8.22 Review


8.22  –  Kōpī wale nō i ka i’a a ‘eu nō ka ilo

Five-0 must help Duke after he is forced to steal crucial evidence from the police locker in exchange for his kidnapped granddaughter. Also, Jerry goes undercover at a mental health facility in order to solve a murder, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 27 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Kōpī wale nō i ka i’a a ‘eu nō ka ilo to Though the Fish is Well Salted, the Maggots Crawl

Hi there, another double review, this time with Cokie doing most of the work. Thanks for stepping in.

I will be honest in saying (not totally complaining) that this was a very H50-Lite show with the characters I love being in secondary roles. But that being said, it was a good show and I did enjoy it.   I love the character of Duke and Dennis Chun never fails to make Duke believable. Dennis is a very warm and humble person and I love reading his posts on Facebook. He did an incredible job on Friday night. But more about that in a moment…

Dennis Chun for sure is a very nice person, and he did a good job with this slightly bigger role.

First up, how would you like to walk by and find Steve climbing a tree? Nice moves there, Buddy!  How cute was his scene with Spike? It looked like Alex was having fun doing that scene. Although it was way too short…

Short, but sweet.

Koa’s story is next up.  I will quickly admit, that I haven’t been interested in Tani’s brother.  The trouble- making, hanging out with criminals, lazy boy who was into drugs didn’t appeal to me at all.  The question is… can we now trust Koa and his newly-found, drug free and working self?  Is he telling the truth?  Does he have some nice scam going on in the facility?

To tell the truth, I expected Koa to be one of the bad guys. I expected Tani to see him lying shot dead, maybe even by her. Guess my imagination went a little wild. But I don’t believe for a second any of his speech at the facility. Nope, not for a second.

Only time will tell.  But honestly, I don’t need this storyline at all.  Can it be finished?

You mean finished like the dreaded restaurant story line? Both so exciting. 😉

On to Jerry who was waiting patiently while Steve was climbing trees. I was surprised that Jerry didn’t irk me in this episode. He was doing a job that he could relate to and I think when Jerry was dealing with Harris, he realized that he could have gone down a very different road in his own life.

You wouldn’t believe my surprise at myself of enjoying this part of the show. I really enjoyed it. The role was perfect for Jerry. He fit the character, if that makes any sense. He did a great job. And I had no problem seeing him doing real police work. Odd, isn’t it. 🙂

In Jerry’s first scene, he did one thing wrong in his distribution of drugs… he took his eyes off of the meds in those little cups. Not a good thing to do…

Yeah, well, he’s not really an orderly, you know. 😉

Wow, how would you like to dig a fork into your forearm? Sounds like loads of fun to me. Yet, from watching that man, I don’t think he even felt it. How sad. I was amazed at all the people playing patients in the hospital. I noticed them the second time I watched and the people in the background did fantastic jobs showing their difficulties. Well, all except Kaziki. Just looking at him, you could see trouble.

Mental illness can be a real tragedy. The human brain can do amazing things, but it can also do horrible things to a person. Sometimes it’s just the brain’s chemistry that messes someone up, sometimes the disease goes way deeper and is very complicated to treat, if at all. Anyone could get mentally ill; be it due to physical trauma, illness, or psychological trauma. I think they did a very good job showing different forms of illness without going for laughs (unfortunately often done by tv shows). This time they went the subtle way, I really liked that.

I loved that Jerry felt he wasn’t doing his job and Steve was able to give him a pep talk. Steve (while always told he wasn’t a cop) gave Jerry great advice on how to go about working a scene. And Jerry listened.

This is really one of my irks about the show in general. Steve has not trained as a cop, but he is a trained investigator. He was with special investigations with the Navy. He has more training than a run of the mill cop. It always angered me when he was told he doesn’t know what he’s doing. As if he would have taken on a job without preparing himself for it. Or not being able to do it. That is just ridiculous. Ugh.

Jerry, no matter what anyone tells you, think like Steve.

