8.25 Review


8.25  –  Waiho wale kahiko

McGarrett and Five-0 discover a Russian spy ring hiding in plain sight when a Russian nuclear attack submarine appears off the coast of Waikiki. Also, Tani is conflicted by her unnerving discovery at Adam’s house, on the eighth season finale of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, May 18 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Waiho wale kahiko to Ancients Exposed

To quote Lou Grover: “WHAT?!”

This was the season FINALE? Seriously? Boy, what a disappointment. Over the course of the last seasons we had some really good finales.

Remember the cliffhangers from season 1 to 3? They were all great in their own right. After that they kinda switched to non-cliffhanger episodes, which is fine by me. But at least they had been entertaining, and could be considered good episodes.

But this one? It had some entertaining scenes. And one awesome scene, but in general it was just a dud.

I have to agree, this one was lacking in many ways.  I so wish 8.24 would have been the season finale.

I can’t suspend belief in a manner that would be required to enjoy this absolutely ridiculous storyline. I just can’t.

A Russian submarine practically on the beach of Waikiki? I have seen quite a bit of nonsense over the years, but I think this one takes the cake.

We had to suspend belief a few times, or look the other way regarding reality. And that is all good and fine, I mean, after all, this is just a TV show. But it’s not a scifi show, or a fantasy. It’s a darn police procedural. And I think it should at least try to stay on the path of somehow believable. That is my opinion about Five-0. I have often enough said I watch it for the action, for the crime, for the team, and mainly because of the main character.

I don’t want or need outrageous, stupid fantasy action or plot lines. Just give me a good crime, good detective work, some action and I’ll be happy.

This was not it.

What she said.  This was NOT. IT.

I still don’t really know what the purpose of this episode even was. A mutiny on a Russian Sub, a Russian killer revenging his parents’ death? A spy ring and sleeper cells on Oahu? WTF?

OK, enough general ranting, let’s rant about particular parts of the episode. Or praise a few scenes. I mean, nothing is all bad, or all good for that matter.

Let’s start with what I truly hope was the last we have to endure about the stupid, STUPID restaurant business. Finally, Kamekona steps in. Haven’t we been saying this for months? Please, let him have it, make the two idiots (and with that I mean Steve and Danny) silent partners. They don’t have time for more anyway.

As leiCa said, “let’s RestauRANT”. Please, if we see the restaurant next season, let them be sitting in it having drinks. Even though they are part owners, I’m sure Kame will find a way to charge them regardless.

One question though, where did Kame get all that money from? Remember, he already invested a sizable sum into Hirsch’s business, so the question isn’t that far out there. Where did he get the money from? Surely not from selling shrimp in his shrimp truck.

Kame is a ‘get-rich’quick’ kind of guy, but I guess he does know how to turn a profit. First shave ice (which, my friends is not anything I need to try again), on to a shrimp truck, helicopter, cleaning service and now a restaurant. He is a business man. But $250,000 lying around the house is a lot of change. I hope for Steve and Danny’s sake that there are no marked bills in those suitcases. First, because I don’t want Kame to have stolen the money, but secondly, I don’t want it as a storyline in Season 9. Let Kame and friends run it as he sees fit.

It was really nice to see Nahele again, and I hope he will have a bigger part in season 9. He is a great young man, and I hope we will see more of him in the future.

I have loved Nahele since we first saw him. I wish he would have a more frequent role next season.

Another hope I have is that the phone call from Joe indicates that they will keep in closer touch than they obviously had the last months. It would be very nice to see him more often. First, I like the actor, and I also think Joe is a great character. One who is important to Steve. So I hope we see him more often in season 9.

True. Steve and Joe have a past. Some bad and some good, but isn’t that like all of our pasts?  Joe has been a very important part of Steve’s life for a long time. I hope to see him again.

After this over five minute intro we come to the actual case. But first a bit of scenery. And do you know how cool it is to say “I’ve been there, seen that, climbed that too.”? It’s even more fun to watch it now after we had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful islands.

I squealed at the TV and paused it to look at those scenes. I know I’ve said it before, but when I see the beautiful scenery, I am amazed at how wonderful it all was. Oahu is truly one of the prettiest places on earth.

Anyway, on to the crime of the week. However ridiculous it was. OK, seriously, you don’t have to be an expert to know that it would be impossible for a sub like that to come that close to the beach of Waikiki. I am pretty sure that they would have been detected long before they were even close, not even to talk about the shallow waters around the island.

