Magnum P.I. 1.01


Why do people watch a reboot? That’s a good question with no simple answer.

I’m sure some want to relive, or continue the magic of their childhood. Some have only heard about an old show, and want to see it for the first time. Some want to see an old show in a new light thanks to new technology.

And I’m sure there are also some weirdos who simply want to see another show fail. These people I don’t get; all the others tuning in, I do understand, and I am one of them.

So, did this new and “approved” version of Magnum deliver?

Couple of years ago Mr. Lenkov also rebooted one of my favorite shows, and no, I am not talking about Five-0. I am talking about MacGyver. I loved the original show. Watched every episode more than once.

Like with most old shows it is hard to watch it today without laughing at the ridiculous things happening back then. But it still has a certain charm. 😉


I don’t watch the new show. I gave it a try for a few episodes, but honestly, the lead character is an absolute no go for me. That does in no way mean that he’s doing a bad job, it  just means that I can’t stand him. Personal choice. So I stopped watching.

And now another reboot comes along. Magnum, P.I. – or as the new show is called “Magnum P.I.” without the, in my eyes, important comma.

The question about the creativity about such reboots needs to be allowed. It’s a little like writing Fanfiction, it’s not the most creative thing either. I mean, it’s not very original to take the characters and put them into new clothes, a little different background maybe, and write new stories for them.

That is always the dilemma with any reboot. On the one side I want to see more of the characters one has learned to love, but on the other side I would jump for joy to see a completely new, great show. With awesome new characters; but that is really rare these days. Anyway, there are certain expectations with a reboot.


Back in the day I really loved Tom Selleck’s Magnum. Looking back at it now, I can’t really see the attraction of the show. Yes, Thomas Magnum was charismatic; he was kinda charming, and all in all a good guy. And I certainly loved the show. Higgins was a joy to watch, the estate legendary.


So, as you can see, for me, it’s all about the characters, and the actors playing the characters. If I don’t like an actor, for whatever reason, it will be very hard to convince me to enjoy the character or the show. So, I really hoped it would not be like with MacGyver, where the actor ruins the show for me.

Enough blabla, let’s talk about the pilot episode. Right upfront, I really enjoyed it. I think they picked a great actor to play Magnum. He seems to be a perfect fit for the role; if you can say that after just 43 minutes. 😉

Yes, yes, I know, the action was way over the top. But, honestly, I was ok with it because it felt like they didn’t take it seriously. More like a comic strip coming to life. Think Deadpool; just not to that extreme. 😉

I think this show has great potential if they don’t overdo it with the outrageous action.

The secondary characters were really just that, secondary. It was even pointed out that they were sidekicks. I honestly love that.

I really enjoyed the new Higgins.


And I enjoyed all the little hints at Five-0. They actually did a rather subtle job with that. Most of them you only noticed if you actually watched that show.

All in all, a very enjoyable hour, with a good cast, of course, nice scenery. I can see myself becoming a fan of this new Magnum.


Next week I will start with real reviews for the new show.

And, finally, at the end of this week our show H50 will start it’s ninth season. Get ready to get reviews for all episodes. Cokie is on board for it, and LeiCa will spoil us with more of her glorious “Let’s Pic(k) Steve”.

10 thoughts on “Magnum P.I. 1.01

  1. Cool to read. I never watched the first Magnum, and haven’t planned to watch this one. Tho if there’s a crossover with Alex actually in it, I’ll watch that. And if y’all all start raving over this new one, I might check it out. 😉

    In the meantime, enjoy the show!

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  2. I did like the reboot for the most part. Jay Hernandez does make a nice Magnum just wish he was a bit taller. Yes, I admit I am nitpicking but I loved my tall Magnum. I guess I am terribly shallow that way. I also am sure I can adapt. I also like the female Higgins. It makes it funnier when TC calls her Higgie. I am totally ready to give the show more views.

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  3. I neither loved nor hated it. The cast seems pleasant but hope that we won’t have a weekly Robin Masters read about Magnum’s phony exploits. I will watch next week and decide if I continue. At times it seemed forced so maybe trying too hard to be clever backfires.

    Wholeheartedly disliked MacGyver and couldn’t get through the first episode. Never watched it again.

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  4. Bad ratings are dooming the new Magnum. And it shows Peter L the king of remakes may not be able to save the show. Even though I love the diversity over the new cast. Still Tom Selleck is the one true Magnum. Like that of Richard Dean Anderson with MacGyver!


  5. I liked it… finally watched it this afternoon. Loved the scenery, liked the people and the story was decent. Yeah, a bit over the top, but I can overlook that.

    I totally agree what you said about MacGyver. I wanted to like it but i turned off the second episode about 10 minutes in and have not watched another. The original show is one of my all time favorites but this guy is just someone who happens to have the same name. It is not even remotely fun to watch even though I really love Pete.

    I will continue watching to see what will happen in the future.


  6. “…and LeiCa will spoil us with more of her glorious “Let’s Pic(k) Steve”.
    Tsk tsk tsk… Sammy being funny.
    But, hell, yes. My mind is a thing of its own and threw some captions at me during the hiatus. Who am I to ignore my brain?
    And because of LpS, a sequel fanfic that needs to be written, another one of my fanfics I am trying to translate from German to English (that’s a hard thing to do, I can tell you, but it is good excercise…) and because once in a while there will be leiCa’s musing about her favorite show H50 my time is precious. So I won’t watch this Magnum show, I just barely managed to make it through the trailer and promos. For me, the main character has no charism, no ‘on screen energy’. And Higgins is a woman? Give me a break. We all knew that Higgins was Robin Masters. 😉
    So, sorry… I will watch the crossover I think, but that’s it…


    1. The trailer in no way reflects the actual episode. I was really sceptical after seeing the trailer, but I was very pleasently surprised.
      There really is no match to Alex wearing uniform. Just saying.
      I really enjoyed watching, and that is enough for now.

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  7. I went into watching with an open mind expecting it to be NOTHING like the original, which I LOVE. I was pleasantly surprised, I actually really liked Magnum P.I.. I loved the little nods to 5-0, especially Kawika. The action was a little over the top but I don’t mind, give me firefights and explosions and I’m happy! Although Tom Selleck will ALWAYS be Magnum I really liked Jay Hernandez. He might just be in second place in the Dress Whites category, I’ll have to see him in them again to be sure.😉 Although he needs to shave when wearing Whites.😉
    Looking forward to McGarrett and Magnum meeting. Hmmmm…. I’ve always liked M&Ms.😊

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