8.10 Review


I ka wa mua, I ka wa ma hope.” When Danny is shot while quarantined in the hospital with McGarrett, Tani and Junior, he’s left unconscious and clinging to life, imagining a future for everyone in Five-0.

Well, then. Sorry guys, you will have to deal with me attempting another review. Sam’s computer/internet issues remain unresolved at present and I can’t begin to tell you that I am going into withdrawal! Thankfully, we can still use WhatsApp or I would probably be more insane than I am.

This won’t be a normal review. Since storytelling seems to be the way to go these days, we will bring you a Christmas story, told in part by our Ghost-of-Christmas-Past-Present-and-Future. I hope you enjoy the tale.

Now, this is all tongue in cheek and downright silly. Please, if you take offense at poking fun at certain individuals, this story isn’t for you. I warn you, if this is you, just turn back now. We won’t hold it against you…

Still here? OK, let’s begin. Cokie

I hope it is clear as a day that the voice over – uhm – voice is no one other than AOL himself. Saying that, I’m angry at myself that we did not include the word ‘tremendously’. Well, you all know my addiction to this word. Now I hope you enjoy Cokie’s and my joint venture tremendously. And if you can’t enjoy it tremendously, just leave with a ladylike contenance. Oh, and Alex: Can you please voice over the introduction too? Even if it’s not italian, there are the words tremendously  (4 times now) and contenance in it. Thank you. leiCa

We open and our team is still stuck in quarantine at the hospital. Steve is going stir crazy and gets hold of some clippers. Why, Show? Although he looked like he was enjoying himself, so let him have his fun. It’s hair… it will grow. Now, here’s a question for you. They are quarantined, behind layers of plastic and glass and all sorts of rules and regs for getting into the place. Are we expected to believe that there is NO ONE on that floor with them? In case of emergency, they could only rely on their (broken) cell phones to call for help? Really? I’m not buying it, but that is called Plot and I tend to overlook Plot in these stories.

And so, our tale begins… cue the voice over…

A Christmas Tale

Once upon a time there was a Grinch. He was playing cards with some colleagues and was only able to do so because he had survived a deadly bio weapon attack some days ago.

Grinch Williams had survived because Santa had saved his life (again) regardless of his own health while Grinch had been napping on the couch. So now he was playing cards with his Grinch-face while Santa McGarrett was in the bathroom shaving his head with his adorable-face. Because it would be low maintenance this way, but first and foremost it looked hot af. Santa was very pleased with the outcome and next went to Grinch Williams to shave his head too, which would be no problem and a very short undertaking. And it would save the Grinch lots and lots of money he spent on all kind of hair-products, like the very strong hair lacquer he used to hold the comb over strands in place.

But Grinch did not want a buzz cut and insulted Santa while wearing his Grinch-face. And of course he knew he and his buzz cut would be no competition to Santa McGarrett and he couldn’t have that. Because he always had to be better, smarter, wiser.

Although he never was.

Santa made his little smile-face and no longer bothered because he did not want even more added stress. Santa just knew who had been worried about Mother Nature doing her thing with the hair.

After a little while a bad man came in and wanted Grinch Williams to recognize him. Of course he didn’t because he never recognized things he had messed up. He just reacted with his typical Grinch-face. So the bad man just shot him.

End of story.

And there is our opening. Who was this man? How did he know where they were in the hospital and how did he know what to bring to blow the place down if they tried to get out of their quarantine? Man was sweating and sickly looking. Was he already dying? Because of something D did? Who knows? Will we ever know? Did he actually know D? Was D lying when he said he didn’t know him? Hmm… all these questions. All this plot. Will it ever get answered? I guess we have to stay tuned to learn all about this scintillating story. <That was sarcasm… I wish Santa would bring me a sarcasm font> <And I learned the word scintillating>

Now, back to our tale…

So the bad man just shot him.

End of story.


Grinch Williams bled and luckily he wore a white shirt so that we all could see it. Santa McGarrett was shocked and horrified and his face of utter dismay made me feel the horror too, although I did not care for the Grinch one bit.

Santa McGarrett fought for Grinch’s life again with determined-face, while Grinch Williams was napping again and hallucinating his future. His face could not be seen because of an oxygen mask. Oxygen mask-face was a breath of fresh air. Literally and metaphorically.

Santa had a not so little helper, the wonderful Elf Grover. Elf Grover and his tenacity made the tension palpable too.

