Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.17

I want to be Team Steve when disaster strikes. And I hope Grace and Charlie are Team Steve too.

As always, Steve’s the fighter. He never gives up. There’s always hope. Repopulate earth, Steve. If earth would be in need of people, it would be your kind of people. And I am pretty sure there will be volunteers… 

Absolutely loved the scene with Steve and Doug at the near end. Incredibly well acted with tons of different emotions displaying on Steve’s face. leiCa



Always looking at the stars. Not down at his feet. (R.I.P Stephen Hawking)


Wonders why Adam strictly separates working life and success.


At least the shirt’s in typical McG fashion, a life-affirming gray.


A 30 year old woman just asked him how old he thinks she is. Now he knows that 42 is not the answer to all questions.


The asteroid Cleobulus had a near miss with Earth at only 4.8 million miles. To understand how close that is, imagine you taking your new silverado to a supermarket, and a shopping cart rolls past it only 4.8 million miles away.


Still thinking about the two contact lenses he found in his chest hair this morning. Considered having Tani read something written in really tiny, minuscule letters, but then he just sent her to see if she could find Danny.


3 Words. 9 Letters. Easy to say. Hard to prove.

I. Am. Batman.


Oh no! Not that again. No reflection!


Yep. Waving frantically from the corner below right. That’s meeeee. LeiCa!!!


The advantage of peppers, Adam? I can stuff their hollowness with minced meat.


When the side window of your car looks exactly like the ultrasound picture of a pregnant rabbit.


Eyebrow roof appreciation pic. ERAP.


50 Shades of Blue. So much better than grey.


Put the toilet brush into the dishwasher. Like new.



However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up.” (Stephen Hawking)

Steve large and in charge made this case coming to an end. Steve large and in charge made it happen that thanks to Odell Agrocore won’t get away. Steve cares. Always.

Oh and because the whole team and his friends seem to have forgotten:

Happy Birthday, Steve!


The end.

20 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

    1. Idea:
      Buy a toilet brush the same kind you’ve got at home.
      Put it in your dishwasher together with the dishes. Turn it on.
      When hubby comes home tell him the dishwasher is ready and ask him to unload it. Then, when he’s standing there staring at the brush, scream, jump, clap your hands: “Yeah! Wonderful! It worked! It’s clean! Good as new!!!”

      Tell me what happened.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s just plain mean.

        But you didn’t mention that if your old toilet brush is not being made any more or if you just can’t find another like it, you need to buy two new ones and then swap out the old for the new replacement for several weeks so he will notice you are using a new one. Put the other brand new one in the dishwasher (top rack) and proceed as you outlined. I

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Naaa, no marriage counselor needed. Unless it’s an ‘old married couple’, where one part has no idea about having fun and at the same time knows nothing about respect. If you can’t laugh at least sometimes about the same things, if criticism is the only way of communication, if you feel superior, if you show no appreciation love is lost. I even would go so far to say that you won’t become an old married couple. Old – maybe. (If your partner is a Saint 😉 ) Married? Nope.
            At the end of the day it’s just a toilet brush in a dishwasher. Not someone calling you names and your few good childhood memories ‘junk’.

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            1. You’re talking about Dannoying aren’t you? I am looking forward to one last “Bro, I love you” moment”.
              That’s when Danny Williams waves goodbye to Hawaii forever and Steve lets out a sigh of relief that he is finally free of so much negativity.

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  1. Love it as usual. I believe in Batman. Tani May never find Danny, not that I care. Too bad I am too old to repopulate the earth, what sane woman would refuse Steve?

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  2. Aww man, just what I needed on a slow Saturday with overcast skies. McG always brightens my day, though his hair by now almost resembles the color of the sky… Yep, Odell was SO right! 🙂
    Love you pic(k)s and thanks for the shout out to Mr. Hawking.
    Oh, and Hau’oli La Hanau commander!

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  3. I love that this episode showed again that Steve is a fighter, NOT a quitter. To quote real life Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, “No matter how much it hurts, how dark it gets, or how hard you fall… You are NEVER out of the fight.” That pretty much sums up Steve’s life.
    Great job leiCa! I loved them all, but especially, looking at the stars, toilet brush, and 50 shades of blue. If Steve was repopulating the earth volunteers would most definitely be EVERYWHERE.😊 Steve really does need a birthday cake, someone on the Team has to remember when his birthday is. I would gladly fly to Hawaii and take that job.😊
    I loved the scene with Steve and Doug as well. Also, at the beginning when Danny started into his, “speech” and Eddie lays down like “Crap, here he goes again.” Right around that same time, while Danny is rambling on and on and on Steve gets a look on his face that seems to say”You know, if this really was an attack and Danny was late, that might not be a bad thing.”😉

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    1. I LOVE your comment!
      The Navy SEAL quote is perfect and sums up the difference between Steve and D. Steve has always been a fighter. Always. He is no one lying in fetal position on the floor waiting for it to end. Because of that he is still alive. He fought in Korea, he fought in Afghanistan (if he had not, the rescue teams would have been too late), he fought against Wo Fat, he fought to save the islands and disarmed a dirty bomb (while someone else ‘had nothing’, even was too frightened to not stop this truck on their makeshift bridge), he – as the only one – fought his way through a storm and a bio weapon poisoning, saving his team. As tough or dangerous the situation may be, he is always hopeful, never gives up.
      And, and that’s a thing I really adore, even in the hardest situations he is capable of enjoying the moment, i. e. a skydive into dangerous territory. I think this is Alex portrayal of the character Steve, it is a trait that makes him absolutely adorable and REAL.
      I would have closed the door btw. A police officer mocking a safety drill, behaving like a defiant child? What a role model for his children, right?
      Team McGarrett all the way. He makes a difference.
      ROFLMAO to your last line.

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      1. I absolutely agree!! Quitting is NEVER an option for Steve, he rolls with the punches. He makes the most of any situation and has fun.
        Hopefully Grace and Charlie learn from Uncle Steve and NOT their father.
        I love Team McGarrett!


  4. Love Steve in the scruffy look. As really he is looking more manly if you know what I mean
    Really Junior and Tani are really warming up to me. As got used to them more than I thought I would. The latter has done more in a season about than that of Kono did in seven whole years. We go to know Tani more than Kono in those years.
    Adam how much trouble will he be in the getting into. Can’t catch a break.
    Steve has to love either blue, green, or gray. Love all three of them on him.

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