That is totally true. But let’s take it one step further. This island is the command post for the entire Pacific. That sub could not have “snuck up” to where it appeared. The Navy would have known it was there, hundreds of miles out. And to actually know exactly where it was is so silly. Right in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village and the lagoon.

Yeah, that is a totally suspend belief. Up there with “the claw”, although still, I think the claw wins hands down.

But these scenes gave us “Fun With Flags”. It was such fun watching the filming. Oh, and by the way, if you look closely you can spot us in the scene. McBear and Cpt. Lou, too. This was filmed on our last day. Our flight was in the afternoon, so we spent the morning at the Hawaiian Village and were very surprised to get another chance to see them working on the last episode.

We all had a great time. 😉


Yes, we all had a great time. I’m going to have to use a magnifying glass and look for us.

I will admit, while “Fun With Flags” is pretty implausible, it was fun to watch. We heard Grover’s booming voice order the police to get those people back, but the rest of it was only seen. We watched Steve doing his flag routine and I hoped he was really saying something with them that wasn’t obscene.

And now, I have something I want to complain about. Remember when we discussed 8.23 and our viewing of filming? We talked about the rude man who kept taking video after the crew asked him to stop? Well… he was back. I so wanted to go up to some of the crew members and rat him out. Here’s the story.

At this filming, the spectators were right next to the lagoon at the Hawaiian Hilton. The “set” was along Waikiki Beach there at the Hilton. They had come in and filled the set with beach chairs, beach towels and beach bags for all the spectators in the scene. Once the sub had been sighted, all those people converged on the spot where Fun With Flags was being performed.

They would film a take and when they ended the scene, the extras would spread back out so they could rush in for another take. As curious people do, when they were filming the scene, these extras in the scene were taking photos.

OK, so that was the scene. Lots of extras milling about. In addition, there were several people watching the filming that day. We were asked to stay on the lagoon side of the sidewalk away from the filming. I would guess between 50 and 75, maybe more. I looked around and near the back of this group, I saw the man who had been taking video the previous Tuesday. He was wandering around in a polo shirt and shorts with his cell phone out. A few minutes later, I saw him again… only this time he was on the opposite side of the sidewalk by the beach scene the crew had set up , his shirt off and a beach towel draped around his neck. The next time they called for the extras to get ready, he ran with them, cell phone in the air, and I’m guessing he was filming it the entire time.

I so wanted to rat him out.  🙂

So, back to the show. Steve, after playing around with the flags and getting nowhere, takes a zodiac and drives out to the sub. And actually boards it. Yeah, right.

From here on the story goes totally from one place to the other. It was just boring blabla, and bouncing from one scene to the other. Somehow it was missing structure. I don’t know, but for me this was just running around filling the time.

Only nice thing was to remember that Jerry had been injured. He was rolling around with a scooter.


Another thing I liked was that Grover mentioned that they were having Duke’s review to learn what will happen with him. I’m glad they addressed this and was hoping to hear something by the end of the show.

Then we’re getting to the best part of the episode. The fight. Wow. Now that was great hand-to-hand combat. Awesome.

That fight was absolutely amazing.  I was tired at the end of it.  🙂

Although I do wonder where the heck the other four had been during that fight. But I guess we are not supposed to think about such trivial questions. 😉

We probably aren’t supposed to question it, but that really bugged me. Tani and Junior had already engaged with the guy on the second floor, called in their position and then Steve comes up the steps. They had to have been nearby when the guy jumped Steve. They fight and fight and then fall through the window and NO ONE is even close to the room? I find that so totally unreal. And then, only after Steve has the guy in the fountain and manages to roll off and collapse on the concrete that Danny wanders in the room and looks out the window as if he is totally bored with life. Which is art imitating life, I suppose. But after that awesome scene, that was such a let down.

Arrests are made all around and all is well again on the islands.


We end the episode with Tani telling Junior about the gun she found in Adam’s house. Huh, I wonder why it is even a question to her if she has to tell Steve. And how did she get the gun into the system and tested without telling where it was coming from?

True. She had the gun tested for ballistics, right? Why the heck did she put it back in the kitchen drawer? For the effect of showing Junior?

And the past few episodes I have been warming up more to Tani. But in this scene, once again she demonstrates that she has problems realizing she is on an elite task force. She should be above the law even in instances involving friends. And family. Although I don’t think Steve is one bit ignorant about things pertaining to her brother. I’m glad Junior didn’t hesitate when he said she had to let Steve know. But seriously, if the gun was tested, it would have been flagged to the open murder case of Adam’s sister. Everyone would have known at that time.  This just made no sense.