Thank God Santa had shaved his head so now we could differentiate between real-Santa with the buzz cut and hallucinated unreal-Santa with his longer hair. That was a pretty good idea because otherwise we would have been totally clueless…

Obviously Grinch thought his dreams would be Santa’s dreams too, which is weird because he has known Santa for several years now. Sadly there was no Alicia in his hallucinations, because she could have told him something about ‘projection’ and identity.

We see the future through Grinch’s eyes and are taken to a restaurant scene. We can only assume this is “Steve’s Restaurant” which was a hustling, bustling place. It was good to see that the Grinch was aware that it had to be Santa’s job to deal with their patrons. They didn’t want to frighten off their guests. This kind of self-awareness was uncommon for the Grinch who always liked to be front and center of everything.

So Santa McGarrett looked after the patrons with charming-face and voice whereas Grinch Williams couldn’t scare them with his Grinch-face and voice because he stumbled around in the kitchen tasting unsuspecting patrons’ food off their plates. <Do they really do that? Taste food from the plate? Ick.> <I hope it was test-food>

Then Santa came into the kitchen and he and Grinch watched the news on TV and Santa quite frankly told him with a shrug-face that the Grinch was actually dead.

Grinch is so shocked that he chose to wear – his Grinch-face.

End of story.

We have our first hallucination. Now, I am NOT a proponent of Steve and Danny having a restaurant, but this was a good scene. Steve knows how to work a crowd. He seemed to actually be enjoying himself in all the busy-ness. And he was good to his clientele. He knew them and he knew what they liked. Apparently, business is booming. But when we visit the kitchen, we learn through a news story that an officer has been shot and killed.

And we are brought back to the present… still in quarantine.

We still have a bomb on the door, so Tani is given the task to get someone up there. I thought flooding the bathroom was a pretty good idea; one I doubt I would have thought of. <Well, I doubt I would be that strong to rip off those tubes, but I am no 5-0 Wonderwoman>  Help finally comes and we have a scene of Steve giving orders to the nurse on the other side of the door. Clear and concise. He knew what they needed and he wanted it NOW.

Danny is starting to hallucinate due to blood loss and he is talking about his kids. First up is Grace’s wedding to Will. If I had been Grace, I would have suggested to my husband-to-be that his father get rid of that wooly-worm on his upper lip prior to my wedding. But that’s just me.

I noted a couple of things. The wedding that Danny is paying so much money for is actually in Steve’s back yard. I’m going to guess that Steve didn’t charge him a rental fee, so he didn’t have to pay for a venue. Catering surely would be done by the restaurant, so that would have been wholesale. I guess that wedding dress must have cost an arm and a leg because I’m not seeing a whole lot that he had to pay a fortune for.

The other thing I noted is that Steve never did redecorate… <I am still mourning the loss of cock-a-doodle-doo paperholder from S1>

Grover arrives with the bomb squad and they learn they can’t get the bomb off the door before D bleeds out. A nice doctor is there walking Steve through medical procedures and Steve sticks his finger into Danny’s chest, thereby saving his life. I’m totally with Steve. Any guilt trip D wants to use with McLiver has been paid in full. Signed, SEALed and delivered.

Back to hallucinations. Danny sees Charlie at his police academy graduation. I’m glad that Duke is still around to give the speech to the new class. Again, Steve and Danny in the audience bickering. Of course Steve is Charlie’s role model. No doubt about that.

We see out-of-place PDA between Tani and Junior’s Afro. I’m sorry, but she is Flirty McFlirterson and has been since she laid eyes on Junior. I just don’t see any attraction between them and this look into what D sees as their future is just weird. Not to mention very out of place when the new head of Five-0 is on the front row of academy graduation kissing her subordinate/boyfriend/husband… whatever they were.

But I had to keep reminding myself that was all made up in D’s head. And in his head, he is still having these cutsie conversations with Steve.

Reality again… bomb squad plans to blow a huge hole in the wall and get them all out. Grover tells Steve what they are going to do. He tells them “no arguing” and I love that Steve listened to what Grover had to say, then quickly put a plan into action, getting his team to safety. No arguing, no questions asked, no second guessing how things are going to be done. This is the way a team works. My favorite team.

Well, Grover is a bit miffed at this hole that appeared from the super-dooper bomb squad, so he takes it upon himself to hack his way into the space. Good for Grover. His team comes first!

