8.21 Review, kinda


Well, I must admit that I had high hopes for this episode. And what we got was rather disappointing and boring. Boring. It was simply boring.

And it bothered me that the second story line with Grover, Tani and Junior was actually the better one. The seasoned cop giving a teaching lesson to the young ones. That was nice to watch, but wasn’t really that interesting either.

And the McHarry Part? Yawn. Except for the few seconds on the yacht. But other than that? Nope, not a noteworthy episode. I won’t even waste my time with complaining about a certain character.

So, discuss it away. How did you like it?

29 thoughts on “8.21 Review, kinda

  1. Like you, i had high hopes. But it was a predictable, boring episode. I did like the yacht scene. Thought it was well done and loved when Steve popped down on the deck. The ending reveal was quite obvious throughout the show. I pegged that right off the bat.

    The second story was ok but not exciting. I did like Grover in the lead with the “younger” ones doing the work. 😊

    All in all, it was ok. I felt let down but that was because i had high expectations.

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    1. Pretty much my thoughts!
      It was an OK episode, nothing else.

      I didn’t want to talk about a certain someone, but I might as well. The so called “expert dad” didn’t even bother to share some food with his “best friend” who -after all his health scares- might need a boost for his blood sugar level just as much as his son, he was talking about? Yeah sure… snort… 😉

      I was positively surprised by the second case and the old school detective work, but that’s not the 5-0 I hope to see.

      Love McHarry but feel HH’s potential was kinda wasted in this episode. I’d really like him to come back in S9 but then I hope to see him more in a way like we did in 7.02.
      Here’s to hoping for better episodes, just like last week!

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        1. This is all I had to say about the cracker scene:
          Last week Steve’s friend climbed a tree to get him a drink. This week his other friend refused to give him a cracker. 😎. No wonder he enjoyed his “Catch up” with Cath.

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  2. I just honestly don’t know why they can’t find another plot point besides kidnapping and human trafficking to highlight. An elite task force.

    HH was fun to see again, although he could’ve been back for something more interesting than this. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz

    Glad to hear that even McG is bored with Adam’s story,

    Funniest thing all night was them showing the Motel – a 2 story motel, then having Lou purposely say the murder happened on the ground floor – and THEM STILL being idiotic enough to say that the video was shot in the attic crawl space. Whaaaa?

    Also – when they remodeled the motel the guys closing up the vents didn’t bother to notice the setup in the attic. This is the stuff that makes me crazy.

    Eh, it was bound to be a letdown after last week.

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    1. If a kidnapping was vital to the story idea of Harry and Steve coming to her rescue, then wouldn’t it be more interesting to have it be a stalker who grabbed her? Selling her to a rich prince was dumb but a disturbed person who was a royal fanatic could have made the story more complex.


  3. I agree with all of you. This episode had potential but ended up fizzling. Harry was great in his first appearance but like all great characters he has been reduced to being written for laughs rather than the super spy we were introduced to. He lost his appeal for me.
    The other crime of the week was ok but just barely ok. Can we never talk about Adam again please. I hope he is gone for good and with him that storyline.

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    1. I agree with you all. I loved Harry in his first episode in season 7 with a good story line but now like all guest stars Harry is just written for Laughs like Sang Min just for laughs as well. They could have had Harry in one of the episode with out Danny and have a good story line with just Steve and Harry.

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  4. I also felt this episode was disappointing. As many have said, the yacht portion was the only fun. Harry and Steve work so well together. I will comment on the “good “ friend who wouldn’t share. He is a whiny child who is nasty to his supposed friend a stalks his daughter on line. No wonder we don’t see her much (yes I am aware she is now in LA). I realize there were holes in the cold case but I liked how Lou had the kids thinking of ways to solve it. Of course the writers didn’t do their due diligence but it was more interesting story wise than the spoiled teen royal. Why if Harry was meeting Steve and Danny for lunch was he required to shop with her first?

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    1. Why couldn’t her mother take her shopping?
      Why couldn’t Steve and Danny have gone on ahead to the restaurant to wait for Harry?
      Why couldn’t Steve and Harry have gone on ahead to the restaurant to wait for Danny since he was the one giving fashion advice?
      Why was this scene even written?

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      1. Amen sister! This was only a vehicle to have Danny be an a$$ and to make a British agent look just as dumb as the writers have decided to make a Navy SEAL.

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      2. Someone might have recognized her mother…after all she’s 34th in line for the throne! Danny couldn’t have been a pisant if they’d gone on ahead… plus that bickering is how they show their love for one another dontchaknow… wouldn’t want to miss out on a sec of that! If 3 had happened, they could’ve totally blamed Danny for losing her. I got nothin’ for 4.

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  5. I enjoy Harry and McG together.. 2 mostly adults. I barely notice the short guy anymore… sort of like an annoying buzzy fly. Still not sold on Tani but she was less grating in to me in this ep I enjoyed the “old fashioned’ police work thought they used ‘new fangled’ tech to acoomplish some of it. IMO, anything except more Catching up with Cath was gonna be a let down. LOL

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  6. Love it when Harry and Steve get together. And really Tani has IMHO done more than Kono has in the latter’s seven whole seasons
    But IMHO think that Lou is #2 and really despite what happened in Chicago years ago, When Steve is not there.
    Lou teaching the “kids” but really I give it a 6/10.
    Only Harry and Steve teaming together made it a bright spot. Kind of wished Lou was there in the shop to tell the teenage girl about how to wear and give her fatherly advice.


  7. I was disappointed. Here was the potential for a really good story with Steve and Harry doing their thing, and except for the end scene on the yacht, they wasted precious screen time going shopping. Maybe the reason Danny is not there much is because he spends all his time at the Mall indulging Grace in the latest teenage fads. And who besides a two year old refuses to share? Do the writers want to make Danny appear to be a jerk? If so, then why?

