8.20 First Look


Michelle Borth is set to make her triumphant return to Hawaii Five-0 in the April 13 episode — and EW has the exclusive first look.

In a Romancing the Stone-esque hour, Lt. Catherine Rollins (Borth) recruits McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Jerry (Jorge Garcia) — doing his best Indiana Jones — to help her track down a uranium deposit thought to be hidden on an abandoned Hawaiian island, leading them to a suspected terrorist who is plotting to make dirty bombs with it.

Thank you to Entertainment Weekly for the first pictures for episode 8.20. I couldn’t be happier to see Lt. Rollins on my screen again.

Not just because I think she and Steve are perfect together, but because she’s an awesome character all on her own.

Bring it on. First episode this season that I am looking forward to.



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  1. UGH! Why? Don’t get me wrong I am sure MB is a good actress but why are they forcing this? She walked away twice (if not more), wasn’t honest with him and broke his heart. Even after telling him she would have said yes…she said goodbye (by wishing Steve well) and now she’s back. I will watch but I hope they don’t force a relationship especially since Steve has moved on with Lynn. We shall see.


    • Rofl. He has moved on with Lynn? In what universe? Even Peter Lenkov said there is no future with Lynn. And how often have we seen that character? Or even a mention of her?
      Sorry, but Lynn was history from the get go.
      I actually liked her in the beginning, but the staycation was horrible and it was more than obvious that Steve had no feelings for her.
      There is no chemistry there at all.
      Steve and Cath have known each other for decades, you don’t get over something like that.
      And Cath had good reasons to leave. Although I am still mad at her for doing it the way she did. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like her anymore.
      And I still believe in Steve and Catherine.

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      • As long as they don’t botch up story lines as they have done before I am willing to give it a chance. However I personally feel that things were forced for several seasons (and it wasn’t just with MB)….when they brought in Lori what was her specific role? Or (I forgot her name) the Australian lawyer. They have not only done this with McGarrett’s character/story line but with the show in general. Keeping fingers crossed.


        • That is very true. Although I really liked Ellie.
          What I think is forced for a few years now is Steve and Danny. I think it is very hard to watch. For many reasons, but mostly for the horribly forced so called friendship and bickering. Which I think is abusive behavior by Danny. But that’s another story.
          Believe me, I truly hope 820 will be great, not forced, but will bring us a naturally developed relationship between Steve and Catherine. In whatever form. I am just happy to see the only great female character again this show ever had.

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    • There is and never was a Lynn to move on within the first place. She was never more than a seat warmer. PL said in an interview in Parade magazine on 11-4-16 “I don’t know if Lynn is somebody that Steve can spend the rest of his life with. She definitely was a good person to spend time with. I don’t want to give away too much, but I don’t think Lynn is in the future”. So it looks k\like McG has not moved on with Lynn–he has moved away from her.. They were like two mismatched pieces of China– OK separately but horrible together. And he added in that same interview (referring to Cath) . “I think she’s always going to be part of this series until it ends. I think this is just a story that we’re telling along the way. I think her story with McGarrett is definitely not over yet.” So, why is anybody surprised that she is back? Selective amnesia? Poor reading comprehension skills? Jealousy?

      I’m amazed that some fans think they can influence PL because they personally don’t like the character. .I am also amazed that they they think everyone in the fandom agrees with them, I certainly don’t. So when they say stupid things like “no one wants her back or she is being forced on us” they need to get over their megalomania and narcissistic tendencies and accept that there are others who disagree with them. PL keeps bringing her back. for a reason. That makes me happy.. The 9 million viewers who tune in every week like Cath just.fine. Some people should start getting the hint that McRoll is endgame.

      Of course, if anything is being forced down our throats it is McDanno.. My feeling is that SC may not be back next season and we can finally have closure on that!

      Oh, just in case there is anybody out there obsessing over Cath’s return, let me put your mind at ease. It is a television show.. They are make believe characters who live only in pages of a script.. If you think otherwise, you are travelling in the Twilight Zone.

