8.12 Review


Three Hits and a Miss in 8.12…
By Cokie and a few additional thoughts by Sam

This “review” has no pictures. Sorry. We’ll be back to “normal” soon. Here we go…

Now, I’m sure you all can see that there are more than three things I liked and one thing I didn’t on this episode, but that was the working title and it just stuck.

I liked this episode.  Sure, it had things I did not like, but it kept my interest and I was so glad to see a new episode. I had been going through Steve-drawal. It’s like withdrawal but with Steve. It’s a word. If you look in the dictionary, his picture is right next to the word. Only he has more hair. I’m also having Steve-hair-drawal.

LOL, yeah, I also miss the hair. OK, I will say something shallow and people will tell me it’s not my, but his business, but here it goes. Sorry, but he looks not good with this haircut. He looks tired and way older than he is. Hair, or in this case, no hair does make a difference. Steve, or Alex for that matter, with hair is something I prefer over what we get at the moment. And I am sorry, I really do like Alex, but I don’t like his looks at the moment. Now, take your best shot at me. 😉

Oh, and one more thing, the excuse “I was glad to have a new episode on my TV” or “Glad to see Steve again” is long overused and doesn’t count any longer. It’s just not enough to see a certain character, or not see another. Sorry, it’s just not.

But, back to the story.  I jotted down some things that I liked and some things I didn’t about the show.  This is not a review by any means, but just some random thoughts that I had and I would love to hear your discussions.

Well, if you give an opinion… it’s a review. A review is not giving a detailed summary. It’s pointing out flaws, or things one liked about it. 😉

Miss: The FBI guy dismissed Steve as being unable to separate himself from Adam’s friendship, so he went behind Steve’s back to the “newbie” thinking she would love to help the FBI. And… the first thing she did was go and tell her boss. Cudos for Tani there.

That actually angered me. Steve has never lost his objective. And he never would. That was just a stupid plot detail. Going to Tani, getting her to spy on her new team mates was just ridiculous.

Steve, of all people knows what Adam has done in the past. I will be honest, if it were me, I wouldn’t have been so generous to accept his apologies, but in more recent times, Adam has helped the team.  But Steve accepted him. If there was a clear cut link from Adam to any of the mess on the island, I think Steve would have been objective. 

OK, I’ll be honest, too. I don’t like Adam. I do like IAD, but I don’t like the character Adam. Not this version. I liked him when he still was the crime boss. Some people say he always was the good guy, never on the bad side. Guess they missed a lot of season two. Back then Adam kidnapped people, tortured them, gagged and bound others, threatened to kill the head of the governor’s task force. Just to name a few of his oh so nice things. Back then I really liked him. He had great potential to become an ever better Wo Fat. But all that flew out the window when they paired him with Kono. And suddenly they wanted us to forget who he was, and what he’s done. Rewriting history, like so many times on H50. Anyway, that Adam I really liked.

And total miss on this episode to give Adam any kind of job on the police force. That is beyond words for me.

Hit:  Even though Tani told Steve what had happened, he took the high road and went to see the FBI stating that he and his team were willing to help in any possible. But he also made it clear that he didn’t appreciate the subterfuge. 

They shouldn’t mess with Steve or his team. 😉

Miss:  Does it seem like the governor went behind Steve’s back and pulled in the FBI?  Maybe that’s a stretch but it seemed odd that they swooped in and had a press conference like they were going to wave a magic wand and make the bad guys disappear.

That was really just stupid. It felt like a betrayal since the task force seemed unaware of it all. And a crime wave on the islands without their knowledge. Very strange.

Hit: Loved Steve in the morgue looking at the three bodies and not speaking a word, even when Noelani (did I get her name right this time???) spoke to him. The expression on his face was one of utter pain.

He’s so good at that. Not just the pain on his face. But his empathy makes him a good person, and a good investigator.

Miss:  The same scene. Why in the world did they have those flashbacks as if Steve was remembering what had happened. He was not at the house when it exploded so he knew nothing of those scenes. I just felt like that was poor editing or planning on the director’s part.

I actually thought it was again a waste of time. H50 often repeats scenes for no real purpose. We don’t have to see the scenes twice. And in this case is was rather stupid, since Steve had no idea how all this happened.

Hit:  Nice to see Junior there with his badge, ready to work.  This was his first case, I think Grover said, so this happened right after Christmas, I would assume since he got his badge at Steve’s house on Christmas.

I gave up on thinking about time lines on H50. Maybe he finished the academy first, or it was the week after Christmas, or whenever. 🙂

Hit:  Love that they used military personnel again; this time the National Guard. I think that makes perfect sense.

