Let’s pic(k) Steve

Episode 8.19

I loved the McGarrett storyline. It was about time we got something like this again. The scene near the end, when Steve met all the victim’s family members was beautiful and very well acted by Alex O’Loughlin, with all his different emotions shown on his face. This man is capable of telling a whole story with just his facial expressions. The Alexpressions. leiCa


Dear Karma, I’ve got a long list of people you missed.


Wrong finger, Steve!


Is that a SEAL or some fin else?

(Did you notice that Alex always opens things this unique way?)


The neighbors are fertilizing the soil so well, it is blooming beautifully. Has been a good idea to bury them without a plastic tarp.


Damn, why didn’t Noah swat the two mosquitoes.


Always there with courage and zeal,

never ever remove this SEAL.


You may choose eternal youth or whatever is behind this curtain.


Steve’s musings about his species:

Men 1818: I killed a buffalo.

Men 1918: Reached the south-pole on foot.

Men 2018: Look, with this app I can look like a kitty.


SEALs know where it smells fishy.


Fun with flags.


Men who’ve got experience with piercings are the best. They are familiar with pain and they are well versed in buying jewelery. (A little Alex reference.)


When an elderly lady with arachnophobia asks for advise, Steve isn’t shy to whisper: “Seeing a spider is not scary. It’s scary when it disappears.”


Closure. Noun. clo·sure \ ˈklō-zhər \

Because sometimes there is no better word.


When the focus is in the right place at the right time magic happens and the good art makes you feel something.



Steve’s “I got lei’d” face.


Really good episode, minus the Adam part. Sorry, but Adam is a loser. He would have been so much better as the new big baddie. This Adam? Well, I don’t give A DAMn.

Would have loved to see Jessie around, alive and kicking.

It was so much fun and so good to see Steve getting to know his old man a little bit better. Although I saw streaks of Lou in McG senior, lol. I think Steve even became a better man than his father. All on his own.

One last question: Does Danny get full payment even being in absentia? 


13 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve

  1. I love all the storylines, because I love the entirety of the show. I think it is dangerous to be ove-ly negative-ly opinionated about aspects of the show, not to mention just plain hurtful to everyone involved in it, including Alex O. What “Danny” makes is of no concern to the viewer.


    1. Where did I set Danny in quotation marks? I didn’t. Allow me to wonder why a member of an elite task force hadn’t been around to support the team and their cases in a long time.
      And change negatively opinionated to disappointment about lost opportunities. IAD is a good actor and Adam had interesting moments, but all in all his story made no sense. If you liked it – good for you. I want more for my favorite show and I am pretty sure, Alex and the other actors too.

      But all in all this post is not a review. In case you didn’t notice.

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      1. Leica:

        My favorite is “Damn, why didn’t Noah swat the two mosquitoes.” Never thought of blaming him before, but now it makes sense.

        It is hard to blame Adam for his hastily conceived story line. His wife left him unexpectedly to fulfill her desire to help end human trafficking. And that was because two main characters, including the actress who played his wife, GP left suddenly after S7, giving him nothing to do except be filler for those days when other actors were absent.

        I like IAD, but he is returning to Salvation and TPTB might have not wanted to make his character integral to a new season in case he doesn’t return. My personal preference would have been to make him a bad guy because then he would have been more interesting. That was not the writers choice, however. As a fan, I have no say in how the stories are written. Absolutely……. No……. Say.

        I have this feeling that no time is being devoted to the Danno character except to hint that a reunion with Rachel is possibly coming. This may be the exit strategy for him to leave the task force. That may account for his role and screen time being so limited even when he is supposed to be in an episode. We may get a sense of where Danny is headed by little clues given in the next few episodes. (If he’s off somewhere with Rachel and the kids visiting New Jersey and the whacko in-laws or something like that, then he is probably gone.

        I am not sure whose feelings are being hurt. It is just a TV show and we all have diverse opinions. I believe AOL would like a more flexible schedule like SC has now. Obviously they cannot both have it. We should know soon enough what is going on.


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    2. Leica does these wry pieces for almost every episode. She’s telling jokes, and she can be a twistedly humorous little bitch. We love her for it. And we’re all big Alex fans, thus the focus on McG. But her Let’s Pic(k) Steves are not required reading. So if it’s not your humor, you are free to wait for one of Sam’s reviews. Which are also often funny, cos Show IS ridiculous, after all.

      But there is great ridiculousness in the Danno character, and in Scott’s rare and brief appearances. So it fits here, in a strictly humor piece.

      Btw, upon reading this week’s pic(k) Steve, I laughed even more than usual. LeiCa, I always love your very serious McG shots with some inane yet complex caption…those are always my favorites. 😉 The arachnophobia pic…omg that’s brilliant and hilarious with his beautiful earnest face and lei! 😆

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  2. lieCa, once again you have made my day. And on Friday the thirteenth no less. I don’t know if I can choose a favorite. The last two and the first were great. Loved the idea of Karma and from now on I will have to watch how Alex opens things. I should re-watch Moonlight too and see if he did that then or if it is just a Steve thing. Your captions are spot on today.

    I know that sometimes we get a bit picky and critical with the show but only because we love it. We want the actors and Alex specifically to have good material to work with. This show has such great potential. I for one don’t know of any other show that the second lead can be missing so much and still be the second lead other than if health problems came into play.

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  3. Oh, Leica, this is your best ever. I absolutely love it.
    If someone doesn’t get the humor… well, too bad I guess. We get you. And we love you.
    Oh, and by the way, I think it’s a very legit question why Danny is the only one on the task force with so much vacation time.

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  4. I may have to rewatch every ep to investigate Alex’s special “opening things” technique! I have noticed he does seem to handle things with much care. Maybe it is actually for the screen so his actions are more noticeable on camera; it seems quite natural though. And the spider comment…. i had the same thought last night except it was a scorpion that i could no longer see.
    Thank you for these. They made a rough Friday much better. Because i have a house guest I will probably watch the episode over coffee tomorrow morning, so I came over here McG related entertainment for the evening. I don’t think i could stomach live tweeting the episode, so no big hurry for me.


  5. Wonder how much vacation time Five 0 would get if they were a real unit? Danny must be sent away so that Steve won’t have to hear his nagging LOL!
    But seriously love Alex as blue is my first color I live him and second would be a close brown.
    Really it is Friday the 13th but it is much better than that of the day his face.
    Happy Weekend and peace!


  6. Leica I cannot pick a favorite, they are all perfect!👍 👍👍 Thank you!
    Who needs eternal youth, I will MOST DEFINITELY take what’s behind the curtain.😊
    THANKFULLY in 2018 there are still some BADASS MEN who do not use apps to look like kitties.

    I really enjoyed this episode.
    When John was busting up the guys car with a bat I thought “So thaaaaat’s where Steve gets his intensity from!” I do miss those shall we say intense scences from the early years, but maybe that’s just me.😉 I really loved the scene with the family members as well.


  7. Loved neighbours fertilizing the soil so well, the best 😀 Also the spider story tickled my funny bone 😀 And the rest was fun too.
    Thanks for the laughs ♥


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