Yes, we all should think more like Steve. His outlook to life is absolutely amazing. Oh, that was not what you were talking about. Oh well. 🙂

I liked the flashback scene with Jerry stepping up to the plate while Tani and Junior were whining and throwing each other under the bus, not wanting to do the assignment. Steve, if that happens again, look at one of them and say, “tag, you’re it.”

When Steve was talking to Jerry, I loved the comment about “good cops stay awake at night, losing sleep while going over a case.”  I’m sure Steve has done that many a night.

Steve is perfect for the job he has chosen, because he’s the most emphatic guy on that darn show. He knows how people tick. And he can’t stand the thought of not being able to help or being able to solve the crime. And yes, I am sure he had many sleepless night because of that.

And when Jerry got back to the facility, he did as Steve said. He thought logically, found people he could talk to about the dead patient and he solved the case. I really liked Mila and the easy rapport she and Jerry had.  You can see how much he has grown as a person in this episode, as he used to be so tongue-tied and scared of everyone and everything.

In the car scene, Jerry was very focused and knew he had to do something or he would be gone.  As the team said, that was very “McGarrett of you”.  And lo and behold, it worked out to his advantage.  A bit more painful than he would have liked, I’m sure, but it got the job done.  So, once again, think like McG!

And Jerry solved his first case!

And he did a great job with it. Really like it.

I loved when Mila came in with Harris and the look on their faces, especially Steve’s. They were enjoying that. I loved Steve’s smile and then Grover saying that maybe they should go.

And we get to my one big rant about the show.  Can someone please tell me why, after 45 seconds of being in the same room with someone he really hadn’t met, why Danny felt the need to hug this girl?  That was creepy and totally inappropriate and made my skin crawl.  I just don’t get it.  OK, rant over.

No, not over, let me step in. There is one thing of the show that really freaked me out. Why on earth did Danny hug that woman at the end in the hospital. A woman he never ever met before. A woman he has no connection to. That hug was just totally inappropriate. Or maybe that is just me, who doesn’t like to be touched by total strangers.

I thought about if I would have been OK with it had it been anyone but Danny? NO. First off, none of  the others would have done it, and second, just no. There was just no reason for him, or anyone for that matter, to hug her like that. If he wanted to thank her for whatever reason… shake hands, and say thank you.

This scene was an absolute no go for me. Simply because he had no interaction with the woman before he met her in that room, two minutes prior.

I loved that we saw Jerry near the end of the show back in the hospital playing chess with Harris. I wonder if he was ever allowed to win. Because, as you know, “no one likes to lose all the time.”

So, is Steve still playing with the autistic guy from season six? OH, right, that was only on the deleted scenes. Darn. Never mind.

Poor Duke.  I know he was under a time restraint with the kidnappers, but I wish he could have gone to the team before stealing the key. Maybe things wouldn’t have gotten so bad.  Like I have already said, Duke/Dennis did a great job showing angst and fear with his granddaughter kidnapped. Although as others have already said, “another kidnapping?”  Oahu apparently is filled with kidnappers. I’m glad McBear and Captain Lou were safe while we were there.

I’m sure no one would even attempt to kidnap either Lou or McBear. One look from them and any baddy would be running. 😉

Yeah, I think Duke should have called Steve. If he did, we only would have a very short story.

I love the faith the team had for Duke, knowing something bad had happened that had caused an honorable man to do what he had done.  And after Steve talked to Duke’s daughter, he took total charge of the case and had HPD stand down. This was a man taking care of his Ohana and not backing down.

I love it when he’s taking charge of the situation. Just love it. He’s a born leader. And Alex is selling that perfectly.

I liked Duke’s daughter. She was scared but knew she had no choice but to do as Steve asked. And like he said, she was only doing what her father said she needed to do.

I liked how Steve easily put the pieces of the puzzle together after talking to Duke and how they were able to get the lawyer into the Blue Room. Lou (and Tani) did a good job in the Blue Room. I like the tactic of wrapping his fist in the man’s tie so that the scumbag’s chin was up close and personal to that big fist.  🙂

In the take down scene, poor Duke got shot again. One question I have is just how close his daughter was to that take down because she made it there before Tani brought out the little girl.

Am I the only one who wished it was Steve carrying the girl out of the building?  No?  I thought so.

Nope, not the only one.

