8.17 Press and Promopics


8.17 Hōlapu ke ahi, koe iho ka lehu

Adam’s mission to take down organized crime on the Island goes sideways when deadly chlorine gas he was using to bait a big fish falls into the wrong hands. Also, Adam begins to doubt Jessie’s (Christine Ko) allegiance, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, March 9 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Michael Imperioli returns as Odell Martin.

“Hōlapu ke ahi, koe iho ka lehu” is Hawaiian for “The Fire Blazed Up, Then Only Ashes Were Left”

So, I guess Adam made it out of the container? 😉

Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett)
Scott Caan (Danny “Danno” Williams)
Chi McBride (Lou Grover)
Jorge Garcia (Jerry Ortega)
Ian Anthony Dale (Adam Noshimuri)
Meaghan Rath (Tani Rey)
Beulah Koale (Junior Reigns)
Taylor Wily (Kamekona)
Kimee Balmilero (Noelani Cunha)

Christine Ko (Jessie Nomura)
Michael Imperioli (Odell Martin)

Rob Duval (Doug Manning)
Sven Lindstrom (Kevin Randall)
Andrew Kamoku (Akani)
Joel Himelhoch (Mitchell)
Desmond Chiam (Kazuya Nemoto)
Ashley Platz (Denise Randall)
Dave Edery (Roland James)
Joe Pineda (Dr. Price)
Cari Tanabe (Executive)
Kevin Sun (Assistant)
Angie Taylor Anderson (Law Student)
Kiana Rivera (Hazmat Tech)
Craig Davidson (Guard #1)
Michael Rufino (Guard #2)

WRITTEN BY: Liz Alper & Ally Seibert
DIRECTED BY: Maja Vrvilo

Thanks to CBS and SpoilerTV for the Info.


41 thoughts on “8.17 Press and Promopics

  1. Why does Adam have deadly chlorine gas in the first place? Does Steve know? Has he gone completely rogue?
    At this point, I no longer care. Too bad about Jessie. It is so much easier making us doubt her sincerity than making her trustworthy. But I don’t believe she will betray Adam because it is clear she has fallen in love with him. The writers will let her make a fool of herself like Lori Weston. Maybe when she is dying in his arms because there are already too many female characters on the show.

    Good to see Odell again.

    Is this a Danny free episode?

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  2. There are some great photo’s of Alex the first photo is my fav. Love to see Odell again I hope we get some scene with him and Steve together. Not sure if this is a Danny free episode but it looks like it and could be a good episode. Apart from episode 8.18 which will be a Danny episode and we find out who shot him in that episode which is a shame because that is the one that Alex directed as well. Looks like episodes 17 19 20 and 8.21 will either not have Danny or very little of him.

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    1. But SC has already missed at least one or two episodes this season so how can he be absent four more? I thought he only misses five. I am beginning to believe Grace and Daniel may have had a point about equal pay if they were only looking at SC’s situation. He sure gets a cushy ride.

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      1. Scott misses 5 episode each season since season 4 . and in another 5 episode he is hardly in them. so far episodes 4,7 and 12 he is missing looks like 17 could be one and 20 will be another one. I think he work some like 1 or 2 week then has a week off even if they are in a middle of filming a episode. then when Scott misses a episode he has about 3 weeks off not bad for the money he is getting leaving Alex to do all the hard work

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          1. No, I don’t think that anyone has then info – but pay is usually a “per episode” number – so I would think that they are paid accordingly – but Mandy and Moonjat are correct – he really does miss more than just the 5 episodes – he’s barely in the ones before and/or after the 5 he misses completely. I’m not sure how they figure those “lite” episodes into pay.

            and for the record – DDK was in every single episode until he quit – so despite him not being a lead, he might very well have had a point. Because based on screentime alone – Scott’s character doesn’t seem like a lead.

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      2. I wonder if Handsome Harry is being considered as a replacement for Danny. He has perfect chemistry with McG, Just speculation on my part but he would be “a breath of fresh air” right? Isn’t that what some fans said when Grace and DDK left?

        I guess when the shoe is on the other foot and it pinches, it might be a good time to admit you have big feet and try a larger pair.

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  3. You guys are too funny.
    I like IAD but his character is boring and it’s hard to buy his SL this season, especially having him separated from Kono. I really liked him in 8.07 and it was good seing him with Steve, but giving him jurisdiction is just way overboard, even for 5-0. Looks like his arc is coming to an end in 8.20 as Ian seems to be returning to filming Salvation.

