8.20 Review


8.20  –  He lokomaika’i ka manu o Kaiona

Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth) recruits McGarrett and Jerry to help her track down a uranium deposit thought to be hidden on an abandoned Hawaiian island before a suspected terrorist can make dirty bombs with it. Also, when Junior falls and is trapped in a ravine, he reflects on his estranged relationship with his father, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 13 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated He lokomaika’i ka manu o Kaiona to Kind is the Bird of Kaiona

So, here we go again. We hope you don’t mind that you get another double-review. (The review for 8.19 will be up later this week. Didn’t have any spare time to post it.)

Three storylines again which is at least one too many. And the one that was the “one too many” was the Adam finale. I just have a few questions that I’m sure none of you can answer.

First, they made a huge production of making Adam a “regular”. And now he is leaving to return to the mainland. Yes, he has another show, I get that, but why do the regular bit. Did they not know how this storyline would end? Maybe not.

That is actually a really good question. Maybe they had to offer it so that he came on board? No idea. It makes no sense to me. They said right from the start that this was a story-arc, so why more than a guest star? On the other hand, one of the main characters is nothing more than a guest star in my eyes. And before you get your panties in a twist, this opinion has nothing to do with the actor, or the fact that I don’t like the character. I find it more than questionable to have a main member of the elite task force constantly on vacation. Even if he’s in an episode, Danny’s barely there. In my eyes the detective brings almost nothing to the force. So, he does not belong in the position he seemingly holds. And personally, I think his role should be called guest actor. Because he really isn’t in 20 out of 25 episodes. Due to scheduling he’s barely in half of them, if even that. Not that I’m complaining, I could go without him completely, as this episode again proved.

But that is not the point. But it’s really not important what one is called, regular, guest, or whatever. Speaking of what one is called. I am glad that Alex is not an EP on this show. He wouldn’t have any influence anyway, BUT he would be liable for any and all law suits. And there have been the one or other already. So, I guess it might be a good thing that he isn’t. Does he deserve the title? Hell, yeah. But what’s a title if you don’t have any say? Same goes for title of ‘regular’.

That is my nit, but I have to say I’m not sorry he is leaving. IAD is a great actor and he had a lot of potential but as I’ve said before, this story just didn’t hold my attention. It took up too much time from the real task force. I never had a good feeling about Jessie and she lived up to my expectation of her. As for Adam, I have a couple of thoughts. One, he still had one foot in the Yakuza with all the money that he had from his dad. I distinctly remember him telling Kono and others that he was over with that life and had cut all ties. Apparently not.

Yes, I completely agree with you here. IAD is an actor I like watching. He’s good at what he does, and he’s nice to look at. But Adam was just boring since he met Kono. He was such an interesting character back in season two. With so much potential, but then Kono came along. Sigh. And I always said using his father’s blood money is just the same as doing the dirty work himself. You can’t use, or work with the drug lord’s money, and actually think you’re doing something good by laundering the money into ‘legit’ money. That is what Adam did. And that is just as illigal as making that blood money in the first place.

And still have no answer why he wasn’t arrested back in season 2, for kidnapping Kono, for assaulting the head of the governor’s task force (Yes, holding a gun, threatening an officer of the law IS an assault. No physical assault needed for the charge.) and for kidnapping and torturing Joe White. And I am sure there were quite a few other crimes he could have been charged with.

Back then Alex said in an interview Steve doesn’t trust Adam. Shortly later they were best buddies. So much for what Alex knows will happen on the show. 😉

Two, he killed his sister. Pre-meditated murder after he made sure he had an alibi lined up. Not exactly the poster boy for task force material. By doing this, he nullified Steve’s trust in him. Steve has gone to the FBI numerous times on Adam’s behalf and where does that leave Steve now? No matter what the reason, that isn’t the way to treat a person who has trusted you and gone out on a limb for you several different times. Not cool, Adam, but I wish you and Kono well. Please stay in Nevada or Nebraska or wherever your wife is. Maybe you aren’t welcome in Hawaii anymore.