In the hospital scene, it seems that one of the team is pretty sure Duke is going to get canned. He was so matter of fact about it. Like it should happen. Others wanted to rely on Duke’s excellent record and overall “goodness”. I sure hope they don’t make him retire. I would be mighty upset. Unless he took someone’s place on the team. I would be good with that.

Well, if they make him retire, he could work for Five-0. How about retiring from active duty with HPD and becoming an liaison for Five-0 and HPD? I could absolutely see that. His actions should have consequences. He’s not protected by immunity like Five-0 is. Even under duress… it doesn’t allow for an assault. There had been other ways. I’m NOT saying he should be fired, NO, not at all. But he can’t get away without any punishment. That would be wrong.

As I said it was wrong that Chin and Danny got away without punishment for murder. Or Kono for unprovoked assault on a civilian, and for countless times of police brutality. There should be some kind of punishment for wrongful behavior.

Even though we did get a glimpse of the dreaded restaurant, at least there was no argument involved with it. Please, please, please end the restaurant with the end of this season. I am begging you.

LOL, no argument? Couldn’t you hear Danny ranting about Steve painting it all wrong? I could. 😉 And YES, please end this crap.

Oh, and one more purely fan-girly note.  I really loved that black button down shirt.  Can we keep it?

Got my vote.

This was a really good episode. Something I did not expect. So, that was a very nice surprise.

51 thoughts on “8.22 Review

  1. Love seeing Duke. Heard nice things about Dennis. And really it is great to expand his character.
    Jerry used a little bit of his brain and pulled a Steve with the van. And hope his girlfriend does stay. He needs someone.
    As that of in the Lou that really IMHO is #2 for the Five 0 over Danny it seems.
    Tani’s brother going to be a counselor. Doesn’t he need to get his feet on the ground and start taking college courses or something or am I missing something?!
    Give this a 9/10!

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  2. Duke will be fired. He assaulted a police officer and stole evidence. His past excellent record may keep him from jail but won’t save his job (or pension). And that leaves the door wide open for Duke to join H50. I still have hope that Danny will be either gone for good in S9 or just appear as a guest star twice a year.

    It looks like Adam will be back because of his cliffhanger and I am still lighting candles for Harry to be more than a once a year character. Since the fandom seems united in their like of this character, wouldn’t it make sense for him to replace Danny?

    Also, Kamekona is in too many restaurant scenes for it to be an accident. He’s buying because they are selling.

    I did enjoy this episode.

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  3. Ladies, once again kudos for a dual review. It thrills me no end, however I am easy to please. There is much I agree with and like with your thoughts. I did enjoy Jerry taking on a case when I did not think I would. Thank goodness he didn’t brandish a gun but dealt with his assignment with his strengths. I got a kick out of him picking the lock while using a tutorial on his phone.
    Our Lou sometimes seems like a teddy bear but he is sort of the Yoda of the team. He gave Tani good advise and then turned fierce in the blue room. Love it and I am sure that Captian Lou bear was proud.
    The whole Tani and her brother was okay but it could have been shorter and I doubt that he would be hired by the rehab facility. He could have told Tani he intended to take some courses and that would have been fine.
    Steve and Spike was so cute…..enough said.
    I am intensely curious as to what excuse Danny had for not being in on taking down the kidnappers and rescuing the little girl. There was a time when anything involving young girls was a reason to have Danny completely involved because of Grace. Did he have show and tell at Charlie’s school while they saved the little girl?
    Of course in the hospital Danny slapped Jerry on his sore shoulder…..he has no sensitivity. I did enjoy Mila the girl that Jerry met. That was cute. Maybe Danny’s hug is in his contract…..pretty young girl…I get to hug. I am sure that made him look so caring and sensitive.
    All in all I did enjoy it but it was just light filler to me.

