Yesterday evening a technician came by to check what is wrong with my phone and internet connection. A nice guy, but he couldn’t help. He at least found out that the main line in front of the house was damaged during work one street over. He didn’t give me any hope that it will be resolved this year. They need to find out where the damage is, then need to repair it. None of that will happen before the new year. That at least was his estimation. “I could be wrong.” His words. Ha. HA!

But that is only half the problem. Inside the house the cables are not able to handle the new fast standard from my cable provider. So, even if they might be able to fix the problem outside, I still won’t be able to get online.

On Monday I have an appointment with Telekom, because a solution to the general problem with the cable provider is not in sight. I might need to change the provider alltogether if I want highspeed access (or any access at all). Of course, that will also take at least four weeks.

So, the year ends just like it started. It SUCKS.

In the meantime, leiCa and Cokie will provide you with fun posts. And Cokie promised to write a review. I can’t, because… see above. No internet means no iTunes.

9 thoughts on “Update

  1. Yes. I read that too. Cokie promised to write a review. I have it black on grey. LOL.
    So Cokie, no pressure but… I would prefer a review about the last two episodes (haven’t seen the new one, that’ll come tomorrow).
    Remember? McAdam, McMaverick?

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  2. Sending prayers your way. Hope you will get a Christmas miracle and Santa brings you high speed access way before the 25th of December or at least lets Steve McGarrett peek out of your stocking!
    Waiting for your return.

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  3. Yeah the need for Steve indeed for us LOL! But ate that happened to you. Hope you get get it done asap. Can’t wait for the double episode of Hawaii Five 0 next week! Peace!


  4. Sorry to hear the bad news Sam. My blood pressure would be through the roof. I hope they can produce a miracle and get with it faster. Customer needs should come first in a business like that.

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  5. Oy the cable connection problems, at least I am not affected by any cable issues, seems my mobile connection is fast enough these days for any downloads and any streaming. Wish you had that option too, you get the connection working the same day you sign contract.
    Hope you get a working solution faster than expected.


    1. Well, I created a Hotspot and am able to access iTunes. 😊 not really high speed, but good enough to download. So, yes, I watched the episode.
      My cellphone is fast enough to do all the fancy internet stuff, but I can’t write on the phone, or make posts with pictures. It’s just a pain to do it on the phone.
      I do rely on my cable to have high speed internet. And of course Wi-Fi and phone service.
      But I will be able to post again, might be picture light though.

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