Your favorite season 8 ep

Here you go, before the new season let’s see what your favorite episodes of season eight were. You can vote for up to five episodes. The actual poll is at the end of the post.

As a reminder what the episodes were even about, here is a short episode guide.

29 Sep. 2017


McGarrett and his team go on the trail of an escaped prisoner convicted of arson.


6 Oct. 2017


McGarrett and Five-0 help save an injured police dog and in turn use him to find who killed his partner and ambushed his team making a drug bust. McGarrett receives a visit by a former SEAL, who asks McGarrett for a job on the task force.


13 Oct. 2017


Local big shot crime boss Jimmy Okada gets hit in a rather spectacular fashion, and Five-O’s old friend from MI5, Harry Langford, lends a hand on the case.


20 Oct. 2017


The lives of Five-0’s informants are in danger when the HPD system is hacked and one ends up dead, forcing McGarrett to enlist the help of hacker Aaron Wright (Joey Lawrence), who he just imprisoned. Joey Lawrence Returns as Aaron Wright.

3 Nov. 2017


Five-0 investigates a series of crimes based on legendary island folklore.


10 Nov. 2017


While trying to solve the murder of two tourists, Steve has to deal with a stress management consultant his friends have hired.


17 Nov. 2017


McGarrett and Adam join Junior at a bank heist in progress, forcing all of them to make difficult decisions in how to proceed into the bank and after the suspects. Tani has issues with a family member and gets advice from Lou.


1 Dec. 2017


McGarrett poses as a pilot to investigate the cause of a plane crash that led to the death of a pilot in an air race.


8 Dec. 2017


When investigating a deserted yacht adrift at sea, McGarrett, Danny, Tani and Junior are exposed to a deadly bioweapon and the rest of Five-0 have only eight hours to find an antidote.


15 Dec. 2017


When Danny is shot while quarantined in the hospital with McGarrett, Tani and Junior, he’s left unconscious and clinging to life, imagining a future for everyone in Five-0.


15 Dec. 2017


Danny, still recovering from his gun shot wound is telling his son Charlie a bed time story about Steve and a group of veterans are hunting down some fake Santas who robbed a money truck.


5 Jan. 2018


McGarrett rounds up every gang-related criminal on the island to find the culprit behind the killing of an FBI agent who was cracking down on organized crime.


12 Jan. 2018


When a man accused of killing his wife threatens to kill himself, Grover reveals how he was once on the brink of suicide himself.


19 Jan. 2018


When a corpse is stolen from the cemetery, the team races to find out who the man was and why he was taken; Adam recruits someone to become an informant; Tani receives devastating news.


2 Feb. 2018


McGarrett and Danny investigate the murder of a private detective whose client was killed.


2 Mar. 2018


Five 0 investigate the murder of the headmaster of a private school sending Tani and Junior undercover as prospective parents. Meanwhile Adam is forced to produce a huge amount of hidden money to save his life.

9 Mar. 2018


Adam’s mission to take down organized crime goes sideways when the bait he used falls into the wrong hands; Adam begins to doubt Jessie’s allegiance.


30 Mar. 2018


A flashback about the case that changed Danny’s life and an answer about who shot him by meeting a woman who was married to the shooter. Jimmy Buffett returns, Alex O’Loughlin directs his first episode and plays the guitar.


6 Apr. 2018


A hitman, Leroy Davis (Frankie Faison), McGarrett’s father failed to arrest comes to McGarrett to finally confess his crimes and admit where he buried his victims. Also, Jessie makes a dangerous decision that could ruin Adam’s life.


13 Apr. 2018


Catherine returns to Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A. to ask Five-O for some help in order to follow up on a lead for one of her Central Intelligence Agency cases. (#188)


20 Apr. 2018


Harry Langford enlists McGarrett and Danny’s help to track down a teenage British royal who has run away while under his protection; Grover, Tani and Junior work a 25-year-old murder case.


27 Apr. 2018


Duke is forced to steal crucial evidence from the police locker in exchange for his kidnapped granddaughter; Jerry goes undercover at a mental health facility to solve a murder. (#190)


4 May 2018


Steve and Five-O take on the mob when a former boss is killed; Junior’s friend is on the run after witnessing the murder. (#191)


11 May 2018


Steve joins Junior and his SEAL team on a mission to capture an elusive person who is holding his mentor hostage; Gerard and Kamekona help Lou and Tani on a murder case involving art stolen by Nazis in World War 2. (#192)


18 May 2018


The team discovers a Russian spy ring hiding on Oahu, Hawaii U.S.A. when one of their submarines appears off the coast. (#193)


Now, cast your vote. 😉


22 thoughts on “Your favorite season 8 ep

    • I’d have a hard time choosing between the SEAL ep and the Cath ep for #1. I also choose 2, 7, and the ep Alex directed. Tho the Danno scenes were…too Danno. Just too much Danno. 🙄 But I was excited for director Alex. 🙂


      • GNP: AOL did an awesome job directing 818 but it was marred by the script content which made Danny leapfrog over Rachel and Doris for bad behavior. That says a lot. And this is why E818 disappoints. Danny the hero became Danny the abuser and all because one scene was not edited out. If he was my fave I would be furious and I suspect many McDannos were offended. Just the cheerleaders excused him because he was such a “caring” person. No battered and abused woman needs that type of “caring.”

        I am not crazy about Danny, but they did not have to do this character assassination.

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        • Hee! Perhaps it’s just me. But I actually found it satisfying. I don’t think Danno is anywhere near a hero or a decent person. I feel like this ep showed us just exactly who he is. He’s self-centered to the extreme. And mean. We’ve seen other hints of this personality every season. The truth telling actually finally happened in Alex’s ep.