Danny is whisked away to surgery and Steve and team are made to wait in quarantine. Which is a bit of overkill now with a Grover-sized hole in the wall and a bomb still on the door.

And we go back to our story…

Then Santa came into the kitchen and he and Grinch watched the news on TV and Santa quite frankly told him with a shrug-face that the Grinch was actually dead.

Grinch is so shocked that he chose to wear – his Grinch-face.

End of story.


Obviously Grinch Williams knew that in his life just Santa McGarrett would stay as a friend. Because he is Santa and is the only one willing to endure the Grinch’s offensive, rude and mean behavior.

Funny thing that the Grinch thought Santa McGarrett would wear slacks as an old man.

Funny thing that the Grinch thought Santa McGarrett would smoke a pipe as an old man.

Really funny thing that the Grinch thought he would still have hair when he grew older.

Funny thing that the Grinch thought Santa McGarrett would be happy about translucent smartphones and not working the case with Captain Tani and Whatever Junior but about spaghetti and meatballs.


The bullet didn’t win.

Santa McGarrett saved his life again.

The Grinch was nasty.

The Grinch didn’t say thank you. That’s no problem in a real friendship. Unless, of course you are not claiming it from everybody else.

This Grinch never got that friendship is like Christmas. It means a little bit more. Just his lung grew several sizes that day… his heart remained the same.

This Grinch was only a freak with a red nose.

Stink – Stank – Stunk.

And there’s the gist of the story. We cut to our team finally making it to the surgery waiting room where everyone is consoling Eric. Personally, that scene seemed quite phony. I didn’t buy Eric’s angst… sorry.

In surgery, we get our last hallucination. OK, seeing Steve made up as an older person wasn’t so bad. He looked decent. What bothered me is that apparently, Danny projects that he and Steve will be living together when they are 80. It is refreshing to note that neither gets killed in the line of duty, but Danny can’t live on his own? Really? Steve is taking his phone messages? I guess because D sleeps and snores the day away. Either Grace or Charlie gave him a granddaughter named Clara who is going to the police academy. Maybe he should go live with his family members. And maybe he should envision his future with much less hair.

We learn that, no, the bullet didn’t win. D gets to live to celebrate another Christmas. The doctor comes out and tells them the good news and we cut to a scene when Danny is in his hospital bed with all his friends around. He grouses that Steve’s unwashed finger was inside his own chest cavity and doesn’t give one thought to a “thank you”. Why am I not surprised?

As the show ended, we got to see a cute little bobble-head Steve wishing us a Merry Christmas. <I didn’t see bobble-head Steve! Sniffle> I hope Santa gives me my own bobble-head Steve in my stocking… he was cute!

Coming next:

What the Grinch really thinks about Christmas.

What the Grinch really thinks about friendship.

What the Grinch really does to appreciate his friends.

How the Grinch scares little children.

Stay tuned…


46 thoughts on “8.10 Review

  1. Oh goodness, now I have a new team to ship…..LeiCokie!! You ladies rock. I did see many of my feelings about this episode reflected in your storytelling. I too wondered why there was only that one intercom that the shooter destroyed and not a landline somewhere in the room. We still have one of those dinosaurs in our house, I refuse to go without. I couldn’t help noticing that Danny sure doesn’t see Lynn or Melissa in the future. The girls need to get smart and go away, the guys don’t care for them that much. I didn’t mind Danny’s dreams since his view of life is so messed up that it likely won’t ever become reality. Gee…..do Steve and Danny hug in the kitchen during every serving???

    I still like how Adam is being used, although I am sure that will change according to the hints given out about future episodes. Steve looked too young to be retired from 5-0 at Charlie’s graduation. I refuse to believe that he would be happy in a restaurant given his life thus far. I did like Eric in this episode which is something because I normally find him irritating. But Danny is his uncle so I did buy in. And I hated the idea that Danny may have moved in with Steve. Dear lord, the man can’t take care of himself?

    On a side note, I think I watch too much Law and Order because I recognized the doctor as a murderer from that show and I wasn’t willing to trust him…..lol. Thank goodness he turned out to be a good guy this time. Thank you ladies for a great laugh with your Christmas tale. I sure liked this episode better than the one that followed. Danny should thank his lucky stars that Steve actually cares whether he lives or dies. I hope that ends the Danny’s life in danger theme this year, maybe being in these episodes to end the fall, SC will take several weeks off beginning in 2018. He will need the rest after all this intense acting.

