Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.16

It went a bit overboard, but there have been so many different Alexpressions, and you know me. I love them and obviously my attempt was to use them all. Well, I failed… but still…

Anyone knows where Alicia has disappeared? Asking for a friend. Yep. Sometimes I am my own friend. I call it rebellion.

Now I hope you enjoy. leiCa


Considers how many people he has to kill because they watched him getting up from a bean bag.


When a woman asks about his favorite way of grabbing a bowling-ball.


In former times in the morning you had to suck remnants of pork out of your teeth. Life with chia-seeds hasn’t become any easier.


“Extra fries? I said “Exercise”!”


The chair in the blue room can deal with every ass.


“No Lady, you won’t get any more Powerade.”


“Woof!” “What?” “W like William, O like Ocean -” “GET OFF THE PHONE, EDDIE!”


Showing off his lashes of justice.


Unbelievable what a difference a shower makes. Only just he’s been tired, exhausted and in a foul mood. Now he’s tired, exhausted and in a foul mood with the sweet smell of sandalwood.


“Dude, you really blue it.”


“I am warning you. The powerful melodiousness of my blueming voice is able to suddenly change into sweet overtones of breaking bones.”


“You can have thousands of followers and still be a complete asshole.”


A man with profile.


See? That’s his special magic trick. Blue shirt, green eyes.


Do you have a name or may I call you mine? (I know, so so lame. And sorry, hubby, you know me. But could not not use this pic.)


Yep, Steve. You’re right. He is one bloody idiot.



MC HAMMER. But sorry. You can’t touch this.

Steve’s scene with Tani made me miss Kono. Her attitude towards work, her attitude towards Steve. You know, her boss, the freaking Navy SEAL, Naval Intelligence, Lt.Commander… the guy who achieved some things in his life.

Can someone explain to me why Vito RUSSO is Danny WILLIAMS’ uncle? He isn’t Eric RUSSO’S father or grandfather, right? So he is the brother of Eric’s father? Or what? What am I missing? Or did they grew up in a very very very small town?

And do you know the difference between an ant and a Willusso? One ant can be kinda cute, a lot of them are annoying. Whereas one Willusso…

But what the heck.


Greetings to Cokie and Sam! Be aware of bum burn while snorkeling! Not that I am talking from experience. Nope. No. Not at all.

20 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Ah…. once again you made my day. Loved Eddie on the phone and Steve with a jackhammer. But they were all great pics. I have no clue how Danny and Vito are related nor do I care. Send the man home to Jersey after the restaurant burns to the ground.

    And I really hope the ladies packed plenty of sunscreen. And success on their mission.

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  2. We’re completely forgetting the possibility that Danny might have a half sister – either legitimate or illegitimate. The annoying gene must run through the mother’s side of the family.

    Or, the Willusso family tree does not have many branches, but rather has connected branches. Also a possibility.

    GREAT job LeiCa!!!!

    “You can have thousands of followers and still be a complete asshole.” <<< TRUTH

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  3. Awesome! Love the”woof”. Oh Eddie. I wonder if the writers even realize they gave the same last name to two characters. I could see Vito being Eric’s great uncle, so did Danny just claim him?
    Hmmm butt burn, fortunately, snorkeling will never be my thing.

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  4. LeiCa:

    Thank you. As usual, very funny and you gave us a great selection of photos.

    Maybe he just calls him “uncle” because, he is someone else’s uncle ? and Danny is confused about how that pesky family tree thing works. No one ever said Danny was particularly bright (or a good friend or a good cop or a good husband or a good boyfriend). Then there is always the question of incest and that explains so much about Eric.

    Didn’t one of the super fans proudly say she had a crude, tasteless Uncle Vito in her family? See, there you go. Uncle Vito is related to to someone in the fandom who proudly shares his genes. That explains so much about her and also so much about the H50 writers who will create a character to whom super fans can relate just as a “thank you for your loyalty” perk.

    I still think Danny is on his way out and handsome Harry is on his way in.



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    • I don’t read the superfans comments or blogs, but I’ve got an idea who you are referring to. Thankfully I don’t have relatives who are into hookers and bribe public servants. AND THEY DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT WEAR SUCH AN UGLY FAT GOLDEN NECKLACE OVER A T-SHIRT! My father called those people “Schiffschaukelbremser”, means swingboat-brakeman.
      And I think indeed that restaurant is SC’s way out.
      But I don’t want Harry on the show. He adds nothing new. Actually they don’t need anyone to replace Danny. Two SEALS, Grover and Eddie are enough. And maybe Tani learns some things or two.


    • The ants were stupid. Did they have legs?
      Some fans complimented IAD for being so brave. Good Lord…

      You know, I am not a Cath fan. But Adam needs someone professional helping him. That would be a storyline for Cath.

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    • Sam and Cokie:

      Hey, I just read you entered Hawaii without the permission of the Department of Harpies for the Continuation of Blind Obedience to Absurdity-Broom and Cauldron Chapter.

      Thank the Lord you are not stalkers because they only grant that favor to members of their coven.
      Hope you are having a great time.

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          • Exactly! Don’t worry about those people who are not happy for you. Probably, they aren’t happy for themselves either.
            It’s just jealousy. Wear it well. People don’t get jealous of losers.
            That being said, let me add one thing I am feeling since one special morning:

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      • “Homonculous!”
        Harpies’ wish.
        “Langlock! Mimblewimble!”
        My answer.
        (Your broom and cauldron sent me in the Harry Potter universe. Sorry. 😉 )
        Don’t care about the Muggles, S and C! Repello Muggletum!

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  5. Great job leiCa, thank you!! Your pic(k)s always make me smile, I love them all! I think the best part of the episode may have been Steve with the jackhammer!😊
    As far as Alicia, I think she may have found that shelf we were talking about a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, she also got trapped on it.😉
    The Williams/Russo thing has me scratching my head. I’d like to bear someone try and explain it.😉

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  6. I was disturbed about the fact that McGarrett was not using any hearing protection when he was jackhammering. Then I realized — he wants to go deaf so he will not have to listen to Danno’s B.S. any more! 🙂

    I found this show to be purty stupid, but I spent far too much time writing about it (over 13,000 characters vs. a typical review which is 5,000-8,000).


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    • Lol, that was my favorite too. And his voice of breaking bones…
      It is so interesting seeing how different the taste is, what people are finding funny.


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