8.18 Review


8.18  –  E ho’okō kuleana

The ex-wife of the man who shot Danny comes to Oahu and reveals how Danny’s protection during a dangerous domestic dispute when he was in New Jersey helped save her life. Also, Tani and Junior are assigned to walk the beat as uniformed officers for the day, and Adam is framed for the murder of the crime boss he has been tracking, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, March 30 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

The episode was directed by series star Alex O’Loughlin.

CBS translated E ho’okō kuleana to To Do One’s Duty

So, this was the long awaited directional debut by Alex O’Loughlin. Right up front, I think he did a great job with the material presented to him.

I asked Cokie to give me her thoughts, so that we can do a joint review again. Of course, she was game. Let’s see what she has to say.

Sam asked if I had a few thoughts on this episode and, of course, I do.  As usual, my thoughts run in totally random patterns so please bear with me.

First, Alex did an awesome job. I really commend him for doing the directing and also being in so much of the show. I really wasn’t expecting to see him on screen so much, but I was really happy about it! He wore both hats well!

I was also very surprised of how much Steve we got in this episode. Alex might have been annoyed with the actor portraying Steve, but I think he did a great job. Unfortunately, since he delivers almost all the time, his great performance gets mostly overlooked. People tend to take it for granted, and I think that is a real shame. He carries not only the show, but almost every scene. Praise once in a while would go a long way. Just saying.


Secondly, after visiting Hawaii, it was so wonderful to see places I recognize on the show. I was oohing and ahhing and shouting “I was there”! Especially the part with Tani and Junior.  The police substation they used was right down the street from our hotel and we walked past it many, many times.

That is true. It’s great to know the places they went. Makes it more real.

OK, now the random thoughts…

Not sure why Jimmy Buffet was there, but any reason for Steve to play the guitar is a good enough reason for me. Cute scene. Really, does this man not wear shoes in daily life? Of course, some strange people were barefoot in places they had no business being barefoot, but not my business.  I did love Jimmy and Steve together. Kind of odd that Jimmy knows when Steve’s birthday is. Never got the impression they were that close.  I thought he was more of Joe’s friend.

Well, we finally got an explanation for the last really short visit by JB. He crashed on Steve’s couch. I love how Steve gives shelter and help to everyone. I think the guitar was not just a birthday gift, but also a thank you for helping him out. So, I am fine with that.

 I actually liked Junior and Tani in uniform. Made her a bit more humble, I think. Junior seems to want to tackle everything and I love that about him. And he got to meet Miss Petunia!  I didn’t know that she had a whistle in addition to the Mace. Guess that after her rehab, she has backslid into her old habits.  🙂

To be honest, I’m not so sure about Tani. She’s getting on my nerves with her attitude. Who the hell does she think she is? What has she accomplished to act like she does?

But I enjoyed this part of the episode a great deal. It was fun, it was entertaining. Loved Miss Petunia. 😉 For all the people not knowing what the heck we are talking about, read it here.


I loved Steve talking to Adam in the holding room. I haven’t been shy about my feelings for Adam and his task force as I feel it is boring, useless and does not hold my interest. But Steve did a great job getting to the bottom of the problem and immediately went into action mode. That was great. I love Steve and Lou working together, as always. Looks like Grover doesn’t appreciate Steve’s driving either.  I would have loved the scene when Steve got back to the truck after Lou was blocked in and couldn’t get out. At least Lou didn’t have to run.

Ah well, I agree that Adam is boring, useless and does not hold my interest. When I hear that he has a task force, I cringe every time. Sorry, but he’s not task force material. And he should not do such work. And now they give him a half sister? Yawn. Geez. This whole story arc can’t be over soon enough. Yes, I really do like Ian Anthony Dale. He’s a good actor, he’s attractive, and gives a good performance. But his character just doesn’t give me anything. Sorry, but I want this over.

Alex did a fantastic job with this part of the show. I loved his camera work. The best was the shower scene. You don’t have to show the absolute gruesome, his scene was way better by not showing it. Great work.