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        • Alex never said that. He HAS said he enjoyed working with MB but that doesn’t fit into the Super Fan Book of Witch Craft.

          I do have to laugh, though. Sugar Sweet has been saying that Cath was “one and done” since she found out she was returning in 525. . How many “one and dones” are there now? What happens when she runs out of fingers? Maybe she’ll use popsicle sticks or tongue depressors.

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          • The one and done is what they chant to themselves as they sit in a corner wearing their McDanno bar and grill T-shirt

            I also snark when someone says she was “fired” – because I have had to fire a few people in my career, and none of them came back to work for me afterwards.

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    • keep in mind, Steve never gave her a reason to stay. He never proposed in the first place and after she told him she would have said yes, he watched her climb onto the plane. He has played a part in this too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like everything that has been done with their relationship, but it takes two to tango. I wish we could see more of their conversations (like the one they had on the plane last season that made it into the deleted scenes or extras or whatever they call those things.

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      • EXACTLY!!!! She had no idea that he was thinking of making more of a commitment to their relationship! All she knew was that she was sitting around with no job, no purpose – after being so dedicated to her job prevfioously. The haters want to say that she ABANDONED him when he was going to propose – conveniently forgetting that she knew none of that – for people who remember every fckng detail of this show, they lare being incredible stupid not to see that. So, yes – if he had BOTHERED to inform her of his intentions, or given her any sense that she was important to him and not that they were just falling back into the same routine – she would’ve said yes. But he didn’t – so she pulled herself up, and made a very difficult decision to find herself a purpose – HE’S the one who drew the line in the sand and said he couldn’t wait for her (she never asked him to – left that up to him – and look what he chose, so clearly in her mind, she wasn’t important enough to him to wait for. Boo frigging hoo he had his heart broken – grow up dude) If he had asked, she would’ve said yes – and adjusted her plans accordingly. There wasn’t a choice given to her.

        I still think that, once on the same page, these two can make a relationship work. Do I think the show is going to show them all the time? No, of course not – it’s McG’s show, and it’s always going to skew through his perception. I’m just saying this whole thing doesn’t make Cath look nearly as bad as the abC’s want to make it seem – but it makes Steve look like an immature boob.

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  2. I could not have said it better myself. Catherine is a great character with or without Steve. I am looking forward to this episode. It sounds like it’s going to be a fun ride. Plus the references to Romancing the Stone and Indiana Jones makes it more interesting. I wish she was back for more than one episode but I will take what I can get. Here is to hoping this is a set up for more McRoll in season 9.

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  3. This could be the best episode in season 8. I am really excited first time this season as well. I love the character of Catherine and the only one that understands Steve, Love the chemistry between Steve and Catherine. The only bit I don’t like about this episode Jerry is going to be with them.

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  4. I too am really looking forward to having Catherine back – I mean, yes the “romancing the stone” tease is great – but just having her back , and having Steve working with her to take down a terrorist – well, sign me up! The fact that this episode seems to be Danny free is icing on the cake for me! I’m interested in what conspiracies Jerry can help with – as it brings Jerry back to what his original introduction to the show was, and not this IT guru he’s being shown as now (remember when he had to have Kamekona’s young son help him use a computer? Yeah.)

    After 7.07, I said that both McG and Cath had cleared the air – and for once had a smidgen of a real conversation (because Cath pressed it) – I said back then that it seemed like a re-set – and while I know that deleted scenes don’t matter – there was a deleted scene from the plane ride where Catherine says to McG -“are we good?” and he responds “we’re good”. PL said in an interview that Cath and Steve couldn’t just jump back into a relationship, and he was right – they needed to talk things out. I think that was the turning point. Cath and Steve are old friends, who have worked together countless times – of course he’s going to want to help Cath out on this one.

    The romancing the stone comparison is interesting, and if true, this should be great to watch.