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  4. I liked the Duke portion and was surprised that I did enjoy the Jerry portions of this episode. Not a fan of Tani’s brother’s story as well as the restaurant. What amazes me is how little Scott is in the episodes he is in, if that makes any sense. They don’t even bother with an explanation, not that I’m complaining about less Danny time. What concerns me is how H50 is becoming more of an ensemble show. I know Alex’ health is a concern but I hope McGarret is the focus of S9 with some McRoll thrown in. I watch H50 for Alex with bits of secondary characters, some of whom I like while others are a waste of time. It’s hard to watch when McGarret is not on my screen for most of the show. Alex is an amazing actor and there’s so much more he can do without jeopardizing his health….like some steamy McRoll scenes…in my dreams. Anyway love all the hard work you guys do as well as all the comments on your on-point reviews.

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  5. I enjoyed this ep more than I expected. I didn’t mind the Jerry part at all. seemed an appropriate use of his ‘skills’ I’m glad it wasn’t only me that found Danny’s unnecessary hug over the top. Duke’s portion was ok, but considering it was presented as a “Duke-centric” ep, it didn’t seem the primary story to me. I’m sure he will face some kind of discipline but on this show…it’s just as likely that it will never be brought up again. HA! That being said, Dennis Chun is a lovely human. I did think the use of slo-mo was overdone. Anyone but me feel like they are trying too hard to make Tunior bickering a thing?

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  6. My favorite scene was McSpike. The rest of it all was just so-so.

    I know Alex is more physically careful these days, but I thought that’s why they created his nuke poisoning, so he could take it easier. He’s got a brilliant mind, so he could still be the Big Kahuna even tho letting Tani and Junior tackle the perps. I wish Show would figure out how to use him gently, but still making him the star of most scenes. Cos these other people are boring the bejeezuz outta me.

    Give me McG or give me no more seasons!

    Also McRoll spices McG up…he seems younger and spicier when she’s around. Read the tea leaves, Show!

    Y’all make a great team. 😀

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    1. That was just disgusting. I thought they wrote him like that, but obviously not. 😉 And after seeing him in person, I can tell you that my opinion did not change. That’s all I am going to say about SC.

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      1. Not always sure who is ultimatly responsable for the final edits, an editor, the Ep or the director – but I have a feeling that a lot of improv or ad-lib by the actors over the years landed in the show. And most of it not really making sense, or are just plain stupid – something meant as jokes for the gagreel. Last season we saw a LOT of it in the show.
        I guess most of it can be seen as “fan service”, but also most of it just utter nonsense adding nothing to the show for fans who would like better quality from the show.
        Or maybe those of us who would like more from the show, are just spoilsports in the eyes of the general TV audience.

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        1. I think those of us who are considered “spoilsports” from super fans for wanting more from the show are the ones who really love it and have watched it slide from excellent to barely watchable. It is like a teacher watching a promising student hand in garbage homework every day and wonders if notes to the parents requesting a meeting are ignored because they are too busy to care.

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          1. If tough love is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I’d much rather watch the show and expect it to be better than watch every damn thing and declare it THE BEST EVAH (except, laughingly – that ONE thing.) It is not a good look on anyone – not them, not the show,… no one.

            I liken it to my friend’s Boxer – every time I throw him the ball – it’s the first time I’ve thrown the ball – and it is the best thing to happen to him, ever. He also rolls in worms.

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        2. That hug made me physically cringe. It was so incredibly inappropriate for the setting. Gross.

          And yes – a lot of ad libs that have made the show in recent years have been seriously out of place. That’s ultimately the responsibility of the editor – to cull the scenes that shouldn’t be there. It doesn’t happen on this show and is too often left in to play to fanservice. It’s a shame really, I suspect that the “carguments” situation is a result of letting your actors ad lib too much – especially when they seemed to get very nasty. They didn’t play to the story, to the tenor of the show – it was just two dudes thinking they were funny. they weren’t – a lot of the time. That’s not to say there were times when the ad libs worked, but there’s a lot of times they don’t – and this episode in particular it was just a bunch of ICK

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      2. My opinion has been like that for a while and it will not change either… I had the opportunity of watching him during several set visits, we spent hours there each time, different days, different takes. Let’s just say he is touchy feely in RL.
        While his “partner” makes every effort to praise the fans and interact whenever possible – he often simply does not care. Period.