And yes, Alex, please give us the whole 45 minutes of the foot chase that you filmed. Great action. I totally loved it.

Despite the fact that the story was rather stupid, and Adam’s character rather boring and now with the sister it’s getting ridiculous, this was the best part of the show. Partially because of McGrover. It is such a shame that we rarely had them this season. They are so good together.

I loved those storylines. Now, on to the final story. Flashbacks to New Jersey. OK, I will make my disclaimer… again… these are my thoughts. You don’t have to agree, which is a good thing for all of us.  But if you totally love Danny and think he was wonderful, you may want to stop reading.

Yeah, please, move along. Go into your Danny-lover-corner and be happy.


I will say that SC’s acting was great in this. Maybe he had a good director… 🙂 No, seriously, I thought he did a good job. But I have to be honest, I was absolutely appalled at the storyline and how it was presented. Danny slept with the wife of a suspect? I’m sorry but that really makes policemen look like jerks. That really made me mad that (a) he slept with her; (b) that when her husband was arrested and jailed, he dropped her like a hot potato and (c) that he used the situation to set up her husband so that he would be arrested.

Totally unethical.  Makes me really dislike the character even more.

OK, now, I agree this was the first time on this show, that I will attest that SC did a good enough job. I will not call it great. Sorry, but no. But he did a fine job. All’s good.

Now to the character. He was so IN character, he was such an ass. I’m sorry, but having sex with the abuse vicitim? That is lower than low. What a jerk. He should, and probably would face disciplinary actions. He was not the silently suffering hero. He was an ass. And the husband would probably get away because of DW’s behavior. A halfway decent lawywer would get him off, or at least a very light sentence. And DW would be charged. And rightly so.

And by the way, the husband was jailed. Right? So, tell me, how in the world didn’t they know who he was when he came to Hawaii to kill Danny Williams? His prints, his DNA would be in the system. What kind of sloppy writing is that!

So, bad, bad story and writing aside. Alex made good scenes out of it. I actually liked watching it. Well, I think SC looked ridiculous with the soft lights and lenses, but that is beyond the point. Alex wouldn’t look any better. 😉 So, that’s fine.

I can imagine how very hard it must be to film in Hawaii and pretending it to be New Jersey. Impossible. But they did a really good job with that. Kudos to the whole team.

But… on the other hand, I loved seeing Rachel show up at the end. We knew how they had met, but that was a cute scene. I don’t think it was portrayed accurately from what we already knew, but that’s OK. 

I really like her. Not what she did with Charlie, of not telling Danny. That was horrible. But I think Danny and Rachel are perfect for each other. And I pray that they will realize it, and please just send them back to NJ, or better back to England. Far, far away from Hawaii. Wishful thinking. 

I will give Alex an A+ for directing. Show also gets an A. I just didn’t like one of the storylines.

Yes, Alex gets all the praise for his directing, also for pulling double duty. It can’t be easy to do. So, great job.

The show itself was not more than a B for me. Tani and Junior were mostly wasted time. Yes, entertaining to watch, but at the end there was no gain for the show, and I don’t feel like Tani learned anything. The Adam story was good because of Grover and Steve. But is that really enough? And what should have been the main, the great part of the show, fell totally flat for me because of the awful writing. The show is just badly written in so many places. They can deliver, they proved it many times. But lately they just don’t.

But this was still one of the better episodes.

So, do I want Alex to direct more episodes? Well, that is a good question. I love seeing Steve on screen. If they can manage to give me that… I’m all for Alex directing. I think he has a great hand for it. And he seems to enjoy it. So, what’s not to like?

26 thoughts on “8.18 Review

  1. I was so excited to see a joint review! Wonderful job ladies. There is a lot that I agree with but I will confess that I haven’t watched the show with my full attention just yet. It is impossible to watch when there is a granddaughter in the house, she will not be ignored. So I need to sit down and pay closer attention. I missed the comment that the guitar was a belated birthday gift so thanks for the info.

