8.22 Press Release


“Kōpī wale nō i ka i’a a ‘eu nō ka ilo.” – Five-0 must help Duke after he is forced to steal crucial evidence from the police locker in exchange for his kidnapped granddaughter. Also, Jerry goes undercover at a mental health facility in order to solve a murder, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 27 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

(“Kōpī wale nō i ka i’a a ‘eu nō ka ilo.” is Hawaiian for “Though the Fish is Well Salted, the Maggots Crawl.”)

Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett)
Scott Caan (Danny “Danno” Williams)
Chi McBride (Lou Grover)
Jorge Garcia (Jerry Ortega)
Ian Anthony Dale (Adam Noshimuri)
Meaghan Rath (Tani Rey)
Beulah Koale (Junior Reigns)
Taylor Wily (Kamekona)
Kimee Balmilero (Noelani Cunha)
Dennis Chun (Sgt. Duke Lukela)

Kunal Sharma (Koa Rey)

Shi Ne Nielson (Carrie Nakahara)
Cidni Romias (Akela Nakahara)
Kanani Dias (Becky)
Tongayi Chirisa (Don)
Kendall Prochnow (Sgt. Frank Bellina)
Devin Ratray (Harris Stubman)
Michael Hake (Chris Kosaki/Dylan Shu)
Joanna Sotomura (Mila)
Konoa Goo (Chad)
David Kaufman (Trent Sanders)
Spike Jones Stedman (Kid)
Reno David (Mr. Kalani)
Kamakani De Dely (Lead Kidnapper)
Wesley Cortez (Mark Tuilau)

WRITTEN BY: Rob Hanning & Rachael Paradis


10 thoughts on “8.22 Press Release

  1. I like Duke but can we please have him go to 5-0 before we have someone steal evidence? I would love to see a “smart plan to trap and take down” the bad guys without breaking the law again. And Jerry undercover doesn’t excite me but I will withhold judgment. Please don’t give him a gun.

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  2. This is interesting on the guest list there is a Spike Jones Stedman playing the kid is Alex’s stepson with Malia is going to make his acting debut. Another 3 story episode one with Duke which I don’t mind seeing get to know him a bit more. Jerry undercover is a big NO and looks like Koa is back Tani brother which is another boring story line and a big NO


  3. Could someone please take “KIDNAPPING” off of their “wheel of plots” dart game? Or maybe PUT something OTHER than “KIDNAPPING” on the “wheel of plots” dart game?


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    1. Suggestions:

      Try fitting four story lines into an episode, just for fun. We really love that sort of thing.
      Have at least one or more “research free” episodes each month. Research is so over rated.
      Check the cast list to see what “regulars” don’t know they are regulars because they never work.
      Time to write a cute restaurant scene for fan service. They are the super fans and they are owed.
      Write something that make one or more of the lead characters look like a Jerk. Like a very recent episode.
      Disrespect at least one or more women. Easy Peasy The misogynists out there will protect us.
      Disrespect one or more ethnic groups. Easier Peasier. They know it’s all in fun, right? No hard feelings..
      Blow up something. Anything. The bigger the better. Extra points for a high body count.
      Celebrate “Wreck A Car Day”. Total a Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini. Then we really would need tissues.

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  4. I fear a dognapping next season…Eddie’s already been shot like his daddy, so it only stands to reason he’s next to be” napped” (also like daddy). How about a jewelry heist that takes place on every Hawaiian Island at the same time, but is Five-0’s jurisdiction? Military thefts across Oahu…


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