Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.25

That’s it, folks. Finale! A big fat shout out to Alex O’Loughlin for always elevating the material he is given. His Alexpressions, commitment and talent were needed to save a lot of episodes.

Let’s go! leiCa


Hm, the guy who carefully puts the single feather into the organic eggs-crate has a pretty awesome job, too.


Just one restauRANT too many.


So pecunia DOES olet, Steve?


I SEE YOU!!! Good to know that McBear had his back.


Awww. Steve. ILY in sign language. We love you too.


Damn, these tourists are so stupid. No need to watch the flags. You’ll know if the shark comes nearer when you’re hearing the music.


Steve McGarrett’s phone even has submarine mode.


Likes the concept of pregnancy tests. Wishes he could get more answers to existential questions by just peeing on something.


The difference between men and women? If a woman says “take a smell” most of the time it smells good.


“How you look, Danny? With your eyes!” (Steve/polite)


There’s not much color. But there’s sweat.


“Yesterday Junior refused to eat the home smoked ox tongue I made him just because it came out of an animal’s mouth. Cooked him an egg then.”


Meet Steve McG. Escargoing his way into the Russian Embassy.


Well, HELLLLOOOOO!!!! We should make a security backup of his butt.


“I just killed one of your elite soldiers. You better not tell me how to drink my Bloody Mary.”



They come in tiny, small, medium, large



I hope the restaurant is Danny’s pregnancy test.

And I hope he is pregnant.

Here’s to Season 9!

Phew! It’s done. I need the hiatus. Like really. Fanfiction I’m coming, do you remember me?


20 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. The restauRANT picture sums up my fellings for that SL perfectly!😉 I also like, pregnancy test, escargoing, and in charge. Thank you for all the pic(k)s this season. I’ll be looking at them all again to get me through hiatus. 😎

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    • If I remember right (my schooldays are long ago, last century, lol) wasn’t Napoleon called ‘Rantipole’, like being insane because of his well – escapades? So makes that Danny a restauRANTIPOLE?
      (On a shallow note, I love Alex’ two little dots so clearly seen in this pic. A wonderful idea, and there I thought I wasn’t a romantic…)


  2. Since my northwoods internet connection goes in and out so I have to resort to my phone. I really do love them all but agree that escargoing was a big winner. So was the restauRANT one. I feel Steve’s pain. Thank you for giving us all the wonderful pics and clever captions. Hope we get more in the fall, you enhance the good episodes and make the lousy ones better.

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    • I am so excited that I wasn’t the only one who saw the big snail! Most of the time it’s me who sees things – like hearts around dots, icecubes in Alex’s mouth… Don’t ask…

      Liked by 1 person

        • LOL. No, it has nothing to do with that strut. It’s in the escargoing pic. Made of stone.
          And the icecube? Well, there was a photoshoot with a beautiful lady in a black bathing suit. Alex is lying on top of her and I swear I see an icecube in his mouth. I’m defending what I am seeing for years now, ;-).
          Go to AOLIS, I am sure they have that photoshoot over there. FOYeur and Paula have them all!

          Liked by 1 person

      • Well, you are famous, you know.

        Even people who adore this major pain in the a** use the term as in: “He is not Dannoying!”

        It’s hilarious because they have no idea they have placed the McDanno imprimatur on the phrase and made it part of the fandom.

        And you thought they didn’t monitor this site!!!!

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  3. A big fat ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who took the time to comment on ‘LpS’ throughout this season! It was always so much fun to read what captions you liked best. Couldn’t have done it without you, believe me!
    Now let’s wait and see what next season brings… One thing is for sure: tons of Alexpressions!

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    • Looking forward to more Alexpressions and hopefully more pic(k)s from you in S9.
      Thank you for some great choices, I always enjoy your posts very much!

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  4. Just a quick reminder on this Father’s Day.

    Steve is NOT co-parenting Danny’s kids, despite what some in this fandom would like to believe.

    No one has been parenting them at all, neither ” horrible role model Danny” from 818 (you honestly didn’t think I was going to let that disturbing incident go) or Rachel, who is nowhere to be found when her kids need her.

    Maybe Stan stepped up. Hope so.

    Liked by 2 people

      • And may he and Catherine have a dozen McRoll babies for Junior and Nahele to babysit. I don’t trust Tani. She lacks the patience for dealing with humans in general—- imagine crying babies.

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