    What I did see of Tani and Junior was enjoyable. And dang…….who let the writers read your Ms. Petunia story? Perhaps you should look into that? But then if they had to steal, they stole from the best.
    Now Danny has made my skin really crawl…..he really was a jerk as a young man so no surprise that he still is. I did notice that suddenly SC had some expression on his face while saying his lines…….it must be the wonderful direction he received.
    As I have said before, I like Adam as a character but I don’t find this storyline for him realistic at all. And I don’t like Jessie….it is freaky to me that she resembles Kono too much for my taste. Maybe I am the only one who sees that but I don’t like the casting.

    Alex seemed so excited in the interviews about his directing. I loved the passion and thoughtfulness that he expressed when he answered some very good questions. I would love to see him do it again if he can still be on our screen as much as he was. Of course he would have to deal with that actor that plays Steve, perhaps he can learn to enjoy working with him. I can’t rate the show because I need to view it again. I really don’t care for three storylines in one episode.

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  2. The Danny story line infuriated me. Why would the writers think it was OK for him to take advantage of an abused woman by sleeping with her? This person was still bruised so the excuse that some time had passed is untrue. And the sex scene was not fantasy–it was real and we were shown Danny reliving the memory. Someone in her fragile state cannot give consent. He allowed her to show her gratitude by sleeping with her. But I don’t think he would be brought up on any charges because it is unlikely she would testify against him. But what probably would have happened is that he would be investigated by Police Internal Affairs if her husband made a claim that he provoked him by sleeping with the victim. So all we learned about Danny’s early days in New Jersey is that he was a jerk long before he came to Hawaii.

    I have read some things excusing his behavior because he was young and everyone does stupid things when they are young. But that had nothing to do with youth. This was cruel, immoral and unethical. These are the same people who think Uncle Vito is charming.

    The most upset segment of the fandom seems to be the McDannos who feel they didn’t get enough Danny and are questioning why he was portrayed in such an unflattering way. They expected Danny the hero and got Danny the abuser instead. I understand their frustration and hope they will remember this when 820 airs. The actors don’t write this stuff.

    But the worst of the fandom are those that are rewriting the episode to fit their concept of what is acceptable behavior. So, Danny has a big heart and likes to help people? It seems he helped himself to a victimized woman and showed no remorse. Keep trying to sell that one to the rest of us.

    My first job, where I actually got a real paycheck, was in an office. There was a woman in her mid twenties (I thought she was so old) who worked part time because she had a small child. Her husband drove her to work and picked her up. She never left for lunch like the rest of us. She often had bruises on her arms and some of the really older women (in their thirties and forties) would catch each other’s eye. If they asked if she was alright she usually said she fell or walked into door or some other unbelievable excuse. How do you help someone who is so terrified of her husband that she is afraid to seek help? One day she didn’t show up and we found out she tried to kill herself and was in a psychiatric ward. Some of us went to visit her. She tried to put the best face on it but she never returned to work nor could anyone reach her. I never found out what became of her and I hope she had the courage to leave that monster. I hadn’t thought about her in many, many years, but 818 brought that all back to me.

    A good and decent Danny could have helped her by seeing that she found mental health services and a safe place to live. He could have been a hero. Instead we got Danny the pig.

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    1. Wow, that is such a sad story. I hope she got help. And I agree, Danny gets worse and worse each season. And his fandom has to be confused, the writers don’t know or like their characters sometimes. If they thought this made Danny heroic then they need their heads examined.

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    2. Ugh. Exactly. Danno the Pig, which is every day, ordinary, asshole Danno on steroids. That was a disgusting SL. I am shocked that none of the actors rebelled against this horrible SL. I never liked Danno, since S1E1, I could tell he was a total putz. But even I did not realize he was a statutory rapist. Ugh. I feel like I have to take a bath just talking about that oily sleazy creeper…

