Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.21

Danny didn’t crack me up.

I’ve seen an episode of Sesame Street. And the Cookie Monster shared some cookies. I love the Cookie Monster.

Have fun! leiCa


When you had to park next to a poorly parked car, that’s gone later. Now your car’s the only one standing diagonal in the parking lot. And you’ve got to kill everyone who’s watching.


Did you know that it is impossible to smile and to breathe out humming at the same time?*


His superpower? Knows the difference between being bored and being hungry. I’ve got no superpowers.


Things you hate during teamwork.

The team.



One cracker away from being happy. Thinks about having an intervention.


Crackers and cheese are a popular combination. So, thinking about art is anal cheese. Wait… ARTISANAL cheese! Artisanal! Geez, Steve, run! Sometimes space makes the difference.


Needs to shut down the computer. Installing updates 1 of 13569.


Take the Apple, she said. Take the Apple. That one time the man should have listened.


You must pay a fee to receive the 1080p edition.

(Ways to become rich.)


Steve’s cold. Nipple cold. Or it is because he boarded the…





Plans for the weekend.

Beer Beer Beer.

Bed Bed Bed.

*But I did make you smile, didn’t I? You can thank me later!

Have a nice weekend. Beware of getting kidnapped!

14 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. I might risk a kidnapping if I could be sure that Steve were to come to my rescue. He does great rescues. I would want a rescue that involved a hug at the end…….
    I think I am babbling. Great choices my friend. And yes, I caught that delightful change in the boat’s name. And the downloading of so very many updates. I too like the Cookie Monster and the pain and frustration on Steve’s face when Danny wouldn’t share was exactly what my face must have looked like watching the scene. Maybe Steve should hold an intervention on Danny to change his horrible behavior.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us once again. You do great work.

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  2. Where are the pictures of Danny? No adorable shots of him stuffing Animal Crackers in his mouth? Or refusing to share because that’s how he shows Steve how much he loves him? At least you have one of Steve looking like a starving puppy watching “He who shall not share” torture him by dangling the cookies in front of him and then behaving like a two year old. Perhaps Mama Williams parked little Danny’s little butt in front of Soap Operas or Roller Derbies when he was a kid instead of sitting next to him when he watched Sesame Street or Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood so she could explain that we should be kind and loving to others and share our Animal Crackers.


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    1. I’ve got no idea who Mr. Roger is but if he is anything like the Cookie Monster he is a better role model than Dannoying.
      And ask Cokie or Sam about my screams when I accidently snap Danny. Sometimes he photobombs the best scenes in an uncute and unfunny way, I can tell you that much. 😉

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      1. LeiCa:

        Fred Rogers was a Minister and the host of a children’s TV show which made use of Puppets, interacting with live performers, to help very young children understand those issues they might face every day. For example, kindness to others, empathy for other people’s problems. generosity (like sharing), forgiveness, etc. but most importantly, that they were special just the way they were. While Sesame Street dealt with learning letters and numbers in a fun way and puppets who also touched on social conflicts between the characters, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood provided a gentler atmosphere for the very young.

        A number of years ago, Fred Rogers was the speaker at a Commencement for a College Graduation and when he took the stage, there was a chorus of new graduates singing ” Ii’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood,,,,,” a tribute to a great man who impacted their lives as children.

        My guess is that there are a few people posting here who either watched him themselves or parents who watched with their children.

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  3. Okay leiCa, that is the LAST time I try to eat and read one of your posts at the same. Eating and laughing just don’t do great together, and of course I HAD to be eating crackers and cheese! 😂
    Thanks for making me smile!☺👍

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  4. Ok I like the one about cheese and crackers thanks now I crave that now or the one about shutting down the computer but there’s updates sort of like mine ha.Steve is going to freak if he doesn’t get food into his system and Danno doesn’t share with him which I gladly would share my animal crackers with Alex any day of the week.the wet T-shirt on Alex looks hot as hell and yes he has perky nipples in that scene and last but not least the bonus photo is yummy.Oh the perks of being a Alex O’Loughlin fan Mahola to all.

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    1. There is nothing more embarrassing as coming back to the parking lot and your car’s standing there all alone… and completely diagonal across at least two parking spots. Don’t you want to scream: “I had to park like this, believe me!!! The other cars made me do it.”

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