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        1. I am not sure he is very happy to be there. I think he prefers L.A. As far as wanting to spend more time with his family, that is commendable but it leaves holes in episodes when he should be there but disappears suddenly never to be seen again.

          Maybe you just can’t have it both ways. He is either a member of the Task Force or he is not. The writers seem to be shrinking his screen time. It is hard to know if that is his choice or if the importance of the character is being downplayed to transition him out gently so most of the viewers won’t notice.

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          1. If there’s any truth to the interview his dad gave a few days ago, he’s “weaning himself off the show”. We’ll see how that goes…

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            1. What interview? Is it the same one he gave a few years ago where he discussed his son not liking to do a TV weekly show? I can’t remember the talk show host but it may have been a late night one. It was a long time ago.


              1. Nope, from a couple of days ago. In it he says his son wants out. And other things. Nothing new really. Scott Caan has never made a secret that he doesn’t like the show. As his father said he’s in it less and less. His choice.
                Personally, I think his contract hurts the writing for the show. If you’re rarely in it, then be a guest, write him like that. Don’t pretend he’s there if he’s not.
                Everyone should do what makes one happy. If being on Five-0 or in Hawaii makes you unhappy, then leave. It’s really as simple as that.

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                1. I did get a laugh when he said SC believed the show would be moved to Malibu but Alex married a Hawaiian woman so that messed that up. I don’t think SC was paying attention when he signed his contract if he believed that.

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                  1. Here’s my theory on that….
                    (mostly because I always felt that both Scott and Grace wished they weren’t in Hawaii filming)

                    I wonder if, when having the show pitched to them, TPTB said – We are filming the PILOT in Hawaii, and if we get picked up, we could consider moving production to LA.

                    It’s possible… At first, Alex wasn’t terribly keen on not being in LA – and Scott was the last person they signed onto the show, and he very plainly has said that he never really wanted to do TV. Maybe they were trying to appease them, to get them on board. I don’t believe that they ever intended to film the show outside of Hawaii, though.

                    I hope that Scott gets the weaning off that he is looking for. It’s obviously what he wants. Also – Scott is very close with his father, I would bet money that what James Caan said carries a lot of truth. Remember – JC spilled the beans on Scott’s impending fatherhood before anyone else did.

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                  2. It was in fact Alex who did not want to shoot in Hawaii at first. Not sure where they James Caan) got the feeling that Alex’s marriage messed that up.
                    This is from an interview Alex did in 2013:
                    Alex: As an actor one get used to it to hanging your hat somewhere and calling it home. I’m good at that. I didn’t know anybody when I first moved to Hawaii and I felt exposed and caged.
                    I tried to get the producers to shoot the show in LA, but they were like, “You’re out of your mind!”, so I lost that battle. I have no anonymity, which I hate because I’m very private and protective of the kids, but Hawaiian people are very loving. I don’t feel like I’m being attacked, like I do on the street in LA.
                    Link to full article: https://alexoloughlinintensestudy.wordpress.com/2014/06/15/straight-from-hollywood-tough-guy-with-a-soft-side-october-2013/

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                2. Wow. I guess he would know better than anyone else. I remember reading somewhere that they have a very close father-son bond. JC took a year off at the height of his acting career to coach Scott in baseball. That’s love. If that’s what he said, then I believe him.

                  And I agree, this hurts the writing of the show. PL did say that scheduling was a nightmare because of cast having contractual days off. Maybe this will be a mutual agreement to have Danny go off with Rachel and have him return for an occasional episode. I think/hope AOL will sign, especially if he gets a better schedule, similar to the one SC had a few years back when it was really only 5 episodes off and not the 5 totally out and twenty barely in that we have now. They should give AOL whatever he needs to keep him.

                  I cannot wait to see how this plays out in the next few weeks. Popcorn!!!

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                  1. I would bet that the Disappearing acts have been completely schedule related. We have already figured out that “5 episodes missed” actually means a lot more than that due to the pre and/or post missed episodes being Danny-lite….

                    They write the episodes months before filminig – there is no way to properly write for the schedule of every little thing (for instance – weather – I mean that awful week they had when they filmed 8.20, they had to postpone filming at least a day for that) So for people to be complaining about the writing being the cause of this – no. It’s not the writing. Their complaints should go straight to PL’s and SC’s inboxes.

