that happened. Maybe she asked for a commitment he wasn’t prepared to make or maybe she left him because she thinks he still is in love with his ex. There is always the possibility that she brought him home to meet the folks and he found the mother-in-law from hell answering the door. A visit to the home of a prospective in-law can be an eye-opener since that is where the significant other learned how to treat people with respect. (Sage advice compliments of Papa Yorkie).

    I’m sure the McLynn lovers are devastated. Not because she’s gone but because PL re-affirmed in a recent interview that Cath would be there to the end. And he previously made the assertion that Lynn was not someone McGarrett could settle down with but someone to have fun with now, long before the actress who portrayed her got pregnant. So, she wasn’t “unavailable” to return. She has also taken on a guest appearance on SVU Law and Order so working while taking care of a baby does not make her “unavailable”. Pregnancy is NOT a disability. Motherhood is NOT a disability. The simple truth is that character was no longer of any use to the story line. . She had served her purpose as a background figure, occasionally mentioned but rarely seen—— nothing more than a temporary seat warmer. They could have used a heating pad for what that character brought to the table.

    RIP, Lynn. We “hard knew ye”.and that’s just fine with me.

    It’s sad that before it was known that Greer was a traitor, she was a candidate to replace Lynn and Ellie as the next abC. It also appears Danny is single too. What a surprise! Prepare for his hookup with Rachel when they take Grace to look at colleges.

    Greer knows Cath and they have discussed McGarrett!. AOL’s face when he heard that news was priceless. I did wonder if Greer could be a double agent but she left McGarrett to die so maybe not. Could she be that angry he never called? Moral of that story is don’t say you will call when you know you will not or you might get locked in a deprivation tank. Does Amazon carry them? They carry everything else.

    I won’t comment on burying the money in the backyard.

    The bottom line is I liked it, but wished I had less knowledge of the spoilers before I watched.

    I predict that we will see part of the fandom make a full court press hoping to make McDanno canon.


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    1. OK – hold up. The abC’s are saying that Lynn is gone because Sarah had a kid????? BWAHAAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh, my. DeNILE ain’t just a river in Egypt. Sarah seems like the kind of free spirit that wouldn’t mind travelling with a baby at ALL!!!! OMG – the lengths these people will go to (looking idiotic the whole way) to discount what they already know. Her time was up, just as Peter said. (I did love the addition poke at the bruise when PL reiterated that Cath would be there to the end. )

      As for Greer – after she said that she knew why Steve didn’t call – because she talked to Catherine a few years ago – tells me that Steve probably DID intend to call Greer, but then you see…. he met Catherine. and then a bunch of other stuff happened, but ,,,, either way, he didn’t call. Seems strange to me to have that be a line that had to be said, I wonder if there is more to it. It would sure be interesting if Greer was in the CIA when they hooked up, wouldn’t it?

      The burying the money was just typical H5-OMGthatssostupid. I’m sure it was just for the visual – as sure as I am that we will be digging up that money sometime soon – whether because of some impending storm, the apocolyse, or trying to bail Danny out of yet another South American prison.

      I have to admit – Tani’s snark in the backyard was a hoot. #UseInSmallDoses #DontBeatUsOverTheHeadWithSnark #LosetheBoots

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        1. Leni, my thoughts, too.
          No way Cath went voluntarily. I still think her recruitment might be connected to Steve’s rescue in 4.21.
          Knowing that Greer has been with the agency for a while and learning of her past with McG and acquaintance with Cath, makes this all very interesting. She couldn’t have Steve, who knows what that made her do….

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      1. That’s exactly what a certain lady with a ton of followers puts out in the open.
        Lynn just wasn’t meant to be be from the get go, as per PL himself. No personal interest/opinion/availability from the actress played into that decision! Lynn was a placeholder. It’s as simple as that.
        But some people are still in denial.

        They call Anyone But Cath a “breath of fresh air” and embrace every new female character, hoping she’ll be the one or at least will keep Cath away. These ppl keep forgetting that PL has a masterplan. Whether McRoll is endgame remians to be seen, but “super cute” just isn’t enough for Steve.

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  3. So very nice to have a new episode to see and a joint review from you. So far I have only watched once but I did enjoy it. I think I blocked out the dumb beginning, I refuse to believe Steve is that dumb. It is a shame that PL hinted that Greer wasn’t a nice person and ruined the surprise of her being the mole.

    Sweaty Steve sure brought a smile to my face. I freely admit to being that shallow. And that red suit was interesting. I think Alex filled it out better than Jack Lord.

    I imagine the writers felt Danny had to be useful so they wrote in the shot that saved Steve. Sort of makes up for not doing it earlier in the show. Someone please explain to me why Steve’s sex life is so important to Danny. Does he not get that Cath was important to Steve and they might be separated but you don’t just turn off the feelings?

    All in all, I enjoyed the episode and decided to overlook the flaws that always seem present.

