Wishes for season 9

I know, it’s still a bit early for a wish list for season 9, since we don’t even know yet who will be part of it. I guess, Alex is a pretty sure bet. Anyone else is pure speculation at this point.

But one can wish, so here is my list.

Let us know in the comments what you hope to see next season.

First of all, I wish for more and better crime episodes. One crime, one episode. Stop trying to get three story lines into one episodes, it simply doesn’t work. I wish we would get the team working on just one case per episode.

I hope we will get some awesome action next season. I hope for hand-to-hand combat. They now have two SEALs on the show. Use them. Their stunt team is a capable bunch, I am sure they can deliver awesome action without putting any of the actors at risk.

Get rid of THE most annoying storyline. Shut down that stupid restaurant. It’s not funny, it’s totally unrealistic, and in my eyes, the most annoying part of the show. Just stop it.

If Danny will be in season 9, please stop making him look like a jerk. It’s unbearable. I wish they would write him like a real friend, like a good officer. He’s neither. So, please, change his character, or get rid of him.

Don’t bring back Adam. No more boring stuff. Please?

I hope to see McG senior again. I would love to see William Sadler reprising his role in another flashback, preferable with Steve. I also liked the younger version.

I would like an answer to the question if Steve is still in the reserves? If so, could you please reactivate him for a mission? Or give us one of his last missions before he became the head of Five-0. Anything related to his Navy career would be awesome.

NO more Danny family members. Please, I don’t think I could survive another one of those people. Although, his sister was kind of OK. 😉

Joe White and Doris would be cool to see again.

Alicia as a consultant would be the absolute best. Seriously, it would be awesome to have her on the show for a few episodes over the season.

More Grover with Steve. Please. They are so darn good together. Please write a few stories where they work together, or hang out, or whatever. Anything will be fine.

NO more Grover backstory. That was plenty, and I think we should be done with it. Thank you very much.

That pretty much concludes my wish list. OK, well, not quite. 😉

Yes, I want Catherine back. I don’t want them to jump into a romantic relationship right away, but I want her back so they can work on it. They are still great friends. They still care deeply about the other. I want Steve to have a really great friend by his side, someone who knows him, who gets him. Who knows all his demons. And that person is Catherine. She’s the one. They are not in a position to be ‘together’ right now, but they are still close. And I would love to see her back on the show. Not with Five-0, not even in every episode. I just want her to be there. Because, she is an awesome character just on her own. And Five-0 lacks someone like her big time. So, please bring her back.

That’s it… for now.

Tomorrow, I will make a post about future guest stars I would love to see on Five-0. Think about who you would like to see, and we’ll talk about that tomorrow. Anyone is fair game. But please not on this post, hold your horses until tomorrow. 😉



27 thoughts on “Wishes for season 9

  1. Man, it’s like you can read my mind! Love all of yours…100% behind you. ❤

    So pleased you included Alicia, who I love. Loooove the SEALs should do some SEALy stuff. And OMG yes to the 1ep 1crime…they don’t do well with 2split stories and now they’re doing 3 and it’s LOSER TV!!! 😡

    And definitely yes to McRoll! Friends, partners, lovers, I’m good with whatever, but she’s my fave character after McG. And just like in RL, the buttheads in the fandom hold her to a higher standard than any other character…so just bring her back and ignore the buttheads. 😉

    Btw, I fangirled over Harry the other day and a butthead reprimanded me that I’m not allowed to like guys cos of my frequent call outs of misogyny on Show. 😆 So if I’m against sexism and discrimination vs women, I must hate men and am not allowed to like any dude. Even fictional ones 🙄 … the stoopid was strong in that one.