First of all, we don’t know if he killed his sister. That was cleverly done. They can go either way with this, although Steve suspects Adam at least made plans to do so. If he actually did it… that remains to be seen.

Steve should have listened to us not to trust Adam. But maybe he didn’t. Who knows how closely he supervised Adam. Steve seems to know a lot more about everyone and everything than most give him credit for. 🙂

Second storyline was Junior and Eddie, which I really liked. It was nice to get some background on Junior and I thought it was well written and well played. And you just have to love Eddie. I’m glad Junior had some time to think about his past and decided to make amends with his dad.

Yes, the second storyline was great. I really enjoyed it. Loved some of the shots when he was bored, waiting to be rescued.

I’m not so sure he’s the only one that needs to make amends. Sometimes people just drift apart for no real good reason. It often happen to family members, and if you ask why they don’t talk to each other, they often can’t even tell. It would be nice to know they learn to be closer again. I thought it was great he called his dad at the end.

I agree, and it is a fact that many families drift away or simply fall apart after a tragedy and a person is taken from them.  I think that happened here; Junior’s dad had already lost one child and didn’t want the risk of losing another in a combat situation.  I can easily see his point of view and don’t blame either father or son.  Life takes us all in different directions.

Seems like Junior went to the same SEAL school of first aid as Steve since his splint was very similar to the one Steve made for his broken arm back in season 1. But since he was at the shrimp truck later that day, I guess his knee/ankle wasn’t really broken.

Guess it was more bruised and cut than any damage to the bone. Which is a good thing, because he’s needed. I like him. I like the character, and I like the portrayal of him. Great work, very well done by Beulah.

I’m still not sure if I like Tani or not. I liked her better in this one than in all episodes before, so, that is a start. 😉 

I think Tani feels too highly of herself.  I do like the fact that she is confident (that reminds me of Cath), but sometimes she comes across as cocky and a know-it-all.  I don’t like that attribute.

On to the third and best storyline… Steve and Catherine. You can debate with me until the cows come home, but those two can go for months without seeing each other and bounce right in with the best chemistry ever. I love the two of them together. They act and react to each other so well.

YES! That is what chemistry is called. They are a joy to watch. What a great pairing. And I am not even talking about the couple, but of the two people. Two professionals, who have great respect for each other, and know what the other can do. Wonderful to watch.

I would have loved to see them when she first arrived and… of course, when she was leaving again.

Come on! I was yelling at the TV. I would have loved to watch that first meeting, or phone call, or however they got in contact. Robbed of it comes to mind. 😉 

Maybe we should fix that… you think? 😉

They were so proud of themselves at being so “adult” but they were oozing with pheromones. Both of them.

ROFL, oh yeah, they were so adult. High fiving and all. I LOVED it. And it was clear as day that they are FAR from over. Or from over each other. That put a huge smile on my face.


Special parts I loved were the look on Steve’s face when Cath asked about Lynn. He looked like the cat who swallowed the canary with that shit-eating grin on his face.

Poor Lynn. We keep it casual? Those are other words for ‘we’re just having sex’. Nothing more. Another big smile on my face. 😉


Also when they were talking about being friends and decided that sex had ruined their friendship, Cath had to point out that the sex was pretty awesome though. I don’t think she was sorry at all that they had gone from friends to friends with benefits.

First off, they were way more than friends with benefits. At least I think so. And second, yeah, I bet the sex was awesome. LOL And no, neither of them were sorry for a second. 

I totally agree.  They love (not past tense) each other.  They said so.  And that isn’t something I believe either of them would have said lightly.  But in the context of their conversation in the jungle, I believe they were talking about “friends with benefits” skirting around the entire issue of moving from friends to lovers.

Loved how concerned Steve sounded when she had fallen down the hole. Now, was that hole covered up or since she was talking about sex, did she just walk right off the edge? It is lucky those bamboo shoots where spaced out enough for her to just fall right in the middle and only get one cut. 🙂

That was rather funny. Guess she was kinda distracted. 🙂 And whoever dug that pit and put the spears in did a pretty lousy job with it. Thankfully.


When Steve boosted her out of the hole, there was an awfully lot of eye contact for just saying “one, two, three”. Not sure what they were thinking, but I don’t think it had to do with escaping from that pit.