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    • What a perfect comment Kimphin, couldn’t agree more.
      The fact that they’re old friends makes the bond they still share so valuable. Cath “gets” Steve, she knows he comes with baggage, is the only one we’ve seen on the show to understand where he comes from. She would be able to fight his demons with him. I miss their mature talk and the sparks that were visible.

      Cath is a strong and independent character which some have a hard time dealing with. She didn’t abandon Steve because she felt her job was “better”, she believed in making a difference out there plus followed orders. I believe she’s the one who regrets the most not having chosen a different way to explain her leaving again to Steve truthfully and she had the highest price to pay…

      I wish PL will find a way to bring them together again, give them a chance to talk, heal, rebuild trust. I have to laugh about some clinging onto Lynn. Seriously? Yes, I liked her in her first episode, after that I couldn’t care less. Talking about forced? There you have your example… I too liked Ellie, they had a good friendship and mutual respect for each other’s work. Sadly she disappeared.
      PL has a huge task at hand. I really hope he does well with it.

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      • I was ambivalent about Ellie – I never saw any of the sparks or great friendship people saw. It was just a really weird character to me – Poppa McG sent his kids away and missed them so much he glommed onto Ellie when her dad died? That’s – no.

        As for Lynn, yeah – obviously I was never a fan of hers, but looking back now – how in the world is she good for McG? She can’t seem to keep her mouth shut about anything – first she blabs to Catherine about the engagement ring and then she blabs to Amberlissa and Danny about her sex life – not exactly someone I would share my heart with. Her character as TOLD to us sounded OK – and then laughable all we’ve seen is that she’s a ditzy loose lipped flake.

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        • Lynn made McGarrett look like an idiot. Anyone who says she makes him happy needs to rewatch the staycation episode and look at his face. On the other hand, Danny and Steve bonded over their sheer embarrassment. I think I just shipped McDanno!

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    • Saw this on TV-LINE today:

      Any scoop on Catherine’s return to Hawaii Five-0? —Jen
      When Catherine (played by Michelle Borth) returns in the Friday, April 13 episode to enlist McGarrett and his particular set of skills to track down some hidden munitions, “We got to get a little closure,” Alex O’Loughlin says. Having previously danced around the fact that he was about to propose when she skipped out of town on a secret mission, this time they get a bit more into the missed opportunity. Afterward, O’Loughlin says, “They sort of go, ‘We always were great friends; maybe we shouldn’t have slept together in the first place. But it’s good to be friends again.’”


      • Barb: I know you directed this to Kim and I am sure her response will be far better than mine. She is likely busy but I am done with my office work for the day. Actually, her response will be a hell of a lot better than mine. .

        I wouldn’t get my hopes up that McRoll is dead. Alex has used the word closure before and been wrong What I am reading from this quote is that they have finally started to have that talk about their relationship that many of us have asked Pl about. If this was the final season of the show, then I would expect them to marry but since it looks like a renewal to me, PL will string us along for another year, because he can’t have a married McGarrett any more than he can have a married Danny. (unless it is that character’s final season and then Rachel is welcome to him.). . Also, Alex says he does not watch the show and the editing maybe quite different, Also, as the EP has pointedly said,. Alex only knows what is in the current script he gets, not what is in the future scripts. I think McRoll is alive and well and will be seen in S9.

        Since PL has also said he has a plan for McG’s LL/endgame but doesn’t want to have his TL explode. He has only three viable choices for that kind of reaction from the fans.–McLynn who he has said is not in McG’s future, McDanno, which is never going to happen and McRoll., The introduction of a 4th character is unlikely. .

        Maybe the most telling thing about this whole controversy is that it could have been so easily avoided if he wanted McRoll to die. The character could have been killed but he chose not to do that. Instead he brought her back in 525 which looked like the final season, admitted she was written into 625 but took her out when he got the early renewal for a S7. He wants the character to be there until the end. He has said that.