          That’s my take away, anyway.

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          • Hi Grace I agree with your take on episode 8.18 and about Danny. right from season 1 Danny was always chasing the women all the models that appear he was after.

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          • I agree, Grace. That was my take, too.
            After the epi aired there have been two kinds of fierce, stomping their feet, screaming till they are red in the face Danny ‘idealizers’ because nothing can make them change their unwavering worship.
            The ones that told me he was OOC (again), what made me think that – perhaps – when someone’s portrayal is OOC so many times, maybe he actually is IN character?
            The others that said that Danny at that time was too young to realize his actions were monumentally wrong. Well, while a grown up cop was too young to be a decent person Steve was busy fighting the taliban.

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            • He’s been the jerk in ep 8:18 every single ep of the series, IMO. I’ve never seen him not be self-centered, mean-spirited, jealous of others, and intellectually lazy and pissy. I am always bemused when folks like him, even a little bit. And I’d bet big that if his pandering fan-girls ever met a twit like Danno in RL, they’d quickly run from him.

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  1. 8.20 – McRoll together Again (Here’s to a Mature New Beginning) , 8.24 SuperSEAL , Joe and SEAL pup Junior and important pre-taskforce McRoll background. 8.02 – Eddie joins Five-0 and Super SEAL adopts him.

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  2. My five favourite episodes for season 8 in this order are 24,20,2,9 and 7

    I love Alex’s story with Steve joining Junior with his Seal Team on a mission to rescue Joe.
    I love Catherine coming back and seeing the chemistry between Steve and Cath is still there
    I loved how the brought Eddie into the show
    I loved the episode where Steve, Danny, Tani and Junior are exposed to a deadly Bioweapon on a yacht
    I love where Steve, Adam and Junior and the bank heist.

    Close to my top five episode are 18,19,22,8 and 12
    I loved that Alex got to direct a episode and I liked the story a lot

    Episodes 10,11,13,14,15,16,17 I thought were stupid storyline and did not watch the episode

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  3. Since I hit the enter button accidentally, I continue………..confused that I consider Danny an Alpha, I refer to Steve and Cath. I even liked chaperone Jerry and Eddie. E824 was a very close second. It was wonderful seeing Joe again and finding out he ships McRoll, too. Those two were worth waiting for after some of the disappointments we endured.

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  4. Easy pick for me…820 with McRoll moving from the hurt to a better relationship and friendship which of course will lead to happily ever after. Loved how easy and comfortable they were with each other. A close second was 824 with the story by Alex which helped us see flashbacks and background into Joe White andwe find out he shipped McRoll even before we knew they existed.

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  5. I am surprised that this is not that easy. There are actually more than five episodes I would vote for. Surprise, surprise.
    Well, first and foremost there is #24. By far the best of this season, and it’s even in my all time favorite list.

    Then, of course, #7, Steve’s getting lei’d. And Alex owning the screen.

    #9, “lunatic and selfish Steve” saving his team while a whining and wimpy ass takes a nap on the couch.

    #12, Steve and Eddie M. large and in charge, Steve standing up for his folks, Steve not forgetting how to feel.

    #18, because Alex the director rocked these three storylines AND his on screen appearance. Even someone’s acting was bearable.

    Loved #4, loved #8, but sadly…

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    • I believe that’s the episode with the idiotic intervention and stress counselor for Steve…I really felt hate for Danny in this episode. He WAS NOT thinking of Steve at all, he was thinking about himself, and how Steve’s possible illness would affect HIM…!!

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      • Thank you. This thing with the dress had to be their grossest episode yet. And I agree about the intervention. It was really stupid and not at all funny. Sometimes I wonder if they pin possible scenarios to a board, throw a dart and write about whatever they hit.

        Still, I have great hopes for S9.

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  6. Hi everyone! This is time for us to choose our favorite episodes of the season.

    Season 8 was marked by cast changes and some stupid stories. Only the talent and hard work of the cast and crew saved the show. I found dificulty in enjoy watching some of the episodes this season and i confess here that i can’t stand a character anymore. If it didn’t bother me the sarcastic and moody Danny in early seasons, i can’t stand Danny, the jerk. Everytime he apears on my screen my wish is to muted him, so the volum button was used more than ever.

    My easy choices are 8.24, 8.20, 8.02, 8.19. For the fifth i’m torn between 8.07 and 8.09.

    Alex was amazing once more. Chi was great. Belauh was a wonderful surprise. Meghan did a awesome work despite the writers continue not to know how to write female characters. The Hawaiians actors were great and i honestly don’t know if Scott’s purpose is to me hate his character. If it is he won.

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  7. I love episode 8.18 Alex’s director episode and episode 8.24 Alex’s story by credit 8.02 McEddie was born 8.04 Alex was so breath taking episode 8.06 just because Alex was shirtless 8.07 Alex was super emotional love it 8.12 thigh holster and kevlar magic just saying 8.01 shirtless Alex and McDanno’s was born 8.08 pilot Mcgarrett yummy 8.09 can I be stuck on a boat with Mcgarrett 8.10 Steve saves Danny that was an emotional episode 8.20 Mcgarrett sweaty in a jungle 8.19 was a good one too


  8. 8.21 that girl who loved her some Steve damn I don’t blame her he’s my boo 8.23 Steve getting a checkup I wouldn’t mind being Steve’s doctor yep I went there with that one


  9. 8.20 and 8.24 are at the top of my list for sure. I liked 19, 18, 7, 9…….. Okay maybe I liked a few more than just 5 eps.😊 Bring on S9, hopefully it’s full of 8.20s and 8.24s.☺

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