Guests on Five-0

If you remember, Sam promised that today we would have a post about “future guest stars she would love to see on Five-0”.  That was her post, verbatim.

So far, she has come up with zilch. I suggested someone and suddenly, I was asked for a post for the blog. So, here it is. Very professional and very thought out… in the 20 seconds it took to type the above.  🙂

Have you had your thinking caps on? Who would you like to see on Season 9? Do you have a specific actor you would love to watch? Or do you have a character you would like to either see again or to introduce?

I thought of a couple I will throw out there.

First, I loved Jason Dohring and Alex playing in Moonlight together. I would love seeing Jason as a former Navy friend of Steve’s. A friend who (a) is good and doesn’t turn bad; and (b) doesn’t die.  I would love a flashback, but have them friends in present day. You know Steve has friends in the Navy and also on the island. It would be fun to see some of them. NOT Dog… I’m not sure how he ended up on there.

My second thought for guest stars are none other than McBear and Captain Lou. I’m sure they could add a thing or two to the ensemble and teach Danny a thing or two about acting.


27 thoughts on “Guests on Five-0

  1. I loooooove the idea of Jason Dohring…Alex’s first bromance! Would be awesome for him to play another SEAL buddy. Show has totally not taken advantage of McGs SEAL connections.

    Also I used to tweet the writers to bring on Shannon Sosoman, who played Coraline on Moonlight. I loved the character and Shannon is Hawaiian. So she could be an ex from high school or something. It’s always irked me there’ve been no old girlfriends around McG. Cos you know they’d be bringing h8m pies and reconnecting…cos LOOK at him!

    Otherwise I would like to see PapaMcG again, Joe White, McMama, and Cath. More than in one ep, Cath.

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  2. Oh I totally agree with Jason. They certainly have had past Moonlight actors on before, Jordan Belfi for one. Maybe David Blue who played Logan, he and Alex used to be good friends. I would not mind either seeing Sean Combs again. His appearance was interesting and he could have a crime bring him back to the island. I wouldn’t mind a visit from Doris with Joe to finish that whole storyline.

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  3. I would LOVE to see some of Steve’s SEAL guys, and people he grew up with.
    As far as a guest star…. Tom Selleck as Magnum. My second favorite show shot in Hawaii.😉

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  4. I’m not good at coming up with stars (i don’t keep up with many), but I have always thought Magnum P.I. needs to show up at some point – the original, not the new one. All of ya’ll’s suggestions are great too.

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  5. David James Elliott, (the actor from J.A.G)
    Gary Sinese
    Sela Ward
    Tom Hiddleston
    Mark Harmon
    Cote De Pablo
    Christine Baranski
    Lady GaGa
    Kerry Washington
    Chita Rivera
    Alan Alda
    Josh Grobin
    Mikhail Baryshnikov

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      1. He has the benefit of being very involved with the welfare of our soldiers and he is apparently a friend oft he EP. So maybe he gets two thumbs up.

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    1. BTW, this is a wish list only. I doubt more than three are even serious possibilities but I can dream that the god of Mischief vacations on the Islands, can’t I.

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    2. Oh, I loved JAG and David James Elliott! He had my heart before AOL came along and stole it. There were a couple other TV hotties in between, but I obsess about one actor at a time over here.

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      1. David James Elliott looks amazing in uniform too. When NCIS ends I hope they re-boot JAG. Then they will have come full circle.


  6. yes jason would be great . I love any time the show has a moonlight reference like the delicate flower comment, And the I like candy song in the car. I think it would be great if one of steve’s old seal mates is from Australia. where steve spent some time training or working and he can let out a little of that special accent we all love, His friend needs to be hot and fun and snarky,Also that guy Bear the survivalist not sure on his last name, He could take the team on a survival trip to make money for kids on the island , or a tourism thing, things turn bad and the team has to really survive and take care of him. I could see junior telling him to boil his plant to make a medicinal drink, steve will put mud on his cut. Tani could make a weapon out of a tree limb, and jerry and lou could make fire using their glasses, lol . i just hope who ever the guest stars ate this season they are fresh and exciting .


  7. To be honest, I am never really interested in (sometimes so-called) famous whoever people on show. Though, I would love to see George Takei again. Just because I adore this man.
    I think I would love more unknown local actors on show. You know, people who would be happy to have a job ‘at home’.
    When it comes to VIPs I am all for McBear and Captain Lou. OK, they just have one facial expression but the one they’ve got is lovable!
    (And a big fat NO to J. Dohring. No scientologists for me… Not interested.)

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    1. Oh poop! Jason is a Scientologist? So disappointed to hear that.

      And hellls yeah to George Takei! Tho his nephew Chin is no longer around… 😦

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    2. Really? I never heard that about Dohring before.

      I’m not a fan of ‘big names’ on shows. I’m rather interested in people who can act. I don’t care if they are famous or not.


    3. While I am not a scientologist fan……don’t get it one bit, I don’t hold an actor’s beliefs against them. I don’t believe that Jason makes a big deal of it and he had good chemistry with Alex.


  8. I don’t really like the hyped guest star thing – it reminds me way too much of The Love Boat.

    Which reminds me that I STILL think we will see Charo on the show at some point. So, I guess my vote is for Charo – I can see her “Coochie Coochie” -ing to Steve.


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