    So Danny can sense the royal pain is really Harry’s biological daughter. It must have been before his marriage to his late wife, whom he loved. Was the point to show us that Danny made this leap because he also slept with a married woman and got her pregnant? Can he smell infidelity? Here’s an interesting skill for a supposed detective.

    The B story with Grover and the kids was the better of the two and that is not saying much. It’s always a pleasure to see Grover teaching and maybe that should be his main focus with the two new recruits. Tani was not annoying this week, so maybe the writers got the message that her behavior in the Library was not funny. The actress is very good at delivering one liners and I hope the type of lines written for her in the exchange with the library patron won’t be written for her again. She deserves better. She could wind up being a great character.

    After 820 I thought we would get two great shows in a row. I was wrong. And if you factor in that 820 was preempted and many viewers went directly to news stations for further information and the numbers for 821 only reflected a few more viewers, then a Danny-less 820 did much better than an infantile Danny in 821. Which just goes to show that the viewers have been conditioned to not notice when the character is missing.

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  8. The best parts of this episode was Danno not sharing his animal crackers with Steve The girl on the computer saying well hello Steve Mcgarrett damn girl has good taste especially when it comes to Alex. And finally a wet t-shirt on Alex after he went all badass SuperSeal on that dude on the boat not to mention him throwing a guy off the deck of a boat.


  9. I was totally disappointed. They’ve watered down Harry. Danno disturbs the McHarry chi with his petulance and disgusting table manners. The kids’ case just didn’t interest me. And I learned the Harry actor is an ass to women.

    The boat scene was awesome. Open with that and then do MORE of it, Show! That’s the money shot! McG at large and in charge! Badass McHarry! That’s the sale!

    Dumbass writers…you bury the Lead every ep these days.

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  10. I agree that this was an ok episode.
    The “Hello Steve McGarrett” part was pretty good.😉 I loved Steve and Harry on the yacht, THANK YOU writers for NOT having a certain someone in that scene. Lou does a great job teaching the “kids” not just telling them what to do but teaching and letting them learn. I wish we got to see more of him and Steve together in the field. Junior had some good moments. I wonder if all SEALs are super fast healers or just the two on 5-0.😉
    Things I didn’t like: Danny, Danny, Danny, oh and Danny. In the words of Forrest Gump “That’s all I have to say about that.”
    Tani had to borrow a knife? She needs to study Gibbs Rule #9😎 Where was Jerry? I’m not a big fan of his, but a mysterious betamax tape showing up at 5-0 seems like his kind of thing. Wish there would have been more action. I don’t like shopping and I really don’t like watching a spoiled kid do it.
    This episode made me feel old, when they were talking 25 yrs ago I was thinking the 80s then when they said the 90s, I thought “no… Can’t be… I’m not…. Crap!! I’m getting old!”😎

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  11. Don’t we have all this one friend who sits right in front of you, then opens a bag of chips, a bag of crackers or a bar of chocolate and then eats it all on his own without even bothering to offer you some of it?
    No? Oh. Higher friend-standards? Applause.

    Don’t we all have this one friend whose thumbs are too goofy to even handle his smart phone? This one friend who does not bother to change this because it would be very useful for his job and then – maybe – he would finally get a promotion? This one friend who suddenly puts a good deal of effort becoming tech-savvy so they can spy online on their kids?
    No? Because you would kick his ass? Applause.

    I found the Betamax storyline boring. And ridiculous. Zooming in a betamax tape, seeing the room number on a key chain? Good grief, and then the car lights → ground floor → ???? Attic? What?
    It is sad because I love seeing Chi doing his thing. He is great.

    The scene on the boat was by far the best thing in this episode. But they don’t need Harry for these scenes. They’ve got a SEAL!

    And Danny? Well, he sat and ate. He looked into a laptop. Wow. Exhausting day.

    Who didn’t know that the royal PITA was Harry’s daughter? It was clear like a day right from the beginning. Steve knew it too. He wasn’t the slightest bit surprised as Danny brought up the subject. It wasn’t Steve’s business, let’s face it, H and D are the ones who know something about having unprotected sex with married woman.

    Still not into NHH. Nope.

    The scene when he was searching the changing rooms? Seriously? Hubby has a more desperate look on his face when he’s going through the sock drawer not finding his beloved, favorite light blue polka dotted socks.
    Annoyance, wonder, doubt, hectic, desperation – that’s the development of facial expressions all clearly seen in hubby’s face.

    And I won’t bore you with the finer details after I had to tell him I threw them away because they had a hole and he slowly, ever so slowly picks up the orange ones with the green and blue diamond-shapes.
    “Don’t talk to me unless you’ve got some light blue dotted socks for me.”

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    1. Applause. 😊 And no, thankfully I don’t have such friends. If I had, we wouldn’t be friends for long. Or I would teach them some manners and respect.
      One thing though, I am sure they digitalized the tape and then zoomed in. That you can do. 😉


        1. leiCa AGAIN wins the review comment section!

          I’m just saying – if you’re kept up at night worrying about your partners health – (it was probably gas) then MAYBE you would be concerned about his health TO HIS FACE when he says he is hungry.

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    2. I can see it now…9.1…
      Dannoying FINALLY pushes Steve to far and Steve kicks Danny’s ass. Danny whinnes and complain and tries to get charges brought against Steve, but EVERYONE on Oahu sides with Steve. Even Rachel, Grace, Charlie, and Melissa.
      Granted it would not be a fair fight, but I’m okay with that. I’d even pay to see it!😉

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