Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.18

If only the writing of this show would be so exceptional as Alex O’Loughlin’s acting or directing…

I am completely in awe what AOL has done as an director and at the same time as an actor. That must have been really challenging.

The vibe of this episode was totally different than any other episode. He played with the light, the camera angle, the pace. When the cops got out of the car they were running towards the camera and the camera at the same time ‘ran’ towards the cops. That created more tension and action than any slow-motion could do it. You felt like being right there. Same goes with the blue room scenes. For example when Lou moved around Jessie’s back to the right the camera went to the left. That was perfect. Tension pure.

The whole chase scenes were terrific. Did we ever see Steve actually turning the wheel for the spins and turns in such a way? That felt so realistic and – again – put the viewers right into the scene. And the shower curtain scene was great. The look through that hole, so good. Loved all that!

The actress that played Brooke was amazing. She sold the pain, the self-doubt, the anger, the disgust and the hope. She owned the scenes she was in. The filming of the ashes gone with the wind was great. Kudos to Alex again.

I thought that most of the actors were even more in the moment, more in their scenes than normally. Especially with Chi, Ian and Christine I got the feeling they wanted to be extra special just because of Alex. He seemed to get them, he seems to be an actor director or better an actor’s director.

So the director O’Loughlin did it different, he changed the atmosphere, but he didn’t exaggerate. He didn’t get lost in it, he didn’t do too much. It felt like art, art-y but without the -ficial.

Very well done.

Hope he gets more chances to direct. That was outstanding and saved the show.

Applause. leiCa




Sliding his finger down her G-String…


You may be cool. But you’ll never be badass SEAL playing the guitar cool.


Don’t tell me that this doesn’t make your day a hundred times better.




A hairy affair.


Always trying to convince everybody that Schroedinger’s cat is still alive.

After all she’s a furry little ninja, isn’t she?


“Lou, as long as nobody really knows why the dinosaurs are extinct the manflu must not be played down!”


Mother! Oh God, mother! Blood! Blood!


“The universe is made of protons, neutrons, electrons and morons.”


When you want to go for a run but it looks like rain.



Halo profiling.

The End.

The story of the abused woman was sold by Joanna Christie. She did it.

The story of Tani and Junior? Yeah, Tani, I too love Junior more. The jury is still out on Tani. What are her achievements to be so cocky? Junior is a freaking Navy SEAL. Tani is what?

The jury is not out on Danny. Please don’t ever tell me again that Danny is a decent guy. He isn’t. He again did the absolutely wrong thing. Run, Melissa, run!

Had my sigh and shallow moment with Alex playing the guitar. It was way too short! Damn you, show! But thank you that at least one friend remembered his birthday!

Lovely you
And blue Hawaii
With all this loveliness
There should be love
Thank you Alex O’Loughlin for this episode!
I want to see the director’s cut!

8 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Oh…..the director’s cut needs to be on the DVD. Wish that I could count on CBS to deliver on that but not holding my breath. My friend, you once again deliver with the photos…….wonderful. I’ll take one of the halo profiling and one of the universe is made of……. It is a shame that he is right, there are morons in his universe. One in particular. I am fond of Junior as well. I don’t mind Tani but I agree she hasn’t earned the attitude she has. Thanks again for the lovely photo array…….now I need to rewatch while I can concentrate on Alex’s direction.

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  2. I thought the episode would be McGarrett light but we actually got more of him than I expected. And it seemed that he really enjoyed the chance to be behind the camera this time even thought it must have entailed much more work than just being in a normal episode. A change from routine may make him happy enough to sign on for S9. How he managed to direct and be in the car chase scene amazed me. I think I like Jesse a lot better than Tani. She’s a convicted felon so she can be part of the H50 Task Force when Adam leaves.

    Thank you for not giving us the picture of Frank Bama’s feet

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  3. Thank you leiCa! I agree with everything you wrote!
    Your pic(k)s are great! I love them all, especially, takeover, badass SEAL, morons, halo profiling. And #4 MOST DEFINITELY made my day a hundred times better! 😊 Thank you!!!

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