Number one and two

So, this is it. We present your favorite two episodes. It was pretty close, but in the end one was the clear winner. 😊


Rank two goes to 8.20 with 44 votes. 🙂

You can read the Review here.


And, of course, the winner is 8.24. Guess that was a pretty sure bet. 52 votes for it.

Read the Review here, and Let’s Pic(k) Steve here.


Again, thanks for voting.

6 thoughts on “Number one and two

  1. No surprise here!
    Two awesome episodes with great SLs, action, all the feels. Two of my all time favorite ones ever.
    Thanks for the poll.
    Looking forward to your take on S9!

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  2. Either one could have come out on top. I loved them both.

    #1 (24) because we got to see our favorite S.E.A.L.and his S.E.A.L mentor and the S.E.A.L. who is mentored by him, in action. That makes it 3 times a winner. Plus we got confirmation that Joe White ships McRoll.

    #2 (20) because it was so apparent to all but those in terminal denial that these two characters are still in love and closure is reserved for another pairing. Just friends? Not by a long shot. The only reason for Jerry’s presence on the Island was to play a male Duenna to keep Cath and Steve dancing around each other until PL decides it is time for endgame. Let’s hope it is very soon.

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  3. I would be hard pressed to pick one over the other. Loved them both and can’t remember what the other choices I made anymore. It is a shame when the memory gets old. I am glad that these two were the top choices. I do wish that PL’s end game didn’t mean we will only see Catherine at the final show. I would like her around more often. She does not have to be part of the team or anything like that but I wish she was around more than once a season. And Joe is welcome anytime, he has some explaining left to do. Steve deserves some answers after all this time.

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  4. Not surprise as they were the two best episodes in season 8 always love it when Catherine comes back hopefully for season 9 it’s for more episodes and not just one. When we get a Seal episode I love seeing Alex.

    With all these new photo’s coming out with five 0 filing on the beach Tuesday for the 200 episode can not wait to see it and Alex look so handsome dressed 1940’s. So far I am looking forward to 2 episodes 9.01 and 9.07

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