Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.08

This was a great episode. I loved it. It gave us the Steve we know and love. Badass, hero Steve and caring, considerate and altruistic Steve. With the help of his team he got the job done, at least with most of his team. Someone obviously and literally had no time for Steve.

So, now let’s have a look at what Steve’s up to. Enjoy. leiCa


When you and your helmet make Thor look like shit.


The moment you realize it wasn’t just a fart.


Steve’s reassuring words of wisdom: “Jellyfish live without brains. That’s good news for you!”


Checking his givingashitometer. Nothing.


Nice shirt. Can I talk you out of it?


And there I was told there should always be something red in a picture to make it perfect. Took me hours to even realize that there’s something red in this pic.


Feather Feather Iron Feather Feather.


He woke up like this. Fact.


Something a conspiracy theorist should think about: Isn’t it weird that in old pictures people are always looking younger?


It’s official. I ship McShip.


Botox free zone.


My ship is coming true! My ship hasn’t sailed. I would never jump ship. One hand for oneself and one for the ship. (I did write that, didn’t I?)


All right Mr. DeMille. I’m ready for my close up. I was born ready for my close up.


Looking forward to his alone time. His alone time is for Danny’s safety.



In moments of quiet Steve is drawn to Danny. But… Well there haven’t been any quiet moments.

Sam wanted me to say hello! She is still offline due to technical problems. Maybe next week a technician might be available. So she won’t be online before sometime next week. If. She is majorly miffed, as you can imagine. She may need Steve’s breathing technique. Otherwise: Poor technician. 


6 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Very funny captions. The Epi was Danno-lite so that’s plus. McShip!

    But, and this is a very big BUT……..Tani lied to Steve about where the piece of the plane came from so she fits right in with the team. I just found McG’s smirk because he knew she was lying out of character because Steve hates being lied to for any reason, right? Or is it just some people he can’t forgive for lying? It wasn’t even a little white lie like “:your hairline is not receding, Danny” but a major one like stealing evidence and impeding an ongoing investigation etc. It was Federal so the Governor can’t (or shouldn’t ) be able to get them off the hook for that one with immunity and means. Steve could still be charged. Tani did a bad, bad thing, no matter what her motives. In the world of H50 the Feds back down. In the real world the Feds would have the whole team in handcuffs.

    But we’ll give her a pass because Steve gives everyone a pass except…..the one person with whom he needs to have a serious “talk”.

    Thank you, LeiCa

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    • I don’t think Steve was OOC at all, Mama. She didn’t lie because he didn’t ask. He knew and she knew that he knew.
      Steve stole the millions from the evidence locker to save Chin.
      And btw the real world sucks right now, so H50 is my happy place where all the idiots get punched in the face.

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      • I thought he asked her where it came from when he called her into his office. I could be wrong. I think she could have said something like that knowledge was above his pay grade right before she ran.

        Again, thank you for only dissing Thor and leaving my precious Loki alone.


  2. McShip? McSHIP??! LeiCa, you hit this one out of the park! I love McShip… ahem… McG!

    Sam, she keeps us entertained here 😊 But looking forward to your next full review!
    I don’t envy that internet technician that will come to your house soon… 😉


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