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  4. I agree with all of the above. I especially loved the Cath mentions. I don’t think Greer mentioning she ran into Catherine was just an off the cuff comment. I like to think that mention will serve a purpose for a future storyline or reveal. The money burial was pure stupidity and I expect Eddie will be digging that up at some inopportune moment. Can we be done with this restaurant trope. Its spiraled way past its life expectancy. I also wish they would wrap up Adam’s story once and for all and ship him off to his wife, jail, the yakuza or outerspace. I dont care which, just go. And did I mention ByeByeMcLynn! Whoot!! We knew it was coming but it’s nice to see it on screen LOUD AND CLEAR. Anyway…I hope this means we will be spending more time on Steve’s story and less filler but I do realize that is just wishful thinking on my part.

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  5. Welcome back. Hope there is no more restaurant. And when Catherine gets back, how about she and Steve go on a real date. Not just asking for missions. Knew Lynn would be short term. But really Steve needs someone to treat him right.
    Kono if she found out that the big bad was Adam, it would really be not so bright of her to stand by him. Hope his story line wraps asap there.
    Eddie is a dog you would think would help. But glad he is shown more often. Steve hiding money as why can’t he keep it in a bank?! On a cop’s salary even for a leader of his statue? Really! It was not bright
    Still it was action packed from top to bottom. I learned a few things in the nearly nine seasons of the show..
    1. Steve only takes orders from God and Governor
    2. Nobody tells him what to do
    3. Never talk to his Ohana like trash
    Glad to see Mark D again. But really wished it was more than a minute there.
    Think that Greer is the new Wo Fat or are they making her out to be more worse than Michelle the last female villain on the show?!
    But really Steve and Danny needed to take that man in the first fight down as he was unstoppable. And that Steve nearly met his match there. Book Em Danno but he can’t do to the man being dead.
    Hope for a great 2018 ninth season. 10/10 Despite one or two kinks.

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  6. loved the episode very much loved seeing Alex in red leather it was very hot along with the sledge hammer scene, him digging holes and the new polo shirt showing off his nice arms and tattoos.


  7. Sam and Cokie,
    welcome back and thanks so much for this double review!

    First of all a big high five – Peter Lenkov responded to your review on twitter, very pleased he has taken note of it!

    The hiatus seemed particularly long this year and I am happy our show is back. I wasn’t very excited when S8 returned, this year is a different story. There are quite a few positive things from what we already know or have heard for upcoming episodes.

    There were a few scenes that had me scratch my head during 9.01, i.e. the digging scene. I knew they had to somehow incorporate a restaurant mention in the episode, but this kind of took the cake. Oh well.

    I knew this was a rewrite of the old 1968 pilot (which was boring BTW and pretty much the Jack Lord show), but I think PL and Mr. Freeman did a pretty good job of polishing up the original script. That way I didn’t spend too much time worrying how Steve got out of the restaints – Detective McGarrett could do it back then, so Commander McGarrett should be able to do it these days, right? 😉

    I found it very interesting that PL addressed Steve’s relationship status in the premier. I liked that a lot!

    Looking forward to hopefully many good episodes this season and more of your reviwes. Thanks!

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  8. Whew! Glad to have haitus over! Thanks for the review Ladies!

    SEAL Team of one. I love it!!!!😊

    I really enjoyed this episode and think the writers did a great job honoring the original.

    The restaurant, Ugh… I was really hoping Steve would FINALLY come to his senses during hiatus or the restaurant would burn down. Oh well there’s still hope.😉

    “Detective” Williams fought a whole couple seconds with the bad guy, quit, then thought he should tell Steve what to do?!! Also, the man is not a very good detective, a blind man could see Steve did NOT want to discuss his relationship status. I did love that Steve locked Danny out of the car!🙌

    When Steve and Danny were talking about Steve boarding the ship and Steve said something along the lines of, younger me would have but older me has an easier way, I was VERY disappointed. But, sweaty Steve made up for it.😊

    Burying the money and Tani storyline were dumb.

    I loved “How long have we known each other?” “50 years.”, All Steve’s expressions, and the mentions of Cath.

    Looking forward to an awesome season full of McRoll!

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  9. I must admit I watched the ep, but was kinda bored thruout it.

    The only part that really captured my attention was McG going undercover on the ship…the sweaty hammer scenes were cool…as was his calm under duress in that bright red catsuit. Anybody that can rock that tacky outfit as McG did gets my admiration.

    The money burying made no sense whatsoever. There are such things as safety deposit boxes. 🙄


  10. Awesome and very exciting episode. I loved it.
    But let me get one thing straight: The man who’s been lusting after every woman, getting into the personal space of women he only knew round about 10 seconds, sleeping with a married woman, sleeping as a cop with an abuse victim thinks Steve’s living ‘like a monk’ and he needs to change that? Steve was very polite just locking the door. As I told Sam and Cokie the other day my reaction would have been another one.
    We need more Steves in this world.

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