    Liked by 6 people

  2. What’s Hawaiian for “Major Fandom Wank Pandering even if it makes zero sense”??? That should’ve been the title

    Oh hell – I’m just gonna list the stooooopid. spoiler – it’s a long list,

    In Danny’s mind, restaurant Steve speaks with a bad jersey Italian accent. Like, really really really bad accent.

    Chef’s love it when you tell them how to cook.

    Tani rips through the drywall in the bathroom with her bare hands, but doesn’t bother to try to continue all the way through the other side of the drywall. Doesn’t even give it a glance. (I did laugh at her response to finding out the bomb was motion activated – good one Tani)

    Called it – Rachel is nowhere to be found at either child’s big moment (yes, tell me again and again that it’s not fan pandering… I’m getting used to rolling my eyes). I’m disgusted – it’s ridiculous. Then again, maybe she took one look at the bride and realized that it wasn’t any resemblance to her actual daughter and left?

    I thought that Tani and Mrs Tani were cute, altho marriage is quite the stretch – then again, everything else up to that point was giving me permanent WTF face – so at least I could say to myself “well, in 14 years these totally new characters that I have very little backstory on could’ve ended up here” as opposed to having about 6 years learning about characters that I no longer recognize.

    LOVED Grover telling Steve “No arguing” Presented with a firm and confident plan, Steve of course trusts Grover, Love it, Just like when they had to tell Steve what the plan to get them out of the collapsed building in Season 4 was. Steve is a man of action – he trusts Grover to know what he is doing and acts.

    Grover ripping through the hole in the wall that the bomb couldn’t blow through, LOL. Strongly built hospital! Well, some walls anyways…..

    I laughed at Nephew Eric’s angst, For oh so many reasons. For What it Was and for What it Wasn’t.

    I pretty much ignored the ending hallucination – it was ignorable. (FANDOM WANK!)


    Thanks Cokie – for making this vomit-worthy episode recountable!!!!!

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Vomit-worthy is really too harsh for me. We gave it three Eddies! There have been way worse epis. Loved the acting of Alex and Lou. They made me care. And that’s something. Alex was terrific as Senior McG. Heavy eyelids, voice out of breath, he *was* an old man in that scene.
      He rocked the angst. He rocked the restaurant. He rocked being in charge. And he rocked the humor.
      I really enjoyed this episode.
      But there was some barking at the screen too.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Eh, between the two episodes I recall saying to someone that I actually would’ve preferred to have to watch the Pauly Shore episode instead of the ones that aired.

        Liked by 3 people

    2. Here is a suggested title in Hawaiian, translated from English, then back to English via Google Translate:

      Lovers think it is great, but it is stupid

      Manaʻo nā poʻe aloha he nui, akā, he pupule

      Many people think so much, but it is foolish

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    3. The actress who plays Tani gave an interview and is very happy she is so well received. She credits it to the fact that she is no one’s love interest.

      So, finally someone on the inside is willing to admit that females characters on this show cannot come between the guys without a segment of the fan base imploding. She apparently knew the history of Cath, Rachel, Jenna, Leilani, Gabby, Ellie, Airplane Girl, and the Governor’s assistant (whose name I can’t remember).

      I have faith in the writers. I am sure they will screw up her character shortly by having her make puppy dog eyes at Steve or Danny. I’d pay to see the uproar that would cause.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I have very little to add since many of us all seem to have had the same reactions. Danny likes to hallucinate about Steve a lot …..whether it is about having Grace’s wedding at his house, or sharing Charlie’s graduation from the Academy with him or having the two of them run a super successful restaurant. I can’t recall Steve ever dreaming about Danny but I am sure the McDannos can point to numerous episodes where it was implied.

    So, no Rachel at Grace’s wedding or Charlie’s graduation. No Lynn or Melissa pacing outside the hospital room wondering if their on again off again boyfriends were on again or off again this week.

    Eric’s little speech sounded insincere but that could just be me because I am not a fan of the Williams family (the only decent one was killed by a drug lord).

    As for future Steve and Danny, there is no way they are only 80 years old. I was waiting for Steve to take Danny’s pulse because he looked absolutely mummified.

    I really liked most of the episode. I thought I’d mention that in case you couldn’t tell.

