Back from Hiatus

Well, to be honest, the hiatus felt more like hibernation. 😉 But it’s over now, which means back to business.

We hope you all had a great summer, and will enjoy the further weeks until fall.

Most of you will probably already know that there is another SOTB this year. Sunset on the Beach will be on September 14. There still seems to be slight confusion about the night’s program.


There will be the premiere of Magnum PI, which I think can be a good thing. The new show will get a lot of press, which will also be good for H50. Guys, don’t forget, our show goes into its ninth year. So any and all press they can get is good.

Cindy Lauper will perform after the premiere.

Confusion seems to be about if the premiere of H50, which will be Cocoon, an homage to the original show, will air or not. I guess we will have to wait and see.

So, that’s it for today, but we will update with more news soon, and tomorrow we will post a poll about your favorite season 8 episode.

Credit for SOTB-pic to Peter Lenkov on Instagram

21 thoughts on “Back from Hiatus

  1. Glad to have you back. With no reruns at this time, I am missing my McG fix. The absense of any 5-0 has sent the muse running for the hills and I am trying to coax her back. I know PL wants to link 5-0 and Magnum to the same universe so I assume we must all forget the episode when the guys took flight in Kamekona’s new helicopter and discussed which character they were. That sure wasn’t thought out when planning future storylines.

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  2. I am so hopeful that S9 will be spectacular. I know I always say this and am often disappointed in some episodes but this time I have a gut feeling we will more happy with the scripts than not.

    On a completely different topic, I am anxious to know if McBear whined until he got a tattoo in Hawaii.

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  3. Hi everyone nice to see you back for season 9. Hoping to see a lot of Alex but he might have a new contact and he won’t be in the episodes as much as before hope I am wrong. Can not wait to see Peter’s version of Cocoon and see what Alex dose he will be fantastic and hit out of the park with his acting.

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  4. I am disappointed that Magnum P.I will get Premiere the same night as Hawaii Five 0 when it will be a big night celebrating 50 years. We will get less time with Alex and the cast, less photo’s and less interviews.


    • I feel the opposite of it. H50, 50 years or not wouldn’t create a lot of interest. With the new show of Magnum there will be a lot of press. Which will be good for our show as well. It makes perfect sense.
      Besides, H50 had 8 great sotb,let the new guys experience it as well. Both shows will profit from it.


      • I’m with you! The more press, the better.
        I was opposed to Magnum at first but I try to keep an open mind, because if I was completely against remakes I shouldn’t have started watching 5-0 either. You get my point…😉

        I think PL will try to tie in both shows in some way and that might be a way of bringing some ppl back to watch or even new ppl in.
        I agree, 8 great SOTB events and now a joint one. BOTH shows are set on O’ahu – so why not?
        Besides, two separate events would be a logistical nightmare.

        So, I will wait and see and choose to stay optimistic.

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  5. Don’t put too much money on the idea that the restaurant storyline will disappear. According to one report I read somewhere, the 200th show (whenever that will be) will include something really major connected with the restaurant (ugh)!!

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    • It won’t disappear… 😦
      Yes, PL said in an interview that there is going to be a soft opening of the restaurant in episode 200.
      My only hope is that “major” thing is Kamekona taking over and Steve pulling out, so Danny can have his dream, whichever way that will play out…
      I am sure they will set it up as a place for both 5-0 and Magnum to hang out.

      Just PLEASE, go back to the 5-0 we loved…You know the crime show I often miss these days, the action, the chases and stunts (we still see them and the stunt team rocks, but it seems less than in previous seasons), the team working one case (I am annoyed by these split SLs all over the place), the SLs they put on the shelf, less rants, happiness for McG…

      I still love 5-0 and I won’t abandon hope for more good to come.

      Welcome back! 🤙🏼

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    • Maybe Steve sells out to Kamekona and Danny becomes a silent (sure) partner. It will explain how the restaurant survives but the 8th season joke of having them open it themselves dies.

      In my fantasy, Danny will be off with Rachel taking Grace to visit colleges for next year. They will settle upon Princeton where her brilliance will gain her admission so they will all have to move back to New Jersey. Oh, yeah, they will remember to take Charlie with them. I wonder if anyone bothered to explain the whole Danny/Rachel/Stan thing to him or will they wait for the reboot in twenty years with the kid on a psychiatrist’s couch trying to work out his desire to never marry, have kids or open a business with a partner.

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  6. Welcome back!
    And welcome back to those folks who don’t like us, but are checking this page religiously. 😉

    As for me, I don’t want the restaurant storyline to end, because it is THE perfect excuse for Dannoying to be gone. It makes a writer’s life so much easier… and mine too…
    Maybe the 200th episode marks Danny’s the last day at the task force. If that’s the case I am going to grill a zillion meatballs in his honor. Everyone’s welcome!

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