        BTW, this would not be the first time a particular writer from one of these online sites injected a personal bias into their reporting. They can pick and choose what lines to use and conveniently omit things which may change the meaning. We are not talking Pulitzer Prize reporting here.

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        • Words of wisdom here, mama. Thank you. I actually had a good laugh the last hour or so. Sorry, guys on twitter, but you are way overreacting. Why do you suddenly believe in a quote (if it even is a quote) from Alex he gave in an interview?

          Sorry, but that is ridiculous. Ales does not watch the show, he doesn’t write it and has no influence on what is going to happen in the future story telling. And neither have ANY of the fans.

          I had to really smile at the normally cool and sane people flipping out by this “quote”.

          Get a grip people.

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          • What everyone, especially the McDannos and the abC’s seem to ignore is that PL could have just had Steve get a all in 501 that Cath died in Afghanistan if he was done with the character. Why stretch this relationship another 4 years when it would have been so much easier for him to just end it and have everyone get over it. It’s because he doesn’t want to and that is all that matters.

            I actually feel sorry for Alex. I doubt he wanted to ignite this firestorm. but I must say, i do not believe anything these online writers “tease’ because it is just that. They all want to get more “hits” on their sites than the others do. Believe nothing unless it comes out of the mouth of PL and then it had better be in quotes. He likes to mess with us, likes to mislead us but I have never known him to lie. When he says something and it is specific and not just thinking out loud, you can believe him.

            Logic, not emotion is the only thing that makes sense..

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          • I am probably one of those that flipped out a bit, fully knowing that Alex tends to ramble in interviews and reporters, in this case a McD biased reporter, pick &choose for hits. My reaction stems purely from annoyance at being jerked around by this storyline. I personally see no reason his lead can’t have a steady LI or even be married. Other shows seem to manage this (madam secretary, ncisla, scorpion to name a few). She would not even need to be in every so, just a few times a season, although that might not be fair to 9Michelle as far as other opportunities. I do believe PL wants this character there til the end but IMO he is doing a damned poor job of writing it. Still happy that we will get to see Cath back on our screens!
            Gonna stop now as I am rambling along (Go Ramblers!)

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            • Leni, I hear you and I agree that this jerking around of a loyal segment of a very patient fandom is wrong. But a married McG means PL has to deal with the McDanno faction which he created, as well as the abC’s who harbor secret fantasies that McG is real and he is cheating on them with Cath, They can embrace Lynn or Ellie because they recognize they are not a threat to their dreams. I wish they would just write some really hot, heavy breathing fan fiction with themselves as Steve’s love interest. The visuals inside our heads would be priceless. We all could use a good laugh! .

              Hang in there. McRoll will still be rolling along in S9. And yes, that particular writer has shown has pro McDanno and anti Cath bias before.and been WRONG. .

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        • I hope you have the correct read on things Mama. The quotes from Alex tend to come off as if he wants the story line over. But then Lynn is played by a personal friend and that may influence his take on things. He did say he would play the part as written even if he personally didn’t agree with it. Perhaps he should keep his opinions quiet before the episode airs.

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          • The actress who played Lynn had just been written out of her show. She is Alex’s friend and it would not be too far fetched for him to want to get her some work. PL had other ideas. The character was never intended to be anything more than seat warmer for Cath. .

            I think Alex must have to bite his tongue a lot. LOL.

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        • Just posted as an FYI…I couldn’t post separately. I was NOT aiming the post at anyone it just happened to fall under her name. I will not offer an opinion nor disagree/agree with writer bias. I came across this since we had a previous discussion I thought I would add it. Nothing more.