And Junior, you are wrong about Adam. He participated in many crimes before. He is not what you think he is. Mark my words.

I totally agree.  He kept his father’s money hidden all this time. Who knows what else is hidden on that island.

So, with that we end the season with an episode that was not a worthy season finale. In my eyes, by far the worst of all seasons.

I agree that it was the weakest, lamest cliff hanger we have had. But I still have 8.24 in my memory. McBear also gives it two paws up. He went into total SEAL mode after he watched it.

And I mean total. 😉

18 thoughts on “8.25 Review

  1. The good: The fight scene—-one of the best or maybe the best one yet.

    The bad: The whole submarine story.

    The downright ugly: Steve and Danny’s “conversation” in the restaurant. Painful and stupid. End this now.

    The subtle cliffhanger: Joe White’s phone call that Steve took privately. Curious. Just plain odd to be meaningless. A new mission maybe?

    The Kamekona factor: He runs a cash business most of the time so a possible S9 story line could be a mass murder during his tax evasion trial. And before you all start yelling “dumb” idea, I refer you to the submarine in Waikiki Beach.

    Terrible as a season finale but at least Steve looks like he wants to show Danny his new 5 iron.

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  2. Thank you again for the dual review. It would be great if this continues in season 9 provided a certain actor signs on.

    Knowing that they were going to have a sub in shallow water before I watched made me tend to ignore that whole fantasy. I did like how Steve always ignores Danny’s advice and goes ahead and takes charge of things even if it means boarding an enemy sub. That is our SEAL’s confidence in his abilities. I could not help wondering how new this Russian consul hadn’t been briefed that in season 2 this was the same Commander McGarrett that caused an uproar. I guess they don’t include that in the briefing when they take over. Steve is getting pretty good at breaking into that place.

    I have not idea how I feel about this gun of Adam’s. It is going to be more difficult to explain why Kono is still gone and he comes back next season…..better to finish this during hiatus. And I like the character….or did until this storyline.

    I would have still preferred a fire in the restaurant but if they can at least push it way in the background then I can learn to live with it. I can’t tell if Danny is in favor of this venture or not anymore. He seems to lose interest in everything these days. Let Steve be a silent partner and all is good.

    I was interested in the phone call from Joe, I hope that plays out more next season. And please……..Kamekona can’t be so stupid that he feels that any phone call that Steve takes should be on speakerphone. That wasn’t even funny.

    After last week this was a letdown. I don’t always need a cliffhanger to end the season but this foolishness with a very good fight scene was disappointing. If we get a return from Alex perhaps it would be smart to have the writers consult with him before turning out scripts.

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  3. Oh……excuse me for forgetting to reply how dapper McB and Capt. Lou looked in their Hawaiian shirts. And goodness, McB going all SEAL thrilled Cath Bear no end.

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    1. Well, MamaY, they do dress well and are very adamant… shall we say picky, as to what they wear. They did buy those shirts at the Hilton Hawaiian village and i must say, they turned many an eye.

      On a side note, there are no build a bear franchises in Hawaii and Sam and i thought that could be our ticket to living there. Opening up Build A Bear Waikiki with McBear and Lou.

      Hmm… wonder if kame has any more cash to invest in a business venture?

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  4. such a quickly turned out review! I came here hopeful and even got bonus McBear and Captain Lou. Everything ya’ll said about the lackluster episode. I felt bad for Kame “stealing” Steve’s but would rather him run it than I guess see everything wasted (since we would never have gotten a true reality check of the ridiculousness of the guys thinking they could do this).
    An amazing fight sequence that had McG almost not getting up…. The conversation with Danny and Steve at the car when Danny complained about Steve ordering him around – I thought that was going to lead to something but it never did. It felt as if the issue should have been brought up again.
    As far as the gun, I assumed Tani was just referring to the type of gun. That she new the ballistics on what type of bullet killed the sister and therefore that this gun was the general make.
    Nothing left me needing next season other than my desire to see Alex portrait Steve. I rewatched the season 2 finale last night and wish I could have known what the Shelburne reveal was like. I already knew who it was before I ever saw that episode the first time. Alex played that scene and the opening of S3 so well.
    now i’m gonna go back and search for ya’ll in “fun with flags”