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      1. I feel the same way about needing a shower after enduring his sleaze (we even thought the same adjective!). i was very glad to see other people on twitter respond in disgust to that storyline. Of course, some of them didn’t like it because they said it was so out of character for Danny. His interest in “charming” any young woman he meets has not changed; he was acting the way Danny always acts. I just have never found it charming. An industry exposed for its inappropriate treatment of women via the #metoo movement showed itself in writers who found this angle to the “protective” cop story necessary to the plot.
        As far as the rest of the show, I thought the Adam storyline was the most interesting and the best developed this week. I also love IAD and think he is incredibly talented; Adam is just hard to stomach sometimes. I loved the lighthearted side story with the younguns. I particularly like how Junior pointed spoke up about Tani needed to walk the beat just as much as he did.
        I don’t know how to assess the quality of directing. I did enjoy the interviews that gave us insight into how Alex does both his jobs and trust his talent and work ethic will continue to give him directorial opportunities.

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        1. I can’t really judge the directing either…I can’t much tell one director from another and I don’t comprehend how much dominion they really have over the stories they’re telling. The writing, otoh, I’m happy to judgey judge the writing… and the acting. 😉

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          1. Normally I too don’t feel a difference in directing. But in this case it was totally not the case (and it surprised me, believe me. Because I thought I wouldn’t know enough about directing to notice). Now I know the director creates the atmosphere, the mood, the sentiment. And he can create tension and he can push the viewers right in the middle of the actions. And he did right that. Like a talented actor the talented director is able to elevate the material he’s given. That he did. On both occasions.
            It’s a craft. You can phone it in, because you’re either not interested (n)or gifted, or you are enthusiastic, committed, talented and you inspire people.


    3. Other reasons the Mcdannos fans did not like this episode was because Rachel was back. Plus they thought with Alex directing they would get more scene of Steve and Danny becoming more closer instead they got no scene together at all and not much Danny time as well.

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    4. My heart breaks for your former colleague. I hope she found a way out… Having encountered a similar story (but luckily with a good ending) I can relate.

      I watched the episode with great interest and was ok -though not thrilled- with two of the 3 storylines. D’s story however stunned me. How anyone can see anything heroic in his behavior is beyond me. I have no idea what the writers were thinking. This was bad.


  3. mamayorkie, you said it well. That was so sickening I know I can’t look at D without feeling disgust. How anyone could think that is OK is beyond me.

    but still, the show was good. And the directing was awesome. 🙂

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  4. I have always been thankful to know I can come here for good thoughts on our favorite actor, but I am also thankful for level-headed women who understand appropriate behavior – whether in a fictional portrayal or not.

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  5. Hope Alex gets more and more better. But three stories in one is a lot. As really he needed to be on that of a producer. As hope he can do just that. That FBI guy is slimy at beast. But Adam is a lousy “cop”
    As really should not had trusted his snitch. And got him in the trouble.
    But Tani and Junior both really got humbled. In the wearing a uniform and may give them an understanding on the beat.
    Not enough Alex IMHO but understand why. He was directing
    Danny in NJ in his time. As really Alex captured NJ well. But to sleep with someone he was supposed to protect and take down her abusive husband. He sleeps with battered wives it seems. May follow him.
    I give it 8/10.


  6. Thanks for the review Sam and Cokie!!👍👍👍👍
    Alex did an INCREDIBLE job directing and acting! I loved all the different shot angles he used.
    I wish we would have got to hear Steve play the guitar a little longer, but hey I’m selfish that way.😉 At least someone remembered Steve’s birthday.
    I was really surprised how much we saw Steve in this episode. It was great! Alex did an awesome job with both of his roles.
    I always enjoy watching Steve and Lou together.
    I liked that Steve had Junior and Tani walk a beat, and how Junior handled the situation with “little Kawika”. I really like Junior and the little glimpses of his past. Tani on the other hand, needs knocked off her high horse, her major accomplishment before 5-0 was getting kicked out of the Police Academy. Not sure where her attitude comes from, but some humility would go a loooooong way. The second Junior got maced I thought, Miss Petunia strikes again! Sam and Cokie, I for one, really hope that the writes keep reading your stories, they could learn A LOT from you two.
    I knew the writers were leading up to something with Adam’s family, I was not expecting a half sister though. I thought they were going to bring Hiro back and say he cut off his own finger to fake his death, guess I was way wrong.😉
    Don’t even get me started on the Danny story line, I am beyond done with “Detective” Williams.😒

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  7. Congratulations to Alex who did a excellent job at directing this episode with so much going on as well with 3 story line and action. I hope he gets to do more in season 9 if we get it. Plus we had more Steve in this episode than I thought we would which was good plus less of Danny.