    Only thing I’d add is I hope they keep Eddie and I’d prefer a McEddie adventure to the EddieJr one we got. 🙂

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  2. Sam, you summed up a lot of my wishes for the show. I strongly agree on the one crime an episode and let it be one worthy of a task force. The island has a competent HPD so they shouldn’t be working on cases that are for the police to solve.
    Yes to burning down that darn restaurant. It was one thing when they talked of it as a retirement move but just plain dumb to be happening while they are on the job.
    I do like the idea of more of a look at Steve’s past….that could involve Catherine….but also more people he has served with. They have Pearl there, that has to mean that people Steve served with should be present. And they don’t have to be bad guys like Taylor in season one. Perhaps a crime that involves the Navy that has 5-0 working with NCIS and I am not talking crossovers but there must be some agents in Hawaii with that big a base there.
    Amen to Danny becoming human. There is no need to get rid of the character but they could make him grow up. Maybe he could hit his head and wake up a kinder, more thoughtful person. Or they could send him back to Jersey.
    I would love for Catherine to leave the CIA and get some type of job on the island. Perhaps a civilian contractor with Pearl. She does not need to be a regular but a story arc or occasional appearances that shows them rebuilding their relationship would be lovely. But the writers need to make it a grown up story and not the cutesy, awkward stuff they like to play with.
    Back stories on the other characters are okay if they don’t become the main focus of many episodes. Tidbits can be thrown in but yes…..Grover’s past has been explored enough. No more Williams clan please. Never ever again. I wouldn’t mind a bit more on Tani and Junior to round out the characters, however it doesn’t have to have a whole episode devoted to that. It is possible to tell backstory within the crime solving story.
    Yes to flashbacks that involve John McGarrett.
    I am sure there is more but right now that is my wish list.

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  3. I would love to see more Eddie either on the case or just keeping Steve company
    I agree we need to see more Steve and Grover working together love their friendship and how it grew in season 4 I want more in season 9
    More stories to do with Navy Seals about Steve Past, present or flash backs, old fiends from his Navy days or maybe a five 0 case where Steve has to go to sea on a ship but more than just on episode
    All the team working on one crime one episode with a good story lots of action better writing. Not trying to do three story lines in one episode not enough time for that.
    Would love to see Taryn Manning show up in season 9 as Steve sister and her daughter.
    In season 9 we will get the 200th episode which would be episode 9.07 I hope we get a really good story and loads of action like the 100th and 150th episodes
    Like to see Steve and Junior teaming up more
    Shut down the stupid restaurant
    No more McDanno episodes they are a waste of time and make Steve and Danny look like idiots and not funny at all,
    Love to have Catherine back not just for one episode but a good story arc to help get Steve and Cath back together. I don’t want Cath of the five 0 team she needs her own job.
    I would love to see Danny and Rachel more stories with them

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    • Yes to Taryn and sister Mary!!!! We suffer thru repulsive Danno relatives flying all the way from Jersey…Mary and Joanie can’t get in from Cali more often?

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  4. Agree with all your wishes for season 9! Hope to see McRoll, but if not hope Steve gets a new girlfriend who is Hawaiian or Asian.
    It would be good to see more people from Steve’s past & also tie up all plot loose ends, but I am probably really dreaming on that one!

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  5. Great list!! Thank you for your insight concerning Catherine!! You hit the nail on the head!! I know she is a polarizing character but she is and always will be the only woman for Steve.

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  6. I would love to see more of Hawaii in the episodes , Island culture , beautiful scenery , places to eat. etc. Steve surfing , fishing . i would love to see more Eddie, I would love for Steve and Catherine to get back together slowly,, very slowly, No more restaurant, no more dumb dialogue between Steve and Danny, Yes Yes yes to more navy seal stuff., back stories . I really want to find out if Steve really has radiation exposure or is he possibly rejecting the organ Danny gave him and is two good of a friend to hurt Danny . i want action adventure GOOD story telling and only one story an episode, I want Steve and his fellow officers to show respect and be respected, I have high hopes for season 9 .will always be an aol girl and fan, thanks for this great site

