Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 9

There was so much movement, this episode was hard to snap. Had to try it anyway. The episode was too good to resist. Hope you have fun, maybe the last pic(k)s for this year. Don’t know if I find time the next weeks! Maybe just only two or three very special ones. Depends on the episodes.

Enjoy! leiCa


You exit the helicopter AOL876 by pressing… Bullshit. You don’t exit a chopper with McG inside.


Makes plot-holes looking fine.


You need a reason for this pic(k)?


Weird. He would get me started.


Damn. Inviting. I could jump right into it.


Even the sun can’t turn away.




When the sun gets jealous of the moon, they collide in a ray of light.


Just heard that Bananarama are united again. Is relieved, Robert de Niro waited long enough.


Gettin’ lei’d? Multiple times! It’s Steve!


When it is the 7th of November and you’re yet to hear ‘Last Christmas’.


“As I get older, I’ve learned to relax and not stress over trivial matters. – Just kidding. I’m drunk.”


Thank you for calling customer service. Feel free to sing along with our on-hold-music. (This one’s for Sam.)


“I can’t get up today. My pillows just accepted me as a member of their pack and if I get up I’m losing their trust.”


Who wants to be the bottle? (Sing this to Who Wants To Live Forever from Queen!)


“I need an umbrella, Lou! Immediately. Danny’s hair is on the line!”


“You couldn’t find a smaller one, right, Lou?”


I see you managed to get wet. (A little Galaxy Quest reference.)



If only closed minds would come with closed mouths.

Never forget: it’s just for fun! These times need some silly fun if you ask me. But if it is not your thing, no problem. Just move on to places that entertain you. It is easy. 

To all the others:

leiCa appreciates! ❤ ya!


22 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Oh come on! Even Jason Nesmith managed to get his shirt OFF, not just wet!

    Love it as always – you make me laugh.

    As for the ones who can’t (won’t?) laugh with us here – their loss!

    Liked by 7 people

  2. Wow, each week gets better and better. LOVED the customer service one…..I can relate. And wet T-shirt…….thud. Yes, he can be wet anytime. Although Kimphin1 sure got that right about shedding said shirt. This was perfect. I do hope that the next two give you some photos that you will be unable to resist posting. All hail the queen of pic(k) Steve!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Thank you for this little bit of “happy to be a fan” today. Your Pic(s) and the captions are spot on and I love the fact that we are allowed to be silly and at the same time honest about what we like and do not like about each episode.

    That makes us fans with integrity. It’s better to be attacked for telling the truth than praised for telling lies just to get a return tweet from the boss.

    Liked by 5 people

  4. Perfect treat for me this sunny Friday morning being tired from not sleeping enough and bit by bit experiencing the fun of chemo side effects making their way through my body.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I wish you the best as well. Keep up the fight. I am sure that tonight’s double treat will make this evening enjoyable. Concentrate on the positive.


    1. Saddened to read this, Lena!
      I do hope the Commander manages to cheer you up a bit and positive thoughts help you tackle the demons!
      Stay strong!! 🍀


      1. Thank you Sunny. The commander is a great help and it does cheer me up big time to get to watch him on my big screen TV. Looking forward now to the Xmas double episode today.


      1. Thanks leiCa. I always feel better coming here to check your pictures and comments. Now looking forward to what you’ll come up with from this weeks double.


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