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                    1. Very well said Kim
                      As far as I could pick up over the past seasons, Scott is in Hawaii for 2 weeks and then off for 2 weeks. This means that he is not there for 50% of the time of filming.
                      In effect that means he is IN 5 episodes, he misses 5 episodes completely and then the other 15 episodes, he is there for half of the time of filming. It is actually a miracle that the writers and those who schedule it all, do give him as much screentime as they actually have managed over the last 4-5 seasons.

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                    2. Exactly! I think people (aka superfans) blaming the writers is absurd. Just because he is IN an episode doesn’t mean he was available for filming the whole 7/8/9 days. They should rather praise the writers, who – for whatever reason – write him in, which has to be really painful and complicated when you can’t do anything of importance with his character. I think this character has become utterly dannoying (at least for me) and he contributes nothing to get the job done. He is redundant. And it hurts the show.

                      Writers finishing the script. Open some beers.
                      EP: Hey, wait, you’ve forgotten something.
                      W: Hu?
                      EP: Scott’s in Hawaii that week.
                      W: Gah. How many days?
                      EP: Hm, maybe two?
                      W: How many lines?
                      EP: Round about five… but short ones.
                      W: *open beers* Ah heck, that is a pain. *drinks* No idea what he could say… *burp*
                      EP: Yep. Why not.

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                  2. Mama, could you help me with my Swiss cheese memory? I remember that Alex said he was open to negotiating a season 9 but I don’t remember if he actually said he wanted fewer episodes like SC. Did he say that? I agree that CBS would be stupid to not meet Alex’s demands if they aren’t crazy but it seemed that Alex has always been proud of being number one on the call sheet. Perhaps he would like some episodes to be less focused on only him and give his fewer scenes, not totally missing the episode? I personally and selfishly don’t want to have five episodes Steve free.

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                    1. I don’t recall ever reading that he said anything specific about the number of episodes. I was only surmising that might be his intent from the remark that he was prepared to be reasonable if they (CBS) were.

                      I have never believed he was motivated by money so if you eliminate salary from the equation, all that is left is time. We have all noticed reduced screen time for him this year even in those episodes where he was in one of the main stories, Possibly he would like some flexibility with the shooting schedule like Scott has now. How lovely if we could just end this speculation by having them announce he has signed for S9.

                      Swiss cheese speculation. I have some nice Jarlsberg in the fridge.

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                    2. I haven’t tried Jarlsberg. Being from Wisconsin I am into aged Cheddar and Asiago. Thanks for the offer though. Would love to have a US meeting of this group. I honestly couldn’t remember what I read when Alex said he would consider a ninth season. I am sure he would like some flexibility in his filming and maybe he would like to direct again. Yes…..I do not want to learn in July that he isn’t coming back, I would be done with the show.

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                    3. It is really weird because if Alex has signed or is close to signing and Scott has not worked out some kind of a deal yet, they may hold off any announcement for a while. I think Alex would like to stay for another year. Waiting this out is torture.


                    4. I think his words were something like “I’d need some help with the scheduling”, which i took to mean… please don’t run me ragged like i have been.

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            2. Why does Scott stay on the show after his contract was up after 7 years why keep signing new contract. I think he loves and needs the money which he does not need to do much for.

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      3. The Myth of McDanno?

        Were the hugs Danny gave to Steve also ad-libs by Scott in the early episodes and not intentionally written that way by the writers? Is that also true of the heart eyes and the “I love yous”?

        Did the writers think they had stuck gold with this direction? Is this why the carguments changed from disagreements about different attitudes toward police methods to bitchy personal attacks which were supposed to look like flirting but came off as just mean and nasty?

        If so, did the writers take into account that a tiny but vocal segment of the fan base was believing that the relationship between these two character was romantic and did they forget that there are gay men and women who also watch the show and don’t think two obviously heterosexual characters pretending to be gay is funny?

        And why is it that most of those who ship McDanno declare themselves to be heterosexual women?

        Was the whole McDanno thing just an accidental joke gone bad?

