8.25 Press Release and Promo Pics


“Waiho wale kahiko” – McGarrett and Five-0 discover a Russian spy ring hiding in plain sight when a Russian nuclear attack submarine appears off the coast of Waikiki. Also, Tani is conflicted by her unnerving discovery at Adam’s house, on the eighth season finale of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, May 18 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

(“Waiho wale kahiko” is Hawaiian for “Ancients Exposed”)

I truly hope this be the last we see of this stupid restaurant thing. Please, Steve get out and give it all to Kamekona and Flippa. And I am very happy to see Nahele again.

Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett)
Scott Caan (Danny “Danno” Williams)
Chi McBride (Lou Grover)
Jorge Garcia (Jerry Ortega)
Ian Anthony Dale (Adam Noshimuri)
Meaghan Rath (Tani Rey)
Beulah Koale (Junior Reigns)
Taylor Wily (Kamekona)
Kimee Balmilero (Noelani Cunha)
Dennis Chun (Sgt. Duke Lukela)

Shawn Mokuahi Garnett (Flippa)
Kekoa Kekumano (Nahele)

Costas Mandylor (Vasili Shirokov)
David Meunier (Nikolai Malkin)
Dennis Keiffer (Yuri Petrov)
Joe Toro (Lead Agent)
Andrea Elizabeth Sikkink (Monica Shore)
Stanislav Abdullin (Submariner)
Rebecca Teresia (Young Woman)
M. Jenna Rose (Monica’s Teenage Daughter)

WRITTEN BY: Peter M. Lenkov & Eric Guggenheim
DIRECTED BY: Bryan Spicer

21 thoughts on “8.25 Press Release and Promo Pics

          1. Since you are not ready to share your entire experience, could you at least tell us if McBear and Cap’t Lou got into any pictures with a certain actor or actors who might resemble them?

            Now why do I have a feeling you will not respond?

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  1. So disappointed by the look of the photo’s and Steve face which is injured they are going to end season 8 how they started with the stupid, boring restaurant story that goes no where. What a wasted screen time this restaurant story has been when they could have given Steve a much better Story arc for season 8. To have this story line in the final when they could be setting up story lines for season 9. Plus this is a Crime procedural show. I what to see Steve in action solving crimes.

    A Russian Spy ring I wonder where is going. I hope Adam is the next Yakuza leader and becomes the next bad guy for five 0 that would fool every one but I don’t think the writers are that good to think of that.

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  2. I am not going to get my hopes up for this season finale because so often lately, I am disappointed. So I will expect “meh” but be pleasantly surprised if we get anything better than” meh”. And maybe the restaurant is really dead or we will get a hint that Kamekona is buying it at a steep discount from two guys who didn’t have a clue what a risky investment they made. Hopefully Danny will return to NJ but I am sure he will leave Steve holding the bag of debts (because he loves him and that is how he shows affection—aren’t they so cute together? Barf!)

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    1. Oh Mama, your frustration shows and I’m ready to join.
      I had so hoped they’d at least spare us in the finale. My guess is this started as a joke in the writers room and they put it in a script and the fandom was in uproar – in both ways. They have maneuvered themselves into a corner with that crap. Either the restaurant should’ve long opened or they need to get rid of it asap. It’s taking away screen time and is downright awful.
      Just because Danny might love Italian food doesn’t make him an expert in the risky restaurant business.
      If he wants to do it – fine! Give SC an amended contract with only a few episodes and the team can gather at his restaurant after finishing a case. But for heavens sake leave Steve out if it and let him do the job he was assigned to and takes great pride in – leading an elite Task Force!
      I really, really hope the pics with Kamekona in the restaurant point to him taking the rudder and then they’ll drop that topic or only mention it as an off-screen thing once in a while. But my hope is slim…
      The synopsis and pics don’t look promising at all.
      I’m guessing 8.24 will be way more exciting.

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  3. Steve will show Danny where to sign his leaving certificate.
    Then Steve will present Danny the lease, wrapped beautifully with a big blue bow.

    Dannoying is going to run this restaurant.
    He will call it ‘The Minced Liver’.
    That day Steve will celebrate with a 3 mile swim and hiking to the petroglyphes together with his BFF (best furry friend) Eddie.
    In the evening he will call Lou and the two best buddies grab a sixpack, go to Steve’s beach and discuss important restaurant topics. What if soy milk is just regular milk introducing itself in Spanish, that kind of stuff. At the end of the day they are still not sure if you’re the waiter when you wait for the waiter in a restaurant.
    The next week Steve will kick some asses and save the world.
    He goes to bed with a big smile.

    Good Bye Dannoying.
    Hello Steve McGarrett. The NoSlowMotionBamf.

    The Start of Season 9, Ladies and Gentlemen.

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  4. Dang……..I was praying for a fire in a certain establishment. I guess they sunk money into the darn set and felt they needed to use it all season to justify the cost. I still can’t understand how they thought a task force would have time to run a restaurant. I vote yes to Kamekona taking over and letting Flippa manage it since his food truck blew up. Not that I am sure they know anything about Italian food.
    Steve versus the Russians could be interesting if they don’t make that the minor plot line. At least our SEAL gets to do some action stuff. Now this could have been a good episode to include Harry but they blew that chance. I go into every episode with lower expectations than I used to and often have to satisfy myself with just watching Alex do his thing so well.

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  5. Sam and Cokie, can’t wait to see what intel you’ve got!!!! This could be a really good episode. I’m trying really hard to be optimistic.😉 I can’t believe Season 8 is almost over.


  6. I look forward to this episode and I agree I’m tired of the whole restaurant thing it’s silly.I miss Hawaii Five 0 the way it was in season 1 and 2 with McDanno and mcgarrett doing crazy things.


  7. It’s funny – last week, SWAT had an episode where there was a “nest of Russians” hiding out in LA.

    apparently some got away, boarded a submarine and took off for Hawaii to meet with their other nest of spies.

    I swear, there is an edict that goes out every year that all shows will tackle the same subject.

    And – that submarine must have AH-MAZ-ING cloaking capabilities! – Hello, it’s HAWAII – supposedly the first line of sea defense for the US –

    ~Pearl Harbor, is a Defensive Sea Area established by Executive Order No. 8143 of May 26, 1939. The area of water in Pearl Harbor, Island of Oahu Territory of Hawaii, lying between extreme high-water mark and the sea, and in and about the entrance channel to said harbor, with an area bounded by the extreme high-water mark, a line bearing S from the SW comer of Puuloa Naval Reservation, a line bearing S from Ahua Point, and a line bearing W from a point 3 miles due S from Ahua Point, has been established as a defensive sea area for purposes of national defense, and no persons (other than persons on public vessels of the United States) are permitted to enter this defensive sea area, and no vessels or other craft (other than public vessels of the United States) are permitted to navigate in this area, except by authority of the Secretary of the Navy. Permission to enter Pearl Harbor must be obtained in advance from Commander, Naval Base, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. ~ https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/pearl_harbor.htm

    And yes, I realize (boy do I ever, after 8 years of this) that realism and this show are diametrically opposed to one another. But I really have a hard time sometimes. with the amount of pakololo the writers imbibe in while writing scenarios. The Navy would’ve seen that sub coming days before it arrived. On one of the busiest beaches in the US.

    signed – a fed up nitpicker

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