    Can Danny please open that restaurant and we only get to see him in like 5 epis a season when the team goes there for food and drinks?
    Harry and Steve would be the perfect team, oh my – now you put that idea in my head 😉

    Glad to see Odell again, he’s a great character. I hope he balances out the epi.
    Other than that – 8.20 can’t come fast enough and by then we’ll probably know if we get a S9…

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  4. “Adam’s mission to take down organized crime on the Island goes sideways when deadly chlorine gas he was using to bait a big fish falls into the wrong hands.”

    WTF? Really, WTF? Have the writers totally exceeded themselves in coming up with an utterly absurd idea? (Aside from the fact that Adam escaped from his middle-of-nowhere prison…)

    I first read this quickly, I thought that maybe Adam exposed himself to chlorine gas because he was cleaning the toilet in his house since Kono is not there to take care of this and accidentally mixed bleach with ammonia. (Yes, this is sexist, but this is in keeping with the usual writers’ attitude.)

    OK, I got that wrong. But who or what can you “bait” using CHLORINE GAS? Chlorine gas is REALLY obvious (not to mention dangerous) if it’s in the air and can kill you very quickly!

    Hmmm, maybe the evil yakuza boss Hideki has a fish pond full of koi, and Adam is trying to “bait a big fish” so Hideki will be sad that one of his expensive fishies has been stolen or killed? But Wikipedia doesn’t say anything about how koi are attracted by the presence of CHLORINE GAS … they are more interested in “a wide variety of foods, including peas, lettuce, and watermelon.”

    If “big fish” means someone like Hideki or an even “bigger fish to fry” (heh heh), then you would probably try to “bait” them using 1) a large-breasted nymphomaniac or a well-endowed hunky guy (depending on the sexuality of the “baitee”); 2) bags (lots) of money; 3) bags (lots) of fentanyl which can be sold at a huge profit; or 4) complete and utter power over the entire universe (something which Adam would be hard-pressed to produce, I suspect).

    Oh well, at least this gives me something to get excited about (NOT) as far as next Friday’s episode is concerned…

    In other matters, the last episode produced a total “meh” reaction in me, so much so, that I turned over reviewing duties to someone else again … but then I still had something to say, especially about the fact that this episode uncharacteristically produced a rather negative reaction in two people reviewing it (not including the two reviews my site ended up with!). Check it out: http://fiveohomepage.com/2010-log8.htm#15

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  5. Wow. You have provided an awesome place to bitch about the show and its characters and story lines .Can’t wait to join in. Sad to see that Dennis Chun, Duke, was omitted from regular cast member list by Spoiler TV. Oversight, I hope.

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    1. You are welcome to join us. But there are some simple rules here. Respect the others, no name calling of real people. You can bitch about the characters as much as you like, but please always be civil about it.
      Every opinion is welcome here.

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  6. Glad to see Odell. From some of the expressions in his and Steve’s scene, he does not approve of the new “do”…. As far as the storyline, I liked Adam helping out Five-0, but I have not liked the bit we have seen of him solo.

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  7. This show is so full of stupid stories lately that I can’t believe I’m saying this – but Adam as the lead of a task force is SO INCREDIBLY STUPID that I want to slap the writers. Adam being a regular on this show AFTER Kono (his whole purpose for being on the show to begin with) left made4 me side-eye TPTB HARD, but then to make him … WHAAA???? It’s just so incredibly stupid. All of it – no matter how much you like the actor, or looking at pretty Hawaii, or whatever – you really have to submit to a lobotomy to be OK with this story.

    O’Dell – *sigh* OK, sure – he’s back whatevs. After the idiocy of the Adam SL, I’m more accepting of a barber who dabbles in law – but really – I don’t much care what he’s there for. And if he talks steve into letting the hair grow out, all the better.


    1. Uncle Vito is in the March 2nd episode (please — go home!!) and Odell will be in the one on March 9th. Too bad they are not in the same show, they could share some joke about “singing soprano.”


    2. I don’t think the writers ever think about their storylines anymore. They just want something, like having Adam in a few episodes, and don’t care if it makes sense or not. It’s like that for a few years now, but season 8 really takes the cake.

      There is so much stupidity on the show now, I really have no words for it. It is such a shame. And the only reason I still watch is a couple of people still giving their all to it. And I want to honor their hard work. But that is really the only reason.

      I’m really sad that I can’t enjoy H50 like I used to. I still love some parts of it, but there really isn’t much left. I loved the show for the crimes, the action and the characters. But nowadays the crimes are ridiculous, the action isn’t what it is used to be, and the characters I sometimes don’t even recognize anymore.

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      1. They’ve completely ruined it. it’s just week after week of buffoonery. I’m watching a train wreck now, if I happen to catch it – just to see how low it will go. As far as I can tell, they plan to go pretty low.

        Makes me wonder how many other people watch just …. because.


