8.14 Reloaded

Attention. Attention. This is no review. Just an attempt to prevent my head from exploding.


Can we please end the restaurant storyline?

And can we please end Danny … being a jerk?


Nā keiki a Kalaihaohia

„…You Putz!“

Steve stared at his friend who kept on talking but he could no longer hear him. Everything around him – the voices, Danny, Pua – disappeared in a blur.


His friend had been calling him names for years now. Had insulted him, offended him, questioned every move he had made, every decision he had to take in order to save and protect his team, his friends, the people on this island. Moron, idiot, neanderthal. Well, and putz. He didn’t know exactly when it had happened but one day it had started to hurt. He could no longer brush it aside with a ‘That’s how Danny is’ excuse. Because he, Steve, needed at least some respect once in a while. He told Danny so after Steve had rescued the girls out of the truck some months ago, he told him in a light tone, with a little smile because he was too tired to risk a full blown fight with Danny. But obviously it didn’t help.

Steve had no idea why Danny behaved this way. On one day he arranged this stupid intervention, hired a stupid stress counselor to make his life less stressful only to be a pain in the neck the other minute. Causing Steve more stress than he was already dealing with.

Maybe it was the job. Steve had come more and more to the conclusion that being a detective was not what Danny needed to be. He had shown no commitment for a long time now, even years if he thought about it. Danny was just – there. IF he was even there. No one on his team had had as many days off as Danny. And when they were working a case together he didn’t do much. No input, no solutions, no help, no engagement. Just insults and fear. Yep. Fear. He had seen it. Fear Danny could not overcome. And in their line of work you had to overcome your fear to save the innocents. To save yourself and your colleagues. That was their job.

Steve took a step back and looked around. Took a close look at their construction site he had been working at for months now. This was where he had spend his evenings. Every evening till late at night. Because he was the one with the manual skills and they wanted to save some money.

He imagined how it would look like when the restaurant was up and running, with its red leather booths Danny liked so much, bottles of brom water in the kitchen and rust-mineralized water coming out of the taps. He sighed. What would be his job? Running around with a wine bottle in his arms, smiling at patrons and looking at lovers celebrating their anniversary?

And would he do anything right in Danny’s opinion?

He shook his head and went to his backpack lying behind a pillar at one end of the room. Steve didn’t hear the words churned out by Danny, he didn’t hear Pua asking if he was okay. He bent down and took a folder out of his backpack. For a second he looked at it with a thoughtful face then he got up vigorously and determinedly. Shouldering his pack he went to Danny.

This was it. This whole thing, that was Danny’s. Not his. This was not how he envisioned his future. He once said, the day his mother died made him who he is. Now he knew that Doris didn’t die, but the rest was still the truth.

He loved his work. He loved what he did.

He made a difference.

He didn’t know what the future would bring.

He knew that there would be consequences, he wasn’t stupid. Liver transplant AND radiation poisoning was no piece of cake and one day he would have to deal with that, the doctors told him such.

The chemical weapon he was exposed to didn’t help either. But he fought. He didn’t give up. He always was a fighter. When it was time to sink or swim? He swam. On that boat, hurting, freezing, being dizzy he battled his way through it for all the long hours, searching for a solution, organizing help and getting the damn job done to save his team. First and foremost his team, this new team with Tani and Junior. They were great, he made a good choice. Tani would need a little bit, sometimes she was a little bit too cocky and boastful, but time would show her, and Junior was amazing. A quick thinker, supportive and respectful. And then Grover. Lou was amazing, smart, empathic and a great friend.

And Steve would never complain because that was exactly what he wanted to do. Not only was he highly trained for this kind of stuff, he did it because there was no one else.

And at the end of the day he knew he made a difference that day. He made a damn difference.

He put the folder on the table behind Danny who had stopped talking and looked at him questioningly.

Steve opened the folder: “Some weeks ago you forgot to pay the landlord, remember? Well, as you know I did. Here are the papers. And the signed lease. It’s for you. You can have it.”

“What?” spat Danny. “Have you lost your mind?”