    Loved Steve playing the Guitar with Frank
    Love all the Steve and Grover working together
    Loved how Steve took down Jessie
    Adam story could have
    been better right from the start and not so boring if Five 0 was involved from the beginning and working all together.
    So Adam has a half sister? boring
    I liked the Danny flash backs the one where he met Rachel the first time all ways wanted to see that one.
    Danny how unprofessional of him getting romantically involved with the woman he was helping.
    I think Danny likes getting involved with married women that 3 that we know off.
    Happy to see Rachel back we need to see more of her would love her to get back with Danny.
    Nothing about the restaurant which was good
    I don’t like Tani

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    1. It looked to me as though Rachel’s appearance only makes sense if she is Danny’s endgame should SC choose not to return next season .(if there is one hopefully). This could be the writers way of doing what they did to DDK, by giving his character an opportunity to go to San Francisco to head his own Task Force and then to GP, by giving her character a mission to save victims of human trafficking.


  8. I’m so proud of Alex he did an amazing job with his directing skills and his acting skills hope to see many more years of Alex/Steve Mcgarrett forever Team Alex


  9. If Dannoying gets punched in the face repeatedly in #25 my cheers will be heard around the globe. Every married woman he lusted after? PUNCH. Every married woman he slept with? PUNCH. Every skirt he lured after? PUNCH. Everytime he insulted Max or Kame? PUNCH. Everytime he had the chutzpah declaring Steve had no idea of mammal to mammal behaviour? PUNCH. Everytime he called Steve a neandertal? PUNCH. Anytime he had the nervs telling someone what’s right or wrong? PUNCH.
    Everytime he disses and disparages Steve? PUNCH. In front of others? UPPERCUT. BAM.
    McDannihilation ftw.
    I rate this epi an A. It’s an episode I liked rewatching for my screens. No, I really enjoyed it. My favorite storyline was the Steve/Lou/Jessie/Adam one. The chase was great! Very well done in a unique and interesting way. And I loved the “Psycho” moment.
    Alex had THREE, freaking three storylines to handle and he did it exceptionally well. Nothing felt rushed, the scenes/sets ‘smoothed’ over (can you say that?) very nicely. And the Jersey scenes never felt like Hawaii.
    Alex and the DP Kurt Jones should work together more often. They are a perfect team.
    We know that Alex developped a storyline for this season, maybe he even could tell the writers some thing or two.

    Prominent acting and directing? How could he look so good?
    I think he was happy.
    leiCa was happy too. He is an artist. In the best ‘both feet on earth’ way.

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  10. I am impressed with how much Alex was in the episode, considering that he directed it. However, I’m not all over the top with the actual directing. I mean – if you watched this episode without knowing that Alex directed it, would you be able to tell? Maybe it’s just me. I’m glad he got to do something he wanted to do, I’m glad we got to see him in the episode despite his working behind the cameras. Other than that I don’t get the hype.

    I love Jimmy Buffett. I’ll take shoeless Jimmy EVERY TIME over Willie Garson or any of the other characters that wander across the screen. I did like the tidbit that Alex gave us – that they had to re-string the Portuguese guitar like a normal one in order for him to play it.

    YOU GUYS! The Miss Petunia thing! LOL! That was some great work from the two of you – thanks for the reminiscing!

    I see a lot of similarities between Tani and Danny. Just saying. I’m trying to look past it – really I am.