I don’t. LOL. Does the National Guard counts as military? Then they are not allowed to help in any police work. Only if the State asked for it and if it is approved. The military is not allowed to lend a hand for any kind of police work. But I have no idea if that counts for the NG. But honestly, I thought it was totally over the top to use the military to round up some gang bosses. This felt like all the crime bosses of the US were on a convention in Hawaii at the wrong time. Sorry, but that was so over the top.

Hit: Loved seeing Eddie again. Not sure if Alex has treats in his pocket, but I love watching Steve and Eddie together. They seem just like a team. Eddie just seems enamored by him.  Smart dog.

Very smart dog. And he has a cute Instagram account. Check it out if you haven’t. https://www.instagram.com/h50eddie/

Hit:  Steve used the phrase “go to ground” twice in this ep. OK, sometimes it is the simple things that I like. I have never claimed that I was not shallow…

Ehm… OK… 🙂

Hit:  I liked the fact that Steve explained that Junior was the back-up and not to rush in. And, even though he didn’t like that order, Junior listened and didn’t argue about it. He did it.

Yep. A superior gives an order, you follow. Simple, right? Well, not for everyone.

And look at all those “hits” in a row!

Oh yeah, you’re doing good.

Miss:  I cringed when I saw Kamekona standing over the computer table.  I’m sorry, but… just… NO.  He may be the shrimp king, but I cannot picture him as a computer whiz of any type.  Although, when I think back to Jerry afraid of everything in his mother’s basement, I can’t understand that transformation either.   But Kame… sorry but I don’t think the office is for you.

I have no words for this. It’s even worse than giving Jerry a badge.

Miss:  All that stuff with Tani and Damian who she picked up. Her background is much more sketchy than I had thought. Still not sure about her.

I like her, but her story is already boring me.

Hit:  Eddie and Lou.  That scene was priceless.  Grrr…

Eddie. Lou. Enough said.

Hit:  Steve telling Eddie “on me.”  And Eddie doing just what he asked.


Miss:  Steve put poor Eddie down the rabbit hole in the guy’s house? And Eddie followed the man all the way through the tunnel, yet when Eddie ran out right behind him, the man acted surprised? How would you not know there was a dog right there? I doubt Eddie was in stealth mode.

And secondly, how did Steve and Lou know exactly where the tunnel opened?  Although I guess they heard Eddie growling… 

You are thinking about logic again. Give it up.

Hit:  Loved Junior’s actions at the house he went to. He managed to save one of the police officers and took control of the situation. And yes, he was the back up.

You know, at least one HPD officer is getting killed in any given H50 episode. I wonder how they even have any officers left. They are like the red shirts on the Enterprise. 😉

Question that I can’t remember…  Did we see Michelle Shioma in prison or were we just told she was shanked?   I honestly can’t remember.  Not that it really matters.

No, we did not. This is the first time we heard about it. Convenient, isn’t it!?

Hit:  Steve marching into the FBI office for the second time.  Don’t mess with him, guys!  And when he saw evidence that Adam went to see Michelle, he listened, quietly, before replying.

He always listens, and then makes a decision.

Another Question:  When Adam went into the “den of thieves” near the end, was one of those gunmen the guy who played Koji Noshimuri? It looked like him to me and I think I’ve seen him before in another episode. Just curious.

To answer that I would have to watch again. Nope, not gonna do it right now. Does anyone know?

Hit:  Loved Junior in the morgue. Even though there wasn’t anything he could have done differently,  he felt guilty. Just like his boss.

They both have great empathy. If you look at the criteria to become a SEAL, what kind a people they look for, you would know that it’s a big part of what it takes to be one.

Hit:  While I do miss Max, I love this M.E. Noelani is a great addition, I think.

I liked Max a lot, but I enjoy this new M.E. a great deal. She is even better. Not all change is bad. I enjoy this new team a lot more than the ones that have left. They were all good, and I wish them the best. But for the show it was a good change.

Hit:  Love Steve on the end. He looks exhausted and admits that it was a very bad day. That being said,…

Well, personally I think Steve had way worse days. Just saying.

Miss:  I do not want to see Adam and a team of Merry Men taking over screen time from the team that I want to watch. That holds absolutely no interest for me.

Completely agree.

And finally, another Hit: Dare I mention it? Someone wasn’t present.

LOL. You really had to say it. 🙂

Enough said.

I liked the episode and gave it “Three barks and a puppy tail wag”.

Well, it was kinda OK, but if I’m honest, it was pretty boring. Some good scenes, but that is just not enough.


and Sam


16 thoughts on “8.12 Review

  1. LOL! Sooooooo happy to have y’all two back together. Y’all are our WoMance. 😆 Y’all are way funnier than McDanno. 😉

    I’m less analytical than y’all.
    If Alex has some cool stuff to do and Danno is absent, it’s an A episode for me.
    Despite the hair do.
    Despite the increasingly sub par writing and utter lack of continuity these days.
    And plus points for Junior and Eddie.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Warning to the FBI never mess with Steven’s Ohana. And really think that the feds need to learn the hard way but have not
    Tani good for her to go to Steve
    Yes the next time they met, it would not be pleasant and he kept his word.
    Love Steve’s do BTW, better than season 4 one
    BTW, love Eddie with him as love more McGrover than McDanno!