Steve breathed in and out. “No. I found it. That’s your dream…” Steve raised his arms and pointed around. “This. This whole restaurant, that’s your dream. Not mine, Danny. Not mine.”

He closed the folder. “Don’t worry. I am still in with my money. But as a silent investor.”

Steve turned around, headed for the door. “I know you don’t understand and you never will, but I love my job. I love 5-0. My whole life I’ve been motivated by helping others, by saving others, by – maybe – making the world a little bit better. I think, I’ll stick to that. As long as my health allows me to be this guy? Well – I’ll stay this guy.” He paused. “It makes me happy.”

Steve looked at Pua. “Thanks for coming, Officer. Sorry for – well – for the circumstances. I’ll send you the list of my tools and instruments later the day.” He nodded in his direction and left the building.

Outside the sun was shining brightly. Steve reached into his backpack and put on his sunglasses.

He would change and then he would head back to HQ.

His team with probably a new case was waiting.

Steve smiled.

He never knew what the day would bring.

He didn’t know what his future would bring.

Or when.

But until then… He would live the life he loved.

Steve, Junior, Lou, Tani and Eddie would be a perfect team.

With Jerry doing some magic at the omniscient table.

Nothing more needed.

I’ve lost all hope that Danny ever becomes an interesting, lovable, well written and portrayed character.

He could open this pizza joint and just appear once in a while.

Maybe he would be polite, friendly, with a sense of decency and manners then.

25 thoughts on “8.14 Reloaded

  1. I LOVE this scenario. beyond anything. it is so spot on. Steve has lost who he is and headed toward becoming Danny…most definitely who is NOT Steve. and don’t give me and BS about that is how Danny expresses his love and how he is always there for him… cause constant whining, nitpicking, questioning, disrespecting and belittling is no way to express your love. It’s a form of emotional abuse.

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    1. when someone constantly calls you names and then acts like they don’t mean it – or the do it because they “love” you – yeah, that’s an abusive relationship.

      Liked by 8 people

  2. Yeah as really Steve that is why I love him and McGrover. Is Grover was running the restaurant with Steve. Both would depend on one another. I love Grover and wished it was him and Steve. No bickering. Just good natured fun. Anybody agree with me.

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  3. Oh LeiCa, I finally found the time to read this. Brilliant. I love it, and completely and utterly agree.

    It’s about bloody time that something happens on the show, because this version of Danny is unbearable. And he takes all credability out of the show. I have never ever seen such unmotivated delivering of lines. The character is written in a terrible way, and the portrayal isn’t even close to any kind of good.

    I have lost interest in the show because of this character. And that saddens me to no end. Because the others put so much hard work and their heart into it. I love the others, I love their interaction. But every second of Danny is just horrible.

    And you know what the worst part is? That people tell me just stop watching. What a horrible thing to say to a viewer. Don’t ever wish for anyone to actually quit watching. Paying viewers are the ones keeping the show on the air. Just imagine everyone not liking a certain character would quit watching. Just because the masses are quiet doens’t mean they aren’t there.

    Wish for better scripts, for better written characters. Wish for people finding the show interesting again. Wish for them to find back their love for it.

    LeiCa, you did a great job with this. Thank you for writing it. And I hope you won’t explode. Would be a real shame to not have you on the blog. 🙂

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    1. The most asinine part of their outrage is that a whole lot of them openly hate on a recurring character. And say horrible things about the actress too. I dint think they realize they need mirrors.

      I mean, imagine how much we actually DO live the show considering how much Dannoying bothers us!

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  4. LeiCa, you have make me wish you were writing for the show. This is a scene that needs to be seen and soon. If there ever was a bickering fun bromance on this show, Danny as now written is sucking the life out of it. Scrolling through Pinterest the other day I saw a pin that had Steve telling Danny he knew people and Danny’s response is “No, you know how to kill people”. What an awful thing to say…..to reduce a supposed friend down to a killing machine. Even fun, bickering brothers speak nicely to each other at times. It is not all putdowns and insults. I feel sorry for the writers if they only have sibling relationships like what they write for Steve and Danny. What an awful way to live. The bromance is dead if it ever lived and it is time the show adjust their focus. Make Danny grow up or write him out.