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  4. I give it a 9/10. And really shows if the future over on it. As really think that it can be true. As really wished in the scenes that Steve and Catherine got together and got married and started their own brood.
    And really think that at least they thought about Daniel and Grace hence the beginning of the pictures
    Junior and Tani getting married and Tanni now running Five 0! Girl power!
    Think that Danny and Steve are beyond 80-years old. Like maybe ninety?!
    Also want more McGrover highlights! Love those two together. They joke and it is not mean spirited.

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  5. Your review is awesome.
    In Danny’s dream there weren’t any girlfriends, it would have been nice if Steve would have had some children, but it was Danny’s dream and not Steve’s.
    I still don’t like Tani.
    Looking forward to the next.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Thanks for a most hilarious story and it summed up this ep in a great way. I’m so glad the future was just in Danno’s mind and not reality as I do wish for Steve to find love and have a family of his own, rather than having to just be part of the Williams clan.
    At least this ep was pretty interesting to watch compared to what was to come next.

    Liked by 8 people

  7. I have not reviewed either of these episodes, and don’t know if I will. Having two Dannoying-centric episodes together was too much for me to take. It was sort of like getting two cases of some unmentionable disease, LOL.

    The first of the two shows lent itself more to discussion, as we have seen above, but the second was idiotic.

    I don’t want to be nasty to the kid who plays Danno’s son; after all, it’s not like he is a junior Laurence Olivier. (There was an unpleasant discussion on IMDb before they closed the boards there along the lines of how Teilor Grubbs (Danno’s daughter) was a mediocre actress, which I thought rather extreme.)

    But I did get kind of tired by the kid’s constant smirk and was surprised by how much dialogue Charliennoying had (I’m sure the director was feeding it to him between takes), even though most of it was along the lines of “DANNO, WHAT DOES THAT MEEEEEEAAAAAAAANNNNNNN?”

    Liked by 7 people

    1. You really need to review these two episodes so you can establish a base line for bad. Then you have something to use as a measure for future Dannoying episodes.

      The actor who plays Charlie is very young. I am surprised he did as well as he did with all the “whys” because Danny is a lousy storyteller. Just surprised the kid wasn’t snoring.

      Liked by 4 people

    2. I don’t want to be critical of the young boy either but I have a 4 1/2 year old granddaughter who tells us creative stories and speaks in sentences. The writers don’t remember how to write a young child. I seem to recall how well done the daughter of the SEAL in the first season was done. Those writers must be gone.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Out of memory:

        Grinch: Then there was this crazy man…
        Charlie w/o a chocolate factory: The hero was Uncle Steve, right?

        Grinch: You remember how Uncle Steve can’t stop talking and talking and talking…?
        Charlie w/o a chocolate factory: No?

        I think Charlie is way smarter than we give him credit for. Surely comes from his mother.

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  8. I have nothing to add to all your comments since my mama taught me if you can’t say something nice…
    I will say I am sick to death of the constant bickering. SICK. TO. DEATH. It is unfunny and grating, worse than fingernails on a chalkboard. oops…. there I went and said something not nice

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Exactly the reason why I won’t do a review for either of the episodes. Not a lot of nice things to say about them. And only having to look at a nice looking Steve, and an AOL who’s playing his heart out hasn’t been enough for quite a while now.
      In simple words, Dannoying takes ALL the fun out of watching my favorite show. I mostly can’t stand it. And mostly regret that I payed a lot of money on iTunes to watch it.
      Ah crap, now I have done it anyway. LOL

      Liked by 4 people

      1. I am looking forward to the episode Alex will direct in January. He has a good grip on the characters and knows something about acting.
        I hope he will tell Mr. Caan:
        DO LESS MORE!

        Ignoring The Double I have to say I‘m enjoying S8 more than the last one. So many moments without D, even if he‘s in the epi. That’s good. He takes all the fun out of it, you‘re right.
        There are better ones.
        Welcome Junior!