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        1. I just remember cringing when Danny did the heart shape when Steve was airlifted with his broken arm. A thumbs up would have seemed more natural. It just struck me that the show was trying too hard to build the buddy business with two characters who were so very different. It was too early to suddenly be brothers under the skin that they want us to believe now exists. McDanno fans need to face the fact that one half of their ship wants to sail away.

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          1. Or, if they can’t handle watching him sailing, then………………

            “Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane
            I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain
            Oh, and I can see Daniel waving goodbye”
            Elton John

            That song is going to be playing in my head for the rest of the day.

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            1. Yes, I will chip in for airfare. He doesn’t want to be there, why force him? Saw some comments on the 5-0 site asking if Danny would ever be an active member of the team again or if he would just stand around with his hands in his pockets. Seems we aren’t the only ones who are disappointed in the character.

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  7. Thank you for the review Sam and Cokie, I agree with you both 100%.
    I loved the kite scene, I wish it would have been a little longer.
    I really liked Jerry in this episode. Before watching the episode I though Jerry would be going undercover as a patient, oops, I was wrong.😉 I loved Steve’s pep talk. Life goal: think more like Steve.😎
    I love Duke, and really enjoyed his part of the episode as well. I absolutely loved when Duke was talking to his granddaughter on the phone and Steve grasped his arm to steady him. It was such a Steve thing to do.😊
    I’m not really believing Koa, and do not get me started on the hug. I don’t care if it was in the script or not is was VERY creepy.
    I do think that Duke’s going to end up with 5-0. Also, I wish Steve would have been the one who found Duke’s granddaughter, and YES to the black button down!😊 Thanks again ladies!

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  8. the spike/mcg scene was cute… but what was the point? I actually wondered if it was an actual RL event that happened while family visiting the set and they just decided to add it to the show.
    As far as the editing.. idk who is in charge of it but I suspect the EP. and I am no longer very impressed

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  9. Better buckle up, guys. Here we go.

    From Awwwww to Ewwwww in 44 minutes.

    The end.

    Ah, no. You know me, right? Can’t leave it as that.

    So first things first. How cute was the Alex/Spike scene? I’ll tell you: Really cuuuute! You could see how much Alex enjoyed this scene. (And I love it that obviously AOL is more and more a moving spirit of this show. Having fun with his step-son, directing and delivering his own storyline that has nothing to do with the restaurant or any kind of dannoyance.)

    Let’s jump to the Ewwwww. How cute was the hug scene? I’ll tell you: Absolutely not cute. Was it one of Danny’s ewwwnique ways the EP is talking about? Gag. She should have kneed him in the groin. It is freaking 2018 and there are still men out there thinking hugging a complete stranger for absolutely no reason is even remotely okay? Gah. It is not ok. From nobody. I HATE it when men do that. From the bottom of my heart. What was D thinking? That he is God’s gift to women? Good grief. What’s wrong with just shaking hands, hu?
    Man, I am annoyed with myself, because this person is not worth my fret and fume.

    Yet this scene in general was really great. Steve’s smile was so wonderful and I am always amazed about the layers of this man (actor). A BAMF, a badass, a leader, determined, leading and caring and some minutes later just damn cute, like a proud little boy. I esp. liked his smile to Tani. I hope she learned a thing or two about this man. She needs it and I applauded Lou’s talk to her in the elevator. I didn’t like Junior’s or Tani’s attitude towards the undercover job. I miss Kono and her dedication and respect.

    Another scene I think was perfect was the scene between Jerry and Steve. So well done. That’s what you do as a leader. Giving advice, pointing in the right direction, giving a little bit of yourself and then – show your trust by letting Jerry do his thing. Steve’s words about good cops losing sleep about unsolved cases was so true and showed exactly what kind of person Steve is. He is not a Cop, but he is a SEAL, was Naval Intelligence and we know he was a Special Investigator. I am pretty sure he lost a lot of sleep over his years in the Navy and with 5-0 too. But he never lost his compassion and sympathy. (And he has to deal with a so called friend who thinks he doesn’t know people, only ways to kill people. Gah, I am on a roll, am I? But I am soooo done. So so much).