LOL, nope, guess they were both admiring the view. The close contact was sure very welcomed.

Of course, I had to laugh at Catherine’s question to Steve. When he was half in and half out of the pit, hanging onto her and the side. If he hadn’t answered the way she wanted, would she have dropped him back into it? I loved her timing. And she got her answer.

Yes, she did get her answer. You know, some people accuse Cath of breaking Steve’s heart. And in a way she did. But you can’t really blame her for leaving. I only blame her for how she did it. Not for the fact that she left. And even though I am sure she knew Steve loved her, she for sure had NO idea that he was going to propose to her. I don’t think she was aware that he was finally ready after so many years. Because that idiot didn’t say a peep about it. So, I am OK with her leaving for the job. Remember, the job always comes first. I’m still not OK that she lied to him. And I’m not interested in a discussion about her choices, or if she had any choices. I think she did. She was asked if she could do it. I still think it was cruel to tell him a relationship with him was not enough. That was cruel, and in my eyes not necessary. But leaving obviously was. And I’m OK with that.

Steve being offended that she didn’t think he could shoot was funny. And then the comment that he wasn’t the one who blew up the guy was good.

I loved both scenes. That is a kind of humor I love. And more importantly expect from them. We got that all the years. It was so good to have it back.


All in all, I loved all their moments but it seemed to me like their scenes were rushed. I feel like a lot of it ended up on the cutting room floor which is sad because they are so good together. I really would have loved to see them saying goodbye.

I think it was because they, again, tried to cram too much in one episode. Three storylines are just too much. Adam’s was a total waste of screen time. Couldn’t he have left last episode? Junior was great, but also a bit too much screen time. I love it when Five-0 is about just one case. Those are normally the better episodes. I, too, felt like there were a lot more scenes filmed but not used. Hoping for the deleted scenes again.

But… maybe that’s what fanfic is all about…

Yep, it is. 🙂

Oh! I forgot to mention Lou. I loved all his comments mouthed behind Cath’s back although she knew exactly what they were doing. And I think Steve said “shut up” while trying to listen to Cath talk. Those two have a great chemistry too.

YES! Lou was great. And I think Steve really enjoyed catching up with Cath. I love Grover with Steve. They are also so very good together. It’s such a pity that they had barely any screen time together this season.


Best episode in a long time. Two out of three storylines isn’t bad at all. Four Eddie barks and a couple of tail wags.

Best episode in a very long time. Definitely best this season. Loved every second with Cath and Steve. They love each other, and in my eyes, are still very much in love. Fabulous. Even liked Jerry. Enjoyed Junior, could have gone without Adam.

All in all an awesome episode. Thank you for making Five-0 enjoyable again.



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  1. I completely enjoyed the ep other than I thought the Junior story was a little drawn out. I would’ve ideally liked 1 storyline… Steve and Cath. The scene with Kamekona going thru the rental contract was cute..but why have it and then not follow up? Those seconds of screentime could’ve been used more effectively on McRoll. I’d have rather seen a bit more McRoll than “Junes” taking selfies, or eating dog biscuits, or playing video games. I agree that Tani thinks too highly of herself but I did like that Steve sees common good characteristics between her and Cath…says a lot that he does still think about Cath.
    Lou annoyed me at first but I get he was looking out for Steve’s wellbeing and is fully aware Steve still loves her. I’d really prefer Lynn out of the pic completely but it ‘s pretty obvious that hook up isn’t going beyond the casual stage.
    Steve and Cath are so not over each other and he was a smitten man.. his mouth literally hung open when she climbed that tree. If you couldn’t feel the chemistry then I would refer to the old saying “there is no one so blind as he who will not see” Alex may say he played it like friends but the editing didn’t play it that way at all IMO.
    Jerry trying to be Indiana Jones was on point for the conspiracy loving character. .. and I do love some good Hawaiian history and legends. That being said… three’s a crowd Jerry! Stay Home!
    The Adam scenes were brief and to the point this time; they didn’t bother me at all.
    I’d like to say to those lurking here searching for twitter/blog ammo.. if Steve is good with her and their ‘friend’ status… maybe you ought to take a page from his book and drop your unreasonable hatred… toward both the character and the actress
    I understand from twitter that writer Sean O’Reilly is responsible for the bulk of the Steve and Cath scenes. Seems he did his homework! Thanks Sir!