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  5. Oh…..thanks for the pictures. I am thrilled to see Catherine back. Steve doesn’t hate her even if he was hurt by her leaving the way she did. But that is the only time she walked away from him and that was out of a sense of duty. We know that she stayed in Afghanistan because she had been recruited by the CIA. And after the Doris episode she left because she believed that Steve had moved on with Lynn. Any other time she was gone was when she was still on active duty with the Navy. I really wish that the writers had not gone down the path they did with this relationship…..it would have been very easy to find ways to have her available but not a regular if that is what they preferred. It was careless story planning. Even if the romance is not reignited, I hope there is a show of affection and caring that long time friends would have. I remember that deleted scene and wish it could have been kept instead of something else, it would have made so much sense.

    Reactions to this episode was interesting and I don’t even see very many sites. The 5-0 CBS page had one of the “Ultra fans” stating that Alex didn’t want to ever work with MB again. I don’t know what interview she had read because the one where Alex said that he didn’t think that Steve should take Catherine back never stated that he disliked the actress and wouldn’t work with her again. In fact he stated that he didn’t write the show so he would play things the way it was presented to him. Boy these rumors get twisted to make a certain group happy.

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    • There are some scary scary nutters out there that claim to have inside information (as in INSIDE THEIR NOGGINS) that Alex hated Michelle and that she caused problems on set – none of which can be verified. ANy crazy person can say whatever they want and they get away with it.

      They are able to feel a connection with Alex if they convince themselves and others that he hated her too. It’s pathetic.

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  6. Love those two together. And really think that Catherine needs to come back to him for good. But not to keep asking him to for missions. And really think that they need to get together. Both had chemistry.
    Just glad she knows Steve would never say no to her. But really at times he needs to put his foot down and tell her how he feels and she needs to tell him how she feels. Both will have to sit down to have a very long talk with one another.
    And plus that I think that CIA says if she does not do her job. They will make hers and Steve’s lives miserable. Or maybe she is doing it on her own perhaps.Still hate it that she keeps coming back into his life to ask for him a favor. He has a good heart. But both I hope will get together. As well as that of really sitting down and talking about their present and future.
    Nice to see her back. But still hope they can resolve out their differences and their futures. PL really needs to decide what to do with these two. In the will they or won’t they. Hope it is the former not the latter.
    Love both of them but please Peter stop keeping them from not being happy and make up your mind!

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  7. Cath is a bad ass super bitch! McG was all business at one point in their relationship. Now it’s her turn. They are both adult enuf…unlike many *super fans*…to work out their love match, when they’re both ready.

    And like Leni, I like Cath with or without McG. I actually like actresses and their characters. The rest of the fandom can get the hell over their misogyny.

    Looking forward to Show for once this ZzzZzz season!

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  8. Well sorry but I don’t like Catherine and Steve together she has burned him way to many times and that’s wrong of her to treat him like he is a toy to her sorry again but no love for Catherine here.Does she even know that he has radiation poisoning and dragging him into the jungle is not right


    • Please tell me ALL the many times Catherine has burned Steve. How has she just used him? I recall in the early seasons that it was Steve who was always asking Cath to do him favors using her position in the Navy with a promise of dinner later. I doubt Catherine will drag Steve anywhere. They are adults and have cared about each other for some time. And the radiation poisoning hasn’t stopped Steve from doing anything else lately.

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      • Besides, the radiation poisoning has maybe altered his cells, but it has no effect on him now. The short term effects are long gone. And the long term consequences might come or might not. His risk of getting some form of cancer is now slightly higher, but that does not affect his life right now.
        Besides, nobody knows what the future holds. He might get killed before any cancer gets the chance to hit him. So, forget about the radiation poisoning, I doubt we will hear about it again.
        As for Catherine, I wonder what show some people watch in which Catherine was the one using Steve. Very strange.
        Not liking a character is just fine, but coming up with such strange reasons is very odd.
        And frankly, I often dislike or like a character for no specific reason at all. And I think that is perfectly fine.

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      • Forget I said anything about the radiation poisoning season 6 and 7 I don’t want to see Steve get cancer and die I like him too much for that to happen there would be no show without him.i didn’t mean to offend anyone with my comment I’m truly sorry.Longtime Alex O’Loughlin fan since 2009 Three Rivers up to now with him playing Steve Mcgarrett.