  8. I started to write this but I must have deleted it by accident. So if it got through, I apologize for being repetitive.

    Magnum PI is being prepared for pilot right now. From PL’s comments H50 looks like S9 will be a go. So how do they both film at the studio at the same time?

    If H50 wraps up some time at the end of March, then Magnum could have April, May and June to film there. I count 91 days . They could conceivably turn out ten episodes before H50 returns in July. That does not allow for the time they are filming on location so they may be able to squeeze in some more episodes if they juggle when each show needs the studio and when they don’t. Then what if they have a two episode intro for Magnum for the two shows with the new casts “meeting” each other and perhaps interacting again down the road. This is a lot of logistic magic but will work if H50 only gets a partial season to tie up the loose story lines. If H50 shares a partial season with a show like NCISLA, then it might work. I am not sure CBS will build a new studio as an accommodation.

    I will happily take a quality half season as a finale then the outright crap we have been getting the last few seasons.

    Also, PL has said he gives us little clues as to his direction in the episodes. He did it in S7 when we didn’t know if Steve was dying from radiation poisoning or Chin was moving to San Francisco or if Kono was walking out on her marriage. Now we know what was going on with Grace and DDK. I think they maybe filming 823 or will be starting it soon. We may start to learn something soon. Maybe it’s time to play detective. It could be fun.


            1. How big is the container?

              The entire Williams clan. Every last one of them.

              Everyone who was present at the “intervention”, especially those who had reservations about doing it in the first place, but went along anyway.

              Guest stars who serve no purpose to any story line.

              The scripts, because they evidently write themselves and nobody has to take the blame.


              Kono, so she can spend some quality time with Adam, duct tape, a pregnancy test and assorted container mates cheering the reunion.

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  9. Mama, I love all your suggestions! Especially the scripts, I COMPLETELY agree!😎
    How about Steve and Cath alone in the container so they can FINALLY have that talk, the only condition is that we actually have to see them talking things out, not just assume it happened “off screen”.😊

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  10. No, no, this is what happens…

    McGarrett and Catherine, who has returned to Hawaii, finally decide to get hitched, but they sneak away to City Hall to do this, because they want to surprise everyone. Kamekona and Flippa are the witnesses. While they are away, a gigantic bomb explodes in Five-Zero headquarters where everyone else who you don’t want to see on the show ever again is investigating the latest crime of the week and they are all killed. When McG and Cath return to headquarters, of course they are sad, and much of the show consists of flashbacks as the two of them attend a huge funeral for everyone who died.

    The next week, the show is renamed McGarrett and Wife featuring McG and Cath who investigate crimes on the islands, many of which are of a light-hearted nature. Kamekona and Flippa continue to provide comic relief.


    1. Interesting. Have you considered the dilemma you have presented to the McDannos?

      There will be anger at Steve for not asking his BFF Danny to be his Best Man. There will be anger at Steve for marrying Cath instead of Danny in the first place. Indeed, there will be righteous anger.They will boycott the new McGarrett and Wife. The power of the righteous is righteously powerful.

      This must be handled with tact and sensitivity.


      1. The feelings of the McDanno types, a niche fan base at best, will not be taken into consideration with the rebranding of the show to McGarrett and Wife. After all, Boy Wonder astounded the TV ratings types by putting Five-Zero on a Friday where it attained (I hate to admit this) respectable viewership, despite the fact this evening was traditionally regarded as a graveyard where no show would succeed. Once again he will put a feather in his cap by creating another reboot (of sorts) which will appeal to Friday night’s old (in multiple directions) fossil demographic.

        Which leads to another question: will he put the remastered Magnum P.I. also on Friday, thus achieving a reboot trifecta?


        1. almost guaranteed it will air on Fridays.

          People watch on Fridays because there is nothing else to watch. The older viewing audience doesn’t Netflix and chill, or go clubbing. Previously all they had to watch was Dateline and 20/20 and, well – those are depressing shows in this day and age. So, after coming home from work, getting their Friday night pizza delivery, they sit down to watch these reboots and revel in their youth. (I’m not being totally disparaging, I’m closer in age to the far end of the key demographic than I like). They watch it because it is on, not because it is good.


          1. I hear ya! I am definitely in “that age group” (approaching seven-0), and, if I liked the show, it would be because of the swell scenery, plus the boobs and bums. I have actually had people who are “older” tell me this (at least the first of the three).


    2. You just might be on to something Mr. Mike! There was that bomb last season that was meant for 5-0…. Only, I’m kinda partial to HQ, why not blow up the restaurant instead. Two birds with one stone.😉
      The only downside would be Steve feeling responsible for it happening, because that’s just who he is.
      Heck, I’d watch McGarrett and Wife!😉

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