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    1. I agree with everything you wrote Steve and Catherine still love each other alot. And Yes I saw Steve’s mouth open when Catherine went up that tree talk about SEXY , And Sean O’Reilly does know their chemistry he got it right. Steve does NOT LOVE Lynn it is Catherine ALL the way.

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  2. Sam and Cookie, thank you for your excellent work. Clearly you two are among those, who still saw the sparks flying 🙂 Oh yes, they did fly! Why some try convince us there is no chemistry between them but so much between McG and L, who we never see (so how can we SEE chemistry??) is a mystery to me….
    How wonderful it was to have Cath back, she was on top of her game, strong, smart, beautiful, funny, self conscious – the female McGarrett! I absolutely enjoyed every of her scenes on my screen, as well as her interactions with the others.

    Another thing others see is the “closure” that Alex (and some online sources) talked about. Which closure? The door for her return is WIDE open and no, Steve has not moved on. Let’s talk about it for a minute: The ABCs accused many who voiced they’re optimistic for Cath’s return past 8.20 that we would disrespect Alex’ wishes. Amazing accusation. Neither we know what he really wants nor they – and it doesn’t matter as he’s the actor, not the EP/writer. We might adore Alex to pieces, but it’s still not his decision how the endgame will play out. It looks like Cath’s and Steve’s relationship is far from over. They might not be lovers anymore, but they’re friends with a strong history. Sometimes things need to be set straight first (“Closure”?) in order to make way for a new beginning…

    I totally agree with what you said about Adam and Junior.
    Dear writers, please go back to one SL, or two at most. The “all over the place” handling of episodes multiple times this season is not satisfying. Thanks.

    This episode was long and eagerly awaited, the stakes were high. I was pleasantly surprised and very well entertained.
    Alex and Michelle carried the episode. Just as Alex said that it was great seeing her again and they continued where they left off – it showed.
    More please!

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  3. I was so excited to see a dual review again. Thank you, thank you. I have not watched this for a second time yet and hope that my DVR managed to get all of it since there was an interruption in the beginning for those of us in the US. I am shocked to say this but I really didn’t mind Jerry in this episode. He was wise enough to stay out of the picture enough to let Steve and Cath have some private time. And I do like a bit of Hawaiian history introduced in a story so his character seems to be the perfect way to give it to us. I like Junior very much and while they did drag out some of the scenes…..I am okay with it. Once again I will say that I like Adam but don’t like this whole story line and am hoping it really is over. It didn’t need to be in this episode, it could have been wrapped last week or held over for next. He isn’t going to see Kono any sooner either way.

    Alex and Michelle were wonderful, there is an ease to how they play off of each other. That does not come from hating to work together. Steve and Cath were trying so hard to convince each other that they have moved on that it was clear there is still something alive between them. And that ending at Kamekona’s sure didn’t look like a “goodbye, we shall never meet again” scene to me.

    I give this many Eddie barks….and wasn’t he a good boy? Too bad I can’t get my Nova to pay attention to his scenes. She might learn how a smart dog behaves. Thank you for the wonderful review and now I really do have to see what my DVR recorded. Otherwise I am stuck with on Demand.

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  4. Thanks Sam and Cokie for your review of this AWESOME episode! I agree wholeheartedly with both of you!
    YES!! I loved the “non-essential” eye contact in the pit, they are sooooooo far from over!🙌
    I am pretty sure Steve was really in to watching Cath climb that tree, he seemed a little distracted by it.😉
    I did like Jerry, but when will people learn STOP lying to Steve. Bad idea. Also when Jerry started the fire in the bunker, I may have rather loudly said “Way to go Jerry.”(Very very sarcasticly).

