Season 9


The confirmation for season 9 is just in. 🙂

Congratulations to everyone involved in the show. Whatever you think of the one or other episode… nine seasons is an enormous accomplishment.

Personally, I am very happy to get another season. Of course, now we need to get the news that the right people have signed on for the new season. 😉

Credit for the news and picture to Peter Lenkov

26 thoughts on “Season 9

    1. Come on, GNP! You’re coming to the McRoll wedding next season aren’t you? Maybe the same guy who wrote 820 will do a few more episodes. He was terrific.

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  1. Congratulations to all the cast and crew for season 9. Hoping Alex will be there as well Michelle for more than one episode but a big arc story line.

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  2. I am happy but do need to hear that Alex is on board. I can’t see CBS going ahead without him but I don’t trust PL. he doesn’t value his number one lead.

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  3. Great news! I was like 99% sure about the renewal, but it does feel good to have it confirmed now.
    I am absolutely confident in Alex’ return, as for others – it remains to be seem. An earlier tweet from TVline stated “The season 9 Five-0 pickup all but confirms that stars Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan -whose contracts were due to expire next month- will be sticking around”.
    Interesting phrase….

    I sure hope someone else will be there 🙂

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      1. Thank you. That was my was thought when I read that. But I am confident/very hopeful that AOL will be back. The other guy I don’t know or care about. I have money riding on McHarry.

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  4. Now I finally get why Jerry was part of the Steve-Cath story line. He was the chaperone. The writers can’t have them doing the horizontal Tango until next year. ( and it was supposed to be a deserted island, so…………)

    And when Cath asked if he really meant to give her the ring, it was similar to when she was getting on the plane in 707 and he asked what she would have said if he asked her to marry him. This was no accident. Finally, a writer who believes in continuity.

    I have watched that part several times and I am struck by the look they gave each other before she climbed out of the pit. That eye contact—that was love.

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  5. Whew! I was getting a little nervous. My trust level of PL is around 80/20, I do believe he has a plan, but it’s great to know Season 9 is a sure thing.☺

    My wishes for Season 9:
    Steve and Cath’s wedding
    24+ awesome episodes, like 8.20 ( I will be generous to the writers, they can have one “great” episode)😉
    NO restaurant
    A certain someone moves to the mainland

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  6. Glad it is on season 9. Plus think that they need to really tone down the restaurant thing. If not get rid of it. Plus make Alex a producer and have a say in the show. It is time for him to do that.


    1. This is from today’s TV LINE:

      Question: Thanks so much for confirming the good news re: Hawaii Five-0‘s renewal. Any word on Scott Caan’s contract for Season 9? I’m (perhaps foolishly) assuming Alex O’Loughlin is set, but my anxious lil’ Danny-loving heart would love to know if both boys are back. Can’t imagine the show without them both. Cheers! —Lisa
      Ausiello: I’m hearing they will both be back.


  7. Congrats to the cast and crew, and here’s hoping there’s more good than bad next season. Like GNP, that’s about all I got.

    As for who is back and who is not – I don’t see why everyone wouldn’t return, maybe scott ups his episodes off to 6, like this year, which would be a good start. Alex may just want some extra episodes off as well, which would be horrible.


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