        • Don’t be sorry. I’m happy to hear from someone who does not like a specific character. We don’t like all the same characters. That is just fine. I just wonder about the reasons you gave. You don’t have to defend your opinion. It is fine.

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          • Sorry, I wasn’t looking for a fight. I just couldn’t understand the reasons for blaming Catherine for everything that went wrong in their relationship. I should have let it go. Sorry Becca.


            • Moonjat:

              We know you weren’t looking for a fight. Offering or countering a statement is not looking for a fight. I don’t mind differing opinions because we learn from them. Sometimes we change our minds and sometimes we do not. Sometimes we change someone else’s mind and sometimes we do not. It is what makes life interesting.

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      • Right, because after 19 epsiodes of showing absolutely no signs of radiation poisoning, AND having been a medical miracle who no longer has to take anti-rejection pills for his liver after 44 episodes – THIS is what people are going to skewer Cath about? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        First of all -despite acting like a teenager in his personal life, he is a grown ass Navy SEAL professionally and can decide for his own damn self if he is physically capable of helping.

        Please. Make me laugh more

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        • Becca – sorry about the tone of my message – I’m just so over the straws that are getting grasped at to villanize a character that really hasn’t done much wrong other than not be a doormat.

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    • Danny could be the one suffering from radiation poisoning but he let Steve take the chance in the jungle. And Steve did it because Danny had kids and was better trained than Danny would ever be. Cath would have fought Steve for the right to be exposed because that is who her character is, Maybe Cath knows about Steve’s radiation poisoning and maybe she does not. We will have to wait for the writers to tell us the answer. Personally, I would prefer for Cath to return permanently in some other capacity than the task force and then have Danny leave because his character has become toxic..

      We still do not really know why Cath left the last time except we saw that she did not want to go. Steve doesn’t know about the scene in the car. So if his make believe heart has been broken, his make believe heart can be mended. And, as i have said before, this is just a TV show, Steve is not real and Cath is not real.. Why stress over a story which has zero effect on our lives?

      We are now enjoying our 4th Nor’eater in three weeks so that is real for me and millions of others. If I am going to stress about anything, I don’t have to look any further than my window. H50 is a low priority today.

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  9. This is always a good place to come to. Though we have different and sometimes strong opinions we share the still mostly avid passion for the show and discuss dedicatedly the various topics.

    What boggles my mind is the negativity, yes sadly often hate, against a fictional TV character, one a clever EP (yes, he likes to play with all of us!) created. The beautiful and talented actress portraying that character got caught in the fire and things went South.
    Well, what made people not like Cath, wishing her away and now howling about her return, as if there is no tomorrow?
    Why do they pull out their favorite “oh, but she lied” and “she left him again” cards out over and over again?

    Let’s look at it:
    Cath is a strong and independent career woman, who spent a the better part of her adult life in the Navy. She met Steve many years ago and they shared service time and have great chemistry.
    PL said (as well as MB) that her contract was for S3 and 4 only from the get go. If someone doesn’t believe that (and celebrate that the “fandom got her sucessfully fired”) I don’t care and that’s not my point. Over her appearances of 4 seasons Steve constantly asked for favors and Cath fulfilled them, not matter if she took a risk in doing so or not.
    When Doris urged Cath to protect her secret in S3 she reluctantly obliged, knowing how much Steve wanted to make it work again with his mom. The guilt was eating her up but later Steve and her had a talk like mature adults do.
    When she left to save Najib in 4.21 she wanted to do it on her own, being surprised by Steve at the airport. No, she did not leave him behind and abandon him when they were caught, he gave her an order to get out and take care of the kids. Seeing him being captured she did what she could, calling Danny and urging Joe to organize a rescue. She came through.
    I the end Cath followed up on Steve to make sure he made it back safe and they confessed their true feelings. It took them a long time to get there and you cannot just undo that and move on with the “off screen” girlfriend…
    Why did she let him know she wouldn’t come back? When Steve was in sick bay in 4.21 he had a visit form 2 CIA guys. Connecting the dots between them, a possible payback for McG’s rescue and therefore an early recruitment of Cath isn’t too hard.
    Steve understands her and how orders work: “The job always comes first.”
    They only time the ones who hate Cath can blame her for lying and leaving again was in 6.03 when she did. Steve did not see her breakdown in the car, we did and therefore know how devastated she was. When she came back for Kono’s wedding she probably had every intention to stay, but you can’t just quit a job like that. She got new orders – it was time to go.