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  7. With you on most of it. We are like at episode 15 .. the uncle Vito one. So far this season I think I have wanted to punch Danny about 15 times .. lol. His character never used to be this annoying. McDanno at the moment is driving me nuts. Grover and Steve has taken over. Love it. Need more.
    And yeah the restaurant has to go. That was one thing I agreed with uncle Vito on .. burn it down now. Good job I live in Scotland or I would.
    Would be good to see more Alicia.. yeah bit not with Steve .. ever!
    Some things also left hanging.. what’s happening with Steve’s illness.
    Tani and her brother.. Would like yo see that develop too. Ano there is a Junior and his family story but I ain’t seen that.. so eager for that.
    Agree with Grovers background.. let it go. It’s done. Where’s his wife though?
    Some more Jerry too .. Love Jerry.
    Now Catherine… I don’t hate her .. Am allowed to have an opinion here. Yeah they get each other but if Steve was my friend i would say .. if you can have her as a friend then go for it but do not ever let her in again.


  8. I guess I jumped the gun a little and posted my wish list too early.😉
    I agree with you all the way Sam! I’m really hoping to see some BadAss SEAL action and some flashbacks would be awesome. I’ve been wondering about Steve’s status with the Navy too. If he is still in the Reserves, I’d love an episode with him in his Camos, or his Dress Whites.

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  9. I want to see more Steve episodes less Adam he is so damn boring Danny he’s just yea don’t know what the hell is going on with him no Catherine for me that is friend zone only need more Eddie that’s what I want to see happen


  10. I want a McRoll wedding and hopefully the birth of the McRoll triplets, delivered in the back of the pickup truck by a ” I know I can do this” McGarrett. And I want Cath to tell him exactly what she plans to do to him if he so much as smiles at her again. I can totally see them having this conversation,

    If Danny must stay, then I hope we will see him on a very limited basis, and perhaps he can put his relationship back together with Rachel. And please let him leave the H50 task force to do something else. Anything else. But I want McDanno to end because the interactions between McGarrett and Dannoying have gone from mildly amusing to downright nasty. They are the Heart Burn and Soulless part of the show.

    Give Grover more action scenes in which he acts lawfully and not like he did with the whole Chicago story. I may also be in the minority about not liking the whole suicide story because I believe those negotiations should be left to professionals and McGarrett had no business making that call. I will refrain from mentioning 818.

    Also, totally agree with the desire to never see or hear another member of the Williams family.

    Please bring on Chris Vance to pick up the slack when a certain member of the ask force is not available. McHarry works better because Steve and Harry understand each other and have skills which compliment each other. Please let 821 be Harry’s audition to become a member of the the team or give him an ongoing arc where he assists the team. I am neutral on Alicia. Do not care either way.

    Stop writing Tani as the obnoxious new addition and learn from the Library scene. The writers want to show us she is a badass like Kono but at least Kono respected the people she was hired to protect and didn’t use her badge to intimidate innocent citizens. Keep Junior growing and learning from McGarrett. He already has the right skills.for as S.E.A.L Now let McGarrett train him to be a cop.

    Hire someone to check the scripts for continuity. Put the scars back where they belong, review past stories so that the characters are not OOC. Make it clear to wardrobe that sleazy is not sexy unless you are an adolescent boy with arrested development. Make that clear to the writers too.

    Don’t give Steve any more life treating diseases. Enough is enough.

    No more kidnappings.

    Tie up loose stories, like Doris’ relationship with WoFat’s father or whether John knew Doris was alive or why Joe White kept lying to Steve.

    Let Adam and Kono remain on the mainland and be happy. If we see Kono again, make it the series finale. I have no hope of Chin ever returning, That bridge was burned.

    Use the new regulars and give them something more than two lines every six weeks.

    And now for the hardest part. Write roles for women of all ages in which they are respected, and portrayed as smart and good at what they do and not just window dressing or worse yet, evil monsters who are behind every bad thing that happens on the islands.

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  11. There are some things I would like to see of course.
    But in my darkest, deepest inside there is no list.
    There are just two words.


    (Well, actually there are more than two words because this wish is always linked with a ton of non-ladylike cuss words! Ask hubby.)

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