    I thought the chase scene with Steve and Jessie was ridiculously long – and it showed. It was interminable – you could actually see where Alex was purposely adding in extra moves and lagging behind because he was clearly catching up to Christina. I thought it was about 3 times longer than it should have been. And same goes for the over the top steering wheel cranking during the car chase. No truck could’ve stayed upright with those moves. Oh well – that’s me -nitpicker #1

    Oh – and Adam has to go. it’s like it’s a totally different show he’s on. There’s really zero tie in to the rest of the show. Ugh. Can you imagine if Catherine was on the show, but just her doing her CIA stuff week after week and occasionally interacting with Steve? LOL OMG – people would LOSE THEIR SHIT. And as much as I love Catherine, it would be equally as stupid as this.

    Danny is exactly what I’ve always thought he was. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

    and with that – WELCOME BACK LADIES!!! Having you both opine on this one was great!


  11. I have to disagree with the chase scene. I loved it. Action pure! And I am not looking for realism in such a scene. And esp. seeing Steve turn and spin the wheel was great. It’s what such scenes are about and it was the first time we got something like that. It’s an action show, not a show where Grandpa in his Toyota stops at the yellow light because you never know. If I want realism I am taking my folding chair and look at men in the pedestrian zone. Esp. in summer. Yuck.
    And as I said before: I WAS prepared to not notice any difference in directing. But I did. Right away. And I want more of this.

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  12. And that’s that makes the world a great place – differences of opinion.

    Who said anything about realism? This show and realism are diametrically opposed to one another. I don’t like it when something that happens in a scene takes me out of the story, That’s what happened for me in both the chase AND the steering. I lost being in the story to noticing the actors in the story. Not sure if that makes sense.

    As for the directing – I really don’t get the hype. I honestly didn’t notice anything different in this than any other episode – and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing! There have been some very high level directors on this show, so saying that is a compliment to Alex. Actor’s direct on their TV shows quite often – and if it weren’t told to me, I’d never know it.


  13. Sam and Cokie, thanks for your joint review, so good to see you posting again!
    There’s not much to add to all said above.
    From what I am able to tell Alex did a great job given the material he had to work with.

    I pretty much agree with all you have said and most of the above comments. This episode had many of the fandom -and interestingly on both sides- in uproar.
    By bringing back Rachel in the end I felt the writers finally checkmated McDanno – and I’m grateful for small favors.
    PL’s endgame remains to be seen, lately some seem to “know best” where he will take us…

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    1. Thank you, Sunny. I was just a kid when that happened and I was fortunate to have grown up in a family where the men were not only gentlemen, but also very gentle men. I was never exposed to that kind of a thing happening to anyone I knew until I witnessed what that poor abused woman was going through. That SOB used to lock her in their apartment when he wasn’t home and rigged the door so that he could tell if she opened it. She was allowed out to go to work and earn money. It was a long time ago and in those days the police did not always take action on what was known as a domestic disturbance. How desperate was she to think that death was her only way out?

      What I also found interesting was the reaction of some of the fans who either remained silent because they are afraid to speak out against anything which reflects badly on their favorite character or tried to excuse Danny’s behavior just because he was Danny and he was young. Isn’t it interesting that this episode which was hyped as a serious attempt to draw attention to the topic of domestic abuse did not even merit a few seconds of film at the end where one of the cast mentioned this problem and perhaps gave some information about programs where victims could reach out for help? They did this for other serious topics. Was it because they realized too late the message they had sent to all victims of abuse? Just think of all those people watching last Friday who have had that sort of thing touch their lives. The lucky ones have found the strength to talk about it but so many take the pain to their grave.


    2. This latest partial interview that AOL gave is just a continuation of the last. No new information. Alex has no idea where this story is going because Lenkov has not told him. And there is still every indication that for the boss, McRoll is endgame.

      But you have got to love this guy. See the following quote. “There’s so much water under the bridge and so much back and forth, and I feel like that, in real life, with that amount of tumultuous and emotional movement, it’s rare for something to work,” he says. Imagine talking about a H50 story line and real life in the same sentence.


  14. I feel it’s “telling” bringing Rachel back in 8.18, and Cath coming back in 8.20 shows the direction PL is taking his endgame. Soon we’ll learn how 8.20 plays out…

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