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    1. SuperSEAL50, my thought with the fire was that “they really had Kamaemaha’s things from his tomb and Jerry is going to torch them before he can have his glory? I guess I should have been worried about the fire next to 20 or so uranium bombs, but hey, I like history. 🙂 Although that would have been one quite large boom!

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      1. HAHAHA That was what I thought first too – then I was like – OH yeah! The bombs! That would be very very bad. LOL Good job keeing his wits about him – yay Jerry.

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  5. I loved this episode so much! I honestly don’t remember the last time I was able to type those words. I am not a fan of Junior’s so I honestly could have done without the dragged out trapped in a ditch story, but I do understand we “needed” to learn a little about his past. I wish they would have saved that for another episode. Tani was much more tolerable in this and I laughed out loud when she pointed out it was she who found him not Eddie. “He’s not Lassie”. LOL.
    Adam, Adam, Adam…you are pretty but oh so very stupid. The only thing that can save his story is he turns out to be bad. Go on the run Adam and never return. ( Seriously again with the between the sheets conversation in regards to Kodam. Come on writers, you can do better)
    Now to the best part of the episode. STEVE and CATH!! Anyone who thinks that was the end of McRoll is living along the banks of a little river in Egypt. The exchange between Steve and Cath was perfection. Each one trying to convince the other and themselves they have moved on. Clearly they have not. They couldn’t wipe those grins off their faces. Its amazing how the chemistry between these two jumps off the screen. I can’t help but feel there is a big chunk of their conversation sitting on the cutting room floor. We had pictures of them talking by the Chopper and Silverado. I cant help but feel her ring question was the result of that conversation. We may never know, or it may be in the deleted scenes on the dvd. Either way the door is wide open for her return. I assume the closure Alex was talking about was on his anger towards her, because he clearly enjoyed working with her and “catching up”. His grin when Lou questioned him said that loud and clear. Him making her buy dinner said that loud and clear. I am thrilled they brought these two together again. Friends or Lovers they click. Season 8 was said to be a reset, I believe the reset for Mcroll was Friday’s episode and now they can rebuild. “Here is to lost cities and found friends” Cath is back and I have a feeling we will see a lot more of her in season 9.

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    1. What if Kimora, the Yakuza, banker is the mastermind behind everything?

      He knew Adam needed the money to pay Noriko not to kill Kono. She winds up dead. He knew Jessie stole the money and she winds up dead. He lends the money. He gets the money back. 100% profit.

      Although I wanted Adam to be the bad guy, that doesn’t seem to be the writers plan. even though we had that cryptic remark about needing alibi. I think it was a red herring.

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  6. If someone else wants to claim they do not see the chemistry between Steve and Cath, that’s fine with me. I know what I saw. They are still very much in love.

    If certain parts of the fandom are irate and in denial, allow me to point out that if they truly believed Steve and Cath were over, there would be complete silence from them. They could quietly gloat and praise the EP. Instead we get their usual nastiness, because the closure they were hoping for and anticipating, did not come. Instead we got a new beginning. Past hurts were put aside and the love that was always there before is still there now.

    Too bad Alex doesn’t watch the show. He would have seen how PL edited it. He owes it to himself to see what the viewers see. Filming is disjointed so for him to follow all the nuances of his own lines, as well as that of the other characters, is almost impossible unless he looks at the finished product. I wish he had viewed the 818 before it aired. Perhaps he would have asked for a certain scene to be edited out. As it is, CBS got an unpleasant earful.

    We asked PL to have Steve and Cath have “the talk” and they finally did. He heard us. We asked him to bring her back and he heard us. He created the Cath character and it is his baby. He inherited McGarrett, Danny, Kono and Chin from the original H50 but Cath came from his imagination. He has said the character would be there to the end. The air was cleared when Cath put Steve on the spot about whether he was going to propose or just hold on to the ring in case he decided to use it. Good for her. Now she knows it was genuine because since he never asked her, how could she know? His grin at the end of his conversation with Grover said it all.

    I really like Junior but his story would have been better suited to an episode which is Danny-lite as the time could have been better used for Steve and Cath.

