Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.15


The BMW? That’s what I call an amazing car.

The AOL? That’s what I call an amazing actor.

The rest? Blech. I hope Adam rots in this container till the ant (!) of time for not keeping Steve informed. Idiot. And I have to be protected from seeing a tiny penis, but enduring these Williams’ family members and their inflated ego is ok? Blech.

So let’s have some fun with Steve. And I really hope it is Jersey humor free. leiCa


God mode activated.


Shut up – or I will expertly draw attention to duct tape.


He would love to try this ‘waterfuck’ people talk about when they are annoyed.


It is a shame that careening has come a bit out of fashion.


Magnum? Seriously? He always knew that Higgins was Robin Masters.


He’s looking for a guy in a pink polo-shirt with a turned up collar. Offers a slap in the face!


Run, forest! Run! It’s Steve!


Thank God for the episode saving presence of the intense Alexpressions.


The stuff that dreams are made of. Smurfable stuff. Chinsmurf. Eyesmurf. Veinsmurf. Mouthsmurf. Smoothbuzzcutsmurf. (Feel free to add. What’s your smurf? What do you smurf? Do you smurf a lot?)



Working with the Williamses? How many ‘later’ are one ‘never’?

Thank you. Till next time. Hope the Adam storyline ants. That would be a tingling sensation.

And the restaurant will be called “D&V”.

30 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. The entire Williams family sucks, with the exception of the dead one.
    I would not feel comfortable letting these characters into my home. But that’s just my opinion.

    I am sure there are some Superfan lurkers out there who proudly identify with this bunch. How very sad.
    (I wouldn’t let any of THEM into my home either.)

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  2. Thank you again for the lovely pics. I will happily supply Steve with duct tape if he wants. Steve always gives us great expressions. Dear lord I wish they would drop that stupid restaurant storyline.

    Liked by 7 people

    • I hope this isn’t one of those story lines where they have backed themselves into a corner because they
      haven’t thought it through. I predict some baddie with a vendetta against Danny will blow up the restaurant and solve the problem. After one week of mourning for the red leather booths, we will never hear of it again.

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      • mamayorkie, that would be a real treat. I was hoping that uncle whosit would be the one to take care of it. maybe they will sell it to Kamekona for his next great adventure.


      • “One” of those storylines?????????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

        I swear to God one H50 writer breaks the worlds most idiotic story and another says “Hold my beer” week after week


    • I think LeiCa owes us an explanation about her comment “And I have to be protected from seeing a tiny penis.”
      I was hoping someone else would inquire but I guess the rest of you cowards left it up to me.
      So, whose was it, where did you see this and did you have a ruler?
      (I am so ashamed of myself.)

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  3. Thank you leiCa!
    At the end of S7 I I was really looking forward to a little bit of continuity into S8 from one of the story lines. Just a heads up, it was NOT the stupid restaurant. Does anyone else remember the rouge faction of the US Government Five-0 discovered? What the heck happened to THAT story line? Did the bad guys just disappear? In my opinion that is WAY more interesting than the restaurant. To be fair, at the end of S7 I didn’t hate the restaurant. I thought, YES, D is retiring, the Team will eat at “Steve’s” a few times, and the World will be good. Silly me!πŸ˜‰

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  4. I just feel really bad about the amount of money Steve has wasted in this ridiculous endeavor. Thanks for all the goodies during this drought of new Steve stuff. I was hoping someone would mention some more things they smurf. I really tried.

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  5. LeiCa, thanks for giving us some eye candy and making the best of an otherwise bad episode. There – I sad it. If Sam doesn’t even write a review, you know it’s not good.
    To better times, more BAMF Steve, catching COTWs, continued SLs and interesting character developments (yes, that includes a HEA for our Commander)!

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  6. I LOVE that idea!! Maybe you just got PL’s hamster wheel turning.πŸ˜‰ If I remember right, we never actually SAW Duclair’s body, did we? Anything’s possible, this is 5-0! 😊

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