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  5. 😆 Enjoying y’all’s comments and our hosts’ joint review and lovely pics! In fact, it’s all more entertaining than the episode. I’m thinking that when the ep review, the bear photos, and the comments section, are more interesting and entertaining than the ep itself, that’s not really a compliment to Show. Just sayin… 😉

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  6. Great review again. But really hit or miss in season 8. And in the despite loving Junior and Tani but still miss Chin and Kono even
    But Tani has done more than Kono has in her previous seven years.
    Adam now is not to be trusted. And really the guy has broken many promises to go legit. Unless his own family somewhere and somehow are forcing him not to do that. Even though he wants to
    But Tani is put between a rock and a hard place. Turning on Adam after what he did to his brother saving his life. Or tell Steve who gave her that shot at being a police officer and could fire her on the spot. But will not as that is what Five 0 has immunity and means
    That of in the restaurant please end it. It took up all of the season. More miss than hits in season 8.
    Plus lack of McGrover and love those two together. I hope I am not the only one that thinks that. Both men love to kid each other but in all good fun and all in good faith. Not bickering but just having a good nature fun at it.
    Please hope season 9 is better. The Russian submarine was over the top IMHO. Only Russian authorities with the State Department and FBI would be the only ones arresting someone on Russian turf.
    Off topic a bit Russians can’t seem to get a break over what is going on in the world. They are portrayed as the “bad guys” now.
    Well good luck to season 9. Hope it is an improvement next fall.

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  7. Thanks for your review! I agree, last ep was the worst season finale of the series. #24 should have been the finale.
    I think the claw & the sub are tied as to which is more far-fetched. I think Alex did some of the moves in the fight scene.
    Your cats are beautiful! I’m glad they are feeling better. What kind of drinks were the bears having? They look delicious!

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  8. First off, I don’t think Tani took the gun and had it tested at the lab. She says „The caliber of the gun matches the slug found in Noriko.“ All that means is, she recognized this gun as being a certain kind, for example, a .44 Magnum (I dunno what kind of gun this really is), which shoots bullets of a certain caliber, specifically the one found in Noriko’s head as determined by the HPD lab.
    I can’t believe Tani would be so stupid as to take the gun out of the drawer, totally screwing up the chain of evidence. I’m sure there will be issues if this gun business is pursued next year. It almost sounds like they are setting up Tani as „a dummy like Kono“ who was busted in the season one finale for her participation in stealing the money from the police evidence locker several shows earlier!
    I agree totally that this Tani business, bookending the show just like in the previous one (!) was a totally blah „cliffhanger.“
    As far as other aspects of the episode were concerned, I thought the restaurant scenes were offensively moronic, aside from a few laughs from Kamekona. I had plenty to say about this, including some things about the „character“ of Danno. Please check them out!
    On the other hand, aside from the convoluted business of the Russian sub and the sailor-out-for-revenge Petrov, the action scenes concerning the Russkies were very good, especially the fight between McGarrett and Petrov at the end, which was outstanding and had me chewing my nails big time.
    I originally was going to give this show 3½ stars out of 4, then decided on 3, but after thinking hard about the submarine plot, where the stalwart writers Lenkov and Guggenheim (and the rest of the committee) did the usual number of making things unnecessarily complicated, the rating plunged to 2½. Check out the rest of the review via the above link, including some „second thoughts.“

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    1. Mike:

      Looks like to me that Joe White’s phone call was the real cliffhanger and putting it at the very beginning with no explanation was to distract us from recognizing it.

      We already knew Tani found a gun in Adam’s house so it was no surprise to us. It could be a minor reveal in 901 or maybe a later episode depending on IAD’s schedule.

      As to “Steve’s”, it was Danny’s dream, not McGarrett’s, so why didn’t he name it after his kids or Mama Williams?

      These two characters need to be separated permanently. The relationship is toxic.

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  9. Thank you for the review!!
    I was REALLY hoping that Kame was there to buy the restaurant, but my hopes were dashed pretty quick.😞
    It was good to see the Russian Consulate again, glad to see they used the same location. I would think what happened the last time 5-0 was there would be talked about often, but I guess not since the guy obviously knew nothing about Steve.😉
    The FIGHT!!! WOW!! That was a great scence, the shot where the camera rolled was really cool.
    I really thought we would find out Duke’s fate before the end of the episode. I wonder what Joe was calling about? It seems weird to have it in the episode if it’s nothing, but they’ve done weirder.😉
    Here’s hoping the writers use 8.20 8.24 and the fight scence from this episode as inspiration for S9.😎

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  10. Sam and Cokie, thanks for coming together one more time to write the final review of the season. Much appreciated!
    As many of us feared, 8.25 couldn’t top the amazing episode before. Though expected, I didn’t think it would be that disappointing.
    I am willing to suspend belief if it comes to 5-0 and not take things too seriously, but this was just way over the top.
    The best parts were indeed “fun with flags” and the awesome fight (kudos to the whole stunt crew and special effects team!). The rest just didn’t flow well, felt forced, the “epic” plot and cliffhanger that PL advertised just wasn’t there.

