The Top Five

And here they are… the winners of our little poll.

Making it into the top five, as number 5, Alex O’Loughlin’s directorial debut with episode 18 of season eight.

8.18 managed to get 15 votes. If you’re interested, read the episode Review here. And Let’s Pic(k) Steve here.


8.09 with 25 votes on rank 4. You can read the Review here. And LeiCa’s Let’s Pic(k) Steve here.


29 votes found their way to 8.02 – McEddie 🙂 For that, Rank 3.

Super short Review here, Let’s Pic(k) Steve here.


Two episodes left. So, which do you think made it to the very top? 20 or 24? Well, you’ll find out tomorrow.


A little hint, one of them got 44 votes, the other 52 votes. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Top Five

  1. You’re such a tease! BTW, TNT has 7 episodes of H50 airing tonight starting @ 10 pm CDT! That might help those of us who have missed seeing them on Fridays


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