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    1. Yes, Alex needs to watch because he comes off looking silly when he states his feelings about the character’s reaction and what PL puts on the screen is totally different. He does end up looking slightly out of touch and just feeds the Cath haters fantasies.

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      1. I agree to an extent, despite a couple of ill-timed scoops and such his interviews are given from the characters point of view. He has no control when interviewers interject their own bias in the article. It’s obvious Alex and Michelle are good friends and enjoy working with each other. Crackling chemistry on screen. Sadly, the hater’s are gonna hate no matter what. To bad that don’t practice what they preach, more’s the pity…

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  7. I loved it. I love McRoll and I was so happy to see that McRoll still loves McRoll too. 😀

    I like Junior, and I liked the idea of redoing McG’s S1 fall and booboo, with Eddie as the fetch puppy instead of Danno this time. But they did drag it out too long.

    I don’t hate Adam but ZzzZzzZzz.

    Loved y’all revu!!!!!!! So much fun to actually like an ep!

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  8. Give it 7/10 as really want McRollins here. But think both have moved on. And grown up
    But really catching up on old times when your lives are at stake really!? Not cool
    Love also McGrover as both have a great time kidding one another hence Catherine talking over on the case.
    Jerry as Indiana Jones really funny. Like a teddy bear
    But Adam is a poor investigator and in the process losing people close to him. Sadly it is his undoing and may result in him leaving season 7. Just my two cents.
    Eddie to the rescue to Junior and Tani as she has done much more than Kono had done in seven seasons all together..
    Can’t wait for McHarry!


    1. At the time that they were catching up their lives weren’t really at stake yet though, right? They were just bushwhacking their way through the jungle to see if there were any clues in that bunker. After they fell in the hole was when they obviously were in danger. Altho I do recall other episodes where Steve and Danny – or Steve and Grover were stalkling someone in the jungle and having a full volume conversation, so yeah – I guess they could be more stealthy when they are trying to be stealthy.

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  9. First of all I watched the episode just to see Alex and his all of his sexiness in the jungle didn’t really care for Catherine and her oh I just want to play catch up with my exboyfriend I look forward to the Seal episode 8.24 or 8.25 I can’t remember which one that is.


  10. Sam and Cookie love your review

    Loved it Loved it Loved it Awesome episode the best I have watch this season could come close with 8.24 Alex story when we see it.

    Just have to say No Closure for Steve and Cath still in love with each other but at the moment they are in Denial after this episode the next time Cath is on in season 9 will be a New beginning of their relationship

    Catherine is a strong, smart, beautiful, tough, kind women

    Loved seeing Michelle back playing Catherine missed her so much
    So much chemistry between Steve and Cath plus the love, passion and humour is still there.
    Sparks were flying between Steve and Cath it was great to see them play off each other
    Loved when Cath climbed the Coconut Tree and Steve knew what she was doing she thirsty
    When they were down that hole and Steve was getting ready to help Cath out the LOOK in both of their eye to each other they are still in Love big time and at that moment I thought Steve was going to kiss Cath but at the moment they are in denial, and at the top of the hole Cath made Steve tell her the truth about the engagement ring I love that scene.
    All the little looks that Steve was giving Cath when she was not looking
    When Lou said to Steve was it nice to catch up? Steve said yeah, it was then a big smile from Steve
    Can not wait to see Cath back in season 9 if we get one.
    Jerry with the spiders

    Junior story was good with Eddie
    Adam Sister already dead did Adam do it. We never got to know her what a waste of a story line thought she was going to be the next baddie. I think Adam will be back next season not that easy to get rid of him it will be great if he turns out to be the next bad guy and fools everyone and just think her Steve will feel.

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  11. Terrific review and great screenshots!

    No surprise here, I loved it. I loved it way more than I thought I would love it – and I was expecting to love it. There was just a wonderful tone throughout the entire episode that was soothing and fun and exciting, Was there some of the stupid stuff that annoys me? sure was – but it was overall one of the best episodes I’ve seen in a long time.