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    1. Moonjat, I remember Danny saying that. And it is beyond me that people found that acceptable, even funny. Ugh.
      Same goes with: Your mother had to fake her death to get away from your father.
      What kind of ‘friend’ says something like this? To Steve of all people who’s had and still has enough shit in his life?

      Liked by 4 people

      1. I agree and remember how he said that. Even in season 1 he told Steve that any family photos that Steve had of a happy childhood were most likely photoshopped. And this was before they knew that Steve’s mother wasn’t dead. So even if they weren’t “friends” yet, how cold was that to say to someone who lost a mom? Danny has never been sensitive to anyone’s feelings except maybe his kids and even then he steps over the line.

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  5. Danny’s main problem has always been jealousy. We never hear him say to Steve “well done”. We only hear him try to tear him down and hurt him emotionally (because physically he doesn’t stand a chance).

    There is no love or deep friendship between these two. There never was. This is a fantasy held by a segment of the fandom who want to believe in something that is not there.

    They work together because Steve offered him a job. Danny took it because he was a failure at HPD and no one respected him there. Maybe if Steve knew more about the real Danny he would not have made the offer. There were numerous times when Danny should have been fired for insubordination and putting the lives of the team in danger because he thinks following orders from Steve is optional. Now it is probably too late to fire him since Steve knows that Danny needs that paycheck to support Charlie and Grace. But it is not too late to end the stupid idea of running a restaurant business together. It was a dumb thing to do from the beginning.

    I understand why Rachel left him. But since the writers have let us know that he still loves Rachel, she will park her brains at the door and take him back.

    I think we may have a S9 after all.

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  6. Thank you so much. No need for me to add to the Danny comments. I concur. On the show, I wish the show could give us more of introspective Steve. I’ll just keep coming here for the good writing.

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  7. I totally agree with you about the restaurant storyline. Maybe this season the people who is after Danny will find him and if he doesn’t die, he’ll have so much fear for his life that he will be out of 5.0 running his restaurant.
    I also don’t like Tani, she reminds me at Danny in first season.
    I love McEddie.

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  8. Oh how I wish this is what would have happened in the ep instead of what did play out. I’m so over that restaurant business and anything to do with the constant McDanno bickering. Give me Steve paired up with any of his other teammates any day and it’s a great ep no matter what they are doing, they could sit and read the phone book to each other and I’d still love it over this.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. So I finally had time to sit down and read in detail.
    Sigh…. So very good, so true!
    I wish the detective nothing but the best, but I hope so much that Steve comes to his senses. No way he would fit into that restaurant scenario, greeting people and wondering if he’s rather needed outside. Even if he quits 5-0 one day well deserved at a later time in life or health issues force him to, being bossed around by Danny who’s living his dream sure won’t make Steve happy. The Navy SEAL who always put the job first as a hostess in a restaurant? He who did most of the work there being told how things should be done over and over again?? Something’s clearly wrong with that picture.
    I miss old Steve. Let Danny open his place, retire happily and Steve can come over for dinner and drinks once in a while after a day when he once again saved the island from some bad guys (or take his girl there 😉). One can hope…

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    1. Why they are doing this to his character? But then I realized they gave him Liver in 625, radiation poisoning in 725 and they seem to be giving Restaurant for S8. He is being abused both emotionally and physically.

      And why would McGarrett’s dream retirement include Danny?

      It’s more likely that he dreams of sailing away with his wife and kids and living a good life with fresh air and sunshine and no kidnappings or incessant whining to mar his peace.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Oh Mama, yes!!! All those yelling hooray about the restaurant idea – have they ever thought that Steve might like to have a family after all? Retire with the woman of his heart by his side, do voluntary community work, consult 5-0, or whatever makes him happy, but not stress out over rants, late evening and weekend shifts, bills to pay and regulations to meet…
        Has anybody of those giving us this crappy SL ever thought this through? Of course not. Steve is far from retiring the task force and a full time 5-0 job and restaurant job simply doesn’t work. Period. If Danny wants to retire and focus on his dream? Godspeed!

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