  3. Another Question: When Adam went into the “den of thieves” near the end, was one of those gunmen the guy who played Koji Noshimuri? It looked like him to me and I think I’ve seen him before in another episode. Just curious.

    You mean the guy who played Koji? Because the character supposedly died in a car accident back in season 1.

    I loved the hits and misses. Glad to have you all back – and still working as a tag team!


  4. About Alex’s appearance — so agree with you! Although he has killer abs this season, he is too thin. The combo of the short hair and the scraggly gray whiskers make him look ten years older. In the few scenes where he’s shaven, he looks so much younger. However, I love the gray in his hair. I wish he would grow it back out and embrace the silver.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Nice to have you back and I really like your joint ideas on the episode.
    First, welcome back, Sam. I won’t ask where or how many bodies are buried near the power grid.

    I have made a decision on the Tani character. She is rude and disrespectful to her superior, is always sulky and has a habit of questioning orders or substituting her judgment for McGarrett’s. The writers are portraying Steve as being indulgent of her behavior which I find absurd. Super SEAL would never permit this in a subordinate. He is military. They seem to have forgotten about this. Now they are planning to make her a comedian. I give up.

    My biggest worry about this new character was they were recasting a Kono clone. But I realized when I looked at Tani’s actions, that they had recast Danny instead.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. I echo the others, great to have you back. Now that we are in season 8 I am questioning less and letting my final feelings decide how I view the episode. I liked this one, didn’t miss the absent teammate and love Eddie. I have always liked Adam more than others so I was okay with him although not sure I would have wanted to go into that meeting if I were him. I love it when Steve pushes back at those who think they are smarter than him. And as for the really important concern…… I also prefer more hair on that gorgeous head but I suspect this is Alex’s choice and not the show.


  7. Hi Sam it’s great to have you back six weeks is a long time with out phone and internet. Love reading your reviews they are better than the show. Its a long shot still hoping Adam is the bad guy and that will make him more interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have to disagree with your hope for Adam. I HOPE he is not the bad guy. I don’t want someone betraying Steve. Again. There can be a little mystery about what Shioma told Adam, or wanted to tell him, we don’t know. Maybe Adam is Steve half-brother. Wouldn’t that be original? 😉


  8. Good to see you are BACK! And of course the combination of the two of you works great.
    My feelings about most episodes thease days, are kind of flat – hence no posts of my own lately about them.
    I do think that his season is a lot better than Seasons 5 and 6, and maybe also way better than Season 7, But I am still lacking any enthusiasm for any of it.
    About the hairstyle – as an Alex fangirl I can really say that he rocks any form of haircut and style. At least he can show some diversity, not only in his acting but also in his appearance. Much more than we can say about some of his colleagues.

    In regards to Tani as a character: A bit like Kono – dating a crimnal. A bit like Steve – rehashing some of the stunts and stuff that he used to do in younger years.(previous seasons) Somewhat like Danny – disrespect for superiors commands. I really can not understand why they insist on letteing her do stuff alone on the job – just to show how bad-ass (or green) she is.

    In regards to the guy who looks like the guy who played Koji in Season 1. When I looked at it again, my first thought was that he looked similar, but that is not him. Mainly because he looked younger now, 7 years later. BUT then I looked him up on IMDb and lo and behold, it is actually him. Good catch. I alwasy pride myslef at being good with faces, but got it kind of wrong this time.

    Liked by 5 people

    • >>About the hairstyle – as an Alex fangirl I can really say that he rocks any form of haircut and style. At least he can show some diversity, not only in his acting but also in his appearance. Much more than we can say about some of his colleagues.<<
      Exactly my thoughts. Thank you for putting it in words.
      Personally I think he rocks this buzzcut, highlights his wonderful face and his facial expressions.


    • Thanks, FOYeur. I thought it was him but wasn’t sure. didn’t bother going back to season 1 to check out who played Koji. I’ve seen him at least one other time on there, too… I think.


  9. Welcome back Sam!
    I thought this episode was pretty good, but I’m not hard to please. If I’m watching Steve I’m happy.😊 I am so glad someone else noticed “Koji” too! For a second I thought maybe I was going crazy, the show wouldn’t reuse an actor….. Oh wait, nope I’m not crazy.😉
    Maybe Adam really IS a bad guy, there’s his dead uncle standing in front of him and he doesn’t give him a hug or anything. (A sarcasm font would really come in handy)

    Liked by 2 people

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