Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.13

Short and quick pic(k) of this episode.

Important topic show picked out as a central theme here. Trust me, I know, but I found it a bit boring. I think the writers got lost and, although I love Grover, I think we’ve got enough of Lou’s background stories.

A question: I know the actors get paid per episode, but does anyone know if they get paid per minutes/seconds they appear on screen? leiCa


The one time I wish I could do some math. Shoulder – Hip ratio anyone? Just if I am devoting myself to sculpture one day…


In Veino Veritas.


His getoutofmyface-face.


“Oh Lord” thought the Lord before he dissolved into a logic-bubble.


Crossed a police line. Parked in a No Parking Area. Things you can do with one nekkid trigger finger.


“Nekkid trigger finger parking only, idiot.”


Someone clearly didn’t eat his carrots.


Badass with Thatass making a U-Turn wherever he pleases.


Life. Essentials. Pictures. It’s always about focus.

The End.

7 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. OMG it’s all here, babe. Shoulder/hip ratio…I’m already melting.

    The veino veritas! *fans self*

    Ohhhhhhhhh Lord!!!!!!

    Nekkid trigger finger!!!!!! I’m so dead…

    “BadAss with ThatAss”! You should copyright that! :mrgreen:

    It was an ok ep, but you’ve found the diamonds in the deeeeeep mine! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great work. I can’t stop laughing ‘someone didn’t eat his carrots’.
    ‘Badass with Thatass’, is just perfect.
    Love your work.
    Thank you.


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