    I’m glad Kamekona is stepping in with the restaurant and I don’t even want to know where the money comes from. Still hoping against hope the they won’t focus so much on it anymore in S9.

    I liked that they didn’t forget about Duke’s hearing and kept the door open for that SL to continue into S9. I enjoy watching Duke and hope they use him in a good way next season.
    That phone call from Joe White? I loved that they kept that connection of these two men up. I really would want them to bring back Joe more in S9, he is a great character.

    So sad to see the ratings decline continuously this season to a new series low. PL sure doesn’t like to hear about it, but I hope the team will look into the causes and work on the issues soon.

    Not giving up on my favorite show but man do I miss the older seasons (and I’m not talking about Kono or Chin – I made my peace with them not being there anymore). This season only had a handful of great episodes and a few good ones, which is nor enough for the many, many who used to watch and obviously left…

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  11. I am kinda occupied with … stuff … right now, so this will be short with just some random notes.

    But first: I had fun watching this episode. I thought it would be worse. But I was highly entertained, although of course it was totally ridiculous. As an Hawaiian or any American I would be really concerned if a Russian submarine (or any foreign submarine for that matter) would be able to reach the shoreline (diggin’ diggin’ diggin’ through shallow water, could be a song!) without anyone noticing. Oy!
    And this submarine wasn’t even yellow. Or pink. You know that movie? Oh, I love it. Operation Petticoat. I love Cary Grant. He is a similar actor to Alex if you ask me. Looks and acting variety. Bringing up baby!!! LOL. Penny Serenade! SNIFF. Okay, I’m digressing. Short, wanted to make it short.


    The restaurant.
    So Steve is now all in – and Dannoying, the one who initiated this stupid idea is out?
    And I am supposed to like Danny?

    The outside world.
    Somalia, Nigeria – who cares? For sure not Danny. It is all the same, right? It is all Africa, that’s enough to know, right?
    And I am supposed to like Danny?

    The action.
    Getting the job done. Quick thinking, quick actions. That’s Steve. Being supportive, that’s the kids and Lou. “Stupid stupid stupid, why why why, how how how?” That’s Danny.
    And I am supposed to like Danny?

    The fight.
    WOW. Amazing. Steve got some moves. Where was Mr. Back-up? I’ve been told when Steve goes first through a door he is right behind him. LOL. Yeah. Right. Took his time.
    And I am supposed to like Danny?

    The mention.
    I loved that Joe called Steve. I hope that is a sign that he’ll come back. He still has some explaining to do.
    Don’t know if I am supposed to like Joe. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

    The Tani.
    Her behavior is so wrong.
    I don’t.

    The Junior.
    Tell her Junior.
    I like him very much.

    The Lou.
    WHAT? You’re asking?
    I love him.

    The Eddie.
    I missed him.
    The Adam.
    I don’t care.

    The team.
    The slow motion at the end was great, although slo mo is not for everyone. After I could bring myself to not look at Steve’s strut I noticed some Monty Python moments. And I giggled. But that was no one’s fault. I’m silly, sometimes.
    I loved the team scene.

    The McMostlyBear.
    I SAW YOU!

    Right now I am going through my screen-shots and all I can say: we had an Alexpression’s feast again. There are actors out there who would need emojis to really express the difference in their emotions – he doesn’t.
    You two – I am in love with your double reviews, I hope they go on in S9.

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  12. BTW, I forgot to mention how much I hated the scene when Steve apologized to Danny. STOOOPID! Danny knows that Steve is his boss, right?
    And when will Danny apologize for all his nastiness of the last years? Being rude, mean, offensive, disrespecting… on a freaking daily basis?

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  13. great review the best parts of this episode was the epic fight with Steve and that guy and then the slow mo walk by Steve which was my my hot as hell. I was wondering if there is going to be a let’s pick Steve for 8.25 episode.

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