    The only thing I am really unhappy wit with that PL/writers couldn’t find another way explaining her leaving without having to break the classified agreement and making Steve feel like he (and 5-0) weren’t enough to make Cath happy.
    I wish the haters would spare us the “she left” and the “she lied phrases”.
    Pretty much everyone on the show lied… but of course they’re all forgiven, but Cath.

    It is amazing how much time and energy they spend on hating her. If 8.20 is really just a “one and done” episode for her like they so desperately hope, why bother? Scared much? 🙂

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    • Sunny I understand what you are saying and I am not a “Cath” hater I just felt (via the writers) they could have done something different. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the show is about crime solving and not about the characters.

      Steve did forgive Catherine for lying (about her involvement with Doris, Afghanistan, etc) as he has with every other person in his life. I was just asking, that if she meant so much to him, (pre-CIA recruitment) where was she when he was tortured by Wo-Fat? Where was she when he was almost killed by Wo-Fat? I understand she probably couldn’t break cover to be there during his liver transplant ordeal but still.

      Yes people do invest in these characters and we all have a right to feel the way we do. I get frustrated and angry when people feel that there opinion is more important than others.

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      • Barb, I hear ya! But as you said, she probably couldn’t break her cover and most of all – PL didn’t feel to involve more characters in these particular episodes as he did. It’s as simple as that. It’s all PL’s decision and he has a masterplan. He pulls the strings and he loves to do so.

        Let’s face it – Cath is out there risking her life and making a difference. If it would be Steve, they’d call him a hero, since it is Cath, they hate her.

        I’m simply looking forward to 8.20 and anything else remains to be seen.

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    • Scared much? They are terrified. Their whole life revolves around a common bond of hating a fictional character and an actress who doesn’t even know they exist. Whenever I read something hateful that they say, my first thought is not “dumbass” but “poor thing, you really need professional help. And what will they do when the show ends? Never interact with each other again, that’s what.

      I am waiting to see what happens if/when Danny is written out for S9.. Tickets for sale here! Get your tickets here, folks! Going fast! Don’t wanna miss this one! Join us for the fun! All welcome! Bring your own bottle!

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  10. I am really looking forward to this episode it looks fun and refreshing, I cant wait to see what kind of story the writers write, There have been lots of characters and story lines i wish were different but i am not a writer Whatever they decide to write about next please dont make Steve Mg and the Honolulu police force look incompetent and dumb . that’s all I ask.


  11. I am very, very excited for this episode! Can’t wait to see what PL has in store! I really like Cath’s character and Steve and her together. To me, they seem perfect for each other, but that’s just me.😉
    The other day I was watching the episode where we first met Lynn, and I was again struck by the huge difference between her and Cath. In that episode when Lynn and Steve were being chased by the Mob guy, Lynn freaks out (which is a completely normal response). In contrast, the episode where Cath is kidnapped by the cartel guys to be used as leverage, Cath spits in the guy’s face.(she is a BADASS) I am not being negative toward either character, just making an observation.☺
    I think(hope) when the day comes and we see how all this wraps up, we’ll be able to say „PL you are a genius!“ Maybe my hopes are to high, but hey I’m trying to thinks positive like Steve here.😉


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