    So. Let’s talk about the pink donkey in the room. Or better, not in the room. You know the people who are twisting the oreos and just licking the yummy cream? Seems that there actually is an ‘I’ in team. Draw an A. You’ll see. The way it is right now? I hurts the show. Period. In or out. It is easy.

    I didn’t mind the two storylines this time. I enjoyed them both. I loved seeing Jerry channeling his inner McG and the acting was great. The actor who played Harris? He was pretty amazing. This is what I mean, when I say I don’t care about famous actors. I care about acting, and this was perfect!

    There was a lot of good acting in this episode, of course Alex, who again showed a wide range of Alexpressions, but Chi too was great, he makes Lou one scary guy in the blue room. And let’s not forget Dennis Chun! He was so good, so many emotions! Kudos! I hope we see more of him.
    There have to be some repercussions for his actions. I mean it was not right. Understandable (although he should have called Steve) but wrong. Don’t know what should happen, he can’t stay with HPD or maybe they just degrade him… He could become a kind of intermediary agent between HPD and 5-0.
    All in all I really enjoyed this episode, with that I surprised myself, lol. If no one is going to surprise me I do it all on my own.
    Loved large and in charge Steve, telling HPD to stand down and being there for a friend and his family.

    Shallow Moment:
    The light blue shirt at the end… oyyyyy! Squee.

    Steve is no Oreo.
    He is good on the inside and the outside.

    (I did this without reading your review first. Now I am really curious. Am I the only one feeling strongly about things?)

    Liked by 5 people

  10. Kudos for your post, I’m with you! From Awww to Ewww sums it up well!

    I am probably not adding anything new here, there’s not much that hasn’t been said already.
    I, too was surprised how much I liked the episode, although it was rather McG light. But the few scenes that he was present he was large and in charge. I loved how he guided Jerry who took his words to heart. Steve listens to the people he calls Ohana and guides them, he cares and he leads.
    Where was a certain detective again during the action scenes? Oh never mind, I don’t even care anymore. He’s been reduced to the role of an extended extra.

    Mama Yorkie, I love your idea of Steve offering Duke a spot on the Task Force. He would be a wonderful asset.
    I admire Dennis Chun, a gentle soul, an ambassador both for the state of Hawai’i as well ad Five-0.
    I follow his posts and one a while back made me move to tears when he told the story of his late father, who played the male version of Kono on the original Five-O.
    Sam, having Duke join the team would fit in well with your recent story 🙂

    Calling the episode Duke centric was a bit exaggerated as it was rather Jerry heavy, but I enjoyed him having a bigger focus.
    Suggestion to the ones in charge: drop that stupid restaurant crap, which is taking away precious screen time and rather give that to the three wonderful local regulars who have to stand back for that.

    It wasn’t an episode I am going to rematch several times but I enjoyed it way more then I thought. Kudos to Jerry, he sought advice from McG, he listened and he got the job done. This is a way I can see him using his badge.

    But overall I miss the episodes from former seasons when things seemed…. well, just easier.

    Liked by 4 people

  11. I really liked this episode, and was very pleasantly surprised that I liked the Jerry story. I had my doubts they could pull of a mental hospital story. Serious doubts. However, the actor who played Harris was terrific – I really enjoyed his scenes. Jerry might have been better off doing this with a little bit (even a half ounce) of actual training under his belt, but it all worked out in the end.

    Stop it with making Tani and Junior look like knuckleheads please. One is a Navy SEAL and the other is a grown ass woman cop. Please stop making them act like two pre teens stuck on a 12 hour car ride with their parents. And – while I am on the subject – I need to vent at calling them “the kids” – Steve said it once and suddenly fandom can’t stop calling them that. They are not. They are professionals. I’d be pissed. I AM pissed, for them.

    The Duke story – was good to see Duke get featured. I’m not overly impressed with the quality of the storyline – it had a lot of convenient “finds” to solve. But it was great to have Dennis front and center. Which, coincidentally was NOT where Danny was during the final shootout – and I laughed heartily at that. Was he in the bathroom again?

    I LOVE the co-team review ladies. It is so great!

    Liked by 6 people

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