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  9. Actually I did think of something to say. Anyone notice McG’s hallucinations in ep 100 all involved his “ohana” being happy in their own lives..where Danny’s all involved them being in HIS life.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Minus poor Jerry. 😉
      I think Danny’s leading a poor life actually, because he is not capable to enjoy things.
      His mind had to come up with something, because deep down he knows without Steve he would still be the unpopular haole.
      It is Steve who has friends. Danny just happens to know them.
      And Danny’s nastiness and assholeyness is fueled by jealousy. Weird thing is that Danny led a pretty good childhood and life. Some losses too, right, but all in all, a good life.
      Steve’s good life ended at the age of 15. With a horrible loss no child or adolescent should experience. And then he was on his own, abandoned, yet fueled by the need to help others, to save innocents. And he lost so many friends and brothers. But he is still capable to enjoy the small things his life offers him. I think that’s a wonderful ability. And that makes him such an interesting character.

      Liked by 4 people

        1. Oh D, you took the words right out of my mouth…
          I did not want to comment this time as there is not much to say about the epi, but since you opened the can of worms….
          Last week I had a very interesting run-in on twitter. Let’s just say some superfans didn’t take my opinion too well and went behind my back. The fallout took on epic proportions…
          They cannot NOT read here as their curiosity takes the better of them. They need a reason to assure themselves and PL/writers that their opinion/taste/need is the only one that counts. Uh oh….

          LeiCa and Cokie – thanks for this fun read!
          I am actually surprised to say I liked parts of the episode – Steve at large and in charge AGAIN.
          Alex rocked all EMO scenes. Give the man a phone book and he would make his acting look like it was Shakespeare.
          Once again we were reminded that D cannot live (and survive!) without Steve while he on the other hand could do so easily (yes, I know about Liver…).
          Why did Alex shave? He looks so old now. I guess he wanted a “breath of fresh air” 🙂

          I hope we’re done for the time being with D heavy episodes as I am craving action, police work, team work, no rants, more McGrover and McJunior and the right girl in McG’s life. Where were the so called girlfriends again? Oops, sensitive topic, sorry I asked – LOL.

          Liked by 1 person

    2. The one way this show IS always true to character… McG gives his all, puts literally everyone else before himself. He is willing to let others live and let live as well.

      Dannoying is a self-involved selfish ass who sooooooo often fails royally, yet he never owns up to his ef-ups and tries to blame them on others. He bitches and rails and criticizes all others, often at his selfless boss, and literally puts his own pathetic self before everyone else. He’s a narcissist, an idiot, and an ass.

      And the thing is, if any of the also-bitchy McDs ever met someone like that in RL, they’d hate the twit. Nobody likes a whiny bitchy self-entitled but untalented ass. No. Body.

      Liked by 3 people

  10. Sunny:

    Obviously they think your opinion must be very important for them to attack you, because if they believed what you say does not matter, they would simply ignore you (as we ignore them).

    And so, to all members of the Coven, have a Merry Stalking Christmas and a Happy Lurking New Year.
    Hope Santa brings you all new brooms and cauldrons!!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Lol. You are so right. I for one couldn’t care less what they think.
      My Motto is very simple, if you don’t like what you read here, simply move on.
      In the big picture, our or their opinion is of any importance.
      I know what I like, dislike, or don’t care either way. And no one could change that. I don’t need any kind of validation. If I were the only one to like something… So what? Doesn’t matter. I like what I like, for whatever reason I like it. And that was a quote borrowed from Alex. 😊
      I don’t follow any of the lurkers, and really don’t care about them. I do find it hilarious that they come here wasting their time reading something just to hate it. What small-minded pitiful people. Hilarious.

      Liked by 6 people

    1. Thank you Mike for asking Todd to save you from having to do this for us. This was a wonderful and comprehensive review. Now if only someone would also volunteer to watch this for us and tell us whether we need buy popcorn or Vodka for the episode.

      I must admit the aging makeup for Scott and Alex was a bit too much for me. Danno looked like he had been dug up in the Valley of the Kings but maybe the makeup team got its inspiration by looking at old photos of Boris Karloff in The Mummy.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ektually, I didn’t ask Todd to do this, he did it on his own, which was a pleasant surprise. You will notice that I >did< review the second of the two episodes with a one-liner, which is right up there with my "Chicken salad!" one-liner from last season's Valentine's Day episode.

        Liked by 2 people

  11. I thought this episode was great, the parts with Steve anyway.😊 The rest was okay. 😉 Alex was AMAZING!! I have to admit when Adam and Steve both told Eric that D is tough and a fighter, I laughed…….. HARD.
    Loved Steve being Steve, taking charge and saving the day! Also, that D can no longer whine about Liver.
    Merry Christmas everyone! Mele Kalikimaka!

    Liked by 2 people

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