Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.06

Special Edition

If you think Danny hung the moon, just move on. I don’t claim that I hung the moon, I am just putting my bra on one boob at a time like everybody else. But I had so much fun doing this. Catharsis! If you need that too, enjoy. leiCa


The calm before the storm. When everything’s okay in your and your BFF(Best Furry Friend)’s world.


You can’t hide from this voice, Steve.


It’s his Labrakadabrador who made him smile.


Ripped for our shallow moment #1.


Coco Puffs? Cholesterol… carbs… candy… Instead of my morning run???


I don’t need your approval to be me.


Exhale their bullshit, Steve.


They said he could be anything. So he became sexy.

(Shallow moment #2.)


His life isn’t perfect. But his hair is. (#3)


Don’t study him. You won’t graduate.


As a psychologist, you think it is ok if a philanthropist high fives the face of a misanthropist?


The very moment someone makes you realise that you can’t do epic shit with basic people.


Wishing for friends who make good times better and bad times easier.


Sees the Dino aiming for Danny. Ignores the Dino.


O the difference. A warrior. Not a worrier.



I am PosiSteve. Deal with it.


22 thoughts on “Let’s pic(k) Steve!

  1. Bam……picking myself up off the floor. Wow, the pictures and the captions are perfection. And you brought up how dumb D sounded with his breakfast choice. Wasn’t he the man who scolded Steve for wanting to feed Charlie sugar??? No consistency from the writers. You keep entertaining with every post.

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  2. I love it all. Especially Shallow 1, 2 and 3. My question is this… who else kept watching to see if the swim shorts went any lower? I’m not shallow at all… I also agree with “I don’t need your approval…” No, he does not. Ever. At all. Great job, leiCa

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      1. I am wondering what I could pay them to get the make-up person job. Covering all the of the back and nipple tattoos. Sticking of fakes scars everywhere. Gently working my way around that body, taking my time to get the job done properly …. *sigh* #dreamjob

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  3. OMG!!!
    Yes, Yes, YES!!! I just spewed my drink 😂
    Too bad Sam took the word right out of my mouth, so it’s not just Pictureperfect, it’s
    Thanks for making this crappy episode so very much better all of a sudden and let me finish a bit so good day on a high note 😊

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  4. “The very moment someone makes you realise that you can’t do epic shit with basic people.”

    I just snort laughed. Out loud. In my office.

    Well played, leiCA, very well played!

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    1. Best review line everrrrrrrrrrr. It applies to this ep, and sadly, way too many more. This is gonna be our go-to line now. You’ve created a thing for us. This is now our thing. It’s perfect. ❤

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  5. Really great job LeiCa.

    Do you think CBS could sell H50 T shirts with “The very moment someone makes you realise that you can’t do epic shit with basic people.”?

    Large numbers of super duper “true fans” would rush out to buy it because they don’t understand what that actually means.

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    1. ‘Large numbers of super duper “true fans” would rush out to buy it because they don’t understand what that actually means.’ <<<<<< EXACTLY!! (Just like some of those who got the"Kamekona" T-shirt or picture of it signed at SOTB – not having a clue of what it is REALLY saying)

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