    I haven’t been too vocal about my thoughts on Tani or Junior until now because I really wasn’t sure how I felt. I really did think that Tani was introduced way too similarly to Kono, which I don’t think did her any good – but that said, I’m warming to her. She’s a little rough around the edges, but she’s fun and snarky. I did have to laugh when Eddie showed up back at HQ and she took one look at him and said “oh, you look dehydrated” – LOL, he did? Is she a vet tech now? And was it totally implausible that Eddie would go to the Palace? Oh most definitely ridiculous – they should have had someone report a roaming dog and have them realize it was Eddie. But Tani’s – Dude, He’s not Lassie line was hysterical and totally what I would have said – so – go Tani.

    I liked hearing about Junior’s backstory a little – I guess we will be hearing about how his sister died in some future expose episode. Maybe. I thought it went on a little too long, and I thought it was silly of him to run his battery down.

    Adam – I just don’t get it. There was no reason to have him still be on the show. None, as I’ve said from the get go. Once Kono was gone, Adam should have been gone. Hopefully now he really will be gone. I don’t think we are ever going to hear about an investigation into his sisters death ever again. Mercifully.

    And saving the best for last. McRoll is so not over. Alex mentioned “a kind of gentle closure” which – I suppose I can see There is no hard, door slamming closure to be seen anywhere. There was a cleansing of sorts – a clearing of the air. And we are left with nothing but the realization that they both really enjoy each other’s company. the smiles, the looks, the chiding one another – I loved every minute of it, and so did the characters. So did the actors, if we are going to analyze every word that Alex says, (but some don’t like to talk about THOSE words – because they don’t fit into their agenda so well).

    Steve’s face at the end says it all. McRoll at this point in their relationship are enjoyable as ever. Lynn is being kept casual and off-screen because PL has some “not to give anything away, but she’s not in the future” story in mind that he has yet to tell. And we will surely see Cath again, Probably to advance the relationship even further. Probably why people are losing their shit. Probably.

    # McRollingOn

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    1. Spot on K! McRoll is definitely not over – the door is wide open.

      In retrospect parts of the interview from Alex, that had so many riled up, make much more sense now. Alex was simply quoting a couple of lines from Cath’s and McG’s conversation in the jungle. The writers came up with the “mistake” part, not Alex. Oops, there I said it 🙂
      There are certain people who seem to know exactly what Alex wants but more so, what they “need” to see (the one we never see) on the show. Well, I guess we have to follow PL’s “watch and see” request, right? 🙂

      Rob Hanning and Sean Reilly wrote a great script. Cath is one of the EP’s favorite characters and I have a feeling he knows exactly where to take her storyline. I’m confident we will see her again. Yes, please!

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  12. I liked this episode a lot. Who knows if it’s Lenkov’s intention that Steve and Catherine wind up together when HF-O ends, but I can definitely see that happening. I envision the two, in dire, life-threatening situations separately, with lots of flashbacks (a la Lenkov’s habit), then realizing what’s important in life, and that they belong together. Lynn is dull as dishwater, and should be gone. She’s certainly never seen.
    I liked Steve and Catherine’s relationship before it got messed up. They seemed like two people who were well-matched, and belonged
    together. I would love for PL to acknowledge that he and his writers screwed up their relationship, but I know that will never happen.
    Steve was hot as hell in this episode, as usual. Great closeups !!
    I also adore Eddie. He is a great actor !! I want an Eddie in my life. Woof !!

    Liked by 4 people

  13. Thanks for the review. Everyone covered all my thoughts, and I have been staying away from twitter for my sanity’s sake. #mcroll Will love to see ya’ll missing scenes fic surely to come in the next weeks….. #nopressure

    Liked by 5 people

  14. Loved this episode , Loved Catherine and Steve . Yes the love is still there smoldering in the background the looks., the smiles, pure joy to watch. The chemistry is hot. ,Jerry’s Indiana Jones part was cute. Maybe the Adam story was there for a further reason of kono’s staying away. She and Adam both will be targeted and have to stay away and go into hiding now , Just a question with the junior episode . His phone got no service but he could still listen to past recordings or e-mail? But back to Catherine and Steve it isn’t over , there’s more to the story .I can’t wait to find out more, All I want is Steve to be happy , it may take awhile but i believe he will get there.


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